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  1. The Interest Check is Here
    The IC is here. Do not post until approved!

    EDIT: This got a faster response than I expected. Stay tuned for more specific Character Sheet models to follow! Just be prepared to rank your character in a few key areas.

    Somewhere, and somewhen...

    "This is happening too often. Far too often." The woman said, adjusting her hairdo and sitting back in her chair. She was dressed in a very Victorian style, but her mannerisms were much more 'modern' than that era should allow.

    "I agree, Governess, but our resources are spread too thin. We've already borrowed the Pevensies and the Baudelaires as often as we've been able. I suppose we could speak to Headmaster McGonnagal once more, but it's highly unlikely that we'll be able to bring any from there except on an emergency basis." The respondent was, quite literally a mouse. Dressed in stereotypical clothes one would expect from a Victorian Era sleuth.

    "No. I expect not. We need to expand. My reach extends mainly to children, which is fine for what it is, but we need significantly more expansion than my powers reach, even with McFee's help. I expect I shall call on a certain friend of mine, one with a penchant for meddling across space and time, and ask his advice for such expansion." Mary replied, as she reached for her umbrella.

    "Are you quite sure you want to bother him? He's got so much on his plate already."

    "Nonsense, Basil, the man has nothing but time on his hands, and a Baker's dozen lifetimes on top of that. He'll guide me to what I need, then be off again. Besides, he still owes me a sit down and some tea."

    "As you wish, Governess..." The great mouse detective bowed and moved off into the mirror room.

    Some months later...

    The Multiversal Academy had been established. People from anywhere and anywhen were gathered. The best at various tasks being assigned as teachers, and the rest...

    Well the rest were pulled from every conceivable world, time and reality, from Neverland to Coruscant, from Camelot to Vulcan, and from worlds on the edge of belief itself. With one purpose.

    Save it all.
    {td}"Listen up. You are all here because whatever place you're from, you haven't got a lot of clue of what to do once you're on your own in the wilderness. The next two weeks are going to be Hell for you, but when you're done, you'll at least have enough of the basics down not to die out there if you happen to get dropped in the middle of the jungle. This is not a required class, but failing this one will probably land you a support job. And none of you want that, right?"{/td}
    The class was silent, except for some muttering.

    "RIGHT?!" Colonel Samuel Trautman barked out, to a chorus of "RIGHT!" from his class.

    "Go pack your things. We meet back here at 0500 hours. Just remember, whatever you're carrying in your pack, you're carrying it all day, every day, for the next two weeks. Overpack, and I guarantee you won't pass. Dis-MISSED!"

    This was one of many classes that the trainees of the Multiversal Active Response Squad (M.A.R.S) had available on their sprawling campus, secreted away in a tiny pocket universe the size of Rhode Island, balancing on a dimensional nexus, so that their teams could be dispatched, anywhere, anywhen, to make sure it all continued to exist.

    The only question was... would it be enough?

    The nuts and bolts:
    Your character should be capable enough to -
    Be the main protagonist of their own action-adventure movie,
    (genre notwithstanding)
    Your character should not be capable enough to -
    one-shot the main boss or be equivalent to a Weapon of Mass Destruction.
    For example: Leeloo from the Fifth Element, good to go
    Unicron from Transformers, GTFO
    Wolverine from X-Men, that's fine.
    Dark Phoenix from X-Men, what are you smoking?

    What's all this then? Is this a Dice RP?
    Nope, not exactly. But, to assure everyone is on the same power level, we're doing a bit of ranking.

    Your character has two sets of things they'll be rated in, Approaches and Classes taken.

    Approaches are your natural talent to approaching any situation. There are six of these: Careful, Clever, Flashy, Forceful, Quick and Sneaky.
    Among these six types, rate your character with the following:
    You get one rating of 3, two of 2, two of 1, and one of 0. Meaning you're absolutely best at one of the approaches, pretty darn good at two, mediocre at two and just plain not so great or don't usually even think about the last. This gives us GMs (and there are two of them, myself and @Ringmaster ), an idea of your strengths as a character.

    The other is the classes you'll be taking at the Multiversal Academy. This can play to your character's strengths, or to fill out a more well rounded skill set. It's up to you. You get six out of ten classes to enroll in, and rank them the same way. 3, 2, 2, 1, 1, 0.

    Of course since you're taking classes, this means your character will get better at the specific areas. This will be taken into account when you RP your character, both on and off of missions.

    If you have any questions post them below or PM @Michale CS or @Ringmaster

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  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Lucifer Matthias Anghelscu

    Rank: Cadet

    World Tech Level: Feudal/Normal Mana

    Standard Trait Scores

    • Careful (1)
    • Clever (2)
    • Flashy (0)
    • Forceful (1)
    • Quick (3)
    • Sneaky (2)

    Age: 21
    Height: 5'11

    Magic: Lucifer is a Damphir, bred from the blood of a particularly powerful vampire at that. He retains a thirst for blood, more powerful then a normal vampire ironically as it requires more energy to synchronize his human and vampiric heritage. In exchange, he has no weakness to sunlight, can transform into a bat swarm, has enhanced strength and speed and a narcotic bite that induces drug-like pleasure. In addition, he can see in the dark. All other powers are currently not available, as he's still coming to terms with it. He requires an invitation into personal dwellings in order to use his powers to the fullest.

    Prepared Spells: None.

    Equipment: A Mammoth-Ivory handle sword, from his homeworld. A superb swordsman, the sword is enchanted to never shatter nor lose its edge. Otherwise, it has no other qualities.

    Academy Classes Grades

    Firearm Training: N/A
    Hand-To-Hand: 3
    Espionage: 3
    Magic Theory: 1
    Survival Training: 2
    Vehicle and Animal: 2
    World Theory: 0
    Squad Training: N/A
    Diplomatic Relations: N/A
    Technology: N/A

    Bio and World Description

    World 2643d: A world currently stuck in the feudal era, with advances into cannon and flintlock technology. The undead mass in swarms against humanity and a war has devastated the landscape, till recently after MARS took a hand in things. Recruited from this world soon after, Lucifer seeks not only to learn more but also to ensure his world can be saved from itself....One way or another.

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  3. [xtable=skin1]
    Name: Benevolence "Bunny" Madigan

    World Tech Level: Steampunk/High Mana

    Physical Age: 24

    Race: Human, with Wonderland and Fae ancestry

    Hair Color: Brown

    Eye Color: Hazel

    Height: 5'7" Profession:Tinkerer, Adventuress

    • Careful (1)
    • Clever (3)
    • Flashy (2)
    • Forceful (2)
    • Quick (1)
    • Sneaky (0)
    Magic:She inherited a minor version of her grandmother Rapunzel's magical healing ability, but it works somewhat differently. Her hair grows to the same length each night, despite any efforts to make it shorter. To activate her hair's magical ability, she must freshly pull -not cut- hair from her head and press it to the person being healed. The more hair that is pulled, the stronger the healing. Her other ability comes from her grandfather's side. Every item she tinkers with mechanically, gets somehow imbued by the Wonderland, and becomes magical. The longer she tinkers and redesigns an item, the more magical it becomes.

    Prepared Spells: None, magic is object-driven (see above)
    Equipment:Mechanic's Kit (in her full garage), An automobile (that can, for brief moments, fly or roll across water), and an innumerable pile of trinkets and toys she's built over the years. And of course, her Hat. Unlike her grandfather's hat, hers is not offensive in nature, but has all sorts of analytical and sensory tools built into it, allowing her to 'see' the problem in most any mechanical device.{/td}
    {td=colspan:2}Classes Enrolled in and Level of Mastery:
    Firearm Training: √ 1
    Hand-To-Hand: Not Enrolled
    Espionage: Not Enrolled
    Magic Theory: √ 3
    Survival Training: √ 0
    Vehicle and Animal: √ 1
    World Theory: Not Enrolled
    Squad Training: √ 2
    Diplomatic Relations: Not Enrolled
    Technology: √ 2{/td}

    Bio: Bunny was recruited from her world when she accidentally created a portal from her world, one where fairy tales were all mostly true and steampunk feats such as giant ornithopters and mechanical exosuits were commonplace, to the pocket universe that the Academy resided in. This wouldn't be quite so impressive but for the fact that the universe was warded in every way known to those in charge of such warding knew to bar entrance. It's really a good thing that Bunny agreed to come willingly, because it's not terribly likely that they would have just let a person who could 'accidentally' break into a high-security reality sit around their shop and continue inventing. Not that MARS is malicious, but certain things, like the unassailable nature of the Academy is paramount to its function.
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  4. So, what are the limits?
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    • Want to Join my Collection?

      Name: Alice "Toy Maker" Cross
      Race: Relin (Human with the Power to infuse objects with Magical properties)
      Physical Age: 17
      Eye Color: Crimson
      Hair Color: Black
      Height: 5'3''
      Profession: Relicsmith and Mercenary
      World Tech: Magitek

      . This is where the bottom of the box is

      • Careful (3)
      • Clever (1)
      • Flashy (1)
      • Forceful (0)
      • Quick (2)
      • Sneaky (2)

      • Firearm Training: √ 0
      • Hand-To-Hand: Not Enrolled
      • Espionage: √ 1
      • Magic Theory: √ 2
      • Survival Training: √ 1
      • Vehicle and Animal: Not Enrolled
      • World Theory: Not Enrolled
      • Squad Training: Not Enrolled
      • Diplomatic Relations: √ 2
      • Technology: √ 3

    • Ever since Alice was little, she has been playing with puppets. It was something her father build her for her 1st birthday. She dressed up her little friends and put on plays for her parents and travelers. When she turned 5 her town was attacked by cultist. They burned down her home and the rest of the town. Unable to support Alice without a home, they sent her to a boarding school. The school frowned upon her puppets and plays and took them away from her. They promised to give them back but only if she excelled. Fighting hard to keep her only memory of her parents, she studied hard and became skilled in Relicsmith. After becoming the top in her class she demanded the school return her toys but instead they sent her off to become an apprentice for a Relic Doll Maker. She Protested and threaten to run away but it was too late. She was going to get sent off the next day and she was heavily watched until then.

      When the doll maker brought Alice home she tried to teach her his work. Alice would not listen saying the school cheated her. No matter what the woman said, Alice refused to help. Then the doll maker asked Alice what was bothering her. When Alice explained the doll maker left disappearing for 2 days. When she returned, she showed Alice the puppet. When Alice went to grab it, it started flying through the air. Alice looked at her, wondering what trick the woman was playing. The woman explained the true reason she picked Alice up from the school. She mentioned that she was a friend of Alice's parents. They were all soldiers of ROW together but they settled down early. Alice's parents went back to ROW to make more money but they were killed by cultist.

      Alice was extremely upset and vowed to get revenge. Master the art, she build her own puppets and went off the fight the cultist. With the help of the woman, the two easily wiped out church of them. There was now only two left and they were scared silly. They did not fight back like the others. The woman called them cowards and ordered Alice to handle them. Alice did so stabbing both in the heart with her puppets' sword. When they fell, their mask came off. It was revealed that the two where Alice's parents. The Woman chuckled saying they must have been hostages. That night Alice snapped. She grabbed her puppet that was a gift from her father and sneaked it into the Woman's room. Then Alice stabbed her in the heart. Something came out of the woman's body. It was a light of energy and it was trying to get out of the woman's body. Alice walked over to it and touched it. Then she felt a surge of energy flow through her and then it sapped into the puppet. The puppet crumbled and out fell a green Gem and a note. The note was faded and hard to read from age and blood but mentioned how the family was being targeted for this gem. Inside, it held the power to contain the essences of Aura. In short the soul’s men and women.

      Once the gem stopped glowing from capturing the woman's soul, a light shined into Alice’s head. Suddenly Alice felt the urge to build a life size doll. She did not know why or how she was doing it but when it was done. It looked just like the woman. The doll had two empty Relics inside. Alice held her over the first one and Aura flowed into it, creating the rune of life. Then the gem glowed, sending the soul into the other rune. The doll got up and bowed down to the girl. Then she heard her father’s voice. It apologized for hard the hardships she went through. It apologized for not being there. It apologized for not being strong enough to protect her. From then on, Alice decided to travel the lands and punish those who where evil like the woman and the immortals. Capturing their souls and sticking them into dolls.

      On the hunt for her first immortal, Alice finally tracked it down. The battle was long and hard but finally, Alice weakened it enough to grab its soul. One problem though. Before she could capture it, she was warped to this unknown place. It was outside of ROW for sure. The air was different and the land felt cold. There was Aura everywhere but it did not fill the air like it did back home. It was almost suffocating. Not to mention the immortal was going to get away. Before Alice could go berserk, she was tranquilized. When she woke up, everything was explained. MARS, the school, and the different dimensions. She did not believe it but after everything that happened, she accepted it, if only to get out of the restraints. Then she asked for her puppets and they returned them to her. She smiled.
      "I'm in."

    • An inhabited of New R.O.W.
      3 Nations created a utopia around the world. Everything was perfect. However perfection was not enough for civilization. With nothing else to improve on, they turned to fight and destroying the other nations. Each nation used their specializations to create their weapons. When the battle was over, all 3 nations fell. The world went into madness for thousands of years with new nations building up and falling down to achieve this mystical level of perfections their ancestors achieve. Finally the chaos became too much for any one man to work with another. The weak and those who could not fight banded together in hiding. Then one day. It all disappeared. All the chaos, all the disorder. The weak came out of hiding but the quiet would not last long. Eventually those who were weak became strong or bred strong children who where destine to repeat history.
      As the conflict rose and the tension between groups grew, gods appeared and brought peace to 3 continents. All the fighting ended, everyone stood together, and true peace was found. It was then that when the people learned how to live in peace that they disappeared and transferred their gifts, the gift of Aura. This marks Year 0 for New R.O.W. Or so they say.
      Years later the people developed their gifts and cultures and 3 nations stood once more. However each nation had many ideas on how to use their gifts. Though the disagreements, the nations all split up into different countries. However in each nation there was a group that sought out Immortality, all within 5 years of one another. Then that group used its powers against the other to rule. This was the Era of Unknown Heroes. All of history for this point was destroyed or hidden but the oldest books mention nothing of the immortals. Only that they existed and were never seen again.
      It was not until a girl became a host for Regina, "The Mother of Immortals." Though her brother fought hard stop her invasion, he was unable to put the immortal down and stop her influences from freeing the other immortals in the lands. Still the boy led the continent's champions to combat unstoppable force. Though they were able to prevent the losing their lands, Regina and her followers escaped to the other continents, the Land of Beast and the Land of Relics. His team traveled to both lands, adding champions to his army and effectively fought off the threat. For centuries, the Nations worked together and defeated the Immortal threat, eventually slaying Regina. Thus ends the Era of Awakening.
      Through centuries of peace, the world forgot the boy's name but his deeds would live forever. The one who combined the countries into the 3 separate nations and the 3 nation's universal fighting force, ROW. With the immortal threat gone, ROW has weakened to become an entity on its own which creates peace between the 3 nations. Little did ROW know, the influence of the immortals still existed in small pockets of the world. Slowly they have been building up followers. Then at on New Year’s Day, the Admiral of Row's Daughter disappeared. Cities around the world saw a face known to history all too well. The Mother of Immortal, Regina, has returned. Though nobody knows where her location is. These pocket cults are slowly revealing their self and spreading the Chaos of Regina.
      Fun facts about ROW
      Magic is called Aura which is life energy. In its purest form, it has healing and restorative properties. Once manipulated, even slightly, it loses those properties. All but one race can produce it. All races can manipulate it.
      Magitek of ROW
      Magitek are divided into 2 types Tech (Requires outside source of Aura) Relics (Infused with Aura) It is impossible to have something that exists can be classified as being both Relics and Tech though you can combine Relics and Tech to make things.
      The world has advance things like hoverboards and flying air ships but lack things like cars and electricity base devices such as Light bulbs and computers. Technology exists as a combination of the 2 types listed above. It is typically crafted with Relics as a power source or output, Tech used to manipulate energy and control the device or transfer it to mechanical energy.

    • Puppeteer. Give her some string and enjoy the show. Her skill in this ancient art can make a doll seem alive. This level of skill is without magic.

      She can produce dozens voices and over few dozen different personalities which she uses when playing with her toys.

      Combat Puppeteering: Can use her puppets to hold weaponry and fight. Some puppets even have built in weapons. Combat puppets have aura inside of them which gives her a greater level of control. She can also use these puppets to do aura base attacks.

      Can build puppets and dolls

      Capable of lower level tinkering, engineering.

      Excellent with Magitek and making it. Though in her world it she specializes in Relicsmithing

      Mediocre sword play.

      Weak hand to hand combat.

      Average with daggers thought.

      Living dolls:
      Activation-Makes the doll full size and capable of moving on their own.

      Link- Gives Alice the ability to control the dolls.

      Equip- Turns the doll into a piece of armor, weapon, or accessory (each doll is different) and grants the wearer enhanced abilities or aura attacks. The aura abilities and enhancements must still be activated through Link.

      Aura String- grants user the ability to move any inanimate object connected to the string. Can also do what normal string does. If the connection is severed, it will attempt to reconnect. Every extra string grants better control over the puppet.

      Infused- Allows Alice to transfer aura to anything she is touching or is connected to a string or Aura string.
      Some puppets can do simple Aura attacks like make fires or shoot out aura energy attacks.

      Soul Rip- Can rip out the Aura essences out of objects and Dying people. (The person has to have recently died or pretty much about to die with no hope left for saving them. Once their Aura Essences has been ripped, they die.

      Soul Create- Gives Alice the ability to convert high levels of Aura energy collected inside her Soul Gem into Artificially Aura Essences. She also can fuse 2 or more Aura Essences to create an even stronger Aura Essences. The new Essences keeps the traits of the strongest Essences used in the fusion.

      Soul Link- Gives Alice the ability to plant Aura Essences into Objects or people. (If planted into a person, it overcharges them with Magic/Aura. This boosts all of their abilities depending on the power of the Aura Essences and could temperately grants them powers base on the Essences. They also come under effects of the Power of Aura for a week. After all the aura is used up or a day has passed, the person becomes extremely exhausted.

      Basic Relic Crafting- Can apply simple enchantments to Objects other then Tech.

      Energy Absorption- Can absorb Aura from the air or when Relic Crafting. Requires focus

      Power of Aura- Because of Aura produced within the body. Relin's heal faster than Normal humans. They also are capable of regrowing limbs though they cannot recover from scars. The speed of the healing is base on how much Aura is within the body. When full on Aura, Alice can will heal 2 times faster than a normal human, regrow limbs in a month and regain normal strength from said limb the next month. If the limb is reattached, it takes a week to regain use. However if she ever uses up or loses all her Aura, She will die. The fewer aura she has, the slower the healing gets.

    • Aura Ring of String (10) Relic ring that can create 1 aura string each.
      String of Control (2 coil of it which) Relic String with the same ability as Aura string minus the energy cost and ability to reconnect if severed.
      Aura Infuser Belt 5 slots for holding dolls
      Puppet Kit Pack can hold up to 5 small puppets, 2 medium size puppets, or 1 large puppet. Also holds the tools required to do maintenance, repair puppets, and build new puppets.
      Soul Gem Gem used for holding the souls/Aura Essences of creatures and items.
      Puppets: Puppets are Tech which may have Relics inside to grant them Aura ability. They can be constructed to hold or conceal weapons, tools, or objects. One Aura string grants them the ability to float through the air and perform 1 simple action. Every other string increases their speed and allows them to do 1 extra action at the same time. . (For example. 1 string puppet can either move or use a weapon. But they cannot shoot a gun because it requires you to aim and pull the trigger. However with 2 strings, the puppet can now do 2 actions and thus shoot the gun.) Small puppets require 1 string to work. Medium puppets require 3 strings to work. Large puppets require 5 strings to work.
      Dolls: Dolls, when inactive, are the size of a small chibi doll (3-5 inches) When active, these relics grow into their true forms. Though they can move on their own, it requires Link to be active. They can also be controlled using strings 5 Strings. They are powered by 2 relics inside. 1 relic will always be the relic of life. This gives the puppet the ability to move. The second Relic is infused with the Aura Essences. This second Relic is what give the doll the its base stats, abilities, and equip form. Now the doll can always have more relics build into it but those two are bare minimal requirement. Dolls are more human/beast like, thus they can do anything their form will allow. Every extra string just increases their speed and ease of control.
      Rune Dagger. Uses Aura to boost cutting power and apply extra damage to cuts.

    • « »
      Mini Alice

      4 Inches
      These are her basic puppets. By default, they have no basic Aura abilities. They are easy to modify. They are very light and thus easy to control. They can pick up objects and hold them. They are also easy to reproduce. They are also easy to break. Though they can be modified for combat, they are idea for utility and miscellaneous task.
      Mini Warrior

      5 inches
      This is her basic combat puppet. By default they have no basic Aura abilities. They are difficult to modify but Relics can easily be attached to one. They are heavier then Mini Alice because of the sword and armor but are also capable of swing the swords while only using one string. They are easy to control and can pick up an object with its free hand. They are easy to reproduce and a more durable. Ideal for melee combat

    • « »

      5'0'' tall
      This is Alice first doll and holds the Soul of the woman who taught her how to fight as a puppeteer. The doll is silent and moves very fluidly. Though it lacks power, it makes up for it in speed and precision. It holds 3 daggers which are attached to a thread on the back of her lower back. It uses the relic of Immortal's Bane which gives its attacks magic draining properties. Though the energy drain is not very effective against regular magic users, it is extremely effective on creatures made up of magic.
      When in its Equip form, it turns into a dagger which has the Immortal's Bane effect.

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  5. Updated above but reposting here. @Crow

    The nuts and bolts:
    Your character should be capable enough to -
    Be the main protagonist of their own action-adventure movie, (genre notwithstanding)
    Your character should not be capable enough to -
    One-shot the main boss or be equivalent to a Weapon of Mass Destruction.

    For example: Leeloo from the Fifth Element, good to go
    Unicron from Transformers, GTFO
    Wolverine from X-Men, that's fine.
    Dark Phoenix from X-Men, what are you smoking?
  6. @Crow
    This got a faster response than I expected. Stay tuned for more specific Character Sheet models to follow! Just be prepared to rank your character in a few key areas.
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  7. Just want you to know... I had A very Similar concept when making my RP... Argh... cant believe you beat me too it XD
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  8. To be honest, @Ringmaster beat us to it. I was just the one more motivated to do all the typing tonight. :)
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  9. Well, this looks like the makings of a great group so far.
  10. All right, We know who our Survival Training instructor is - The man who trained John Rambo, and another instructor is also listed who will debut shortly.

    I'm going to take suggestions from everyone on who the instructors for the other nine classes should be. Instructors will by and large be played by GMs except by permission.

    Firearm Training:
    Magic Theory:
    Survival Training: Colonel Samuel Trautman of Earth-606
    Vehicle and Animal:
    World Theory: Zoe Hirakawa of Gallifrey
    Squad Training:
    Diplomatic Relations:
  11. Hand-To-Hand: <- Chuck Norris,

    Espionage: Melinda Qiaolian May The Calvary from AOS.

    Magic Theory: <- Aladdin from Magi he is like the reincarnation of Solemen and can perform great feats of magic to include making dungeons which can grant anyone who clears it Godlike power.

    Vehicle and Animal: Jake Sully from avatar. (a paralyzed former Marine who mind got transfered into an Alien body) Not only has he tame a GIANT dragon bird, and one of the fiercest untamable killer cat creature for the alien world. He is one with nature, and can pilot space human vehicles. Thus he is an Expert in both animals and Vehicles.

    Squad Training: Koro Sensei from Classroom Assassination. See my avatar for chibi version of him. Not only is he the best assassin/hitman in the world. He successful taught a group of (considered Failures high schoolers) to become expert hitman. They became the best in there school, They have the teamwork to Hijack a NASA Rocket (which they done and flew to the moon) and do other unbelievable stuns. Plus The yellow Octopus is just so badass.

    Diplomatic Relations: Code Geass's Euphemia li Britannia Nearly Peacefully ended Lelouch rebellion... till Lelouch accidentally used his power on her.

    Technology: Ayakashi Ayashi, Masurao, a member of the "People of the Craft", proves capable of whipping up devices in feudal japan that would be considered revolutionary TODAY — including a fully-functional handgun made from paper. His Moment Of Awesome, however, comes when he is pursued by the heroes through a construction-site, grabs some random pieces of wood and some tools without slowing, and craft them into an attack-robot to sic on his pursuers. Without ever stopping.
    Or Kanna From needless. She only 5 yet she already can invent a numerous advance weaponry and a machines which gave her the appearance of controlling ice and fire to fending off bandits. Add like 20 years to her age and i'm sure you got your self a star
  12. Except outside of internet meme status, hes not really so exceptional. I vote for someone with more skill, as well as trained in weapons to aid in both melee wise.

    Jax: The Master of Arms of League of Legends fame.

    This I can get behind.

    I'm more eh on this personally, as it seems more unique to him rather then teachable. I'm more for someone along the lines of maybe Ansem the Wise. Considering hes both sorcerer and scientist.

    Isn't this the guy who plugs in his hair to control his animals? Unless the rest of us are Pandoran, I can't see this. Plus, when have we ever seen evidence that he can pilot a vehicle?

    The second looks alright, leaning more for Squall Leonheart personally for several reasons.

    One, he runs a school for mercenaries. Used for assassination as well as military, this gives him flexibility and structure as a teacher. Plus, he has experience with magic and high tech.

    Either would work, but I'm more for recommending someone like Stanford Pines. Brainy, multiverse experience confirmed, whats not to love?
  13. telling you, this octopus is like seriously the best teacher ever. If you read the manga you would see what he turned that class into. XD
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  15. Looks alright. Some stuff may need tweaking later on, but overall looks like a fine example of a PC. If you wanna interact, feel free to post.
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  16. ...adding in Agent May for Espionage training, though she was a decent choice for Hand-To-Hand as well. Still debating the others.

    Firearm Training: Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot of Prime Earth
    Espionage: Melinda Qiaolian "The Calvary" May of Earth-199999*
    Magic Theory:
    Survival Training: Colonel Samuel Trautman of Earth-606
    Vehicle and Animal:
    World Theory: Zoe Hirakawa of Gallifrey
    Squad Training:
    Diplomatic Relations:

    *Official designation for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)
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  17. As you have may have noticed, I am trying for people without "super powers" per se for the teachers, just the best in their fields at what they do. While this will be sort of impossible to avoid for the Magic Theory teacher (I'm debating several choices, including an older version of Hermione Granger) I'm hoping not to rise to crazy anime levels with the teachers and students in this RP.

    Think of this closer to Doctor Who than Kingdom Hearts and that might help you conceptualize.
  18. I could get behind Stanford Pines if we made sure to use art like this for the RP and not the standard animation from Gravity Falls

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  19. I think I'm going to select from various Optimus Primes, all from custom-made realities where he isn't a truck. Maybe another Cybertronian...

    Or maybe a Digimon OC or something, but then again, Digimon seem pretty op af.

    I guess I'll consider and stuff. Maybe an incarnation of Chop Shop. Does his personality fail the criteria, or does 'Kleptomaniacal' sound like a good deal?
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