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  1. (( I have a reference picture for Isao/Kazuhiro if you'd like to see it. :3 ))

    Isao Aoyama worked for the Republic City police force. The male was 24 years of age with a creamy, hazelnut complexion and a head full of thick light, ashy brown hair that was often only brushed through, the tresses a bit shaggy and long. He had light, icy blue eyes that were framed by short darker lashes and darker, slightly slanted eyebrows to match. His face was usually always clean-shaven and was naturally stoic and serious, perhaps a bit playful. He stood tall at 6'1" with a body of athletic build and was most often seen in his police uniform.

    He was born in the Southern Water Tribe but in search of a new and secure job when he was eight, his father, native to the South but a non-bender, moved him and his mother, a firebender, to the great Republic City, the largest and most modern city of the United Republic of Nations. The streets were always busy, clamored especially Downtown, but the bustling of it all was able to give Isao's father a job and his family a home.

    Surrounded in this new environment, Isao was able to crack down on his firebending skills by being taught through his mother. Having a natural talent for it, the boy was able to master most of its power and in return was granted the ability to generate lightning, a skill common in the grand city and allowing the teenager to start his work at an electrical power plant. But soon he found that he had a very specific set of skills, and in conquering them, he found his passion to set his career in the police force.

    Now, Isao Aoyama has been granted with a very complex and dangerous mission.

    To infiltrate and take down the Triple Threat Triad, a notorious criminal organization that reigned over the Downtown area in a thick blanket of power and fear, entirely led by one man; Lightning Bolt Zolt. Isao managed to set up a meeting with one of the Triad's members that scouted for new recruits, having the date set in the House of Flame, a famous restaurant with exquisite dining that typically had a month-long waiting list. From inside said restaurant, Isao could observe the long line of aristocrats waiting for their permitted entrance.

    One thing about being undercover is that you could be anyone. As long as you fit the job description. For Isao Aoyama, those specific set of skills came in handy. He was given a completely new identity, one that he learned and memorized and succeeded in being. And as he waited inside the House of Flame for his Triple Threat Triad (TTT) enforcer, he was no longer Isao.

    He was Kazuhiro (referred to as Kazu) Aichi. He had the same colors as Isao, only his face was graced with a light stubble. The man's hair was shaven off at the sides of his head except for three braids on each side and leaving a bit of a wavy mohawk as a strip - this was styled in order to get him more 'in character'. It definitely gave him stares that yelled out, 'Are you even supposed to be here?' But his attire shushed the mouths from whispering as he was dressed in a spiffy - albeit slightly casual - suit of dark greys, blacks, and rich reds. He also wore knee-high boots, black with red trimming. The firebender only dressed to to let his recruiter know he was in for it, not to tell people of his status.

    Both of his earlobes were stretched, but not hugely, and in place held hand-carved black horn crescents. On his left ear, along with the horn crescent, he wore a long, silver ear cuff.

    Kazuhiro Aichi was his own person. Isao Aoyama was no more. And this was the way it was going to be at all times, except when he reported to his superior.
  2. The city was alive in all its basking glory, thriving and growing in ways that even the eyes of the greats could not fathom. It hummed with energy rich in its vibrations that sprang through upon the air between the street ways that littered the entirely of the massive city.

    But that was what it looked like to eyes that had been privilege to feel the growth and weigh in the massive glory that was Republican City.

    To those who weren't as privy to the ways of luxury and grace that ran thick from the upper class veins, this place was nothing more than a cage where rats came to fester and breed. And breed they did. A muddled mass of fur and claws those who had to fight and bite to find their place in this world amassed into great unruly crowds that reigned rightfully under the leisurely strong hand of one alone. She was no different.

    Nuriye Eldrid knew this very well. Felt it strong in the echoing heart beat of her own chest and thrived just as eagerly upon organized chaos that was the TTT. Deep suede boots low in the heels clicked upon the stone ways leading towards the overpriced, over exaggerated frou frou House of Flame. Perhaps to her destiny or rather some poor misfortunate souls date with chaos. Which would be determined.

    The young fire bender strolled up the street with a dancer's grace near hypnotic to those who merely lifted a curious brow to the young unattended woman left in the night's streets. Pale creamy alabaster skin close to an near off porcelain accented the soft features of the flawless complexion. A spattering of freckles were the single things that marred her cheeks though light in comparison to what an earth bender might be brandished with, the sallow facets gave birth to a magnetic spun golden discs that were traited to those of the fire nation. Ebony hair was pulled high into a top knot ponytail letting the length volley downwards to skirt along the trim of her derriere letting the side sweep of long bangs pulled off to the left side of her face. She wasn't trying to be seen nor noticed this night. No it would be best for her to appear as common as the yet, especially considering what the task she had been given was. Her boots once pulled up to her knees slouched around her calves letting the smallest peek of skin show through the short black leggings that didn't reach all the way to her ankles. If anything was nearly as noticeable about her was the carefully adorned platypus bear fur that cropped around the hood and collar of her deep red jacket zipped shut to the mid of her chest allowing the ample cleavage to sit just at the cusp.

    Okay even in such a mediocre state, she could feel those all so curious probing eyes moving along her lithe five foot nine frame. A crimson smirk to her painted lips and a brush of her hair from her face; the just barely legal female chuckled silently to herself.

    The place was ludicrous for drawing all the right people. Those with money and power that was bought and sold faster than an blink of an eye. Those were the eyes that were glancing back at her as she strode sidelong against the line of pompous, perfumed aristocrats that were sizing her up with a discernible taste. She paid no mind to them, they weren't the main attraction this night. Fingers played absently with the thick collar around her neck letting the shiest of looks sprint over her features as she made her way to the front. The host gave her a fleeting look and waved her in without a secondary word, opting for the lady and gent in the very front to scorn her verbally with their mouths. It all rolled languidly off her shoulders, stepping around and into the ritzy restaurant.

    A prompt for her coat from the hostess inside, a touch of her palm to the elder woman's hand and Nuriye politely declined the offer but rather made a incline to her chin pointing out the sour thumb in the entire room. Exchanging a brief word to the hostess, a charismatic grin to accompany and the enforcer made her way through the great room with purpose in her hips.

    Fluffing her collar, amused eyes lifted to the recruit as she closed the distance. "Now what do we have here?" a tone rich in colour, lavish to a point that she might have been able to pass off herself of as fellow noble, if she dressed the part; the lady bender scrolled her eyes up and down this one. "Name, boy?" Boy was easily not the way to describe him, but she wasn't here to make friends. She was here to see whether or not he was worth the while of the TTT.
  3. His enforcer he did not know the name of, only that the person would be a woman. Each time the door open and shut, Kazu's aero blue eyes would glance to the area to see if it just might be her. Only a total of a small handful of people came in during the wait, and the man rolled the long sleeves of his dark grey dress shirt to his elbows, his matching grey trousers fitting perfectly to his legs. His black fitted vest showed completely as the hostess of the restaurant had earlier taken his black coat accentuated with red trimming.

    When Kazuhiro's recruiter did arrive, he knew it almost immediately.

    It was obvious she was a firebender: her pale complexion and long ebony tresses gave off the hint, but the way she presented herself and the rich red colors she wore made it definite. As she made her way over, the male firebender stayed seated but made point to meet her strong gaze as she asked for his name. She was fierce, sassy. Something that amused the male a bit though he didn't necessarily make that known.

    "My name's Kazu. Firebender," he answered, face naturally serious but playfulness gleamed in his eyes, a hint of it in his expression as well. That sort of face that held unpredictability; fun, maybe. But could also be dangerous. "And you are?" There was no cockiness in his attitude, just enough confidence to make him seem significant enough.
  4. Finding the volley of her hips with preening fingers giving him a longer look over from top to bottom in his sitting position, a pop of a brow in amusement catching the very glint of a jovial spirit in his blue irises; she smirked.

    She heard his question but wasn't so apt to answer it quite so soon. Rather, the lengthy creature of flame pulled out an chair opposite of himself, flipped it around to straddle the cushion letting it lean forward as her chin perched to the top bar. "Mixed culture huh, blue eyes give way to a water tribe." corners of her lips tugged ever so gently, "My name is inconsequential for the time being. We aren't here to conduct business around myself but quite the opposite." a dashing flick of her sights through her peripheral taking consideration of the probing swift glances from other's equally as curious about their meeting as perhaps she was. If she was just sizing him up for appearance alone, well he might have passed. But that wasn't the way of things here.

    Rubbing her thumb across her bottom lip letting the soft flutter of a laugh come through her teeth, the woman tipped her head some. "Now, let's play our parts of good patrons but indulge me Kazu. Indulge me with your motives and perhaps we can see where this meeting leads. Whether it's for your benefit or not."
  5. As it was obvious the flaunting woman was a firebender, it was obvious that Kazu hailed from a water tribe. His dark complexion and brown hair forced his eyes to seem a bit brighter at first glance. Even his facial structure let it be known of his dominant genes. But he was indeed a firebender and very close to becoming a master of the element. Just a couple more years and he'd be there.

    He chuckled slightly when she didn't give her name and instead pulled up a chair and settled it at the table backwards, leaning against the back of it as her chin rested atop her forearms that were crossed on the narrow board of the chair. Indulge her, huh?

    "I need money. There's not much else to it. I know my suit doesn't necessarily scream poor, but I've been saving it up for a real special occasion," he answered as he shifted into a laid-back position in his chair. "Like today, though I hope it won't be wasted. I can do anything you need me to do," Kazu looked to her then, his next words skillfully laid out as if it was a real job interview to anybody who was sticking their noses in their business. "Heavy lifting, electrical or fire power, a skilled tongue..." a playful smile cracked his lips.
  6. Palming her cheek letting the mildest of twists of her scrolling spun gold eyes move here to there and watching how he was holding himself; her eyes took a roll. "If you need money then why not employ yourself elsewhere? Certainly your qualifications could hold up at a fair more wealthy and prestigious establishment." Finger's drummed upon her face, "Let's face it sugar, you don't exactly scream the part of one who wants to get his hands rough and dirty in my line of work."

    He held himself with such a fine presence that she was opt to believe he wasn't nearly as hurting for coin as he stated. No, she seen those who were desperate for money before and they were no were as compliant as this one was. They were nervous, jittery and anxious to almost lick the sole of a beggar's foot just to get a single nickel tossed their way. Kazu was quite the opposite, there was more behind his motives than his mirthful smile dared to say.

    She didn't get to be where she was because she was easy on the eyes or simple in the crown. No she caught on to things a little faster than most and exploited them even swifter. She pushed her chair away letting herself stand up, "If you want money go work at the power plant. I hear they are always looking for someone to charge up their turbines." she clicked her teeth curling a stray piece of hair from her brow, "Go home to momma, Kazu and look for a real job. What I am offering is not worth your time." she smirked.
  7. Oh, it didn't work. He pouted comically but did not move from his seat. This woman was a smart one, that was for sure, but at least his physical facade was still working for him. Kazu stayed quiet as she spoke, basically rejecting his interview and about to leave. His arms crossed in front of him but not in a huffed manner as he stared up at her. "That type of money doesn't bring the power that I'm lookin' for," he remarked.

    "So because I'm not the poorest of the poor or a beggar, I don't fit your line of work?" he threw, a hint of amusement showing on his face. "Man, you guys really do go for the worst. I'm guessing because they're so desperate, willing to do anything you so please and not wanting to cross the line." He paused, blue eyes seeming to analyze her. Well, not really her, but more-so her general people, as if he was seeing the Triple Threat directly through her. "Hm, I thought maybe you'd like a little more class, but maybe not." He paused once more, looking like he was thinking of something before he propped up in his seat and leaned forward.

    "I'm tired of being the payer. I want to be the collector. You want me to show my loyalty? Tell me to do something right now, and I'll do it. Anything." It didn't matter how crazy, how bizarre. How rude or cruel. With this job came sacrifices and Kazu - Isao - was more than willing to do so. Wanted to, would be a closer description for his persona.
  8. A dangerous glint took like pitch to the night into her gaze alive with a twist of mirth and chaos; Nuriye let out the softest of teeters, breathy and light letting idle hands ruffle up her coat before hands found their way to tucking into the pockets on the side. "You call them desperate but unless you know that sort of life, you have no clue."

    Tilting her chin sideways to gesture for him to get up and follow her before the crowd of the restaurant became too curious to their waggling tongues, a brush of her foot to the floor in a tedious movement and she grinned devilishly bright. "Being too eager makes you suspicious," she voiced softly for his ears alone, "Like you are trying to impress me rather than trying to fill a position." when he stood she flicked a back of her hand out to swat against his chest gingerly, "There is eager and then there is being brazen show off. But since you asked so gingerly," a tip of her chin to the hostess that opened the door for them; Nuriye drew her brows into a concentrated line. "You want something to do to show me your worth and you're not just another wannabe who wants to know the fame of the organization," defiance rolled confidently in her voice, picking out a slip of paper with an address on it. "Here, we have quite the debt to collect here. Hasn't paid in about six months, so you can imagine the joy the head honcho would get if you could collect what is owed." she extended her index finger, "But beware, the place is rumoured to be riddled with the police. Think you can do it hot shot?"
  9. That hit a tender spot. Kazuhiro made note of the dangerous glint in his recruiters eyes. She had probably been desperate at one point of her life; most members of the TTT were. He didn't mean harm by saying such things, but it was the truth. He was desperate in his own ways, wasn't he?

    But he wasn't dismissed. Wasn't rejected. At least not yet. As she gestured for him to follow her, he stood and listened to her words. Too eager, too much of an effort to show off - yeah, yeah. He gave her an entertained look as she gently swat his chest but it was only playful, not hurtful in the least.

    "Oh, miss, I am eager though," he said, pitching his voice perfectly just to make his point clear. "And trying to impress you. But," he raised his own hand now, a simple gesture. "I am also trying to fill a position." As she slipped out the piece of paper and offered it to him, his eyes scanned the address excitedly. Then he looked back up to her, expression turning serious as he heeded her words. "Alright, alright. So if I do this, I'm in right? Can I know your name then?" he gave her a goofy grin. All part of his lovely(?) charm.
  10. Like a kid in a candy store this one was. Excited to be given a purpose even though in truth it was minor in retrospect to many other sort of activities they had been in, the lady bender raised a brow under the dark cut of her one sided bangs. He seemed like he was trying to make a point of being the best there was and agreeing easily to anything she said.

    She seen his sort before. Close to a yes man, but not fully there yet there was purpose behind his actions. Something she couldn't quite pin point yet, and he hid it well. Rolling her bottom lip through her teeth listening to his final question, a shrug of a shoulder came in response. "Depends if you come back. The police have a pretty big desire to catch any member of us out in the open, you are nothing less than prey for them. Either way it's win for me. Either you do what I ask and come back or you get caught and taken in for questioning in which you can't respond with any good answers because you know nothing. I call that a pretty fair plot." fingers preened through each other as she curved her hands to rest up against her neck letting her weight slide more to one foot over the other. "Names are a dangerous thing to be giving out to fresh game, you come back in good graces boy and you may get a name. Call it a reward." lips pulled apart in a cattish smirk giving him an impatient shooing of a hand. "Go on now, we don't have all night. Once you think you are done playing collector, you'll find me at the old Cabbage Corp Warehouse off of Tidal's Ave."

    Another look over now that she could since he was standing, "Good luck rookie."
  11. Kazu was smart enough not to play too confident when the subject of cops were brought to light. As the woman recruiter spoke of the police force, his eager attitude died down significantly and he looked to her, a very small glint of nerves showing in his eyes. "Right... well, uh. Thank you. Seriously, thank you so much," he said as he tucked the address securely into one of his pockets.

    His playfulness seemed to come back, though, and he opened his mouth to say something before the female bid him good luck. His slightly gaped mouth curved upward in a smile. "Took the words right out of my mouth," he said. Earlier he was going to ask her to wish him luck, but she had done so before he was able to say it. He waited for her to leave before he called a waitress over and gave her a tip. He hadn't ordered anything, but it was the least he could do for taking up their time. After retrieving his coat and exiting the House of Flame, he walked over to his own motorcycle that he affectionately referred to as 'Baby' and geared up with his gloves and helmet before taking off.

    He drove to a dingy apartment complex that he called home. Even when he lived as Isao, he never really lived there or paid the bills, staying at his parent's house or an inn. This actually worked into his favor now considering his mission, but it was still a pain in the arse and he really didn't want to live there. It was one large room split with a decently-sized kitchen and a small living room. There was only one bedroom which was hardly bigger than the living room, and only one bathroom that needed some real renovation. It was drab and boring and dusty, but it worked and it was where Isao was going to have to stay now.

    After acquiring a needed bag or two, he hurriedly left the dwelling and hopped back on his motorcycle, driving to the address printed on his recruiter's note. All of Kazu's co-workers knew he was undercover. Actually, most of his jurisdiction knew the truth. He could have easily broke in, but that would have been suspicious and he needed to make this real. Needed to make him look smarter than the other goons of the TTT.

    There were cops near the entry which meant that there were cops definitely inside. Kazu sighed as he watched from afar. A quick way to go about this? Distract the outside pigs. He could throw some rocks, make a commotion, or... he looked down at his hands and grinned.


    He discreetly created a fire about thirty feet away with some trash. He littered a few sparks here to allow the fire to grow bigger faster. And as it did, the cops took notice and immediately ran to the area while Kazu avoided them. If things went as planned, the cops from inside would be called to help with the fire, and then... boom. Two birds with one stone and he could ease the shopkeeper into handing him all the money.
  12. Stretching exaggeratedly over on the edge of the closest building that they could watch from, golden eyes watered with a yawn before she retracted her body into a tight curl bundling her hands into her sides. "And why do I have to be here Ren?"

    A large brute of a fellow enforcer crouched low to the rooftop, his beady azure eyes watching all the motions from below with a eagle stare, his scarred lips pulled apart in a ugly grin. He wasn't much of a bender, even less to say a water bender but he was a good fight when the tough times came down to it. "I want to see it with my own eyes. It's not often you give up a task so readily Nuriye." well wasn't that the truth. She had went to met with Kazu and had all thoughts to turn him down but there was just something about him that made her want to see if he was worth a hill of beans. And if he wasn't well they were getting a free show nonetheless.

    Pressing her lips into a grim line she sighed and sat boredly beside the older enforcer. "You said he was a fire bender?"

    "Yah, why?" she arched her brow as he pointed downwards to the small trash fire that had been started by the wily excitable recruit as she shrugged. "So he is creating a distraction. Better than going charging in."

    "We need more that have a sense of a brain rather than brawn," he reminded her that only encouraged her to roll her eyes and flop backwards to lay on the rooftop. "Are you not-"

    A wave of her hand and she yawned again, "Two eyes are equally as good as four, plus I didn't need to come remember. You brought me here, didn't say nuttin about me having to pay attention. You've got this. Just let me know if the hogs, cuff him."

    Ren snorted, "You are so lazy."

    "Not lazy, sensible." she corrected.
  13. There was no doubt about his recruiter was watching him. Maybe some of her friends had come along to see if he was the real deal, too. And this was half the reason why he had to play it smart.

    Kazu peered over the edge of the building, hidden by the dark shadows, and watched as the group of police came running from inside the house. They were all in the effort to put out the fire which made Kazu smirk. Quickly, he slipped into the building but as soon as he stepped in, he realized that not all cops had left and there was one standing to the far side of the counter. But, so very fortunately, it was an old, fat burly geezer that didn't look like he amounted to much. They didn't know each other, which was both an advantage and disadvantage.

    The old man's attention was turned away from the growing fire outside and to the newcomer in the shop. He watched him warily, eying his suspicious hairstyle combined with the nice clothing. Kazu approached him with his arms behind his back, a small smile on his face before he leaned over the counter and looked directly to the shopkeeper.

    "Hey there," he said. The shopkeeper looked down at him with arms crossed, face stern but Kazu caught the glint of nervousness in his eyes. "I'm here to collect something. You're a bit late on your payment, wouldn't you say?" he asked. The shopkeeper kept up his strong facade, but only because the cop was there. And he, in turn, guffawed and moved from his position as he realized who the firebender was. Part of the TTT.

    "Ah, ah, ah," Kazu interrupted the geezer. "Interrupting is rude." He stood from his spot, going to the door and locking it before shutting the blinds to the windows. Then he looked to the elder almost apologetically as he pulled out a thick piece of rope before he swiftly moved behind the man and tied his wrists together. Then he stumped him onto the floor and returned to the shopkeeper who no longer kept up his strong appearance.

    "Pay up right now and I won't burn your beloved shop down," he ordered, voice firm and bridging harsh.

    "Please, mister, I beg of you!" the man said, pleading in even his dark brown eyes. It would have killed Isao, but not Kazu and he instead held a small flame in the palm of his hand and held it up to a white banner on the ceiling, the tip of it starting to catch on fire. The man gasped and flailed his hands a bit before Kazu threw a couple of burlap sacks onto the counter. "Everything that you owe. In there. Now." The man had no choice and brokenly started to pour everything he had in the two bags. "Faster," the firebender barked and once he had all the money, he extinguished the banner fire and head out the back entrance, running around the buildings until he came upon his motorcycle and hopped on, veering through alleyways and then into the open streets.

    When he arrived warehouse, he turned his motorcycle off and flung the two sacks over his shoulder, starting towards the door.
  14. The moment the rookie got inside the building was when they took their adjoined leave. It wasn't as if it would be worth their further while to be watching, it wasn't like they could peer through stone and walls alike.

    Plus it would do them well to be back at the warehouse to see whether or not the young hot shot showed up, fled with a good conscious coming back or captured by the police force. Either way it was a roundabout way for them.

    Steam sizzled in the air as the rich blue flames of her abilities sucked up the lacklustre water of the dripping roof that Ren used to his success - or failure which ever- the sound of a rag tag machine caught both of their attentions. Snuffing out her flame with a quick palm, jumping down from the wooden box of the truck Ren had spent more of his time lavishing over than his own natural abilities - the water bender cursing her colorfully not to scuff up the chassis- the scuttling of many other feet went dashing into the dark corners where the pale electricity light's didn't reach; Nuriye stood ready for the body that would come through the door.

    Ren hung back disappearing into the dark as much as possible slinking around the front of the truck, as she could count there was easily thirteen or fifteen lower ranked brigands just in case something got out of hand. It wouldn't have been the first time nor the last that some new recruit thought he owned the world and had the police follow him back to their location. Even once that she heard of that a cop tried to sneak ranks into their organization. She only heard ill tales of that one, before her time here.

    That was another story for another time.
  15. (( Sorry for the short post. ))

    The "rookie" knocked a couple times on the warehouse door before opening it and entering the large building. "Hellooo?" he called out, most of the interior hidden in the dark shadows, the rest lit only by dim light. He took a few steps deeper into the dusty Cabbage Corp Warehouse. "Miss? I got the money," he tried again as he let the two heavy bags fall to the floor. After this, he slowly scanned the darker corners for any signs of movement. He really hoped this wasn't going to turn sour. How awful that would be.
  16. Lighting the air with the blue flame in her palm, she sat astride the back of the pickup truck's flat bed nothing more than a few feet in front of him, a impressed bounce of a nod to her head expressing what words didn't.

    "Well look at that, perhaps you have more guts than I pegged you for, Kazu." she hopped down with a clack of her soles, rolling the flame through her fingers idly until she came into the pale light fully letting it extinguish with a snuff and a crackle, her eyes drew down to the bags on the floor.

    Palms smoothed along the cloth of her jacket, straightening out to curl a more sincere crooked sly smirk upon her lips; she made a slow sigh. "Suppose that means you're in," eyes held firm, "What's your thoughts Ren?"

    Heavy steps from the large man came from the dark, tagging a drag off a cigarette he had been waiting for a bit to light up, the looming beast exhaled with a amused chuckle. "He did what you asked, I think that's valid enough. We've got things to do anyways," a snap of his fingers and the warehouse was a live with quick footsteps that ran forward to scoop up the bags he presented and run towards the truck. Though she remained as she was. "You tagging along?"

    A wave of her hand, "Naw, I'll show the pup around a bit. Can't be too cautious even with the new ones you know." A hum and Ren tipped his head to her promptly leaving the scene when it became apparent he wasn't needed for those just in case situations. The warehouse flared with the engine, the bodies jumping in the flat bed as the headlights gave birth to the dark showing a long passageway that had been carved out more recently by a few decent earth benders, it would lead to a junction down below that would either take or break those who knew the passageways to the organize head quarters or just into the sewer pipe system.

    She hummed and shrugged her shoulder, "Names Nuriye. You did... well. Colour me impressed."
  17. Ah, they were here. Only hiding. Blue flames lit the area a few feet from Kazuhiro and he looked up to see his recruiter in the bed of a truck. She hopped out a few moments later, fiddling with the fire before extinguishing it and looking down at the bags. He couldn't help the smile that cracked his own lips when she said that he was in, though she did ask a man named Ren for his thoughts. Ren, who was large and intimidating in the factor of brute strength, appeared out from the shadows from the front of the truck and pulled out a cigarette to smoke. He gave his approval before a couple of people snatched the bags from beside Kazu. Oh, so there were more people hidden away in here, huh?

    After the woman decided that she'd show Kazu around, Ren left with even more people piling in the bed of the truck. A passageway had been created by earthbenders and the new recruit figured it definitely led to somewhere important. Their headquarters, even.

    "Nuriye," Kazu repeated with a smile, branding the name in his mind. "Nice to finally meet you," he said. "And thanks. I did pretty good, eh?" he gave another goofy grin before getting serious. "Did you watch me during the whole thing?" he asked.
  18. He was aware of everything around him, like an animal caged, always watching, always looking she noted. It was a good change of scenery from the dumb buggers she usually had to turn away because they merely wanted to revel in the name TTT rather than actually be a part of the cause. Morons. But there was still time for this one to prove he was no different. The night was young and the days were short.

    Hands tucked themselves away into the depths of her pockets looking upwards to the male before her face allowing herself to give him a sort of look that asked if she could see through walls. "Don't get cocky, that's liable to get you caught or hurt. That was nothing but small potatoes to some of the higher up activities some have to do." she might have waggled a finger to him if it were free, but she wasn't that keen on doing so.

    Stepping light around him, she made her way towards the door evidently not taking him down the long passageway the truck had gone. "I watched the sky, Ren did the watching of you. You passed, that's all that should matter correct?" a flick of her attention along the span of her shoulder and she lifted her brow. "Well come on now, the night is growing dull and some of us still have other jobs in the daytime."
  19. Kazu listened closely as Nuriye warned him not to get too cocky. She said that compared to other activities they had to do, his mission was pretty low ranked. He believed it. He knew it. The TTT was nothing to take lightly; they mainly acted as collectors in trade for protection, yes, but they also managed to pull of a great heist every once in a while, and did a lot of work that was under the radar of the police.

    He turned around as she stepped around him and he chuckled at her answer before started to follow her. "That's all that matters," he confirmed. "Is there like a schedule or somethin' you guys run off of?" he asked after she said the night was beginning to dull. He honestly didn't know if there were day and night shifts or if people were up all day and night doing runs. There had to be breaks at least.
  20. Feeling the clean crisp air upon her face as she stepped back out into the welcome bliss of the eternal velvet pitch, her body turned subtly as the rookie asked his first question. And it was a fairly common question at that.

    "You guys? Aren't you part of this now too?" a daring grin in a teasing manner, Nuriye waved her hand as if to dismiss the very notion. "We do most our bigger business at night, but there is really no schedule as you might think. Think of yourself as merely a hand to the bigger part of the picture. The brain, Zolt, tells us what to do and we simply do it. There is very little need to question why, just do. The sooner you come to accept that, the better. Life becomes just a little easier to bare," her steps paused looking down and over the collection of metal and machine that was a bike, "Must have enough cash around to afford something like that Kazu, where does a gent such as yourself come across a group like us really? It's been niggling at me since I laid my eyes on your stature. There is no way in the spirit realm that you are like the rest of us were. You had a roof over your head growing up right, with parents and rules to conform yourself into what should be labeled as a good citizen of society. Why come all the way down to the TTT?"