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    After watching Justice League vs Teen Titans I was very inspired and driven to join a superhero roleplay. I looked through the interest checks on here in addition to the already started RPs, but was unable to find anythang in this field. So here I am trying to see if anyone would be interested enough to join me.

    The idea is to completely create a whole different universe. This would not be DC nor Marvel, but we'll have heroes of our own with powers of our choosing (as long as they are reasonable and not OP).

    To initiate everything I was planning on having a powerful magical villain teleport every adult on earth to a parallel place were they are unable to interact with the events happening on the planet. Every adult includes normal people, superheroes, other super villains and everyone over the age of 18.

    So what does this mean?

    This means that our heroes will have to be under that age to be present on earth to unite and fight this battle. I think you will be able to have adult heroes if you'd like - as mentors for your younger characters - but they will not be influential to the story in the beginning for they will not really be there. ​

    In my opinion, the foundation of an rp is best suited as story driven rather than character development. Do not be discouraged through because the plan is to hopefully have character arcs where we'll be able to explore character's backgrounds and histories. But in order to prevent the roleplay from dying it's crucial to have a story that continues and doesn't just conclude after a single season.

    Hope you guys are interested in the idea. If you have ideas of your own or suggestion I am ALL EARS! Thanks​
  2. How about having these young heroes be brought the together by a culling. The villain plans to take control of there minds if they prove to be useful and have them as there personal hit squad. Yeah I'm stealing the plot from teen titans, so what sue me.
  3. I think that could work for maybe later on when the team and everythang is already established but as to bring them together I believe that may not be the best plan. The reason that worked in teen titans is due to the absence of adult superheroes where in this roleplay id like to add that sort of mentor (young justice) kind of scenarios.
  4. Very interested in this! c:
  5. So, any power type is allowed or are powers bound by scifi mannerisms?
  6. Welp. I'll partake in this one
  7. Any kind of power as long as it's reasonable and not op
  8. Could I use a character that was not from marvel, or dc, but is a canon?
  9. Definitely interested in this~
  10. Sorry but nopes :/
  11. I'd be down, I've got a few characters to pick from.

    Would you be willing to accept a Batman-esque character (as in its somebody without 'powers', but they can actually put up a pretty good fight on their own via an array of gadgets and fighting techniques).
  12. Yeah that'd be cool.
  13. I would be interested in joining i have an original character in mind
  14. Sounds good I'm in. I also like the idea of individual arcs.
  15. interesting. I'm in
  16. I'm interested! :3
  17. I'll have the OOC up as soon as I am able. Thank you guys for the interest
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  18. If your still accepting people I would like to join.
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