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  1. The Character Portrait Studio is a resource by Iwaku's artists for Iwaku's roleplayers. Many roleplayers do not have the ability to draw their own character, and finding the perfect picture can be a huge pain. With our Studio, we aim to provide players a chance at awesome custom artwork while also supporting our artist community through paid commissions and practice freebies.

    For other kinds of commissions, visit the Media Shops & Requests forum.

    1. Respect the artists. They are putting their time and skill into giving you a service. Make sure to read their commission requirements/rules, treat them kindly, and be patient. Even when you are paying for a commission, it's important to remember that these are people who have to divide their time between real life obligations such as school or work and Iwaku. Members who abuse or harass artists/shop owners may be blacklisted or reported to Security Staff.

    2. Honor your commitments. If you accept a commission or request, finish. Try to give your clients regular updates if the job is taking longer than expected. If you can't finish on time or it's more than you can handle, tell your client.

    Iwaku is not responsible for transactions between members. However, we will take complaints seriously. Give refunds if you have accepted money and will not be doing the work. Artists that abuse client trust for paid commissions will have their shop archived and potentially face suspension or a ban. Likewise, members who stiff the shop owners for a commission and do not pay may be banned from the Media Shop forum or face other penalization.

    Users are encouraged to research safe payment practices before sending any money.

    3. Lurking and inactive members will have their shops closed and archived. These members can be identified by their grey or dark grey names. We want to make sure players are making requests to artists that are HERE and available to do commissions. You can always request your shop be moved back (using the Thread Moderation Request form), or create a new thread.

    4. Request threads are archived after one month without new posts. If your request has not been filled, you can always use the Thread Moderation Request form to have it moved back, or create a new thread.

    Members can set up their art shops in any way they please. We do have a few suggestions to make sure you have enough information in your shops, though:

    - Provide plenty of example images in your chosen medium(s) and style(s). This gives people a good scope of what you can do.

    - Explain which medium(s) and style(s) you prefer to do your art in. This keeps people from requesting digital anime art when you prefer traditional ink sketches in the style of Gustave Doré.

    - Have a clear price/estimate list for paid commissions. Don't forget to explain how you take payments (Paypal, Google Wallet, Patreon, etc.). Some people may not be able to send you money through your preferred service!

    - If you have a project that is taking longer than a few days, send progress updates/images to your clients. That way they don't think you've forgotten or skipped out.

    - If you have any special rules about how your art may be used or shared, or anything you refuse to draw, make sure to include that information. It keeps people from unknowingly crossing a line!

    It's not required, but we do encourage that shop owners look through posted requests to see if there are any still unfulfilled which might follow under your skill-set.

    Reminder that posting new samples or finished requests and other thread updates keeps your thread active and more appealing to potential clients.

    We recommend you browse through the available shops to see if any catch your eye before making a request thread. There are many talented people on Iwaku who offer their services.

    There are two ways to request a portrait: request directly from an artist by visiting their shop, or post a request thread and let the artists come to you.

    When requesting art directly from an artist, make sure to read their rules. Don't contact them about things they won't do; it's impolite. If they have a form to fill out, use it.

    When posting a request thread, give as much detail as possible about your request. Providing example images often helps. It is also a good idea to post a bio or description of your character's personality. You'd be surprised what details can be helpful!

    Be patient. It may take time for someone to notice your request. Bumping with no-content posts is not allowed, but you can always post a reminder that you are still looking to keep your thread from being archived.

    We allow commissions and requests for "Not Safe For Work" art. However, all images posted on the forum MUST comply with our NSFW image policies.

    You may not publicly advertise or request art that our NSFW policies actually prohibit from being posted on the site (images we consider pornographic). If you offer commissions on another website for pornographic art, you may link the site and direct clients there.

    It is illegal to distribute pornographic images to a minor. Anyone found doing this will be banned with extreme prejudice.

    Thread prefixes are colorful tags displayed at the beginning of a thread title. They can be chosen when creating a thread and more than one can be applied. These prefixes show what a thread is for. You can also click on them from the thread listing to display all the threads with that prefix within that forum. Each section has its own prefixes, so make sure to check the info sticky to make sure you're picking the right prefixes and to learn what they mean!

    FILLED REQUEST - Indicates that a request or commission has been completed and the thread owner no longer needs help.

    FULL - This shop is full up! Don't ask for a commission.

    OPEN - This shop is currently accepting commissions.

    ART TRADE - This shop gives you art in return for reciprocated art!

    FREE COMMISSIONS - This shop does commissions for absolutely free.

    PAID COMMISSIONS - This shop asks for money in exchange for commissions.

    PORTRAIT REQUEST - Use this prefix on a thread where you ask for art.
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