Infinite Stratos, Anyone?

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  1. "Is it better to be feared, or respected? I say 'Is it too much to ask for both?'"

    In the near future, powered exosekletons known as "IS" (Infinite Stratos) are developed by Japanese scientists. Though they were distributed evenly amongst the world's nations to stop the balance of international power shifting, for years, they were only able to be piloted by women - presenting a system dominated by women. However, a boy named Orimura Ichika was able to pilot an IS unit, causing uproar throughout the world.

    This RP takes place five years after his graduation from the Infinite Stratos Academy, a place for young pilots to hone their skills. A team of hitherto-unknown engineers and scientists emerge, and announce to the world that they have developed their own systems - "IA," or "Infinite Atmos." What's more, these IA suits seem to be on par with IS systems. Though the scientific progress made in developing these suits is surely amazing, it raises the question of how they'll impact the world. With no treaties currently in place, how will the international power balance shift? Will either gender dominate society? Just what is this team, where did they come from, and who's funding them?
    Our story will focus on a new generation of students at the IS Academy. Tensions will build between the two, as an integration of trainee pilots of both IA and IS systems comes into play. But it's not just grades at stake - there's something brewing behind the scenes, and it's far more sinister than either side could expect.

    So, anyone interested? Does anyone even know what IS is? There has to be a few fans here, right? Right?
  2. I feel kind of bad digging this up from a few pages, but I'm something of a fan of IS (and mecha musume aesthetics in general) so I'd consider a game like this.
  3. I'll go with it. The other two people interested stopped talking to me, so I'm open.
  4. I would be interested as well. I loved IS! ^w^
  5. Fandabidosy.
    This should be enough people - why don't we discuss who gets to pilot what?

    Dibs on n IA suit, by the way.
  6. I want an IS suit. >w< That's just me though~
  7. Since the IA is "new," I'd need to know about it in some detail to make any decision. I know IS well enough from the show. I'd likely lean toward them as I at least know roughly how they behave.

    It's likely irrelevant, but my familiarity with the series is pretty much limited to the show. I have no clue what's going on in the light novels.
  8. All you need to know about them - for now - is that they're similar to IS units in specs, but with a few minor differences.
    IA units are generally full-body armour, as opposed to IS units' tendency to leave certain areas exposed. While this slows them down and decreases manoeuvrability, defensive stats are higher, and heavier weaponry can be equipped, an used with less recoil. However, some IA units are specifically designed with mobility in mind, omitting this difference.
  9. Well I think it wouldn't be any fun if we all chose IA so I will stick with my IS choice.
  10. I'd probably stick with an IS as well. I assume that we should have personal units, rather than making do with the mass-produced ones the school has on offer.
  11. Of course. It's no fun if you're just going with some grey, generic model.
  12. Yay~ I'm pretty excited now~
  13. I'll get the OOC up soon. I have some other posts to take care of first, though.
  14. I'm patient not rushing anybody
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