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    Who I Am
    If you found me, welcome! I need to tell you a few things before you start reading my plot list.
    • English is not my mother tongue and I roleplay to hone my writing skills
    • I'm over thirty.
    • Although I'm a Female I prefer to play Male Character's.
    • My squick list is on my profile.
    • Although I can RP sex-scenes, not what I'm looking for at the moment.
    • I'm a newbie here but I've been RPing in spanish for years.
    • I'll be adding Plots so come back often!

    The Threshold.
    • Characters: Hiperion The High One, Titan of of Watchfulness, Wisdom and the Light. Demigod/ess of Hecate (can be male or female). I can play anyone.
    • Setting: Percy Jackson books inspired. Modern greek mythology.
    • Plot: The Titan Chronos asks his older brother Hyperion to hunt and bring down a Demigod of Hekate, who's been tasked as a vessel for Propilaya, or the Threshold, the power that enables the goddess of sorcery to open portals from one place to other. The Titans need Propilaya to infiltrate Olimpus.
    • Goal: Hyperion is one of the most obscure Titans, he didn't take part in the Titanomachy, in my headcanon he is a bit of a rebel, cold, distant, and he second guesses Chronos constantly. The idea is that he is not going to hand Propilaya to the Titans, he will grow a protective streak over the weak human and he will protect the human when the Olimpians start hunting the demigod too. This is not a romance, it’s a Protective Uncle -Nephew/Niece idea.

    The Court
    • Characters: A Crane Samurai and a Phoenix Shugenja. Both male.
    • Setting: Legend of the Five Rings. Just before the Scorpion Clan Coup.
    • Plott: In the Court of the Hantei Emperor a young Isawa shugenja arrives to the Capital to serve in the entourage of the Phoenix ambassador. He has lived a very secluded life and the big city and the court are overwelming to him. Doji Samurai is a master of the court, he is a renowed duelist and son of the Crane ambassador. He is bored with court life and as the Winter Court aproaches he just wants to get out of the Capital for a time.
    • Goal: Two months still left to the Winter Court at Kyuden Doji, the Court is abuzz with gossip and preparations, the most beloved family of the Crane is raising expectations to the roof. Isawa and Doji have to meet in the capital before that, the first impression would be bad, a too experienced courtier against a wide eyed shugenja. They’ll find each other at every turn in Otosan Uchi, and as a favor to the Phoenix, Doji will be tasked with the guidance of Isawa during the Winter Court. My idea is that o a janeausten-esque romance, full of misunderstandings and aparently unrequited love. We can throw in a Scorpion Courtier’s daughter who is convinced that Doji will marry her to create more conflict.

    • Characters: Jaeger pilots.
    • Setting: Pacific Rim AU. (The breach in the Pacific got closed but another one opened in the Atlantic years after and the Jaeger Program was brought back).
    • Plott: Pilot A is a little young thing with drift compatibility problems, they sey Pilot A is to headstrong and individualistic but Pilot A’s skills are too good to do wasted. Pilot B is The Veteran. Been retired for some years and is called back to train Pilot A
    • Goal: Just some asskicking with monsters and some apocalipse thrown in. Romance if they click that way, not mandatory.

    • Characters: Nobility form Planet X and Sister/Brother of a Mystic School.
    • Setting: Loosely based on Dune and the Bene Gesserit. This will requiere someone with the will to worldbuild with me!
    • Plott: The Mystic is sent to Planet X with a sole purpose, seduce The Noble and bring him/her to do the Mystic’s Schools will. Planet X is a rich paradise with sprawling oceans and cities built just in the surface of the sea. The Mystic is from a poor desertic planet and will get lost in the beauty and luxury of Planet X and the Seductor will be transformed in the Seducted. A plot against the Noble will break this exotic bubble when the Mystics School learns about the treason commited.
    • Goal: Scape through a galaxy worth of planets, some survival, some love/hate, some revenge...
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