Inhumane: The Shifters Curse (Profiles and OOC)

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  1. The Town (open)

    A small town, surrounded by a forests and mountains. Once you break the tree line into town, you're almost in a different world....a world with 3,000 people. The small town has many resturants, a mall, two hospitals, numberous apartment complexes (some high scale, and some not), and a few suburbs. In the 1800s it was founded as a Utopia that quickly failed. Edan Axton, Sable's great great great grandfather, founded the town, and prayed every day that it would grow and populate. Within two years, the town was cutting down trees to make room for more people, it is often said Edan sold his soul for his Utopia to work. The only problem was that almost 5 years after the town was booming, a great sickness took over the town, and the women had trouble bearing children. Once that generation was all but dead, the problems suddenly disappeared and the town was refounded under the name Estwald.

    Hunters/Shifters (open)

    There really is no reason to ever leave Estwald, but should you choose to, beware of the hunters. Since the first time the pack leader changed, they appeared. Almost as if they knew there was a shifter in the area. There are roughly 30 to 50 hunters patrolling the forest, along with the wolves. They view the shifters as an abomination and will do anything they can to kill them. The hunters are constantly trying to warn the town about "werewolves" and how to spot them. The only problem is, with no valid proof, most people just think they're insane. As of yet, they do not know who any of the pack members are.

    The pack also has to worry about other shifters. Throughout the world, there are other packs of shifters. Some are like Sable's pack, where they only want to protect the people in the town. While others, will kill anything human and nonhuman alike that falls into their sights. Few shifters have treaded into Estwald and been this type. The pack is very open to any shifter, but should they start displaying these characteristics, they're killed or sent away.

    The Pack
    No on really knows what caused the transformation from human to shifter except Sable, who makes a point to hide it from everybody. The Pack Leader almost always knows the person for years before they transform. It tends to be the people Sable has a strong connection with that change. There have been only a few occasions where he hasn't known them, and that's because they were meant to be mated to someone in the pack. The wolves do not know who their mates are just by looking at them. It takes time for that kind of bond to develop; the only way to be sure is when they have their first kiss. Whenever someone new starts to transform the whole pack can feel it happening.

    For over a decade, the pack has been protecting Estwald from hunters and bad shifters. For the most part they've been doing a good job, but the hunters are getting smarter, and the skeletons in the pack's closet are getting louder and harder to ignore. They have to make the decision of being honest with what they are and being hunted, or hiding and ripping themselves apart. They must either face their biggest fears head on, or run away scared. Each member has an internal struggle that pushes and pulls which choice is the one to choose. Sable can only do so much for his pack. He just hopes that he has raised them good enough as wolves to keep their morals in check.

    A fight within the pack itself, is having members strong enough to withstand the change. Sometimes a shifters first change is denied them for one reason or another. There was something flawed in them, be it mental weakness or physical weakness. It stops them from completely transforming, trapping them in a lycan-like state. The massive amount of pain they're in causes them to be driven to madness. These types of transformation are hunted and killed, for mercy and to keep their secret.

    Rules: (open)

    1)Please try to use correct grammer and spelling. Write in 3rd person (they, he, she), not 1st (I, we, me)
    2) You can have more than one character, and you can have characters that haven't shifted yet.
    3) No fighting, unless it's character vs. character
    4) You can be a hunter or a civilian as a side character/NPC

    Character Skeleton: (open)

    Sexual Orientation:
    Appearances Both Human and Wolf: Use a picture here, it can be anything.
    Description: Describe their clothes, any weapons they may carry as a human, and any items they carry on their persons. Please also include some description about them personally, because, you know, no picture can show everything.
    Background Story: Give me a few sentences about the sure to include how they met the Pack Leader because it's very important later.

    Sexual Orientation:
    Appearance: Use a picture here, it can be from anywhere.
    Description: Describe their clothes, any weapons they carry consistently, and personal items. Please also include some description about them personally, because, you know, no picture can show everything.
    Background Story: Be sure to include why they became hunters, if they are one.

    My characters: (open)

    Name:Sable Lathan Axton

    Age: 27

    Sex: Male

    Sexual Orientation:Hetero

    Appearances Both Human and Wolf:


    Description: Sable typically wear jeans and t-shirts, most of the time they're long sleeved to hide the scars from fights. He ties his hair back with leather strips and HATES when people talk about wanting him to cut it. His eyes are a pale, almost glowing, green, even in his human form. Most of the time, he doesn't carry weapons on him, though he has been known to keep a butterfly knife in his boots.

    Personality: Sable, for the most part, is outspoken. For some reason around Jacob, he becomes timid. He's the kinda guy you constantly find smoking, he suffers from ADHD and it occupies his hands.

    Background Story: Sable was born different, his parents never really could understand him. When he was fourteen he woke in the middle of the night writhing in pain. He thought he was dying. He lay in agony for hours until he finally screamed. By the time his parents came to his room it was too late, their son had already transformed and gotten out of the house. When he returned the following morning and his parents told him his origin.

    Name: Sadie Brek Axton

    Age: 20

    Sex: Male

    Sexual Orientation: Hetero

    Appearances Both Human and Wolf:


    He mostly wears button down dress shirts and tight fitting khakis/dress slacks. Not too many scars but he walks with a slight limp after breaking his knee playing football. His wolf walks with a small limp on his back left leg. Of all the members of the pack, Sadie is the only one who carries a gun. He detests fighting and would much rather kill you if you attack him, he has yet to pull the trigger.

    Personality: The only time Sadie speaks is when Sable is pissing him off, other than that, he's pretty quiet. He's rather timid and jumpy.

    Background Story: Sadie is the middle child of the Axton family. He hates Sable with a passion because he feels that Sable is the reason their parents are missing.

    Name: Jaime Jude Axton (JJ)

    Age: 15

    Sex: Female

    Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

    Appearances Both Human and Wolf:


    Description: JJ is your typical cyber goth girl, the crazy outfits, the gas mask, she never leaves the house without them. She constantly carries knives on her, although she has never been in any sort of fight. She's such a new wolf, she still has awkwardness about her body. Her paws are too big for the rest of her body, and she trips and stumbles.

    Personality: Bright, bubbly, and happy now that she has transformed for the first time. She's very playful and comfortable in her own skin.

    Background Story: JJ is the youngest of the Axton siblings. She gets along well with Sadie but Sable is her absolute favorite sibling. Although she misses her parents, she feels like they were never there, especially now that she's in on the family secret. She only just transformed one year ago and hasn't left her brothers side since. Sable's parents tried to shelter both Sadie and JJ from Sable but by the time Sadie transformed it was too late, they didnt know any better to limit JJs exposure to Sable. She feels like she was born attached to Sable and nothing will ever come between her siblings.
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  2. Name: Ashlyn "Ash" McClain
    Age: 23
    Sex: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
    Appearances Both Human and Wolf:
    human (open)
    wolf (open)

    Description: Ash can usually be found in a pair of jeans with a pair of sneakers on with either a random tshirt or a tanktop. She seems to always be wearing a semi old black jacket with angel wings burned onto the back of it. If one knew her family, they'd now it belonged to her late mother. Ash has several scars, one huge one being on her left arm, from her shoulder, nearly to her elbow. There's one small one, its all but faded out by now, on her forehead over her right eye. One more significant one is on her right thigh, an old knife wound from when someone tried to rape her. Other than that, there are small scars randomly placed over her body.
    Ash carries two knives, one in her shoe, the other is hidden in her bra. She also carriers around bear mace and she's half thinking about getting a Taser. Wherever she is, if you look in the driveway or parking lot, you'll spot a dark purple, nearly black, Harley sitting there.
    Personality: Ash likes to play off as a tough girl. And in some regard, it's true enough, she's learned enough from life to knock someone flat on their ass if they try to hurt her. But for the most part, Ash is a sweet girl who just adapted to crap being thrown at her. She's friendly enough, but she prefers to stay out of reach of most people, a side effect from the near rape experience. If she lets someone within touching distance, even if she's trying to hide the shaking of her hands, it means she trusts that person a lot. However, on the flip side of that, she will tease someone from a safe distance, she has a bit of a mischievous streak in her. And if she gets bored and just happens to be around someone...well, the other person should start looing out for a prank or two. As she likers to say: A bored Ash is a bad Ash.
    Background Story: If anyone's been down to the Howl, the favorite local bar, then they've met Ash. She works as a bartender there from five to midnight on the weekends. During the week, she works at a local bookstore. Ash was born and raised in Estwald and has been there her entire life. She grew up in a house with her parents. Her mom worked as a librarian at the local library and her dad was a mechanic who was in the AAA, five years sober. Ash's mom died in a car accident when she was 16. Her dad fell off the wagon and started drinking again. A year or so later, he started to change, he got violent, and he developed a gambling problem.

    Six months later, Ash got a job then, two. Someone had to pay the bills, and it obviously wasn't her now jobless dad. The two jobs began to eat at the teen, she barely slept, and when she did it was usually during class, if she even managed to go to class. Her grades suffered. This went on for another six months before she passed out in the middle of gym, after that, the principal stepped in, Ash gave up one of the jobs. Things were okay for a little bit until she came home one day to find her dad dead on the couch, surrounded by empty bottles. The man has drank himself to death, on the two year anniversary of her moms death. Barely 18, Ash was now an orphan. It didn't change much though, the girl just buried herself further into work and school. When he year end came around, Ash, a bit thinner than she should be, graduated with the rest of her class.

    After that, she went straight back to work. Two years passed and one night, while walking home, one of her coworkers tried to rape her. He almost had his way, but Ash had found a piece of glass, with her shoulder, and she struck blindly at the man. She didn't stop, even after he went limp. it took someone, that someone being Sable, to pull the hysteric girl away from the now bloody, all but lifeless man. After that, Ash was a wreck for nearly a year. However, just before the new year began,, she finally settled down enough to find another job, this time at the bookstore. It took a lot of effort, but she did get back into the swing of things, for the most part. When she turned 22, she got her second job at the bar. She turned for the first time that same year. Shes been able to turn into a wolf for a year now.
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  5. Name: Tate Mercer

    Age: 24

    Sex: female

    Sexual Orientation: Straight

    Appearances Both Human and Wolf:



    Description: wears leather boots, tight fitting dark blue jeans, tight dark brown t shirt, leather jacket. Daggers, whip hidden as a belt. Right ear cartilage pierced 3 times, left pierced 2 times, regular lobe piercings, has a white gold ring on her right hand. has tattoos,a paw print on each of her hips,and tribal markings on her shoulders. Has a tiny scar on her right palm from her playing with her cousin and getting too cocky and ended up getting nicked.
    Personality: friendly,stubborn at times,sometimes shy.

    Background Story: works as a bartender at the Howl on the weekends, Her father owned a cattle ranch, one day while she was catching a wild horse it got spooked by the cattle causing the herd to stampede ending in everyone getting injuries of some sort few months later her father died from his injuries they were more serious than everyone had thought. So, depressed she moved away and ended up living with her cousin and they have been together ever since.
    Name: Rolf Gaspar

    Age: 25

    Sex: Male

    Sexual Orientation: Straight

    Appearances Both Human and Wolf:



    Description: slightly loose black jeans, dark green tank top, heavy duty black boots. throwing knives. a leather necklace, right ear cartilage pierced 2 left 3, lip pierced. has small scars here and there from fights and protecting his twin cousin. Who is younger by a few minutes.

    Personality: protective,calm, friendly but has select few who he is really sociable with.

    Background Story: Works as security guard in the mall, Has lived with his cousin ever since the accident with her father. Also during the time his cousin moved in is when they both met the pack leader, Tate was taking a back road home when her car popped a tire and her cell phone was dead, the pack leader helped her out and lent his phone to her and they have been with the pack since.
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  13. [​IMG]
    Karou stands at around 4'9 and weighs roughly 100 pounds. She normally wears dresses she had made herself which means they are very colorful and bright. She wears a locket around her throat that had been her mothers. She never takes it off. She carried a small dagger on a belt around her waist. She doesn't want too but her father refuses to let her out of the house unless she wears it.

    Karou Thiago



    ~Sexual Orientation~

    Karou is a very bright and cheerful person. She can be quite shy when meeting someone she doesn't know but once she opens up she is very bubbly and happy. However she does fall prey to random bouts of depression that started after her mother passed away. She normal shuts herself in her room until it passes. Karou loves helping people and does so whenever she can. She is very sensitive and cries rather easily. She is horrible at hunting because she can't bear the sight of some poor, helpless animal being hurt.

    ~Background Story~
    Karou was born to Akiva and Issa Thiago, the first and last child the two would have together. When Karou turned seven her mother fell ill. The town doctor tried everything but he couldn't seem to sure the disease. Karou was forced to watch as her mothers once vibrant face grew dull and sunken. Her once tan skin turned pale and she grew weak, hardly even able to lift her head from the pillow. The person who Karou had once thought of as her sun slowly dimmed and flickered out like a candle. Her mother was buried on Karou's eighth birthday. Her father, distraught, tried to drown his feelings of grief and heartache with liquor. Karou tried to make a living for them, doing odd jobs around the town to make money.​
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  15. Shifters

    Name: Lillian Alice Frey

    Age: 20

    Sex: Female

    Sexual Orientation: Straight

    Appearances Both Human and Wolf:
    human (open)


    wolf (open)


    Description: Lillian prefers to dress in comfortable clothes, easy to move around in. Usually well-worn jeans and soft, long sleeved shirts. She wears fitted leather vests from time to time. All of her clothing is modified to hold astounding amounts of ammunition and concealed weapons. She carries a handgun on her person at all times and will not hesitate to use it if she deems it necessary. Wide bracelets adorn both of her wrists. Various small throwing knives are tucked into her boots and bracelets, easily accessible.

    Her long, waist length hair is kept in a French braid or a ponytail, away from her face. A thin, almost invisible scar runs down the left side of her neck, cutting across her collarbone. Her eyes which have an unusual golden hue, seem cold and distant.

    Lillian’s wolf is sleek and black with thick bands of dark silver tipping the top coat and the tips of her ears. It shares the same golden eyes as her human form.

    Personality: Lillian comes off as cold, almost hostile most of the time. She hates prying questions and won’t hesitate to lash out at people who annoy her. Sarcasm and the occasional witty retort make up most of her vocabulary when she’s in a decent mood. If you last 10 minutes conversing with her and haven’t run away, usually screaming in pain, it’s a sure sign that she likes you. She might even grace you with one of her rare smiles.

    She’s a girl who’s tired of running and constantly looking over her shoulder. Surprisingly, hiding beneath the frosty demeanor is a wicked sense of humor and a weakness for romance novels.

    Background Story: Born in a shifter pack very different from Estwald’s, Lillian had an almost military upbringing. Her father, the pack leader was a strict and cruel man. Only the strong survived. They were trained in combat from a very young age, put through endless hours of strenuous training. As the leader’s daughter, the pressure was doubled for her. Thankfully, she excelled at it, living up to his impossibly high expectations. Lillian enjoyed working with firearms ever since she discovered her knack for them. Target practice always helped to ease her ever mounting stress.

    The pack lived mostly isolated from the outside world. They had heard the rumors about the hunters and gradual unrest was stirring. Her father though, ever the man of action, decided to take action. The pack, being their bloodthirsty selves jumped at the idea with renewed cheer as they prepared for battle. Lillian was too young to accompany her father on the first few ‘hunting’ trips. Based on a few rumors, the pack slaughtered entire settlements, which was unknown to her at the time. After her sixteenth birthday, Lillian waited for her turn to join her father with equal parts dread and excitement. She didn’t have to wait long as a few months later another hunting party was planned. As luck would have it, they happened upon a fort of real hunters. A lot of pack members lost their lives in the battle that ensued. This only served to fuel their bloodlust, not deter it. Her father and the elders became even more determined to wipe out the hunter menace.

    The next couple of years were a blur of bloody battles, wins and losses on both sides. Lillian had grown sick of it, she just wanted the fighting to stop. A little while after her eighteenth birthday, they hit a town. A supposed hunter settlement. Frustrated at not being able to sniff the hunters out, they began killing civilians to flush them out. It wasn’t even a battle. It was a massacre. Lillian watched, horrified, unable to stop the killing. When the hunters finally came out, they were cut down mercilessly. The moment she watched her father slaughter innocents in cold blood, she finally saw him for what he was. What her pack was. They were monsters. No better than mindless beasts.

    Lillian cut all ties and ran, leaving everything behind, hoping that the past would never catch up to her. She knew she’d be branded a traitor the second she fled. Her pack pursued her for a few months until she finally lost them over the Canadian border. Ever since then, she’d been always on the move, stopping only long enough to rest and recuperate. Eventually she found herself in Estwald, unsure about what exactly drew her there in the first place. The local pack leader, Sable paid her a visit after her first few hours. A lone shifter lurking about town was bound to raise alarms to any leader worth his salt, after all.
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  19. Shifters
    Name: Lithël Aelfwine
    Age: 17
    Sex: male
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    Appearances Both Human and Wolf: [​IMG]
    Description: carries to big knives and ussually makes quick swift moves. Mainly uses useful clothes, not specially good looking
    Personality:likes to hunt and be out in the wild. there is always an optimistic smile in his face, and he likes to be kind of a leader because he feels the responsability for their pairs. always has something to say, or stands aside to watch and supervise others.
    Background Story: he and his brother started to feel the changes, and the pack leader found them before their fist turn. his brother was not strong enough to survive, and turned into a half-monster wolf. he was the one to take care (kill) him.
    They had always been close (since they were twins) and that really changed the way he saw his life. Since then he tries to protect everyone around that is not clearly better than him.