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  1. So I just recently began to do something called "Ingress" I'm wondering if anyone else plays and is as addicted as I'm becoming!
  2. What is Ingress?
  3. It came with my phone. I joined enlightened. Haven't touched it since I got the game. Ain't nobody got time to walk to a random place, pull out their phone, and waste data and battery on trying to "capture" places.

    Don't get me wrong, it's a cool idea, but it isn't that good.
  4. An incentive to walk around your city.

    I did it for a few weeks when busy around town. Mostly just crossing the street at work to recapture a node that was this old church.

    Turns out this 80 year old woman in a scooter was the one who kept taking it back. She was super mad it was me with my working legs that had been setting her back all the time.
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  5. ;A;

    It's a game that requires you to leave the house!?

  6. Waiting for it to come out on iPhone :p
  7. I didn't think your usernames could get any worse, but here we are.
  8. @Windsong thanks, I'll fix that whenever I have the time
  9. And you are? o.O
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