Initiation: A Story of Young Heroes

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  1. Aerial City, a beautiful utopia painted silver by bustling architecture and green by its appealing woodlands full of free roaming wildlife. The city was known for its animal magnetism and foreigner attraction. What would bring them to this megalopolis was the everyday peace that was ensured and protected by what some would call "vigilantes" and others would entitle "SUPERHEROES".

    From a day to day standpoint, extraordinary people would rise to emergency situations to protect the common man. This population was influential to many and very popularized by the evolving media. They were on all news channels despite their desire to remained unmasked. Despite the title, not all of these heroes had extraordinary abilities. Some were also common folk who decided to undertake alter egos and do what the ACPD were unable to. Most would take no sort of payment for their good deeds, not even recognition. These types of heroes were more than good, they were the world's finest.

    In response of the rise of heroes, villains of all sorts sprouted to take down these good doers. With the sole mission of eradicating the protectors of Aerial City, many of these criminals grouped together to fight in numbers. Of course, there were also the lawbreakers that simply stuck to smaller crimes, but the bigger felons were always on the look out. Like stated before though, Aerial City was at peace on a daily basis, which is due to the overwhelming strength of said superheroes. The villains of Aerial City were not match for the crime fighters and their organization known today as The Guard of Aerial.
    But unfortunately, this was until now...........
    The current story of AC (Aerial City) is this:

    A traveling dark magician named Mercy has risen to battle The Guard. Her powers seemed uncontrollable at first, giving her the power to overwhelm the city's protectors. She had the ability to summon an army of shadow figures with the traits of villains like Hatch, an inhuman with super strength and invulnerability and Drak, a female immortal vampire that is currently locked up in a high security superhuman prison created by the Guard.

    Anyhow, these summoned shadow figures all have different abilities - but all sworn by Mercy to destroy The Guard and claim Aerial City her own. Her ultimate mission was to conquer the entire Earth and create a damnation of dark magic and terror. What she did not expect was the strength of The Guard of Aerial. The veteran heroes found the strength and courage to defeat Mercy's forces of evil, perishing them back to the shadow realm. This left Mercy vulnerable for attack, as she was surrounded by Aerial's mightiest heroes.

    "You will not defeat me. I shall not allow it!!" Mercy howled in fear as her walls closed in and capture seemed inevitable. Her blue flamed hair grew darker, becoming a shade of black. Her eyes soon followed, the light's reflection disappearing as her eyes became solid coal.

    "You will not win this day demon. Please, give up and we must not battle," the leader of The Guard spoke. This man was known none other than as Templar. He seemed to be a giant being, seven feet in height and weighing roughly three hundred and twenty pounds without his armor. The leader had no superhuman abilities outside of his enchanted armor - an indestructible piece of metal given to him by God the stories say.

    Others also surrounded, many veteran heroes preventing Mercy from sending out another invasion of shadow figures. She seemed to stand absolutely no chance - even news reporters came out of hiding and began to broadcast the event nationwide.

    "Give up," Templar would repeat, starting towards her as he prepared to finish the battle and take Mercy into custody. But! He was not prepared for what came next.

    "By the power of Ragnarok and Belphegor I curse you all and every adult to the shadow realm!!! Enzenphen-asecon-maheprot-ahaz!!" she enchanted, clapping her hands firmly together as a giant void appeared in the center of the sky. Slowly Templar's feet started to levitate off the ground, his eyes widening underneath his helmet. He looked towards his teammates as they also followed suit, being sucked in by the large void overhead.

    "Hold firm brothers! Aura, your magic!" he instructed, attempting to get his teammate to use her abilities against that of Mercy's. The woman instead shook her head in disbelief as her super powers were not taking effect. Mercy laughed at their inability to cope with the situation, her dark magic finally triumphant over the heroes of AC. Her plan all along had been to lower the leaders to one location and lock them in a circle of ancient scripts. Aura had not noticed the evident magic binding circle, hindering her abilities and anyone in it except for the caster.

    "YOU LOSE!" she shouted victoriously as she stared at the squandering heroes who floated towards a self locking dimension. Once again her shadow figures crawled out of the ground in which they were hiding and started destroying what seemed to be empty streets.

    Little did she know her spell had not affected effected every hero...........

    Daryl Henderson//Night Rider - Two Hours Before the Invasion

    "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWW!!!" Daryl yelled, expressing his joy as he rode a giant brown bull in the middle of an empty arena. He held on to the rope, applying pressure with his thighs to the side of the crazed animal. His other hand held his hat firmly on his head, the cowboy in him coming out like no other time before.

    "Let's get out of here Daryl, we ain't suppose to be here!" his little brother Jerry called from the sidelines behind the protective gate. The boy was a little cowardly nerd with bad hair and little remaining vision. Unfortunately they didn't have enough money to buy him any glasses at the time because they were spent on his braces. At this point he was the mirror image of what society labeled dorks or dweebs. Daryl didn't mind his little brother though, he aspired to be like him actually - just a little bit more fun though.

    "Daryl run!" Jerry called out after old Daryl fell off the large mammal and into the stiff sands.

    "Oh snaps!" Daryl cursed as the bull started towards him horns first. Quickly, alias Night Rider, rushed right back onto his feet and sprinted towards the gates. "Open Open!" he'd call out to Jerry who struggled to get the large gate unlocked. Noticing the kid's inability to bust the darn fence aside, Daryl took a deep right turn and ran towards the audience entryways, also protected by a rusty metal long gate. Without stopping, the young wannabe cowboy took a huge leap and managed to climb the fence before being mauled on by some long and sharp bullhorns. He sat on the very top smiling at his brother from afar.

    "Old timer almost got me ain't he Jerry?"


    "What the-" Daryl damned at the scattering television channel. He was having Christian - another younger brother - play with the antenna in attempt to get a good picture. "Left Chris, left."

    On the pitching sound television, The Guard of Aerial were being broadcasted by every single cable channel available. The problem was, they didn't appear to be winning the battle that was being shown. First thought in Daryl's mind was that this had to be a hoax. He was watching his girl Crush and boy Templar levitating in the sky into what appeared to be a giant black whole. The camera man was even being sucked in as the image followed the heroes.

    "You okay Daryl?" Christian asked his older brother, the expression on the kid's face worrying the nearby family members. Quickly and with haste, Daryl jumped off the ripped up couch and ran towards his room. He put on his dark boots and leather coat and ran towards the front door afterwards. "Tell mom I've gone out!" he shouted on his way outside. Christian followed suit and watched his brother get on the Harley bike they got from the neighbor that passed away.

    "You know mom doesn't like you riding that thang till' you get your license," Christian worried - a worry that went unnoticed by Daryl as he revved the engine loudly and started riding through the dirty trailer park and into action. He stopped where he couldn't be seen and put on the rest of his face-covering attire, holstered his weapons and began the chase for justice.

    "I'm comin' you evil witch."

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  2. Isabella had come to Aerial City after a long period of drifting around from town to town. She had been searching for possible help with her issues. Though the voice would always chime in that she didn't have an issue that this was her life now and that she should be grateful for the power she has been given.

    Isabella often had an ongoing battle in her mind for control that for the most part she won, but there have been times where it seemed to take control. It usually occurred when she was out on patrol as the Ghoul, her alterego. There would be a man who was either hurting a woman or about to kill one and she would just lose it. The thoughts of her past swarmed her and she would just lose control.

    There have been times where the voice has interfered with her personal life and may her more... bold in many aspects. She didn't really like to behave that way thinking it is better to keep a low profile.

    At the moment she was currently working in a book store at Aerial City. She thought that maybe one of the veteran heroes could possibly take her in and help her control her powers.

    She had looked to a television in the book store when a news reporter was talking about a current ongoing battle in the distance between the guard and a super villain. She thought it would end with the usual good over evil when she noticed that the news reporter, the cameraman, and the heroes had dissappeared. She looked outside and saw that what seemed to be all the adults had disappeared, including her boss.

    She went to her bag in the back and pulled out a black hoodie and a mask that depicted a disturbing girl ghoul smile from ear to ear. "Well... I guess it's time to show what I got."

    Isabella put on the clothing and mask from the bag and walked outside the bookstore and began to fly low toward the action. Praying to any god left that she would survive.
  3. Zeke looked around his small apartment. It looked like a tornado had went through it. Everything looked to be normal. Zeke was slow to get up from his couch. He had spent the majority of the previous night drinking and mixing mutagens that he would use as zero.

    He walked around I'm only his boxers as he walked to the fridge and took out a jug of orange juice and drank it from the jug. Since he has been living on his own the amount of dishes has been significantly down. He had come to Aerial City because it was where all the heroes seem to go when they start out. Zeke felt that he could learn a thing or two. Plus he had seen some teenage heroes in the past and he would half to admit that some of the girls looked pretty hot. So it was another win for him.

    Though despite this layer of arrogance and bravado zeke was rather intelligent and capable as a hero. He felt that he might as well try to have some fun as a hero so long as he is the only one in danger. Plus he wanted to make his old man proud.

    He looked down to the street and finally took notice of the people who were starting to panic. He checked his phone and saw that social media was lighting up with posts of people, adults going into the sky before his phone lost service. With no adults that means some websites were gonna go down.

    Zeke got enough information to gather that something was happening and he had a feeling the guard wasn't gonna be around to stop it this time.

    Zeke ran into his room and grabbed his black trench coat, bullet proof vest, gas mask, and a special bandolier that he kept his mutagens on that were in steel protective cases. He also grabbed his katana and pistols with ammo.

    Zeke ran down the to the ground floor of his apartment and entered a nearby car which he hot wired before taking off. He was sure that his landlord wouldn't mind since he had probably been sucked up into the sky.
  4. Turning down payment or recognition for his good deeds? Feh. Spot internally scoffed at the idea he'd heard from some of his fellow junior heroes as he flew back from the grocery store, carrying a small package of raw pork chops in his mouth. He'd bought it with a donation he'd received from a kindly old woman -- sure, everyone in the shop had stared at him, but he could communicate just fine and the cash he had was perfectly legal and only slightly damp with drool. He had to eat somehow, right? It was either this or dumpster diving for scraps.

    Spot touched down in an alleyway next to a run-down apartment building, where he'd set up his shelter and temporary base of operations. It wasn't anything fancy, just a cheap tent held down by cinder blocks and a few rocks arranged in a circle to make a small fire pit. Most of his possessions were taken from the trash, though a few -- like the tent -- had been purchased with money he'd saved up doing odd jobs around town. He hated the idea of begging for shelter from strangers, so this would have to do until he could get a place of his own. Maybe he could get enough people to recognize his face that someone would set their "no pets allowed" policy aside and let him rent out a room. Or, if not his face, then maybe the black goggles he wore when out on a superhero mission. He could only dream.

    Gently, Spot opened up the pork chops and arranged them onto a rusted metal grill propped over his fire pit. Inside his tent was last week's newspaper and a large shard of glass; he prepared kindling from the former and positioned the latter so he could shine his light energy through it like a magnifying glass. After a couple minutes of focusing a narrow beam through the shard, he had his fire and could start cooking his lunch. The delicious smell of meat filled the shaded alley.

    Suddenly, he heard a scream. "Help! Someone please! Mercy took all of them! They're all gone!"

    Spot bolted out from the alley just in time to catch a young woman running down the street. "What is it?!" he snapped. "Who's gone?"

    The woman stopped in her tracks, looked down at the Dalmatian barking actual words at her, and screamed, "A talking dog!!" Then she kept on running.

    Spot heaved a heavy sigh and rolled his eyes. This is why he wanted as many people to know his name as possible. He'd have to check this out for himself. He ran back to his base, put out the fire, scarfed down the partially cooked pork chops -- he preferred it well done but a little raw meat couldn't hurt from time to time, right? -- and strapped on his goggles. Which was obviously a challenge without thumbs; Spot had set up a circle of sticks jutting out from the ground on which he could prop his eyewear, and from there he just had to stick his head underneath them and clumsily push them over his eyes. It was always difficult, but they usually stayed on his face even at his highest speeds. With the goggles finally on, Spot ran out into the street, headed in the direction the woman had been running from.
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  5. Diego had been watching the battle on the TV in his room, with baited breath he watched as the real heroes and heavy hitters of Aerial City combated the blue haired woman who was fighting them. He would have happily been at his mentors side but with all the looting and crime that was going on he couldnt risk leaving his grandmother home alone. He had seen Pyra, his mentor, take a nasty hit early on in the fight. She was flying through the sky when one of the behemoth shadow monsters knocked her straight out of the sky. The camera man had got an a split second shot of her flame falling. As nervous as Diego was he couldnt leave, then he saw the hero Templar step forward. Mercy was almost beaten, and just as Templar reached to take her into custody he was lifted into the air. As were many other's on the battlefield. The camera was sucked into the void and the camera man was heard screaming, then as the feed from the battle went static Diego heard a crash. He sprang from his bed and threw aside the pillow he'd been clutching. He threw his door open and ignited fire in his hands, he looked around the apartment and spotted a broken glass tray and some cookies on the ground.

    "Abuela!" He shouted as he looked around his home and moved to the kitchen, "Abuela!?"

    She was gone and in a panic he went back to check his TV. On the street he heard cars crashing but ignored them as he looked on the TV. It had cut back to the studio and there were no anchors, there was static almost instantly. He ran to his closet and grabbed the costume that Pyra had made for him. If she needed him, he'd be the man she needed him to be. However he thought the spandex was ridiculous. He found a pair of sliders and put them on before he slipped into the spandex suit. It had padding on the feet and several pads on the upper body to absorb shock. He slipped into it and gave it a quick test run by ingiting his hands. The gloved portions didnt burn and neither did the rest of the suit. He smirked and quickly ran down to street level. The battle wasnt far from where he lived, he started sprinting and noticed the lack of people on the street. He saw a few kids but no adults. He stopped running for a moment and looked around, shops were open but no one was in them. He spotted a kid in a store and went inside the kid turned around and looked at him with tears in his eyes.

    "Kid, where's your parents?" Burner asked kneeling next to him.

    "I... dont... know..." The kid said between shaky breathes and crying. A slightly older kid, maybe fourteen looked very similar to the boy. Probably brothers. The older boy rushed forward and picked up the smaller one.

    "Where's my mom?" the boy said as he pulled his brother away from Burner.

    "I dont know, I havent seen any adults since the battle ended." Burner said, "Look I'm Burner. I work the neighborhood around here as a hero, and I dont have time to help but I lost my grandma. I'm heading to the battle to see what happened. Just make sure everyone around here is okay if you can... Can I trust you?"

    The kid nodded and Burner smiled broadly before patting him on the shoulder. He'd learned that smile form Pyra, entirely fake mostly but it brought a good vibe to people. He exited the store and sprinted off down the road. He eventually made it to the edge of the battle scene. It looked bad, he didnt see anyone from where he was. He ignited a fire in his hands so that he was ready for whatever was gonna happen. He began walking further into the field, trying to find any sign of where the heroes were.
  6. Mercy - The Burning Queen
    Before Current Time....

    Darkness loomed throughout the empty castle, an establishment created by magic fabricated beings with one only purpose - follow orders. There were thousands of them, all cast by a single spell from the burning queen. Her blue complexion and waving flaming hair was the only bright light bringing life to the hidden palace. She was like a living art piece in this castle, a beautifully shaped woman that captivated the eyes of all her followers. The Guard deemed her a mystical goddess as she appeared to draw strength from divine beings. One could find Mercy verbally speaking to these 'Gods' as though they were nearby.

    "I am ready my lords. Tomorrow the damn fools will perish under your eyes as the void will awaken and eat them whole. I have taken the steps to ensure our victory for will not lose to them," she spoke to them, walking through the empty halls in solitude.

    "What is that? Oh, no. I have planned for the years, not the day. You have my word that even if I were to perish at the hands of Templar or his foul company, we shall still be victorious. I have given life for your purpose as you have seen with your own eyes. Time will allow for growth and settlement. Chaos and death is brewing. Give me strength Ragnarok."


    Present Day, A beacon of Hope
    Sensing a life force outside of the building she had mantled, Mercy smiled demonically at the burning glow of the spirit. Slowly she walked through the rough fragments of floating stone and brick, watching the dark void above her suck away at Earth's life itself. She laughed to herself, walking passed the half eaten building and turning to the arriving hero. The boy wore a yellow and red suit, far beyond the usual flamboyance of the veteran heroes in The Guard. The kid had a darker complexion, giving his suit the kick it needed to scream 'I am a superhero'. Without the ability to hold in her excitement, Mercy let out a loud and thunderous laugh. She held her stomach firmly with her hands as her uncontrollable need to guffaw bolstered through the streets.

    "It's you! I cannot -- believe this," she managed to say between chuckles. She even went as far as to wipe away her 'flowing tears' that were actually non existent as her body generated too much heat to even produce an external drop of water. Finally being able to control that unexpected emotional surprise, Mercy recovered and presumed with her plan - because it did not end with the death of The Guard.

    "Is it only you that stands before me on this day of reckoning? A child?!" she ridiculed, teasing the young her Burner as he was the only one to arrive at the scene of the crime. Mercy understood her spell had only managed to rid Aerial City of all the adults, it had been her plan to do so. What she hadn't realized nor imagined was that the weaker heroes would actually stand up to take The Guards place and fight their fight. She envisioned they'd surrender to her and beg for mercy.

    Then it all suddenly begun....

    With a flick of the wrist, Mercy was able to generate an additional shadow being from her own contour. The shape of the silhouette took a beast-like form, rushing towards Burner on all fours - jaw spread widely as it aimed to tear him to shreds. It was fully black just like a shadow, only thing that lit was it's furious beaming eyes and red aura from it's mouth. This was one of many scenes as constructed shadow beings of all varieties were summoned to destroy Aerial City. The heroes would find themselves challenged as these beings were instructed to attack.

  7. Zero as what he was going by at this point continued to drive toward what was the battleground of the battle that took place, but in the midst of driving something came out of nowhere and hit his car on the passenger side. It sent the car flipping a few times before being stopped by a building. Zero was disoriented, but somehow suffered only light bruising. "Thank you what ever deus ex machina is at work..."

    He looked to the left to see exactly what hit him. It appeared to me a beast constructed from darkness itself with evil in its eyes. Zero fumbled around with the seat belt and was able to get put of the destroyed car. He saw that the beast was terrorizing some of the teenagers that were on the street. He had a feeling it would take more than bullets to put this thing down.

    Zeke grabbed for a syringe on his bandolier and rolled up his left sleeve before injecting himself with the contents. The threw it aside as he felt every cell in his body become charged with energy. Electrical discharge was coming from his left forearm.

    He held a pistol in his right hand and began firing at the beast to get its attention. The beast took notice and focused its attention on zero. It began to charge at him. Zero outstretched his left arm and casted lightning at the creature. It had some effect, but didn't take it down as the beast swung a arm at Zero that sent him flying through a window of a shop.

    Zero was definitely in some pain now, but it was numbed by the serum. He laid there. "Ok... that really f$!#ing hurt."

    He slowly rose and looked toward the beast. His mask hid the fear that he had in his heart, but he knew that he had to keep whoever was left safe. "Hey ugly! I'm ready for round two!"
  8. [​IMG]

    She pulled off her thick glasses and rubbed at her nose, wiping the lenses on her bust shortly. Too many equations were floating in her mind, stressing her out. Maybe taking advance placement for Calculus was a bad idea. It was really fudging annoying.

    The fan was humming gently in her room as she leaned back as she folded her glasses and laid them on the neat paper of math in front of her. Looking out into the window with the sun shining in, she wondered what time it is was before remembering she had a clock on her desk. Still early. She turned off her teddy bear desk lamp with a twist of her index and thumb, getting up to stretch. Veatricia's room was very dark besides the lamp and the sun shining in through the somewhat drawn curtains. Wonder if Zasha minded training today, studying is done.

    She lazily attempted to comb her fingers through her too curly hair, getting up to tumble onto her bed and open up the attic window, letting more breeze flow into the room that was growing stuffier by the second. She sat on something and TV suddenly turned on, to the channel which name she always forgot despite watching it like hell. She pulled the remote from underneath her a tossed it to her side. This was her favorite channel to see superheroes do what they do best daily. It was like superhero Facebook.

    Veatricia flopped down to see what the action was up, but immediately jumped up at the display on the screen. Mercy sucking up a bunch of superheroes and adults? She rubbed her eyes. She couldn't believe the sight, what was she doing?! She couldn't jump off the bed fast enough to get a closer look, kneeling on her knees in front of the tv. The superheroes which she mostly recognized were older and had much more of an advantage to stop this evil deed, but they didn't have an effect on Mercy. She saw countless civilians in the flood, all older people. Veatricia couldn't believe it. Was she capturing all the adults? Why just them? Soon enough the cameraman was sucked into the void and everything turned black on the screen.

    Roberto, Zasha and Hu was all in their twenties, as well as Elder Magi well into his elder-ty. Didn't that make them eligible to be captured? Her face scrunched up with disdain, her body already off the bed.
    Veatricia's heart suddenly hiccuped. Her parents both went to work today.

    Veatricia darted to her closet and ripped out everything, clawing for her costume. It wasn't the most appropriate one, let's be real, but female magician costumes aren't rated PG. She couldn't put it on fast enough, grabbing for her wand and her hat with the big bow as she ran downstairs and out the door. The instant sight of people floating up and away with distant screams made her sick to her stomach.

    Magiya was sure she'd get killed by Mercy in a second. The thought of other people taking a stand didn't occur to her either. She was completely anxious to the point of violent butterflies, but the thought of her parents and her mentors in danger struck a rare courage into her instantly. She pulled at her wand and in an instant it bloated to a large, wide size. It was her version of a witch's broom, instead, it was a wand. Vea climbed on, holding on tight as she shot off at a high speed.

    The young magician was going so fast, her eyes were watering uncontrollably. All she could think of was her friends and her parents. Vea was an only child, there'd be no one to run to or to look for if doom won this round. The fear that struck her made her press down harder on the wand, pushing the limit.

    It did not take long for her to make it there. The large mass of people buzzing like a nasty pack of flies made her want to burst into tears. She couldn't stop that... There was no way to attack that from any point. This magic wasn't the type of magic she wanted to be familiar with. "Otets?!... Myat?!"

    She floated up and up on her wand, encountering a hysterical woman that immediately screamed for Magiya's help. Magiya without a thought clung to her and tried tugging the woman towards another direction, but they only went upwards. After struggling, Magiya had no choice but to give into failure.
    "I-I can't! I can't help!" The magician rasped.
    Magiya released the woman who had crushing disbelief on her face. She began to beg, her voice disappearing as she traveled fast from her. Magiya's stomach turned, her face turning white as she covered her mouth with a glove. She darted fast away from the woman. She didn't think she could handle her begging and screaming.

    She screeched for her parents once more, floating closer to the ground. She got off her wand and it shrunk, settling itself into her hand. She couldn't figure out any way to stop this, her head filled with no solutions. Think, Vea, think...

    Magiya screamed as she jumped out the path of a loud noise of trotting feet. She tumbled and fell to the side as the figure screeched to a stop, it's head following her. A very tall looking beast with a drooling red mouth and beady red eyes had its sights on her. "W... What is this thing!?" She questioned as she got to her feet. It was way bigger than her.

    Magiya immediately summoned two large stars to languidly twirl about her form, it's been quite the while she fought such a huge beast. She didn't think he had any range to him, so she had the advantage. If he got a good hit on her, however, it wouldn't spell well for her. His paws were bigger than car tires.

    Magiya immediately watched as it darted at her again, his head flopping about hungrily. With an instant, she waved her hand and one of her stars that were twirling around her darted towards the figure in a wide arch, slicing across its head and causing it to lose its footing from the sudden jerk of its neck. Since it's gait was so wide and jumpy, it began tumbling towards her direction haphazardly. Magiya with a squeal bent her knees and used the other star to cover her frame. It twisted as it completely bounced over her head and continued behind her, soon coming to a stop on the ground. It seemed rather dazed from the cheap shot at its mouth and then falling so much in a repeated twirling motion.

    Magiya with another flourish of her hands hurriedly guided both stars to jump up and rotate at a high speed, grinding into the demon as causing it to howl in pain. Magiya was shaken up significantly by it incredibly loud howling, almost sorry for inflicting such a brutal move. She retreated back away from him as she could before her stars stopped and returned to her side. "R-Roberto...!" Her mentor was always so confident and strong in his abilities, no matter if the situation would make the young magician scared out of her wits. He'd probably say that her form was messy and that her duo star weaving needs more practice right about now.
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  9. The room was dark the only light, that could be seen were two oval shaped specks. After a few minutes there was a beep, that would be for something finished. Lights in the room turned on to reveal the insides of a warehouse. Where the lights came from was a the eyes of a person or rather, a cyborg, named Zakary, he was hooked up to several charging ports. He was done charging. He did a quick scan of the web in his brain and saw what was going on, quickly he opened up the warehouse door and left as it shut on it's own. Unable to afford any transportation he ran to where the commotion was going on.

    Running through the city there was chaos, shadow beasts were attacking the city. It was then that one came up to attack him. As it lunged at him, Zak in turn pointed his arm upward and used his grappling hook fingers, to dodge. Hanging on a building Zak let go and started to fall. Making a superman pose he came crashing down on top of the beast that had attacked him prior. Crashing into it's face, his fist penetrated something similar to a skull. Deciding not to check the beast the best course of action would be to take out the source of this chaos. He sprinted off towards the center of the chaos. After a few minutes of running he finally made it, when something peaked his interest.

    Zak looked over to his right to see Burner being rushed by that beast. "Hypothesis," Zak said to himself. "He can handle it on his own." Nobody could tell he was a cyborg though since he had implemented fake skin on his arms, and he wore jeans, the only thing that stood out were his brightly colored eyes. This would work to his advantage. Knowing the leader would be around here somewhere he found his target with his heat seeking lens which which only covered one eye. He fired of his heat seeking missiles which came out of his arms. There were about 14 in total that had been shot as they traveled forward as they were now about a few meters away from the woman who had done this. While this happened he also made sure to be careful of his surroundings.
  10. Ariyah Porter - Finding Others

    'Beep, beep, beep.'

    The microwave had been beeping for ten whole minutes now, attempting to remind Ariyah of her warmed up, left over pizza; and it would keep beeping until who knows when. Ariyah had become preoccupied with the fact that her mom had disappeared with no trace. She had left the living room for a couple of seconds to heat up the left over pizza while her mom watered the plants that hung off of the living room window. She hadn't left the apartment because the front door was still locked from the inside, her keys were on the center table, and her shoes still stood next to the door.

    "Mom?!" This could've been the hundredth time she called out for her mom, but it wasn't until now that she heard others repeating her. Ariyah stopped and listened hard as she heard the voices coming from both the halls of the complex and outside of the window. They were of kids not much older than her, and of children younger. "What the hell..." the next thing that stopped her in her tracks were some sort of barks mixed with growls. They came from outside of the window, and were followed by the sound of screaming children.

    Ariyah ran over to the window, her heart beginning to pick up speed as her eyes quickly scanned the area, zeroing in on what was causing the horrific snarling. Dark beasts that had seemed to come out of the shadows were surrounding three kids. It took Ariyah little to no time to think about her actions, taking in a deep breath and quickly letting it out with a booming "Hey!!" It shook the building she was in and caused the beasts to lose their footing for a second.

    The beasts quickly turned to face her as she began to grabs the pots where the plants were in and throw them. It was enough to get their attention. They left the children unharmed and sprinted towards her building faster than she had expected.

    "Crap," was all the girl managed to say before turning around and running towards her door, quickly unlocking it just in time to hear the glass from her windows break. Ariyah didn't look back though; she leapt out of her apartment and ran down the hall as fast as she could. There was no way she'd outrun them since it seemed that these came through the shadows. They could probably travel around as one. Instead, Ariyah would take them into her world. Luckily, her home was on the first floor of the complex, which left her close to the pool. She practically beamed with happiness as she reached the pool's fence. It didn't last though. As she struggled to shimmy off her skirt, the beasts arrived with a great ferocity.

    Ariyah had always worn a type of bathing suit under her normal clothes during the warm season. It was easy access in case she had to jump into some type of water. Having been in the privacy of her own home, the girl was merely wearing a bandeau from one of her many swim suits.

    The shadow beasts had rammed right into the iron fence, breaking a hole through it and sending beams of iron sliding her way, with a couple falling into the pool.

    "Come on," she spoke to them, the melodic tone in her voice that she could easily detect. She hardly knew how to use that part of her ability, but luckily it had kicked in at a good moment. The beasts had seemed to fallen victim to it and were now walking towards her, still snarling, but not menacing enough. She waited at the edge of the pool, letting them come closer to her. She had practiced with her screams in the forest, breaking glass that she snuck out of her apartment with screams that were loud and high pitched. Now she could only hope that it worked on the beasts. Once one of them was close enough to where she could reach out and touch it, Ariyah took a deep breath again and let out a scream which would deafen anyone within range. The windows around the pool area shattered almost immediately, but the most important part was that it worked. The shadow beasts looked like as if they were caught in a nuclear bomb and vanished from the tip of their snouts all the way to their tails.

    "Looks like I won't be needing you," she spoke to the pool, but didn't hesitate to grab a long, iron rod that had been broken off. Ariyah had to find her mom, and apparently, find the moms of others as well.

    As she slid her skirt back on, the teenager began to think about what she needed to do. It wasn't an idea she was quite fond of, but she had to do it. She'd have to go to where she knew the majority of people like her would go to; the center of the fight. Sighing, Ariyah began to make her way towards where she had last heard commotion. That was where the others would be.
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  11. @HellHoundWoof @Sasha Bliss

    As Spot ran down the street, he was surrounded by the chaos of Mercy's magic. Adults everywhere were being lifted into the sky by some unseen force, screaming and begging for someone to pull them back down to safety. Children were running after them, reaching out to their parents but falling short of offering any real help. Even the ones that managed to grab on to a floating victim's leg were hoisted up as well, forced to drop back down before they reached a dangerous height or were sucked into whatever vortex was pulling the others in. The streets were filled with the shrill noises of screaming and crying, irritating Spot's sensitive canine ears. He couldn't help any of them, that much was obvious. He had to go for the source.

    The closer he got to Mercy, the more opposition he faced. Shadowy beasts, lumbering four-legged things with magical flames pouring from their mouths, started appearing in greater and greater numbers, racing to stop Spot as soon as they realized he was headed for their leader. He'd been running up until now, intentionally capping his own speed so he wouldn't miss anything important, but now he raised several feet off the ground and zoomed over the shadow creatures with ease. Several of them jumped for him, but he bobbed and weaved around them like they were nothing more than the dozens of obstacle courses he'd completed in his training as a young puppy. They were only minions: a waste of time. Unpredictable, too; Spot always preferred fighting humans just because he knew what to expect with them.

    Soon Mercy and the dark void above her, the source of the vacuum that was sucking up all the adults in the city, came into view. Two fellow heroes were already on the scene: one of them clad in a garish spandex suit, and another that smelled more like steel or copper than flesh and blood. The metal man was firing missiles from his arms towards the center of the calamity, further confirming his not-entirely-human status, but the spandex guy was being attacked by another of those shadow beasts. They were in the hornet's nest now. Time to show the world what Junak could do. He wound himself up, then shot forward through the air like a rocket, tackling the shadow in the side and sending it hurtling away from Burner. It rolled wildly across the street, with Spot going along for the ride.
  12. Burner saw the woman responsible, she was laughing at him and his usual confidence fell a bit. He knew the suit was ridiculous, chicks hardly ever pulled off spandex so how was he expected to. When Mercy finished her laughing he saw her summon one of her shadowy figures, this one took the form of something like a big dog.

    "Trust me lady I'll be more than enough," Burner said trying to bolster his confidence, "I hope..."

    As it neared him he let his flames burn brighter and bent his knees a bit in case his fire didnt hurt the beast. But before he needed to what appeared to be another dog crashed into the side of it and ripped the shadowy beast from Burner's vision. Diego knew he didnt have time to check on what had happened, all he knew was he had a shot at Mercy. He clapped his hands together to bring his fire into one ball in his right hand.

    "Oiy bruja!" Burner shouted, he leaned back on his heel like a pitcher and increased the intensity of his fireball. He hurled it at Mercy as he rushed forward, but as he ran forward he noticed several projectiles racing towards her. He planted his left foot and leaned back to stop himself from going any closer to her. He looked in the direction of the missiles and saw a teen with spiky hair and glowing eyes. Even if this guy wasnt on his side it certainly helped to have someone else to take some damage. Burner watched the missiles and saw some curve towards his fireball, heat seeking. Of the three that turned towards his fireball he saw one race towards him.

    Burner put his hands out in front of him with his palms facing outwards and jumped a bit. He pushed flame out of his hands and propelled himself further backwards. The missile landed at the point where his fire was targeted. The explosion set Burner slightly off balance, forcing him into a flip. He landed on his knee with one leg outstretched. He looked over at the new guy and in between him and Burner was a shadow beast. This one stood more human like but with a hunch. Burner stood and hurled a fireball at it, it took the hit before Burner made a more dense fireball and threw it at the shadow's head. It dissipated. Burner was actually enjoying himself, a small smile crossed over his face as he readied himself to go at Mercy again.
  13. Isabella was flying through the streets seeing the people panic as the adults flew up into the void. Isabella knew that there was no way to save them all by herself. She knew that the best bet would be to stop who ever was causing this hell.

    Isabella looked down to see a beast like thing charge someone she was ready to fly down when she saw the person shoot lightning out of his hand at it. She gasped when she saw the beast hit the man into a store. Who ever he was he was a hero still on the ground. She had to assume that it was one of the few teen heroes.

    Isabella flew down as fast as she could. She had one hand glowing with a dark aura as she concentrated her power into a focused blast as she was feet away from the beast and blasted it. The beast seemed to of dissappeared.

    She flew down to the man and looked at how oddly he was dressed. Though she really couldn't talk. Given the ghoul mask. "Are you ok. You took a nasty hit."

    @Zadok shadows
  14. As Spot and the doglike shadow beast wrestled, a sudden explosion sent the two of them flying through the air once more until they slammed into a nearby building. Thankfully the shadow creature hit first, padding the impact slightly before it dissipated and the momentum sent Spot into the wall next. He gave a shrill yelp, the impact lessened but still enough to knock the wind out of him and blur his vision as he struggled to recompose himself. What was that explosion?! One of those missiles? It had been awfully close!

    "Watch where you're firing!" Junak yelled at Cyber-tech as he got to his feet and shook himself off. Was the cyborg really on their side? He didn't have any way of knowing; spending so much time cooped up in a research facility didn't leave him much time to get acquainted with all the local superheroes, especially the younger, less well-known ones.

    Junak then noticed the spandex guy staring down Mercy, preparing some sort of fire attack. He glided up to Burner's side and looked up at him. "Do you have a plan?" he asked.

    @HellHoundWoof @Sasha Bliss
  15. Mercy - Phase 3

    It was unfortunate for the young heroes because their current enemy was one of the strongest magicians of all time. Her abilities did not simply conclude to summoning shadow figures, but also gave her the ability to manipulate the element of fire. With such power, Mercy would use Burner's attack as a defensive maneuver to block the missiles that Cyber-tech fired at her. With a simple gesture of her hand, the large buildup of flames exploded, causing an immediate effect against the missiles. All thirteen ended up hitting the eruptions blazing debris and erupted on impact.

    As others joined the battlefield, the goddess noticed how ineffective her legion of shadows were against these miniature heroes. In her eyes they were puny, small minded and weak wannabes who would not triumph on this day. "My own blood betrays me, how ironic," she said to herself, not elaborating on what she meant. Instead, she focused on the talking canine before her, targeting the animal with her right index finger.

    "Ahel-ompozen!" she shouted, firing a fire ball the size of the one burner had attacked with. The only difference was that the flame was blue and the fire traveled at high speeds. She was now on the offensive.

    Quickly after that, Mercy started to chant a different spell. Blue fire started to spark around the area, seemingly attempting to prevent the young heroes from escaping or giving up any time soon. "This is your burial poor children. You will all perish before Ragnarok," she stated, an uneasy smile stretching at her cheeks. Slowly she started to point at the present heroes, fireballs shooting from her finger tips as her laughter started to overthrow the sound of burning ash.

    "Rise my army, protect your queen!" she yelled out as different types of demons crawled out of the Earth's surface. Some had wings, others stood on two feet and the rest constructed the same way as the initial shadow beasts. Each of them with blood glowing eyes and drooling broiling spit. There were hundreds of them behind her now, no longer seeming inadequate to fulfill her mission. Each of these creatures growled the same but without harmony. It was a flurry of crippling sounds that frightened the essence of human kind. The void above all their heads was beginning its final phase - slowly closing as the battle continued down on the ground. Once closed, The Guard and all of the adulthood would be lost forever.

    The only hope were these young heroes............


    A Cowboys not so Grand Entrance - Night Rider Joins the Battle?
    Through the empty car filled streets of Aerial, good ol' Night Rider shifted his Harley into its fifth and final gear. The engine revved loudly, a sound a lot of fellow Aerials have become accustomed to during nights of crime. Evading the vehicles that were left unmanned, Daryl focused on the road ahead, trying to avoid the need to help the crying children that called out for him. It was tough realizing that all the adults were being sucked into an endless void and especially that his mother might be one of them.

    Upon first leaving his home, he hadn't a clue what the situation was, but the evident floating people didn't leave for much interpretation. Therefore, realizing that lives were at stake Daryl had no choice but to attack the source of the cause. As he continued to race down the street, he noticed a giant wall of blue fire starting to rise from the ground in front of him. "What the- Dagnabbit but ain't that bad egg magic!" Daryl cursed as he was forced to come to a screeching halt before running into the flames. With haste, he attempted to ride around the endless firewall in attempt to find an entry way. Unfortunately there didn't appear to be one as he circled around - well, he went around one fourth around the fire wall.

    Coming to another stop, Daryl hoped off his bike and held on to his buckle as he stared directly into the flames. He leaned his head backwards and noticed the fire was taller than most buildings, so jumping over it would probably not work. Again he cursed to himself, looking around for a plan. And then, he found it. Or her. "HEY!!! DARLIN' OVER HERE!!" he yelled for help, catching sight of a female flying on top her large magic broom. "OVER HERE!!" he called out again. Of course, Daryl wasn't really sure if the person was on his side or not, but he was running out of options as he heard explosions within the circular fire wall. Reaching for his holster, he laid his hand on the grip of one of his pistols before the magic lady person arrived to his aid - or to his demise.

  16. As Zakary fired his missiles he saw some of them curve into the wrong direction. Looking to his right they went to the other teen and a dog. Seeing the dog yell at him, he did a scan over the net about anything with a talking dog. Nothing coming up, he sighed with a frown. Once he was able to grasp his head around the idea, he turned his head back to the dog. "Right, Sorry" he said sounding unsure about his emotions used withing that phrase. It was then a humanoid shadow beast came from behind and put him in a full nelson. Bringing his arms all the way back, further than any human could go, he grabbed the shadow being by the head and threw him over his body onto the ground. He then came down bringing a hard punch to it's face.

    "Hypothesis," he started. Without finishing his sentence he ran as fast as he could in front of the pooch. As the fireball hit him it seemed to be burning him alive, but it just started to melt his skin. His robotic arms and his left robotic leg shone in their mighty glory. Part of his face skin had also been melted off pertaining to his right eye only, his right arm skin melted to his collar bone, and the opposite limb just past the shoulder. The fire went out and he stared at the witch with glare that could stab knives into someone. His voice seemed angrier if not more gruff. "Never hurt an animal" sure he had a soft spot for animals, but to think he would be so upset and angry about it was another story. He had never had a past since he awoke, but animals usually hung to him like a younger sibling would. They were the only company he had for a long time til he finally taught himself how to speak properly.

    -queue theme music-

    "I'm going in" Zakary stated calmly. Sprinting into the vast army he started to fight them head on, punching shadow beasts left and right, he jumped into the air punching one of the winged ones down. One of the beasts clawed into his arm, causing it to short circuit, it blew up, taking some of the damage he continued to fight. Using the bests of his abilities he started to kick them as well. Releasing his last set of heat seeking missiles, he aimed it in any direction, they all started to fly towards different beasts, each exploding upon impact. His breathing got slightly heavier, he was using a lot of his stored power and quickly.
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  17. Ryan Gray: The Architect
    @Sasha Bliss @-QT- @HellHoundWoof
    And whoever else would have a Guard communicator.

    Ryan had spent much of the day swinging around placing tiny cameras he'd salvaged from old, broken phones around the city to help him track the movements of one of his enemies. The creature that called itself Slaughterhouse was a gruesome creature, often chopping up victims and devouring them in various holes beneath the city. He was sick of the monster getting away from him, each time the freakish beast escaped, more people were hurt, more people were killed. Swinging around from point to point was rather tiring, and put a strain on the muscles that connected his cybernetic arm to the rest of his body, and now, all he wanted to do was watch some old anime, slurp down whatever was left of the beef ramen he'd bought from Costco, and sleep the soreness away.

    This was how it started, heating up water and making a bowl of cheap instant noodles, he fell back onto his bed and activated a small holographic display on his arm before detaching the cybernetic prosthetic and placing it on the ground so that it projected a square image of Cowboy Bebop into the air as he ate noodles out of the bowl on his lap with an exhausted sort of laziness. He'd had a busy day. A skirmish with some of Gunsmoke's thugs, outfitted with what high-powered ballistic ordinance, as he expected from the current head of the Irish mafia's goons. Ryan wasn't sure what exactly Gunsmoke's power was, but he had plenty of theories outlined on a board, connected by tacks and red string he got from the craft store like some sort of madman.

    Ryan massaged the stump of his arm as he watched his show, chuckling at one of the jokes on screen:
    "Where's the beef?"
    "There isn't any,"
    "You can't have beef and onions without beef!"
    "You can if you're broke,"

    Ryan laughed, but then looked around his own abode, then down at his meal. He stopped laughing as he realized just how much the scene applied to him.

    As the show continued, a realization entered his mind. He should build a spaceship. It wouldn't be even remotely feasible on his current budget, but assuming he managed to get his hands on some real money, a spaceship would certainly be something on the list. He could keep it in orbit around the planet and use it as a base of operations, or use it to explore the stars in his off time. Even now, his mind whirred with possible schematics for power sources, weapons, propulsion systems... There were so many possibilities, if he only had the funding.

    He continued to fantasize about his personal star-frigate until he was interrupted by an unexpected guest.

    Nedral-than wasn't much of one for conversation, preferring to just sit in whatever dark realm from which he dwelled and observe, but he did occasionally contact Ryan. When he did, his vision would darken and there'd be a thick and all-encompassing rumbling sound that escalated into a roar. As the cacophony cascaded around him, Ryan took the time to pause his show before yelling, "Just cut the shit! I'm busy! What the fuck do you want?" in an attempt to hear himself over the rumbling. It was effective enough, as it prompted the demonic lord to end his usual introduction, "To warn you. An incredible amount of power has been siphoned from the demonic realms, and many of your heroes have shown up in the Shadow Fields, and one of the greater of our number has engaged contact with your comparatively meager plane of existence, and has yet to completely retract it. Many would classify this as an invasion, and your defenses are greatly weakened,"

    This was news to Ryan, bad news. As far as Ryan was aware, even with his greatly increased intellect, there was only one good way to react to bad news.

    "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck." He groaned, "Fuck, fuck, fuck. I need to stop swearing...Fuck though. I just took my arm off too..." he complained to the empty room before knocking back his ramen in a large gulp, then reattaching his robotic arm and making for the streets, moving swiftly through the complex Aerial City sewer system and thanking whatever gods existed that these parts of the sewers had been discontinued in the 60s, and had long since lost that iconic sewer smell. As he moved, he slipped one of his headphones into his ear, playing the Cowboy Bebop theme loud enough for him to hear, but nobody else.

    Pushing open a manhole in a back-alley, he grappled up to a rooftop and gazed down, seeing nothing but chaos as shadowy monsters ravaged the streets. Many of the city's younger heroes had worked to fight the beasts, but they were disorganized and largely non-communicative. He scanned what he could see, looking back and forth and taking in massive amounts of data. All the adults, anyone a day over eighteen, had up and vanished...So this is what Nedral-than had meant. This wouldn't be good, if the demon lord was right (and he always was) then this wasn't an event limited to Aerial City. This could be a catastrophe if it was poorly managed, and that wasn't even the most imminent threat. That would be the shadow-monsters crawling around the city, causing destruction and violence wherever they went.

    Ryan knew that there needed to be actions taken to preserve infrastructure and basic civil systems, at least in Aerial City, but he also knew that he'd need to clean up the streets of these shadows before he could start playing the long game. To do that, he needed to round up what heroes the city had left, and start this fight as a unified front against the demonic forces so that they might stem the tide of monsters that was pouring out from a well of darkness above the city.

    He needed a way to get the group of them together, working as a cohesive unit, to communicate. He knew a way, but it had an enormous chance of getting him in trouble after this was over. He didn't want to step into the light just yet, but someone needed to take control of this mess, and Ryan didn't trust anyone else to do it. With a breath, he grumbled, "Here's to hoping I don't get my ass handed to me after this is over for hacking into Guard frequencies," he said to himself, opening up an interface on his arm and inputting a series of digits.

    The connection was weak, but it was strong enough for him to get his message out.

    "This is Guard non-affiliate hero Architect on Guard Frequency one. At least one of you jackasses in the spandex better be listening, or I'm going to look like a real idiot," he said as he fired a ray of burning hot plasma through one of the mindless beasts that was beginning to clamber up the walls of the building, "I'm not much of one for propriety or preamble, so I'm just going to say it. We're looking pretty fucked here. We're spread out, people are panicking, and the Guard along with most of the city's big guns just got taken out in one fell swoop. We need to fall back, assess our losses and create some sort of rally point. There are children out here with no where to go and no idea what's going on. We're no good to any of them dead. If anyone listening can create some sort of barricades, we can rally at the Galaxy Sciences Center," he said, "I'm confident I can figure out a way out of this dilemma, but I'm going to need time, which we aren't going to be able to get any of if we keep going about this without any coordination,"

    That last part of it was only partially a lie. He could solve the problem at hand, that wasn't a lie. It was what he didn't say that made his statement false. It wasn't clear if this was a problem that Ryan and the other junior heroes would be able to solve, even if they knew how. But Ryan couldn't worry about that now, he needed to move or he'd be overwhelmed by the horde that was charging his position. Taking careful aim at one of the monsters running up the wall, he fired his thermal cannon to freeze the creature's limbs in blocks of ice, causing it to lose it's traction on the wall and plummet, smashing into the other creatures running behind it. He activated his vibrational blade's inanimate setting, then took a swan dive off the building.

    The wind rushed in his ears as he plummeted, and Ryan didn't suppress his loud, whooping call of delight, like a child on a roller coaster. Swinging the blade in large arcs, he cut through the various shadowy beasts in his way on his way down, before deactivating his sword and firing off his hand like a grappling hook, grabbing onto a nearby stoplight. He needed to make his way to the rally-point he'd designated, and hope that his message had gotten out to more than just corpses. As he swung, he plucked a small young boy from the ground just as he was being advanced on by a pack of doglike monsters, swinging away and onto a nearby roof, "Stay here," he said, "And if they get close to you again, press the top of this down, and you'll be safe," he added, handing the boy one of his few precious force-field generators. It would create a bubble of hardened light that would prove impervious to most conventional methods of attack, "If you see anyone else, tell them there's a force field up here, because that's what that does," he added. The boy's eyes lit up with gratitude, "Wow! Thank you Cybertech!" he said excitedly, blatantly having no idea who Ryan was. For once, he didn't bother to correct the child, and swung on. He made his way up to where it seemed the front-lines were, the spawner of the demonic horde protected by a great wall of blue flames.

    "Damnit..." he said, fumbling for something on his tool belt, "Damn it all back to hell, where this bullshit belongs," he said, placing a small circular device on the ground. It was his only one, and he'd made it for use against Slaughterhouse, but it would serve this purpose fine, when the time came.

    He looked around again, and realized that there was no chance that anyone here would just be able to turn their tails and run, not safely anyway. Maybe if he could put the one maintaining the spell out of commission for a bit...No, that wasn't an option. Whoever she was, the woman inside the fire had solo'd the entire Guard, and came out on top. He might be able to make something of a distraction...

    "Damnit." he grumbled, "I don't get paid enough for this shit. Or at all, really," he complained, lighting one of his four flares at his position. It created a beacon of light and smoke that would give Laser Floyd a boner, like a pillar of painfully concentrated disco firing off into the sky. Then he swung off, placing another further away, leading various beasts along as he swung from point to point trying to get their attention and convince them to move towards the west side of the city, away from both the major population center and the Galaxy Science Center, his established rally point.

    With that part of his job done, he swung over to where he'd called for the current fighting forces to regroup, and began planning the next phase.
  18. [​IMG]
    Magiya watched as her large foe soon faded from existence, his remaining howling dispersing. She, however, knew things weren't done yet as the action continued with the few figures not too far from her as she recovered some mana. Things were heating up quite literally.

    '.... That was so cheesy, Vea.'

    Magiya was dodging all types of death today, because just as Mercy chanted a different spell, she almost got turned into a glittery pile of stardust from the flames forming near her feet. She lunged forward in an instant, rolling before commanding her wand to grow into flight mode once more. She climbing on and floated forward, Mercy's gloating voice ringing towards the group that was now trapped in this ring of death. The young magician watched the pillars of unmistakable cerulean flames grow from the ground, seemingly touching the sky. Magiya felt something rattle within her. Was this... Anger?

    Magiya immediately shot upwards, barely dodging a speeding blue fireball thrown her way. She twirled a bit before climbing up higher to getting a birds eye view of things. She was annoyed with Mercy's magic. While it was powerful, it was completely linear and had no flexibility, no weaving despite the great mass she could control. She was ashamed to have her as [technically] fellow magic-kin. That's when Mercy called out with her magic to summon an army of demons climbing from the earth, snarling with hostility behind her. They were big in variety, easy to get blindsided in the midst of battle. Magiya' s uncertainty grew but she pushed it out her mind. Justice will prevail, she'll make it happen.

    'So cheesy, Vea. Have to be creative more than that.'

    Apparently Magiya had floated upwards pretty high because a shout rang towards her direction. She turned around quickly, spotting a male figure with an overwhelmingly western accent trying to gather her attention next to a bike. "D...Darling?" She turned pink and pushed up her glasses. She shouldn't think anything of it, it was obviously just a neutral formality from his culture, just shutupthinkingalreadyveatrice. She cautiously guided her wand over the flames, hissing at the heat wafting from it, and traveled down to him as not-recklessly as she could. " 'elp, w-we need your 'elp!" Magiya batted her eyes at her own voice. It was a completely heavy Russian accent despite the higher pitch of her feminine voice. She suddenly felt sorry for judging the man.

    Her mint curls fell into her face as she practically hopped off her wand, trotting over to him and forcibly guiding him towards her waiting broom. "Mercy summoned dark magic army of demons, is only so many of us in there, there are hundreds...!" She squealed, obviously almost hysterical from her anxiety. She pushed at his back, face red. She needed to calm down or else she wouldn't be much help, she'd become another kid to assist.
  19. Ariyah - Lost, as Always

    Things seemed to have taken a turn for the worst in the time that Ariyah had managed to run three miles or so. She was closer to the commotion now, and could see that others were there as well, but was still too far to really be able to tell what exactly was going on. It had taken the teenager a bit longer than expected, seeing as how there were kids that were parentless and she had taken the time to stop and help them. Luckily, she had found a few others around her age, if not a year older, and gotten them to find others and help them get to safety. She had pleaded them to get the word out and to arm themselves with anything they could find. It would have to do.

    'What are you doing, Ariyah? You can't even fight. You won't make it out alive.'

    Her conscience scolded her as she ran closer to the fighting. It beckoned her to turn around and run away; to keep helping the children. For half a second she even considered it, which caused her to trip on her own feet.

    'I'm not leaving. No. My mom needs me.'

    By now it was her just going back and forth with herself in her own mind. She had picked herself back up off of the ground and continued jogging over to the war zone, stopping every now and then to help a child out of a car. At this rate she would never make it. "Hey, you!" Ariyah made her voice loud enough to cause those around her to stop, but not to scare anyone or cause them to bleed out of their ears. A little above average, was all. Once she had gotten the attention of the three young men and one girl, she motioned them to come over and pointed at the cars. "Can y'all help me out? There are children stuck in many of these cars. I know it's bad out here but I can help keep y'all safe. Kinda." Ariyah looked pleadingly at the teenagers and smiled with relief when they accepted. She left them with the task at hand and began running once again, silencing herself completely as she neared the fighting.

    Ariyah's blue eyes widened as she took in the scene. She was hidden behind a pillar as she saw the ongoing fight with the blue, flaming, demon-woman. "What the hell..."

    She was now close enough to feel the heat radiating off the flames, and close enough to see the faces of those who seemed to be fighting her and the beasts that she created. It was clear to her that she had gotten into something way over her head. That didn't matter now though. The snarling behind her was her wake up call. Ariyah turned around and gasped at the sight of a large, dark beast that stood on its hind legs. The girl had little time to react as the beast lunged at her. She gripped her iron bar tightly as she closed her eyes and screamed, cringing while doing so. The scream was found enough to cause a few vibrations here and there, and she hoped dearly that she hadn't deafened the young 'heroes' that were around fighting.

    When she opened her eyes, Ariyah was surprised to see that the beast still stood there. It seemed to be in a state of shock, and she noticed that parts of its shadowy body were either fading or gone. She took that opportunity to run up to it and swing the long iron bar at it which caused it to fall to its knees. Not wanting to give it a fighting chance, Ariyah followed the blow with another swing, although this time it was straight down into the beasts head, which ended in a crushing sound that made her wince. It seemed to do the job though, as she beast fell completely forward and sank back into the shadows where it had come from.
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  20. "Most of the plan is not to die," Burner said as the robot man called that he would be rushing in. Burner watched the fire around him and ignored it, but he knew the dog would need assistance. Assuming it was a flying dog mainly. Then something clicked in Burner's brain, this dog spoke.

    "Wait, you're a talking dog?" Burner said bewildered momentarily, "Look I'm resistant to fire, I'm gonna go in and give the witch some trouble. If you can fly up and bite her or something while she's distracted then one of us might be able to knock her out."

    Burner began sprinting towards the center of the fire, he knew roughly where Mercy was in this new gaggle of enemies. Several shorter humanoid shadowy creatures came at Burner before he planted a foot and did a somersault before the creatures could get him by the leg. He put his hands out and let loose a stream of fire on the small creatures until they were ash. A large hand clubbed Burner over the back of his head and sent him several feet to the side, landing on his chest. The wind was knocked from him and as he gasped for air he raised his hand in the direction of the large beast. It wore two horns on it's head and had a large lower jaw. The beast prepared to run to crush Burner but a fireball landed in it's face. Burner stood and rolled at the beast's legs. H popped out of the roll with a leg ready to sweep and managed to knock the beast off balance.

    "C'mon ugly," Burner said as he got on top of the beast and stood on it's chest, "I'm just getting warmed up!"

    The pun was something Pyra said often, and Burner was reminded of his mission. As he began his jump from the beasts stomach a pair of large talons dug into his shoulder's, piercing his suit. He shouted in anguish at the pain from being dragged upwards by the large birds claws. He grabbed the ankles of the bird and pushed fire into his hands. The creatures legs disintegrated and it cawed in anger. Burner fell to the ground and quickly pushed himself up. He saw another demon running towards him and waited for it to get in close before swinging a wide right hook into what would be it's head. He felt it contact and then put a left uppercut. He watched it stagger back and jumped into what would have been a roundhouse. But he was knocked in his side by another assailant. He fell to the ground and saw several ghastly figures jump on top of him and begin beating him. A kick landed in the small of his back, one above his left eye and another in his groin. In his fear and frustration he began burning hotter until his entire body erupted into flame, sending back the enemies crowding him to create a small circle around his body. He began running toward Mercy, his fire trailing behind his body.

    "Consequir algo!" Burner said as he threw his flame coated form into her with an elbow tucked so that it would land in her ribs, "De la bruja!"
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