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  1. "Thank you, please come again" the old shopkeeper smiled and waved as Asia let the store carrying three bags full of food. Asia loved shopping even if it was just for food for her family "Will do" she yelled back as she started her walk back home, three blocks away. Placing the bags of food down at her feet Asia swept her hair out of her face before tying the long locks of black hair into a messy bun. "Oops" someone laughed from behind her as they pushed her forward, she tried to regain balance but tripped over her own feet causing her to fall to the ground. "Look here she even brought me food for the week" he continued to laugh as he start going through her bags "Leave them alone" she yelled out as she went to stand again "oh you don't" he grounded out, kicking her in the side causing her to fall back down, smacking her head on the concert. She should have listened to her mother about going out by herself, she never thought she would get bashed and maybe even raped, she always thought of herself as the lucky one. "help" she cried out rewarding her another kick to the side.


  2. Zepa had been watching the girl for the better part of a week. His newest main assignment. She made him sick. So happy, so helpful. He needed this one. She had such a strong spirit. "You will be mine." He thought to himself. Then realized this is exactly why he was in this predicament. He'd been demoted from an arch demon to being back on the field. Apparently Lucifer doesn't like it too much when you keep a stash of your own souls. Who would have guessed. No, this time he's going to do it right. He'll win her over, feed on her emotions, and snag her soul. Perfect plan.

    The girl, Asia, had walked into the market place. "Such a sweet girl and she will be sweet." he thought and chuckled at his own joke. Glancing around he looked over at a group of boys roughhousing with each other. "Excellent." Zepa began to send thoughts to the main boys head. "Doesn't she look sweet?" "You want her don't you." "With help from your friends you could have her." The main boy pointed out the cute girl. "What do you guys think? Want to have some fun?" And with that Zepa had started the process. Now all he had to do was watch in excitement.

    "Help" called the girl. "Just a little longer." Thought Zepa to himself response to her pleas. "I'll wait until she loses hope." But the boys were becoming too rowdy. Too violent. She has to see me. Her kind are always too easy. "Hey what are you doing to that girl?" He shouted, allowing a false anger to slip into his voice. "Leave her alone." Zepa growled, then smirked as he saw the look on the main boy's face. "Excellent. He wants to fight." Thought Zepa.
    "This is none of your concern, get going before we take care of your sorry ass." The main boy said as he puffed out his chest in an attempt to look more threatening.
    "I'm making it my concern." Zepa said as he lunged forward towards the rowdy instigator. The whole while sending thoughts of doubt to the friends of the boy. They wouldn't help him fight. They would want to see him in pain.

    And pain is exactly what the boy got after the friends ran away. Some quick reflexes to dodge, a kick to the knee, and an elbow to the nose was all it took for the boisterous boy to run away nearly in tears. This wouldn’t be his last time but the boy’s shame tasted delightful, one of Zepa’s favorite snacks.
    “Are you okay?” Zepa’s knack for sounding genuine was a true talent. “You’re hurt. Should we get you home?”