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  1. Got a taste for Dungeons & Dragons, Rpg, and even Mystery!? Then this is the rp for you. Join
    the mysterious Mors Confossum Academy!
    A school dedicated to making sure you never leave their premises without a proper education.

    Experience an adventure that could possibly lead you toward solving mysterious, rumors, and learning the hidden back-story on the school itself, not to mention fight off monsters that randomly lurk the halls. I promise, you'll leave this academy well prepared to take on the world!

    Or never at all..

    "Death Riddled Academy"


    Mors Confossum Academy for the potentially gifted &/ or wealthy. A dormitory-only school that houses and supports students in high school through college, hand picked or granted access by those who sought to join the seemingly marvelous school by paying a tuition.

    Said prestigious-school has actually sent you a hand-written message.. The school has sent you a letter to attend. You must be quite special. Though the envelope and letter are a bit peculiar. The envelope is a dingy dark color with a pulsing aura emitting from it, but apparently that's only visible through your eyes alone.

    The crest confining the letter inside is slightly heavy. You figure it would be considering it was a small metallic skull keeping it sealed.

    After opening the envelope, a glimpse of an amethyst color meets your eyes. It's the letter inside, and the unusual message is typed in black ink. Clearly this was written in pen considering the properties of the cursive writing.

    It reads as following:

    (Greetings & salutations, Your name here.

    We send you this letter in hopes you will consider signing up for our wondrous academy. Determined by your grades, history, and physiological state; we have determined you are more than qualified to become a cherished and flourishing student of the Mors Confossum Academy! The brochure we have sent within the envelope provides our list of classes, activities, and info on the bus schedule. We have already prepared a room to accommodate your needs, however you will be sharing it with a few others.
    Our rooms are unisex, but do not be alarmed. Just like you, these students were also evaluated and have shown to be in an ideal & proper state of mind.

    We sincerely hope you will take up our invitation and joining the academy!

    Signed Princible C. Mors.)


    Sounds promising, right?

    Oddly enough.. The school just seemingly appeared out of thin air, and what's more it's within an isolated area far off from any city or town.

    Something's peculiar going on here.. Especially when the name of the academy has Death literally written over it.

    You might wanna' make some friends here.. After all, finding yourself alone in these halls isn't exactly healthy. Beasts appear roaming the hallways when someone breaks a rule, and they show no mercy to the convicted. Night or day, minor or major , doesn't matter. They'll come for you.

    Slots taken up: 5 of 6

    More info here:
    If you care to sign-up at all, then please provide the info for the listings below.


    Full Name:







    Eye & hair color:





    Your reason for joining the academy:

    Which do you value more, health, spirit, or
    being light on your feet?:

    [exp below]


    Full Name: Seto Narukami Souji

    D.O.B: ??/??/???? (Month & day only)

    Age: 17

    Grade: 3rd Year high school

    Sex: Male

    Height: 5'10

    Weight: 168

    Eye & Hair color: Gray/Steel

    Nationality: Japanese

    Ethnicity: Japanese

    History: An unusual transfer student who was sent to Inaba to stay with his uncle Dojima for a short period of time, with a knack for kendo and running into odd situations, there's hardly a normal day for the young swordsman. Along side his peers and close friends, Seto juggled high-school and leading a rescue team to save individuals who were thrown into an isolated place known as the "T.v world", a place where dark secrets of every person in the world resides. The altered beings that the secrets manifest into within this world are identified as shadows. Using his training in kendo, his wits, and improvised martial-arts, Seto fought his way to achieve his goals. Whether it was through fighting shadows, or proving his mettle to another.
    Within his social life at school no one outside his investigation team knew about what he did often after school hours.

    Personality: Seto is an extremely level-headed male with prospective on the world that many would be heavily skeptical of. Seto is a guy who's constantly self-aware, thus he tends to hold back his actual thoughts; believing many of those he converses with do NOT possess the proper level of maturity or open-mindedness to handle an alternative opinion.
    He's more than fairly caring, but can seem utterly cold at times. To put it simply, he's what it truly means to live within a gray world.

    Reason for joining the academy: "It was sort of a moment of opportunity. As always, my parents had to go over seas for work for a long period of time. I felt as though I had took advantage of my uncle's hospitality more than enough, so attending the academy just seemed inevitable."

    Valued attribute: Being light on my feet.

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  2. [​IMG]

    Full Name: Aelis T. Glast

    Age: 16

    D.O.B: 05/05

    Grade: Junior (3rd Year) in High School

    Sex: Female

    Height: 5'4"

    Weight: 125lbs

    Eye & hair color: Magenta/Black

    Nationality: American

    Ethnicity: American/Mix

    History: Always on the move, from one place to the next, Aelis got used to constantly switching schools and making new friends. And saying goodbye to old ones... Even if it did bother her, it couldn't be helped. Her parents' job constantly moved their family. She looked at the bright side of it all... But within, wondered what it would be like if she stayed in one place, a place to call home, and have friends she didn't have to say goodbye to...

    Meeting so many new people all the time, and running into all sorts of different lifestyles, Aelis grew fascinated. She focused on studying people. Encouraged and guided by her (now former) teacher, she pursued knowledge of the human brain and psyche, and especially human psychology. She may not be an expert, but is truly enthralled by the subject, not only studying it, but attempting to both observe and implement it in her daily life.

    Personality: Quirky, open, Aelis speaks her mind. Ideally, with tact. Flexible for the sake of practicality, stubbornly willful in terms of morality and loyalty, for the most part, with Aelis, what you get is what you see. She's used to moving around time and time again, so she's adapted getting to know people at a much faster rate. Why hide or act coy when you're gonna pick up and leave soon anyway? Besides, Aelis has found most people are reasonable and rather fantastic. Though she might have a more rose-colored view of the world than most.

    Your reason for joining the academy: "Who could say no to anything on purple paper? Haha, I kid, I know that my moving around has benefitted me in many ways, but not academically. I think boarding at Mors Academy is the right next step for me."

    Valued Attribute: Spirit
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  3. Aeden Michael Tyrell, #ff6600


    Full Name: Aeden Michael Tyrell

    Age: 18

    D.O.B: 7/23/97

    Grade: Senior

    Sex: Male

    Height: 6'3"

    Weight: 190 lbs.

    Eye Color: Sapphire Blue

    Hair Color: Black

    Nationality: German

    Ethnicity: Caucasian


    Personality: Aeden is quite sarcastic, and even when things look the worst--he always manages to push out a smart-mouthed remark. He is also very confident and brave, more than willing to fight against anything for whatever he believes in. And he absolutely loves fighting. Though he has the brains of a calculator, his laid back nature proves to be seemingly...lazy. However, throw him into a fight and he becomes quite energetic. He's impulsive sometimes, and at others simply impatient. This tends to get him into trouble, something he has a knack for. But these things aside, he's witty, clever and dependable. He'll never give up on someone even if they give up on them selves, and his confidence is encouraging--invoking a 'can do' attitude to those he's around.

    Your reason for joining the academy: "Dingy dark colored envelope complete with weird pulsations which only I can see? Check. Purple paper with ominous black script held together by a metal skull? Check. Strange school that appears from no where? Check. This is totally a trap. How fun."

    Which do you value more?: Health

    [exp below]

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  4. Appearance: [​IMG]
    Full Name: Hinari Wolfking

    Age: 19

    D.O.B: 01/06

    Grade: Senior

    Sex: female

    Height: 131 lbs

    Weight: 5'5''

    Eye & hair color: Red/Red

    Nationality: Germany

    Ethnicity: Germany

    History: Hinari never had a normal family. Her mother died at her birthday, and her father she never met, so she was in an orphanage which also had an boarding school, until she was 14. With 14 she got adopted and moved to a other school. She was always interrested in Mysterious things and buildings, also she was interrested in magic, and readed a lot of books about it.

    Personality: Hinari is always happy, or at least it seems like, know one knows how she feels inside. She is also abit shy when she talks with boys or men, but this changes quickly sometimes. She tries to become with the most people she talk, friends.

    Your reason for joining the academy: "Mysterious envelope means mysterious school, I'm in!"

    Which do you value more: Spirit
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  13. James Wolff (open)



    Full Name: James Wolff

    Age: 19

    D.O.B: Sept. 29

    Grade: College Freshman

    Sex: Male

    Height: 5'10"

    Weight: 165lbs

    Eye & hair color: See Appearance

    Nationality: American

    Ethnicity: English/Prussian

    History: James' heritage is rich with history. His ancestors consisted of various minor nobles of Germany and England with the most notable one being Manfred von Richthofen, the Red Baron. Due to his heritage, James was raised in a very traditional manner that emphasized his duties to maintain the honor of the Wolff family. Thus, his speech and actions are proper and James carries himself with pride and honor. That said, before coming to the academy, James was constantly monitored by his family as he was home tutored in his family's estate.

    Personality: James appears to be an unwelcoming person at first. He offers no warmth when first meeting people, rather he maintains his formality and doesn't betray his true thoughts. That said, his true thoughts are largely critical. He is always observing; analyzing whatever it is that has his attention. Thus, he doesn't trust people easily. However, the very few who manage to gain his trust will find one of the most timid, soft-spoken, and friendly people that that they will ever meet.

    Your reason for joining the academy:
    It would be folly for a man of the Wolff family to give up a chance to attend the prestigious academy.

    Which do you value more, health, spirit, or
    being light on your feet?: Spirit

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  17. Char sheet up within a few hours when im less busy
  18. Appearance: [​IMG]

    Full Name: Cedric Anthony Robillard

    Age: 15

    D.O.B: 07/15

    Grade: Freshman

    Sex: Male

    Height: 5'9

    Weight[​IMG]: 145 pounds

    Eye & hair color: Light brown and black

    Nationality: Japanese

    Ethnicity: Japanese

    History: Cedric was never one to ask for help. Born to parents he never knew he was left on the door of the orphanage without a note and without a word. As he grew he had a distinctive attitude that made itself apparent very quickly. The boy was brilliant and even when he was young he excelled in school and in sports. He shot ahead of his classmates scoring higher on exams and in physical exams. He also took part is several sports and martial arts, even creating his own style of fighting by blending several styles of martial arts together. However his exceptional attitude set him apart and he never had any friends. Yet he didnt seem to care. he would practice something till one could say it may even be the level of mastery and then switch and learn something else. Even after he left the orphanage he never stayed in one thing for long, never seeming to care about anything. Whenever he was asked for a reason he simply stated. "I was bored with it." He never gave more reason then that despite skepticism from both peers and adults and never bothered to interact with anyone so no one knew what he was thinking. When he got the invite for the school he had just finished yet another complicated task and decided to take this school as his next one.

    Personality: Many who didnt know him very well would say Cedric's attitude was always disinterested or looking down on them. But after observing for awhile would quickly revel that he was disinterested, he just simply felt nothing for it good or ill. No one ever saw him smile, laugh, cry or expression change from the blank face he always wore. He rarely speaks unless spoken too but when he does it was usually to point something out or make a point in the same blank tone as always so no one ever knew if he was angry or condescending. He is a master strategist, having mastered chess, risk, and other such games since he was young before moving on to more important tactical maneuvers and harder tests which he mastered with ruthless efficiency. But he rarely presents his knowledge and skills whether physical and mental. For most he is impossible to understand and it would take a truly clever and observant mind to get threw his thick skin.

    Your reason for joining the academy: He was bored

    Which do you value more, health, spirit, or
    being light on your feet?: Light on your feet
  19. Appearance
    Under strong daylight, his hair appears as a dull shade of blonde.

    At night, he's your average nerdy-looking brunette with forest green eyes.

    Full Name
    Jedidiah A. Kristoff

    Date of Birth
    14th February, 1997 (18)

    3rd year Seniority


    6 feet, on the dot. (183 centimetres!)

    128 pounds; 58 kilograms.



    His last name was adopted after the pastor, who was Hebrew,
    while his first name was christened by him,
    although Jedidiah never really was a follower of Roman Catholic, the religion.​

    Raised in the Saint Michaels church by the pastor in the quieter side of Hokkaido,
    who often told him
    that he was "from another planet" when others accused Jedidiah of being a demon child,
    Jedidiah was an orphan who grew up unconventionally,
    thanks to his encouraging and "alternate-minded" surrogate father.

    This myth stemmed from housewife complaints that the boy spoke to himself on an infrequent basis.
    The fact that he looked different from the locals spurred this gossip further,
    until it marred the boy's otherwise uneventful childhood.

    In fact, he himself suspects that he suffers from a Multiple Personality Disorder,
    although he strongly hopes his self-diagnosis false.

    Because he was given a different upbringing compared to other children,
    he didn't get along particularly well with anyone from his previous schools.
    (Yes, he switched, a lot, much to his father's dismay.)

    To earn his keep after he turned twelve, Jedidiah worked various part-times,
    consequently collecting some of the strangest habits and skills.

    He seems to take the good-natured jest of his father seriously,
    and desperately believes he may be an alien after all,
    which would explain why he feels so out of place all the time.

    Aside from being acutely sensitive of others' attitude around him,
    cheerful almost to a point of pathetic,
    an adventure junkie who makes inane references to science-fiction crap,
    and a huge glutton for beancurd products,
    Jedidiah has a generally easy-to-talk-to-if-you-excuse-his-quirks aura around him.

    His "other self" is calculative and much more tactical-minded than his high-EQ self would ever be.
    He's also pretty damn sarcastic if not witty.
    This other self may sometimes intrude his regular train of process,
    injecting suspicions and commentaries on the side,
    on occasions leading to debates responsible for making others see Jedidiah as a loonbin.
    Interestingly, this persona has a knack for reading up on medicine and, strangely enough, Death Note.

    Reason of Enrolment
    "My alien senses are tingling - this could be a lead!"

    (We are diving nose first into dangerous waters.)

    "I think I can swim if I try hard enough!"

    (I am ill-fated to be in your body.)

    Most Valued
    Health / Spirit / Agility
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