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2cc846ba-6ab5-4422-b031-236d06d3084a_zpsnllwn1vw.jpg Hell.
"Greetings mortal. It seems your time on earth has come to an end, oh, but wait! 'Why am I here,' you may ask. Well, I'll put it in simple words that you can understand. You have 'died', well, obviously, but you don't get to 'pass on' as some mortals say. What a funny way to say someone died and gets to rest peacefully, don't you think? What a shame you don't get to experience that. Oh! Look at that, I got carried away again. My, heh, apologizes. Now where were we? Oh! Yes. You are in Hell to put it bluntly. You are being punished for your sins blah blah blah. You know how it goes. Now....which circle are you in- Oh! What circle am I talking about? Well, I guess I have some time to spare..."
The Uncommitted

This is where the souls of people who in life did nothing, neither good or evil. These souls are neither in Hell or out of it. Their punishment is to eternally pursue a banner while being pursued by wasps and hornets that continually sting them as maggots and other insects drink their blood and tears.

The First Circle (Limbo)

Those that did not accept Christ reside in Limbo. The guiltless damned are punished by living in a deficient form of Heaven. Limbo includes green fields and seven gates to represent the seven virtues.

The Second Circle (Lust)

In the second circle of Hell are those overcome by lust. They are the first ones to be truly punished in Hell. These souls are blown back and forth by the terrible winds of a violent storm, without rest.

The Third Circle(Gluttony)

The "great worm" Cerberus guards the gluttons, who are forced to lie in a vile slush produced by ceaseless foul, icy rain. The gluttons lie sightless and heedless to their neighbors, symbolizing their cold, selfish, and empty sensuality of their lives.

The Fourth Circle (Greed)

Those whose attitude toward material goods deviated from the appropriate mean are punished in the fourth circle. The souls are split into two groups. The two groups joust, using great weights as a weapon that they push with their chests.

The Fifth Circle (Anger)

In the swampy waters of the Styx ( a river that flows between Earth and the Underworld,) the wrathful fight each other on the surface, and the sullen lie gargling beneath the water.

The Sixth Circle (Heresy)

In the sixth circle, Heretics are trapped in flaming tombs.

The Seventh Circle (Violence)

The seventh circle houses the violent. It is divided into three rings:

Outer Ring: This ring houses the violence against people and property. Sinners are immersed in a river of of boiling blood and fire.

Middle Ring: In this ring are the suicides. The suicides are transformed into gnarled thorny bushes and trees and then fed upon by Harpies.

Inner Ring: Here are the violent against God (blasphemers) and the violent against nature. All reside in a desert of flaming sand with fiery flakes raining from the sky.

The Eighth Circle (Fraud)

This circle is divided into ten Bolgie, or ditches of stone.

Bolgia 1: Panderers and seducers march in separate lines in opposite directions, while being whipped by demons.

Bolgia 2: Flatterers are forced to live in human excrement, which represent the words they produced.

Bolgia 3: Those who committed simony reside here. The souls are placed head-first in holes in the rock, with flames burning on the soles of their feet.

Bolgia 4: Sorcerers and false prophets have their heads twisted around backwards on their bodies so that they cannot see what is ahead of them.

Bolgia 5: Corrupt politicians are immersed in a lake of boiling pitch (tar.)

Bolgia 6: The hypocrites are seen here, listlessly walking around wearing gilded lead cloaks.

Bolgia 7: The thieves are located here. The thieves are pursued by snakes and lizards. The full horror of the thieves' punishment is revealed gradually. The snake bites make them make them undergo various transformations.

Bolgia 8: This Bolgia is devoted to fraudulent advisers or evil counselors, who are concealed with within individual flames.

Bolgia 9: In the ninth Bolgia, a sword-wielding demon hacks at the Sowers of Discord, dividing parts of their bodies as in life they divided others.

Bolgia 10: In the final Bolgia, various sorts of falsifiers- who are a 'disease' to society- are themselves afflicted with different types of diseases.

The Ninth Circle (Treachery)

In the final circle lies the traitors. There are four rounds traitors.

Round 1: Those who killed their own kin/family are here, immersed in the ice up to their chins. The place where shame can show itself.

Round 2: Here lies the traitors to political entities. They are punished in the same way as the first Round.

Round 3: Traitors to their guests are punished here, lying supine in the ice, which covers them except for their faces.

Round 4: Here lies the traitors to their lords and benefactors. All of these sinners are completely encapsulated in the ice, distorted in all conceivable positions.

"...Now that that explanation is out of the way, I have some more news for you.......

You're not actually in Hell. Just one that I've made here on Earth. Sorry for lying....but isn't that exciting?!? Well, exciting for me...not so much for you. What is with that look? Do not be scared or upset. I am simply training you for the day you actually die and get eternally punished. So you should be thanking me. Now, don't worry about feeling alone! There are plenty of other damned souls here with you! Let's see, which circle you belong in again. Oh yes that is right, you belong in (insert your circle here!) Now, my only rule is. Don't try and escape. If you try, and obviously fail, you will only WISH you were dead...."

Alright, this is a work in progress so I will probably edit it and make things look better, but I'll just tell you what's going on. Basically, you (your character) is being monitored, and has been for a very long time by a rather psychotic man. Who is, well, obsessed with Dante's Inferno. So, say your character murdered someone..he will kidnap you and take you to torture you in a way similar to Inferno. Except with a modern twist to it. Like I said, this a work in progress, and I am willing to take ideas on how, exactly, your character and other characters should be punished to fit the modern setting.

Now on what I do have in mind. I'm planning on this RP to be in maybe (emphasis on maybe) two parts. How exactly that is going to work out, I do not know exactly. Like I said, feel free to put in your own ideas!

Anyways I might as well post the CS:

[fieldbox="Character Sheet, red, solid"]


Age: 19+ please


Please use a real person, not anime


What sin did they commit: (What circle are you in?)


Just a short bio about your character



1. I am the GM so, in the end, my word is final. However I am a very laid-back person. So don't really worry about me being a jerk. And I plan on (maybe) getting a Co-GM so please listen to them as well.

2. Please no god-modding.

3. Please use decent grammar, enough to where the sentences make sense.

4. Please no sexy stuff, there will be minors in here. (I'm one soooo lmao)

5. I would rather the members that join this RP be 17+ due to all the violence, gore, and torture...but if you think you can handle it, then feel free!

6. All Iwaku rules apply

7. Just have fun! And if you have any questions, feel free to ask! I promise I do not bite.
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