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  1. The Character Portrait Studio is here to offer another great resource for Iwaku's Roleplayers. Many roleplayers do not have the ability to create their own character and finding the perfect picture is often met with roadblocks. With our Studio, we hope to provide players the chance to get awesome custom artwork, while also helping to support Iwaku's artists through practice commissions and paid commissions.


    1. Respect the Artists. They are giving you their time and skill. Make sure to read their commission requirements/rules, treat them kindly, and to have patience. Even when you are paying for a commission, you must remember these artists have to divide their time between school, work, and Iwaku. Members that abuse or harass artists may be blacklisted.

    2. Honor your commitment to commissions. If you accept a commission, finish your commission. Try to give your clients regular updates if your commission is taking longer than expected. If you can't do or finish a commission, tell your client. If you accepted money, it is polite to give refunds. If an artist that does paid commissions abuses client trust, their shop will be archived.

    3. Lurking and Inactive members will have their shops closed and archived. This means members whose names have turned grey or dark grey. We want to make sure players are making requests to artists that are HERE and available to do commissions. You can always request your shop to be moved back or create a new thread.

    * Note, Iwaku is not responsible for transactions between members. However, we will take complaints seriously. Please do not abuse our trust!

    SETTING UP SHOP Members can set up their art shops in any way they please. We have a few suggestions to make sure you have enough information in your shops:

    Provide plenty of example pictures in your chosen mediums and styles.

    Explain which mediums you prefer to do your art in.

    For paid commissions, have a clear price or estimated price list for items. Don't forget to explain HOW you take payments.

    We highly recommend giving progress examples of art to keep clients up to date on your progress if you have a project that is taking longer than a few days.

    Don't forget to add any special rules you have about your art and how it may be used.

    MAKING ART REQUESTS You can request portraits in two ways. Request directly from an artist by visiting their shop OR post a request thread and let artists come to you.

    When requesting art directly from an artist, make sure to read their rules of requests.

    When posting a request thread, give as much detail as possible about your request. Providing picture examples often helps, and it is also good to post a bio or personality description of your character.
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