Infinite Nothing

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  1. Welcome, Friends, to seconds lost, and starts that won't begin. To twisted eyes that see inside, rules that always bend. A simple task, a see-through mask, the questions 'where' and why'. We shared our skin to occupy and keep our peace of mind.

    It's so unfair, this broken smile that keeps us all aware of wishful thoughts and scenes we lost, times we'll never share. I'll ask you now, to show me how to fill the circle in. What Tells us all there is no fall, and the story never ends?

    This is the Infinite Nothing. A blank canvas. A clean slate. A sandbox realm filled with innumerable possibilities and only the guidelines set by you. You, with the imagination of a child, and the powers of a God. The Creator, The Destroyer, The Regulator and The Rulebreaker. The Peasant and The Nobleman, the Soldier and The Enemy. You are all, and you are none. The setting is an empty planet, with empty space around it. It is up to you, to create this world, to shape it into something more than this ball of everything. Space stations, wilderness, empires and republics, races of creatures and the beasts in the world around. The contents and surroundings of this world are up to you to create. Just remember, be respectful of other players and do not create something that entirely contradicts what they made. Expand on their world, or make a new part of it entirely different on the other side of the planet. It is up to you, now.

    ((-first two paragraphs are lyrics from Shinedown's song Begin Again, so don't complain about me stealing things.-))
  2. One small piece of the planet, of everything and nothing all at once, started off as a single grain of sand. That piece of sand multiplied, spreading over a tiny patch of surface, spilling in a wide circular area. The sound of wind rushing was soon added with the whisper of falling sand, and then a crash of thunder. A singular raincloud gathered over the bit of sand and poured out rain into the center of it all. A crater was eroded in the middle, filling with water quickly. The rain ceased almost as soon as it began, leaving a small pond in its wake. The sand was a beach around this pond, gleaming gold next to its washed out blue. Then there was stillness.

    The still lasted only a second before the pond's surface roiled, and something dragged itself out of the water. A small creature, covered in smooth scales that blended with the reflections on the water. It had four eyes, two on either side of its head, and two tongues. Six legs carried it from the water's edge, dragging a long body against the warm sand. As it moved, spines grew from the single column of its spinal cord, all the way down its lithe body and to the tip of its tail.

    It was a hunter, with claws on the tips of each scaled digit on its six hands, and sharp teeth lined its jaws as it yawned. Thus was the birth of a predator on a virgin plane, though what its prey is... who knows?
  3. Farther north, existence had already manifested itself. An Empire, sprawling and expansive, home to a fierce ruler and a powerful army. In the nearby forest that sprang up from the ground in a matter of hours, a war was being waged between the new Empire and a group of Rebels, already seeing the corruption of their country's leader. Gunfire rang out through the trees, coupled with shouting of men and the impact of mortars. The rebel forces were holding their ground, but only just. The battleground was masked by a cloud of dust and blood and fire thrown up by the incoming bombs. With each drop by the basic aircraft, another portion of the land was encompassed in another flame, another blaze of war. When the dust settled and the fires died out, the forest had been reduced to nothing, no man had survived the vicious onslaught. Grey ashes fell alongside white snow, and what remained of the trees were black with char. As the battle faded, so did the empire. The ruler fell ill and withered away quickly, along with the people and the civilization itself. The buildings fell to ruin, leaving only traces of the glorious past. Vines and plants took root, climbing the ruins into the sky. A child cried out from a fallen building, and soon grew into a man. Emerging from the shadows was a woman, and from the earth, a child. A new civilization took root where another had fallen, and the cycle began again.