Infinite Worlds - M.A.R.S. (Multiversal Active Response Squad)

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    Somewhere, and somewhen...
    "This is happening too often. Far too often." The woman said, adjusting her hairdo and sitting back in her chair. She was dressed in a very Victorian style, but her mannerisms were much more 'modern' than that era should allow.

    "I agree, Governess, but our resources are spread too thin. We've already borrowed the Pevensies and the Baudelaires as often as we've been able. I suppose we could speak to Headmaster McGonnagal once more, but it's highly unlikely that we'll be able to bring any from there except on an emergency basis." The respondent was, quite literally a mouse. Dressed in stereotypical clothes one would expect from a Victorian Era sleuth.

    "No. I expect not. We need to expand. My reach extends mainly to children, which is fine for what it is, but we need significantly more expansion than my powers reach, even with McFee's help. I expect I shall call on a certain friend of mine, one with a penchant for meddling across space and time, and ask his advice for such expansion." Mary replied, as she reached for her umbrella.

    "Are you quite sure you want to bother him? He's got so much on his plate already."

    "Nonsense, Basil, the man has nothing but time on his hands, and a Baker's dozen lifetimes on top of that. He'll guide me to what I need, then be off again. Besides, he still owes me a sit down and some tea."

    "As you wish, Governess..." The great mouse detective bowed and moved off into the mirror room.

    Some months later...

    The Multiversal Academy had been established. People from anywhere and anywhen were gathered. The best at various tasks being assigned as teachers, and the rest...

    Well the rest were pulled from every conceivable world, time and reality, from Neverland to Coruscant, from Camelot to Vulcan, and from worlds on the edge of belief itself. With one purpose.

    Save it all.
    {td}"Listen up. You are all here because whatever place you're from, you haven't got a lot of clue of what to do once you're on your own in the wilderness. The next two weeks are going to be Hell for you, but when you're done, you'll at least have enough of the basics down not to die out there if you happen to get dropped in the middle of the jungle. This is not a required class, but failing this one will probably land you a support job. And none of you want that, right?"{/td}
    The class was silent, except for some muttering.

    "RIGHT?!" Colonel Samuel Trautman barked out, to a chorus of "RIGHT!" from his class.

    "Go pack your things. We meet back here at 0500 hours. Just remember, whatever you're carrying in your pack, you're carrying it all day, every day, for the next two weeks. Overpack, and I guarantee you won't pass. Dis-MISSED!"

    This was one of many classes that the trainees of the Multiversal Active Response Squad (M.A.R.S) had available on their sprawling campus, secreted away in a tiny pocket universe the size of Rhode Island, balancing on a dimensional nexus, so that their teams could be dispatched, anywhere, anywhen, to make sure it all continued to exist.

    The only question was... would it be enough?

    The nuts and bolts:
    Your character should be capable enough to -
    Be the main protagonist of their own action-adventure movie,
    (genre notwithstanding)
    Your character should not be capable enough to -
    one-shot the main boss or be equivalent to a Weapon of Mass Destruction.
    For example: Leeloo from the Fifth Element, good to go
    Unicron from Transformers, GTFO
    Wolverine from X-Men, that's fine.
    Dark Phoenix from X-Men, what are you smoking?
    What's all this then? Is this a Dice RP?
    Nope, not exactly. But, to assure everyone is on the same power level, we're doing a bit of ranking.

    Your character has two sets of things they'll be rated in, Approaches and Classes taken.

    Approaches are your natural talent to approaching any situation. There are six of these: Careful, Clever, Flashy, Forceful, Quick and Sneaky.
    Among these six types, rate your character with the following:
    You get one rating of 3, two of 2, two of 1, and one of 0. Meaning you're absolutely best at one of the approaches, pretty darn good at two, mediocre at two and just plain not so great or don't usually even think about the last. This gives us GMs (and there are two of them, myself and @Ringmaster ), an idea of your strengths as a character.

    The other is the classes you'll be taking at the Multiversal Academy. This can play to your character's strengths, or to fill out a more well rounded skill set. It's up to you. You get six out of ten classes to enroll in, and rank them the same way. 3, 2, 2, 1, 1, 0.

    Of course since you're taking classes, this means your character will get better at the specific areas. This will be taken into account when you RP your character, both on and off of missions.

    If you have any questions post them below or PM @Michale CS or @Ringmaster
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