Information For Sale [modern day] [Paragraphs]

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  1. Hinata sat on the edge of a building looking down in to an ally. Her purple hair tied back. She wore a a black tank top that fit perfectly on her body, black shorts and black boots. A strap with a gun (pistol) holder on was on her right thigh. Currently the pistol was in her right hand. It was evening and warm. The sun starting to set and the perfect time to attack. A gang was bellow her. A group of men with weapons of all sort. She had followed them listening in on their planning. The plan was to sneak in to a rich mans house and get what he owed them. She didn't care who this man was, but she was curious what he owed them. Not once had they said a name or address. They were useless to her, so so she decided she might as well kill them for a civilians sake. Her eyes looking straight down she got the perfect chance to make her move. She lifted her self till she had one foot on the edge and one ready to push off the wall so she could quickly go down to do her business. She pushed hard off the wall and went flying down. As she came down she kicked one in the head and flipped backwards just to land on her feet. She killed two men per second. Soon it was just dead corps and blood every where. She dug through each ones pockets finding cash. She got to one that had a folded piece of paper. She opened it to find an address. Could it be the man who owed them something? She folded it back and put it back in her own pocket. Looking carefully around she examined the ally to make sure there was no one else.