Infinite Stratos Roleplay

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  1. So I just finished watching the first season of Infinite Stratos and I'm craving to do a roleplay on it. I kind of already have idea of what the story would be so let me explain. It turns out that there are more males that can pilot an IS, not just Ichika so they get transferred to the academy as well. Meanwhile there's a top secret organization that are working on their own combat suit, one that would make the IS obsolete. However these are just rumors at the moment. I'm looking for just one person or a couple of people to join this. You can play as canon characters if you want to as well.
  2. You know, I've read the light novels AND watched the anime for Infinite Stratos and I too have yearned to do an RP on it. Here's the kicker- I've always hated "high-school" role-plays with a passion because it was typically laughably over-dramatic and predictable.

    But I can actually see myself breaking the mold and definitely trying this out. Count me in.
  3. I should probably take a look at the light novels. Just started season 2 of the anime. Anyway, sweet I got someone. Would you mind if this ended up being a one on one......I mean if no one else joins.
  4. No, I don't mind at all. And I highly recommend the novels.
  5. Alright, actually I think I might just keep this a one on one. Easier to keep track of. I'll try to look for the novels. Oh you have ideas. suggestions or questions for this roleplay?
  6. Hmm. Nothing immediately comes to mind.
  7. Alright then I'll begin working on the OOC thread. One more question, do you want to play as Canon, OC's or both?
  8. I think it'd be best that we stuck with OCs.