Inheritance Cycle {A Time of Peace}

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  1. Leon struggles to make a sound against the wind as it glides against his face. The soft currents blowing through his hair, sending his curls in a frenzy, and making him quint his eyes and blink rapidly as he leans his upper body off the edge of the ship.

    He flinches and turns as he hears the snap of a crew member telling him to stop being an idiot and put all body parts in the ship. Leon climbs down slowly, looking back and waving at the crew member as if apologizing for his stupidity. He hears the chatty whispers and excited gasps of the other teenagers and middle aged adults as they approach the hazy figure off in the distance.

    Jagged edges line against the sky like spikes on a dragons back-or so he's told- and the crashing of waves and the smell of salt send his heart into a frenzy as anxiety builds up in his chest. He takes a deep breathe, counting from one to ten, and exhales, feeling the air leave him in a soft whoosh. He doesn't hear his own voice or even his thoughts over the barking of the sailors. He thinks if tries hard enough he can smell the fruity tang of the island and the faint wisp of the smoke. Or at least that's what he thinks. He glances around at the horde of teens glancing about one another as they mingle. The person on his left is bouncing on his toes, his shock of blonde hair falling and rising in the wind. Another girl seems disinterested, though Leon can see the faint sparkle of excitement in her eye as they near the island.

    Telling by the way Captain Marks snaps at another kid who's leaning over the edge, he wonders if it's the intimidation of the crew that makes everyone listen. He wonders if it had been another crew and another ship everyone would be leaning over the side, fingers pointing and wide smiles upon their faces as they chat whisper the possibilities of the upcoming ceremony.

    Leon thinks of his own ceremony and the prospect of getting his own dragon. The thought never occurred to him that he might get one seeing as only 10 out of 50 get chosen every month. He remembers that he's doing this not for himself. The voice inside of him laughs and asks, "then who?"

    He licks his dry lips and tastes the salty spray of water and wrinkles his nose. He doesn't want to answer the question.

    "ALL RIGHT. WE"RE LANDING IN ABOUT 10 MINUTES SO BE PREPARED TO GET OFF." The blunt and somewhat sarcastic voice of the captain rings over their heads, silencing them for a moment, before an uproar of excitement takes hold. The talking seems louder than before and Leon can't help but think that it's unnecessary. He reminds himself with sharply that he's excited too. Hell, he even felt a small whimper come past his lips.

    The island is in a haze of fog and Leon can't help but feel hopeless. Regret washes over him as he as a shiver runs down his back...What dragon would choose him?
  2. Araby struggles to make a sound against the breeze. The wind from the sea is bad today, so she gad to pull her hair back with a leather chord. Still, at least the salty spray of the ocean helped keep her awake after 13 hours of solid work. She felt like she was about to drop, but the rent was due on their home soon and they were still short. Her father worked as best he could, but he was starting to get older. His body couldn't take the strain of work like it used to.

    She heaved and lifted one of the heavy crates that she had been asked to store in the dock's warehouse. She had no idea what was in it, but it weighed a ton and the contents kept shifting as she walked. But, Araby kept a straight face and walked steadily until she reached her destination and deposited the crate. If the men were to see her struggle they would, at the very least, make them lose respect for her. At the worst they would demand she be kicked off the dock's work schedule. As it was, she felt like she had to lift twice the weight than some of the boys around here just to prove she could get the job done. Her father liked to proclaim to his friends that his daughter had, 'twice the salt of any other sailor on that dock!'

    As she walked back to retrieve the next crate she saw a ship slide out of the perpetual fog that surrounded the island. She almost groaned at the fact that she would have more cargo to unload soon, until she noticed the bafoons leaning over the side of the ship. She shook her head. Didn't they know better? The Sea creatures in this region weren't always content to stay in the water, if there was food to be had elsewhere. And anyway, it was very late in the day for the ferry ship to still be making runs.

    Still, she supposed she shouldn't be surprised. Today was the Hatchery's Grand Ceremony. Anyone and everyone was asked to attend. Of corse you were allowed to show up any time of the year you wish, but throw some special lights and free food out, and suddenly everyone was excited to go. She guessed this might also have something to do with the fact that Eragon Shadeslayer and Saphira Bright Scales Would be there.
    Araby would rather work through it, but her father was making her attend. He said it was a chance for her to be great, like she was meant to be. She thought it was a waste of time.

    Just then the ship slid into the dock, and the harbormaster took time out of his busy schedule to yell at her ,"Fumo! Make sure that ship pays the docking fee before they release their land lovin cargo!"

    Araby ran to the ship as the crew was tying her down to the pier, she wiped her hands on her pants and waited to greet the captain as the gangplank was lowered.
    "Welcome to New Vroengard! Where, the city is grand, the Dragons grander, and the price to dock is thirty copper!"
  3. Marks slides past her without a word, pushing the money into her hands as he heads for the inn. His face is crumbled with slight agitation as he mumbles to himself, fatigue burns in him as he walks making each step more painful than the last. He rolls his eyes against the cheers coming from behind him and the stampede of teen-no kids and push past him roughly. He spats a curse at one particular small one whose trailing behind looking confused. Their eyes meet and he rolls his own. He needs a beer. Badly.


    The thing about New Vroengard is it's size. The distance of trees fan out for miles it seems and the small hurts are widely spread apart as if making way for something. Dragon, the thought burns into his mind like a brand, hissing as it touches the surface and stinging as it leaves it mark. The sunlight, it seems, doesn't burn as brightly as it did on the ship. He glances upwards shielding his eyes and sees the blurry outline of the sun as the fog shrouds it. He narrows his eyes anyway and glances to his left. The dock is cleared, save the footprints in the sand and the heavy steps of ship workers, and the noise of people are carried off into the distance before it falls away into heavy silence.

    The fog stretches around him and covers everything except for the faint outline of the inn which has the glimmering light of fire coming from the inside. He smells the heavy tang of sweat and seasalt drafting towards his noise and decides not to go in there. It's one thing for him to be lost, but it's another thing for him to go wandering around. Cursing his lack of observance, he shoots a glare at the fog. He can't see anything even when squinting. he decides with a huff that they must have went into the fog. A shiver goes down his back as the prospect of traveling in the shadowy passes alone, waone-or so he thinks- and wonders which path he should take.

    He lets loose a huff through his nose and kicks at the sand, shame washing over him. His first task and he couldn't even do it. He sucks it up with a snivel and turns to watch the workers unload the cargo. Backs bending and muscles tensing as they heave it on the dock.

    Deciding on the best option he pushes forward and walks toward the men and the lone girl. He glances at her warily and stares at her trying to grasp the worst that are caught in his throat like thorns.

    "Excuse me?"
  4. Araby takes the money from the captain as he walks by her in a brisk and agitated manner. Then she barely manages to avoid the stampede of people that rush off the ship. She is surprised that he accepted the fee without a hassle. Most people don't like the price. But then again, if I had to deal with that lot, I'd be ready to hit the inn as well.

    She pockets ten copper, then puts the remaining twenty, the actual price to dock, in a leather pouch to give to the harbor master. She walks up to his little booth and tosses the bag on the booth counter.
    "Okay, there you go. Now, i'll be leaving now so I can make itto the hatchery on time for the ceremony."
    At that the harbor master laughs.
    "Ya don't really think you're going to get a dragon, do ya girl?"
    Araby shrugs and turns to go and get her pack before leaving.
    "I have to try don't I?"

    "Excuse me?"
    She turns to see a young man about her age, looking scared and lost as a fish in a market. She keeps her tone brief, but not mean.
    "Can I help you?"
  5. "I was hoping if you knew where the others went?" He takes a moment to collect himself before continuing. "The other teenagers who came from the ship I you know which way they went?" he pauses the wave his hand in a half circle pointing towards the thick grayness that shrouds the area.

    Taking a breathe he licks his lips and taps his foot against the sand, anxiety showing with every movement, and takes a moment to actually look at the girl in front of him. Heart shaped face and almond shaped eyes that are filled with an unreadable expression. Black hair falls to her waist, slightly fuzzy from the wind, like ink and Leon flushes. He's never been good at talking to girl or anyone for the matter. He instead gives her a gentle smile and hopes that he doesn't seem as nervous as he feels.
  6. Araby listened to him with an expression of slight disinterest. It wasn't uncommon for newcomers to get lost on the twisting and wide roads of New Vroengard, but she had never heard of someone getting lost right off the dock.
    "Well, they probably were headed to the hatchery. The ceremony starts soon for those who want to try their luck with the eggs. Actually I was about to head up there..."
    Araby stopped suddenly realizing what she had just offered to a complete stranger.
  7. "Would you mind showing me the way? I mean since we are going in the same direction of course..." he trailed off, tongue thick in his mouth as wondered how soon she actually meant. He grips the hem of his pants and plays with it. Feeling the rough fabric between his fingers as he nervously tries to get his mind on something else. The problem is is that the weight of his decision comes to a stand in front of him. He checks around him once, twice all the while knowing how odd he must look standing there glancing around himself. He sighs gently to himself and lowers his head towards the girl in front of him. He can see the dark tangles of er hair as it falls on her shoulders. Leon thinks for a moment that she must thinking he's weak. He waits for her answer in a pitiful silence and wonders weather she heard him or not.
  8. Araby looks at the boy, she takes in his nervousness, his skiddish appearance. She saw some of herself in him... From a long time ago.
    "Yeah, sure. I'll take you. We are going the same way."
    She holds out a rough, calloused, scared hand. She looks into his eyes and tries to be welcoming.
    "I'm Araby, welcome to New Vroengard."
    As a posed to when she spoke to the captain, this time she says it with sincerity and without gandure.
  9. Leon swallows back the anxiety that forms in the middle of his throat and takes her hand. Rough against his own hands, free of working in the field. He licks his lips and tastes the faint tang of bread and rubbery fish and smiles at her shyly. He lets go of her hand after a moment of awkward shaking and puts on his best 'I can do this' face and hopes it looks as hopeful as he thinks. He turns his head slightly to the left and glances at the mist the surrounds them. It's like a blanket, he notes with apprehension, that covers them like the night. He tries to see farther, but can't see anything except the gray-white shroud around them.

    He takes a step back to let her lead the way and nods his way to let her know that he's ready. "I'm Leon by the way and thank you for the welcome....I hope I get to stay."