Infernal Trial: Conflict on Numerous Worlds

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    At first, all seemed just a tad more chaotic than usual for a single universe that was comprised mostly of superhumans and other comic book style elements. The Martians decided to drop in, and start using their disintegrator rays on everyone, as they had about a month ago in that universe. Everything seemed somewhat normal for the people who lived in this dimension...

    At least, until this and multiple other universes began to see strange rectangular portals appearing on the ground, all over the planet Earth, and on other planets as well. With these strange portals appeared disaster, and lovecraftian monsters bent on terminating all mortals and those that defied them. Suddenly, Man, Woman, Child, Dog, Cat and Martian alike were gripped in fear. The great Cthulhu and his pantheon of space gods were upon them all in a sort of Ragnarok as foretold by the Norse, destroying all in their way, and yet seemingly giving a chance to fight back?...

    Now, heroes and villains from different universes are finding themselves appearing within this singular dimension where they shall do battle with the forces of the elder cosmic beings of the darkest reaches of the realms nether, where the most horrific and powerful of all reside...

    TL;DR - Our worlds are in peril, with our powers combined, we can stop a universe destroying lovecraftian elder god threat by traveling to a universe full of superheroes and such and making it our battlefield against the forces of evil.
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