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  1. To humbly introduce myself.

    Gamer5, just Gamer more commonly.

    NEET, Otaku, Geek, Roleplayer, Gamer, Lover of Many Things, Creator of Multiple Worlds (Settings) and Many Other Things.

    And I am here to create and invite you to the Infinite Partner Works of Gamer5.

    To put simple this is a thread for me to show my interest in creating 1x1s in my own settings with hope people will like some and ask for a 1x1 in them.

    First I guess I should begin with the setting of all settings, or the Science Fantasy Multiverse of mine that connects every setting that I ever made, and by theory every story, myth, canon or fandom ever created.

    This place is the infinity known as the Inter-Dimensional Space. Made up of countless realities, called Dimensionally Unique Possibilities or Dimensions for short, it provide a place for all my settings to be gathered, allowing easy crossing between them, as well as, due to each Dimension having it's own rules of Physics and Magic, allowing a variety of worlds that I can't even begin to imagine.

    Anyways inside the IDS a number of races has managed to develop, magical or technological, ways to travel between Dimensions. This gave birth to the Post-Dimensional Society a society of economically and culturally linked and intertwined nations that possess the means to travel between Dimensions.
    The main focus of most stories in the PDS for now have mainly been: the Human Alliance (a mayor human county which controls one of the many Earths of the IDS, part of the larger Great Alliance - a PDS superpowers), United Corporation (UC, a massive corporation and the #1 superpower of the PDS), Pirates, the Independent Human Fleet (a spaceship-based human nation that has no surface infrastructure to speak of), the Convoy (a massive fleet of ships of refugees and exiles) and various newly discovered worlds in the outer edges of the always expanding PDS.

    Outside of the PDS there is so much various possibilities that I will just say one word to explain how much settings there are: INFINITE.

    It might be Fantasy, Science Fiction, Modern, Modern Fantasy, Historical ... anything really. We will discuss what kind of setting and plot are you looking for trough this thread.

    But basically any RP plot falls into one of the categories:

    1. A character(s) from one Dimension (any non PDS dimension works) is(are) transported into one of my settings. My character(s) would be somehow linked to yours - maybe the character would be the one that summoned yours into the setting by mistake or would just be the first one to find yours.

    2. With my help you make a character(s) that is part of one of my settings and we follow a part of his life. My character(s) would be somehow tied to yours. Be it in a romantic way, simple partnership or some other.

    3. A character(s) is(are) transported into or comes into contact with the Post-Dimensional Society. My character(s) might be form the PDS and act as a guide for yours or the one(s) that brought your character to the PDS in the first place.

    4. We follow a Post-Dimensional character(s). My character(s) would be the plot carrier, somehow connected to yours, aiming from the same goal and cooperating or who knows how else sticking to yours.

    I am looking for people (currently up to 5) willing to commit time and effort to explore one of my settings in a 1X1 format, while having some fun.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.