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Hello, and welcome to my Fandom RP requests. Now, I've not had much success with either of these plots or series in general, but whatever.
Before you continue, just a few things you should note.
  • I post inconsistently. Very inconsistently. Sometimes, I forget that I'm even supposed to post. If you think that I've forgotten, feel free to shoot me a PM to remind me.
  • I'm not expecting Shakespeare's lost works, but I expect your posts to be of a decent length and actually coherent.
  • If you're actually reading these, ask me if the bears are still hunting.
  • Fill out your RP resume before we get to plotting. Trust me, it helps immensely.
  • If you're interested in any of the plots shown, PM me. I won't be replying to any messages in this thread.

Infinite Sky (Infinite Stratos)
Infinite Stratos - weapons that have changed the face of war forever. Though limited in number, their power has made it so that women could win a gender war in less than a week. They have become a social norm, accepted into society to the point of an academy being set up to train IS pilots.
Until now.
Several years after the graduation of Ichika Orimura, the world was shaken by an announcement from the American multi-billionaire genius, Terrence Clark. He revealed that he and his team have succeeded in creating suits of powered armour known as Infinite Atmos. Identical to Infinite Stratos in every stat and spec, the IA had one major difference - while incredibly advanced, they could be made by humans. Naturally, this causes quite the upset throughout the world.
After many, many debates and shouting matches between everyone from politicians to generals to civilians, everyone agrees that something to ease the tension must be done. In an attempt to do so, IS Academy accepts [NUMBER TO BE DECIDED LATER] IA pilots into its halls to learn alongside IS pilots.
Please note that, for the purposes of the RP, all IA pilots in the academy will be male.

Custom Robo
I'll be honest, I can't actually think of anything for this. Frankly, I'd just be happy to know that somebody else is interested in playing this out with me.
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