WRITING Infinitely Nothing

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  1. Was listening to some ambient music. This came to mind. Here's said ambient music as well.

    What was it there, upon the edge of an event horizon, that I'd thought? Oh. It was splendid if I do say so myself. The universe seemed omnipresent, as though all stars of time and space united. I saw an outburst of color, stream upon infinity; caught on some distant wind. Wind. Ha! Would my mind use the construct of wind, romanticized with the madness of infinite space!? I could not see somehow. Time, bending in ways I thought visible, lest my eyes be tricked by something far deeper than the cosmos ever intended for mere life to gaze upon. Trickery. No, what was it? My thoughts seemed muddled here.

    Was it the cold of space around my craft which taunted me? Solitude in knowing all is foreign now? I felt smaller than I really was, even in the gaping eye of infinity, a daunting behemoth before my mind. I felt trapped, yet with every direction of a forth dimension at my disposal, I felt like a fly caught in to mighty of a gale, hurricane winds lashing about while the eye kept a calm about it. Was it looking into me? Did I see myself looking back at me? No, I am not there, yet I see myself. The hull groaned, a warning of things to come.

    The hue of red caught my attention as my vision became clear, the compartment bathed in the deep foreboding red of the emergency lights. Was I still moving? I brought myself to look again, wondering what was out there. Was I already there? Had I passed through? The hull groaned again, a small flashing light began panicking on the dashboard. Green! Green! Green! It seemed to yell. I pushed my helmet back over my head and felt it seal into place. As my vision passed beneath the visor the scene changed.

    I saw worlds upon worlds flash before my eyes in great detail. I saw the cores of stars and the faces of what I would call Gods. I saw secrets upon secrets, indescribable riches of the mind so grand and awesome in their presence my heart seemed to stop for moments at a time. Was I dying? The great sense of deja-vu washed over my every pore and sweat soaked body. Skin clammy and hair on end, unblinking I stared into the beyond. The green light stopped flashing now and the sound of rushing water filled my ears. Euphoria. My heart raced faster than it ever had, I could feel my chest pumping air in fast breathes; hot humid air, the oxygen must have given out.

    It wouldn't stop. It kept coming. I felt my craft begin to tear away, massive cracks lashed into the hull and struck the viewfinder. Though my equipment to see the outside world was destroyed, I viewed it all in great detail no less. Flawless. I felt a warmth seep over my limbs, specks of red ice came into vision. They danced like a fine ballet, violently clashing with the smoothest of movements. Fluid like. The visor became dirtied, frozen dust particles accumulated on one side while the red ballet painted the other. Yet, there it was, the cosmos still racing. I'm still not sure how much timed has passed. I sometimes feel it has been but a fleeting moment, other times the fading clock confuses me. High on the dash blue digits slowly counted. Hundreds of years. Bah. Must be broken too...
  2. I am rather impressed by your writing, you write a lot D, when I see your writing it is full and has substance. This particular piece of writing might make me bias as I'm a Horror fanatic and it certain gives me the feeling that the story isn't over.

    "Time, bending in ways I thought visible" is a gorgeous use of words.

    If you could keep this up we should RP Horror together sometime.