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  1. Ishimaru, was walking into his class room with his bag being held behind over his shoulder. He pulled down his golf like hat and smiled. He looked around and saw all of the nice and cute young girls, and him being the only guy did make him happy. "Good morning ladies." He said smiling taking his seat in front of the classroom.

    "Ok everyone we have a new transfer student coming in today." Our homeroom teacher said opening the door letting the new transfer in if the transfer was actually there.

    Ishimaru did not care who this new person was he just new it would add to his metal harem.
  2. Suukiori walked in not having received her school uniform yet so she was still in her everyday white kimono. She didn't make any expressions just held her bag in front of her and walked up to next to the teacher. She had a sword strapped to her waist that was sheathed in a black scabbard. Lightly bowing she sets the bag on the floor and turns to the teacher who nods at her. Turning back to the class she smiles a little, "Hello everyone my name is Suukiori Miname. It is a pleasure to meet you." Her voice was soft and meaningful but the rest of the class just stared in awe at her.
  3. Ishimaru was sitting looking at her, smirking he liked the way she looked, Because of how beautiful he thought she was he arose from his seat and grabbed her hand and kissed it, bowing his head before her. "My Lady, I am Ishimaru but you can all my Ishki." He said looking p at her expecting a embarrassed and or flustered facial expression.
  4. She felt her hand randomly be grabbed by someone. Looking down at him her face doesn't change, "It's a pleasure Ishimaru." she gently pulled her hand away from him and grabbed her bag. Looking at the teacher she asks, "Where do you want me to sit sensei?"
  5. He walked back to his seat and sat down.

    "Since Ishimaru is so found of you why dont we put you far away from him so he doesn't get to distracted in class." She said pointing the the front row seat three seats away from Ishimaru.

    Ishimaru then glared at the sensei but ignored it because she was probably saying the truth as he leaned back and sighed.
  6. She nodded and walked over to her seat quite gracefully and sat down setting her bag next to her desk. Placing her hands on the desk she looks at the teacher waiting for her to continue with class. As the class wore on she started to look outside the window only half listening because she already knew what they were talking about. Her silver hair glowed a little in the sunlight and she waited for the bell to ring telling her it was lunch time.
  7. When the bell finally rang、it seemed like everyone was flocking to her seat. He chuckled a bit. "i wish ya luck new girl with getting your lunch with that kind of crowd." I yelled over the crowd of people who kept talking and talking and asking the strangest of questions to her. "Whats your breast size?" "Whats your favorite food?" "Do you have a boyfriend?" "are you gay, straight or bi?" "do you have a personal IS?" The questions just kept coming and coming towards her.
  8. She didn't answer any of the questions instead she put up a hand for silence and bent down to reach into her bag. Sitting back up she had a white box with black flower designs. Opening it revealed her lunch of omelette, rice, sausage, and sushi rolls. Grabbing her black chopsticks she expertly grabs a sushi roll and holds it up, "This is my favorite food." her silky voice came out quiet but was loud enough for everyone to hear. Eating it real quick she answered the rest of the questions, "My bra size is a 32D. I am still single. I am actually bisexual, and I have a personal IS."
  9. Before he ever left the room, he heard her answers, 32D and single. 'Yaoza!' He thought to himself. He quickly made a u-turn back towards her acting like he forgot something. "Ah... There it is... Oh hey im sorry for over hearing, but did you say you had a 'personal' IS?" He asked her trying to find common ground to start a good foundation before he would ask her out. He wasn't wanting to come off as a playboy or desperate anything but that.
  10. She looked at him her face still void of emotion, "Yes I have one. Why?" she looked him up and down thinking that he probably had one as well. It was the only sensible reason why he would ask. She didn't like where this was going. A guy. No the only guy who could pilot the IS was talking to her. She wasn't that special was she?
  11. He smirked happily, now just got to take it slow h thought to himself. "I haven't fought a new personal IS in awhile how about a training match in gym we can show they how real pilots fight?" I asked trying to see if she would take the bait.
  12. "If that is what you want. Then I will join you in a match." she took a bite of her omelette then closed her lunch box, "When will it be?" she was unsure of this man but he seemed friendly enough.
  13. "It will have to be during the, PE, period since that's when we can use the training fields." He said, Tilting his hat down. "Ill make sure not to bruise you to much." He said before walking off back to his seat, the 15 minute warning bell just rang which means hurry up and finish and get back to your classrooms.
  14. Suukiori just scoffed quietly still no emotion on her face as she sat back down and waited for the teacher to reenter the room. Putting her lunchbox away she crossed her hands on the desk and waited patiently. As far as anyone could tell she was incapable of emotion however she just preferred to not show it. Emotions had gotten her nowhere so she hid them.
  15. He watched as the teacher entered the room. The teacher put down hr books and slammed her hands onto the desk. "Listen up maggots, i want to see everyone outside in the training course ASAP!" She yelled giving a stern look towards everyone scaring everyone out of there seats except for me and possibly the new girl. "Sorry teacher but you got to try better next time." I looked at her as her face turned kind and saddened. "Man, your so MEAN!!" She said walking out towards the training arena. "Come on its time."
  16. Suukiori just sat there her face betraying nothing as she calmly stood up and nodded, "Sensei...What are we going to do?" her voice was stable not wavering and sounding just the same way it had last time she spoke. Calm and collected with the hints of a larger understanding than she let on.
  17. "Come on she can explain it to us when we get down to the training area." He said looking at her and walking out to the door, going slow enough so she could follow him to the place.

    Outside, with in the Training arena, He had his Piloting suit on, still having his hat one with a small white glove on his left hand. "Ok class we will be having a mach battle between our two IS pilots of personal IS units." The teacher stated, with a more sweeter tone of voice.
  18. She shook her head and just followed down to the dressing room and she slid on her piloting suit before she walked out onto the field.

    Once there she listened and nodded in agreement, "If that is what you want." her suit was white with red trim and on her wrist was a small white chain link bracelet that had been hidden by her original kimono. She walked out towards the center a little and waited for the teacher's signal to activate her IS.
  19. the teacher gave them the signal, His Glove disappeared as his personal IS was then active. His personal is was Pure silver with a green trim, He had two main graviton emitters on the back of each side with one small balance balance wing on each side. He also held two Rail machine guns at his back. His main weapon is a large two handed spear lance, with a large sword blade. His hat turned into a metallic helmet over his face.
  20. She closed her eyes as her bracelet glowed and disappeared encasing her entire body in a dark silver armor. Across her helmet a green visor could be seen as the minimal wings appeared and in her hands were a large shield and sword. Secretly hidden in the shields were to automatic pistols that fired heated plasma. Under each minimal effect wing were high powered graviton emitters that allowed her to hover at the moment. Inside the suit she opened her eyes as her HUD activated and she immediately ran a scan on his IS to know all she could. She smiled inside the helmet where it couldn't be seen because she knew this model had never even been debuted. It was her own personal one with no other one like it.
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