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  1. This is a new plot I had an idea for quite awhile

    My Character

    A master of stealth and espionage, though not a handled spy warranted under government rule. A vigilante of sorts, hacking into cartel mainframes and spotting thieves a mile off by computer, he lets tech and street smarts rule his hand in some of the biggest drug busts, murder cases and kidnapping rescues. His a savior of the people without being in the light, and instead, lets the police do their work, but leads them on the right trail. though he risks his life to get the info, and track down what needs to be done, he lets someone else take the glory.

    Your Character

    A cop in the suburbs, as cold as you are beautiful. You don't let nonsense get in the way of your work, though you let your hair down, slip into something nice and enjoy a nice quiet evening at night after your shift. You're single, and you like it..Maybe, I'm there to perhaps change that. I help you along the way, have done so for quite awhile. You were stubborn at first, and wanted to stop me. But I got away, and you got mad. I love it when you're angry. But time goes on, we meet again and again in some of the strangest ways, and eventually you welcome my comfort and presence in private. You got into the business to do what needed to be done, to do what's right. I'm there for you, to help you solve the case chief.

    The Setting

    Rural but furture New York, cybernetics and robotics run the roads in this new town, easing life in new age, but still the grime and drama of crime still runs strong. Old habits die hard, but the justice system uses high tech and old school know how hand in hand to take down every crime.

    I have gotten the best of the best equipment, able to hack and watch every camera on the streets, every profile in town is at my finger tips. You want my tech, but I'm not giving it up easily. Many want me dead, you want me safe. I'm not stopping easily.

    This is loosely based on the upcoming game Watch Dogs And will be more smut heavy. I require a female able to post big and handle a few characters though we would be focusing on the two main protagonists of the story, with others sprinkled in.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.