Infinite Dungeon: Equestria

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  1. Pegasi, Unicorns and Earth Ponies have lived along side one another for an extended period of time. Trusts have been built, friendships have been forged and relationships have been bonded. For one particular set of the three, their connection means far more than trust, friendship or relationships. It means salvation.

    One night, a dark void begins to loom over three separate locations, each completely random. Drawn from Equestria, Fatal Flight - the pegasus, Stellar Dawn - the unicorn, and Shining Bulwark - the earth pony - are thrown into a realm unlike any before seen. Within this realm are three nearly identical phases. Fatal has been placed in the Green Phase, Stellar has been placed into the Blue Phase and Shining is set loose upon the Red Phase.

    The dungeon itself is identical in its looks for all three individual ponies, but its contents have been randomized for each individual phase. The three ponies must work together, finding key items in their phase which must be used in the other ponies phases to continue their progression in the Infinite Dungeon. Connecting the three of them is a bottomless bag, used to carry all of their items. An item placed into the bag from the blue phase may be accessed by the individuals within the green and red phases as well. To communicate between players, magical notes may be placed within the bag. Upon discovery of important information, a note containing said information will automatically be placed within the bag.

    The three ponies will fight their way to their freedom, relying upon each other for their success. When one is successful, the others will be as well. (Just a note, but these characters are premades that I use for all of my Infinite Dungeon: Equestria roleplays. They are mine, and I'd appreciate it if you didn't go around wagging it in peoples face and showing them off as your own characters. I don't mind much, but I don't like having my ideas taken. Referenced is fine. Also, none of the characters have cutie marks. That develops farther down the road.)

    The Characters:
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    Fatal Flight, the Pegasus [Agility/Perception Based]
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    Fatal Flight (Light Eyes)

    Fatal Flight (Dark Eyes)

    Initial Stats [1 Additional Point Per Level Complete]
    Str: 4
    End: 3
    Agi: 5
    Per: 5
    Int: 4
    Spi: 3

    Initial Abilities [Type (Active, Passive, Bonus) - Name - Effect - Distance]
    A1.) Wing Buffet - Level x 4 Dmg - Ranged
    P1.) Ensnare - 1d20 (21 - Level) Chance to Ground Enemy - Ranged
    B1.) Reflexes - Redo an agility roll without Agi bonus - N/A

    Stellar Dawn, the Unicorn [Intellect/Will Based]
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    Stellar Dawn (Her eyes don't open. She sees with magic.)

    Initial Stats [1 Additional Point Per Level Complete]
    Str: 4
    End: 3
    Agi: 3
    Per: 4
    Int: 5
    Wil: 5

    Initial Abilities [Type (Active, Passive, Bonus) - Name - Effect - Distance]
    A1.) Arcane Bolt - Level x 5 Dmg - Ranged
    P1.) Arcane Surge - 1d20 (21 - Level) Add Lvl Damage - N/A
    B1.) Creative Magecraft - Use spells in any way you can imagine - N/A

    Mighty Bulwark, the Earth Pony [Strength/Endurance Based]
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    Mighty Bulwark Skin Option 1

    Mighty Bulwark Skin Option 2

    Initial Stats [1 Additional Point Per Level Complete]
    Str: 5
    End: 5
    Agi: 4
    Per: 3
    Int: 3
    Wil: 4

    Initial Abilities [Type (Active, Passive, Bonus) - Name - Effect - Distance]
    A1.) Slam - Level x 4 Damage - Melee
    P1.) Rough Impact - 1d20 (21 - Level) Disable random body part for [Lvl] turns - N/A
    B1.) Bull Rush - Guaranteed success on destroying doors - N/A

    The Dungeons
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    (Active abilities are given on the third and seventh levels.)
    (Passive abilities are given on the fifth level.)
    (Bonus abilities are given on the tenth level.)

    Halls of Symmetry
  2. I'll pick Stellar Dawn! I really liked her =)

    Just some questions:
    How about personalities? Are we free to build them or does the OCs have already defined personalities?
    And about Stellar's vision with magic, is it perfect or is it somehow different? Or am I free to decide? Does it strain her in anyway (having to stop from time to time) or can she use it without any effort at all?
  3. You know I want Bulwark.... I guess we have 3 now, eh?
  4. Yesh. Wait, who's playing Fatal? I'm playing DM :p I don't get to choose a character.

    Stellar can use magic however she pleases. She even has a bonus ability stating such. The only thing I can think of is that her magic is more light based than it is dark. Guess that didn't really need saying, since her name is Dawn. And yes, Farsight gets Bulwark. Just have to figure out who's playing Fatal and we can start I suppose :3
  5. You're not going to DM and play? Aaahh.
  6. Too much work :P I have the first ten floors planned out already, so as soon as we get that next member we can start!
  7. So, being able to use magic however she pleases mean she can use it to capture the surrounding's images and transmit it to her brain, like what an eye would do?

    And you really haven't answered my question about their personalities. Seeing they are your OCs, you may have defined personalities for them or you may let us build their personalities as we please.
  8. Ah, sorry about not addressing that. The personalities are yours to create, though if I'm playing the characters I'll have different personalities, as will everybody else. That's why I love these characters, I'm going to get to see them all from so many different perspectives.