Infernal Trial

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  1. This is a universe which has been guarded by many powerful men and women. In fact, many other alternate dimensions are not unlike it, right down to the wearing of strange costumes. Regardless, this is Earth-38, a world under the protection of 'Super-Heroes,' and primarily under the watch of the still growing American East Coast Super-Team, 'The Contenders.' But will even the combined might of all this world, and the strength of challengers and champions from others be enough to end this madness?...

    Now, shit hits the fan. A universe spanning event of cosmic proportions shall begin...

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    Century City was one of many to be hit following the first attacks coming upon the United States at approximately 9:23AM that Thursday morning. As a major midwestern city, it had like many been home to great industries and corporations, as well as the occasional costumed adventurer, or masked fighter.

    It was a dark day for them all.


    A figure over the skies of Century City watched as his hometown burned. For 17 years it stood there for him. And for over a hundred more it was around for all others to see. He'd been clad in only a black t-shirt, and a pair of light blue jeans.
    A pair of high-topped dark red sneakers covered his feet as he levitated above the chaos.

    It was only a mere two months ago that he had acquired the empowering infection known as the 'Syndrome Supreme' as named by the mad doctor who discovered it. It was a kind of mutation which applied itself seemingly as some sort of illness. At least until he realized his immune system choosing to take the day off that faithful time not too long ago would be the greatest decision of his life, granting Warren Everett with Great Strength, Flight, and a degree of durability against the elements. But even these abilities were in moderation, and thus he was unable to save many...

    Martian cruisers descended upon Earth, mostly consisting of green skinned humanoids and the strange mutants of the desert badlands of mars, with all their deformities, while the civilized 'primary class' led their forces. Martians were always a mixed lot. Gene pools so diverse, the martians were ever changing over the course of decades.

    And from the grounds far and wide. Rectangular portals leading into the depths of some lovecraftian dimension opened to release demonspawn and giant fiends consisting of cosmic entities bent on the destruction of humanity, as brought about by the international cult group, the Golden Pincer Society.

    "This is Centurion." He uttered into his phone, followed by an adjusting of the dark blue terry cloth wristbands he wore. "Century City has been wrecked: Need assistance. Martian Invaders to the Left of me, and Cthulhu's playmates to the right of me, and myself stuck in the middle… Please. I can't handle this alone!…"

    With that, he put his smartphone away, and took a deep breath… and then he promptly flew into a group of the martian invaders, pummeling them as they fired their weapons, pushing him back from the shots' concussive force and starting to scratch him after repeatedly firing on his chest area, preparing to end the human champion's existence there and then...
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  2. What seemed to be a normal boy running towards the group of martians quickly, but gradually seemed to turn into a fairly large beast running on all fours towards the group of martians. The beast jumped high into the air and landed with a punch in the middle of the group causing a large shockwave fan out around him. As the martians were in the air, he used his quick-like senses to jump into the air with the martians, slicing away with his claws before he hit the ground. He landed and let the limbs of the martians rain down all around him. He howled into the air then looked at his nemesis. He growled then turned back to his human form. "We meet again. How's life treating you?" he asked with sarcasm. He unsheathed his sword, and let an evil smirk crawl onto his face.
  3. Carnis runs into the scene her skull mask covering her face and her red hair in a bun. Her hood covers her hair up. She holds her scythe tightly and swings her sycthe at the martions missing them on purpose. "This is not your planet! Leave not or die!" They don't move and just stare at her. "Really? Not going to try and.... I don't know... kill me?" They point their laser guns and fire them at her. She dodges the best she can but some hit her arms and legs. She kills a few but is still a rookies at this.
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    The sudden arrival of two strangers who appears somewhat combat ready was a bit of a surprise, especially when a rather faintly familiar fellow with the ability to morph into an animal had appeared. Beggars can't be choosers, he figured. And nodded to the mysterious shapeshifter, whose name still eluded him despite any encounters they may have had in the past, which probably clocked into very few.

    "Miraculously." Responded Warren, as he took hold of a stop sign, and smashed it into the skull of an oncoming martian soldier. He followed this up by performing an aerial somersault, which allowed him to drop the back of his feet onto a bulky martian mutant, which seemed to be a large obsidian-shelled beast with a large pincer for a right hand, which fired a kind of distinct bio-electricity plasma hybrid. Which in english, means he was packing heat!

    "Forget whatever crap we pulled on eachother that I can't seem to remember." He advised the feral shapeshifter. "I've read enough comic books to know this is going to be big..."

    Off on ahead and up the street, The Centurion could spy a lone figure being shot at by a band of invading martians. With little hesitation, he proceeded to break the sound barrier, speeding up well past 763 miles per hour, and clocking in at 915. Better known as Mach 1, Supersonic speed. The kind that only Military Fighter Jets were capable of reaching in this day and age.

    With both fists forwards, he rammed straight into the whole lot of them. He wasn't able to directly take down all of them, but they had been scattered. Like a wildcat, he began bouncing around from one martian to the next, throwing whatever he could at them, regardless if he missed here and there, and managing to put most of them down, others too badly injured to fight. With that life or death situation out of the way... There was the matter of the newbie who had been waving a dangerous weapon around... in a not so threatening fashion.

    "It's called aggression." Scolded Warren. "If you go with the whole 'I-I'll Harm You~!' routine, you're bound to get other people, or worse yourself hurt."

    And with that, he flew further up the road, where one of the necro-portals were unleashing a creature the size of two armored trucks stacked on top of eachother.

  5. Korvan thought about it. "I guess it makes se-" his sentence was cut off by armored trucks that seemed to be speeding towards them. "The hell is that!?" he yelled in fear. He then noticed a girl who seemed to be losing in her battle with a few of the aliens. Korvan sped towards her and sliced a few aliens simply severing heads and stabbing hearts. Once his fight was over he looked towards the girl with the skull mask. "I guess you're new to this huh?" he asked.
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