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  1. Genre: Drama, Slice of Life, Band, Romance | Collaboration between: Mother Flakes, Vergilius & WishfulNemo

    Occasion: Summer Festival 2k15! - A festival that lasts for three days that is organised each year. Various bands are invited to come and play on the festival, famous and fresh faces alike. Everything that holds promise and is rising for the top, or already there, are invited to play on the stage and showcase themselves to the public. This also happens to be the same festival that made Maverick big with its original cast. Now with the members split they appear on stage again, however with new faces and a new name.

    Location: Open Field - The biggest eye-catcher of the place is the stage. Though it is just a black movable block it takes up the largest space and is set up in the middle of it. Underneath the stage the backstage can be found as well as the rooms where the artists can change and prepare for their time in the spots. The stairs are the the side of the stage, leading up to the back of the podium where there is room for the next artist to wait for their turn. In the back of the stage there is also a huge screen set up, so that even the visitors on the back of the field can see their favourite bands playing.

    Surrounding the stage stands can be found that sells various things. Ranging from food and drinks, to keep the visitors satisfied and hydrated, there are also stands that sells souvenirs from the more famous bands playing on the festival. It has everything the fans wish for, some signed plates to shirts and more! However, asides from goodies and food there is also more sinister business going on. As what a festival is notorious for there are a few rotten apples who have sneaked in drugs and the likes, selling them to the visitors in the shadows.

    Weather: Sunny and bright. There is no cloud on the vast blue sky and it is promising itself to be a hot and fine day. Perfect weather for the music festival to start.

    Time: The festival is still setting itself up and thus hasn't started yet. Despite the early time the first bands have already arrived, one of them being the new group Euterpe! Though the members were previously known to be part of Maverick they are starting over again under a new name with a fresh image. Many fans, visitors and also colleagues in the field are curious as to what Euterpe might bring to them, but they also hold many expectations as they had already established themselves as musicians before. In the meanwhile Maverick that is also arriving early is finding out that they have to share a room with Euterpe back stage. In the rooms that the organisers of the festival have prepared for their artists they accidentally put the members of Euterpe and Maverick together. For some inexplicable reason they had thought that the members parted on good terms, but they are about to learn why this is such a mistake!

    Now, with everything set the festival can only start!

    Light up the spots and turn the music on!​
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    Something was wrong. Albus was not entirely sure what gave him that idea. Perhaps it was his manager's face. Or how the man simply refused to meet his eyes. Maybe it was the weather, even though the sun was out and the sky was as blue as could possibly be. Nonetheless, Albus could not shake the feeling that things were about to go terribly, terribly amiss. His manager, Nicholas, was standing by the door, ponytail and glasses and all, with the same stony expression he had been wearing all day. The man was always this inexpressive, but he had never been so quiet (the man was notorious for his sarcastic remarks); and the silence in the room was absolutely deafening. Albus went up to Nicholas. He was significantly taller than the latter by a few inches, but Nick did not seem the least bit intimidated. "Spill it," Albus said, a threatening undertone lining his voice.

    Nick sighed. He glared at Albus condescendingly before handing him a piece of paper. The man did not have to speak; the look on his face said it all. What Albus was about to look at was bad news, and he was probably going to regret even looking at it in the first place.

    Albus scanned the piece of paper, but nothing even remotely interesting popped up from the page. It was just a list that comprised the line-up of the show. Albus already had the whole thing more or less memorised, and he could not comprehend why Nick would think this would make him upset. He scrunched up his brows in frustration. "It's the new band, Euterpe," Nick filled him in when he noticed, crossing his arms.

    Albus was at a loss. He could not help but raise his voice, "What about Euterpe? Get to the point already, old man." His impatience was getting to him, and it was not helping his mood. Of course, Nick was not an old man; that was just an exaggeration. If any, he was just a few years older than Albus. But the latter hated his guts, and if he had to exhaust all forms of derision he could come up with to get on the man's nerves, he was going to do it. Besides, if you're going to tell me something, tell it to me straight, Albus thought, Don't fucking beat around the bush.

    "You might be interested to know who comprises the band, Albus." Nick replied nonchalantly. Albus' eye twitched at the mention of his real name. It did not help at all that Nick had deliberately emphasised it, which was probably the point. "You might also be interested to know that you will be sharing this room with them."

    Sharing a room was an absurd idea, of course, but not totally out of the question. Albus did not exactly mind having to share a room with another artist or band, so long as they were not hideously disorganised. But was the band in question so awful that Albus had to be warned of the arrangements beforehand? Albus stepped away from Nicholas and took his phone out of his pocket. He googled the name 'Euterpe' immediately. There were a few hits; he clicked the first headline that caught his eye: "Euterpe: Former Maverick Band Members Make a Comeback" Albus did not have to read the article to understand what the headline meant, but he needed to know. He wanted to read the whole story before lashing out at anybody. And so he scanned the page. When that was done, he had the sudden urge to throw his phone to the wall.

    "You have got to be kidding me," he said seriously, squinting at the screen. A mixture of disbelief and indignation lined his fine features. With his free hand, he grabbed Nick by the collar. "Fix this," he snarled, before finally setting him free. Without saying another word, he headed straight for the door. Albus did not want to see Nick's face right now, and perhaps not ever. The man had done a great deal of damage. And until everything was resolved, Albus was determined to ignore him. He slammed the door shut upon storming out. "Fuck!" he yelled. Some of the staff who had been busy preparing for the show looked in his direction.

    It was going to be a very long festival.

    Location: Backstage; With: Nicholas
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    MARGAUX LECLAIRE Location: Backstage | With: Hyperion (@Vergilius )​
    "That girl last night was a total bitch. I mean come on, the guy was obviously with me and she dare flirt with him!" Margaux rolled her eyes as she clipped her phone between her chin and right shoulder. Having to talk to someone on the phone while carrying around equipment while carrying her own bag was certainly giving Margaux difficulties. Although she knew that there was staff, crew, and whatnot that could help her carry her things; Margaux preferred to do it herself. In her hands were the microphones the band --particularly Hyperion -- was to use on stage. Margaux wanted to show Hyperion how much she valued the equipment, how reliable she could be, why he should be with her.

    "I leave for the bathroom for two minutes. Two minutes!" Lola, the girl she was talking to on the phone, screeched into her ear. Margaux winced at the sudden loud voice and nearly dropped her phone. Her 'friend' was getting on her nerves now. Without any hesitation, Margaux took a deep breathe and finally let out her kept in frustration.

    "Lola" she said sweetly interrupting Lola's tirade about how much of a whore the woman last night was. The sweet tone of her voice certainly got her 'friend's' attention. "You looked like a grandmother last night. Couldn't blame your boyfriend for wanting to talk to another girl." Margaux dropped the fake sweet girl tone and bluntly added, "Oh. By the way, I was the girl you saw with Julio last night. He wasn't a good kisser, better find a new one." with that she hung the phone and quickly put it inside her bag. Despite knowing that she may as well have lost another 'friend', she wasn't particularly peeved. Lola was annoying anyway. With that, she continued on her way to set up the mics with her.

    All of a sudden however, she got interrupted by a man who seemed quite familiar to her yet she couldn't point exactly who he was. "Ms LeClaire! Let me help you with that" the man said as he approached him with a wink. Her brows furrowed and she unknowingly took a step back. Who the fvck is he. The man must've noticed her confusion as his smile immediately dropped. "You don't remember? It's me. Julio, from last night."

    Oh shit. Margaux faked a smile at him and began acting coy with him. "Julio! I'm sorry I didn't recognize you. Must be the light."

    Responding positively to her quick excuse, the man gave a laugh. "I think you may have had one too many drinks last night." He started to step closer to her. Her initial response would've been to move back, but she stopped herself. Gotta keep up the act. Julio stopped when he was only inches away from her. He stared directly into Margaux's eyes and Margaux found herself looking back. She saw lust in his eyes. "Here, let me get that for you." Julio said as he took the case Margaux was holding, his hand brushed hers as he did. Margaux felt a shiver run down her spine. It wasn't the good kind either, it was the 'oh-shit-I'm-being-touched-by-a-pervert' kind. She felt the same sensation from him last night, it was the main reason why ran away from him (not literally, she made up an excuse) the moment his lips touched hers the previous night. It was obvious the boy wanted more from her. While her ego bloated from the realization, she was also crept out by the boy and didn't want to be anywhere near him. What does Lola see in this guy.

    Before Margaux could even protest, Julio began walking away with the microphones. "I'll get this set up then. I look forward to see you play, maybe we could continue last night's events later on." he winked yet again at the last part of his statement. Then he was gone.

    DAMMIT! I wanted to impress Hyperion by setting up the equipment flawlessly! With a sigh, Margaux trudged towards their backstage room. She'll worry about Julio later, right now she had a show to play -- and a Hyperion to impress.

    Just as she arrived at the hall where their room was, she saw the man she wanted to see storm out of the said room. A joyous smile formed on her face, but it was immediately wiped away as she heard what his bandmate yelled. "Fuck!"

    Worried, Margaux ran to where Hyperion stood. "Rio! Hyperion!" As soon as she reached him, she grabbed his face with both hands and looked straight at his eyes. Margaux was trying to read him; however all she saw was anger and frustration. "Hey, what's wrong?" she gently asked as she began caressing his cheek, hoping that the action would calm him down a bit.
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    ARGUS • Maxwell Stirling
    Location: Some café near the festival venue
    With: Aaron (Euterpe's manager) → N/A

    Mentioned: Eirian Keegan (@Vergilius); Hayden Lee (@WishfulNemo)
    It was the day of the festival, or at least the first day of it. This day was Euterpe's chance to shine; shine like it was meant to, as cliché as it may sound. Maxwell was supposed to be preparing for the gig. There was ensuring all of their equipment was transported properly, making sure everyone in the band was around on time, perhaps even have one practice run before the show started. In short, Maxwell should be backstage, with his band. Yet he was at a café. Why? Because their manager apparently had something very important that he had to tell him.

    Maxwell drummed the fingers of his left hand on the table white his right was anxiously clenched into a fist. Impatience was written all over his face. The real question however, was is it truly preparations that plagued his mind or perhaps it was something else? Something hmm, illegal. Something shady. Something like drugs perhaps? If he was being completely honest, Maxwell was indeed thinking of it, but at the same time he was thinking of set up and preparations. He may be a druggy but he still knew what was important to him, to his band. It was his responsibility as the leader of, as the frontman of the band.

    The clattering sound of a bell as the door opened caught his attention. "Finally" he mumbled to himself as he watched a blonde man stride in towards his table at the corner. "You told me you'd meet me here 30 minutes ago." Maxwell kept his eyes on the man as he sat himself down on the chair in front of him. He was quiet, and Maxwell wasn't liking it one bit. "Well? What did you have to tell me Aaron?"

    When Aaron, Euterpe's manager, messaged him approximately an hour and thirty minutes ago, the cynic inside him already knew that whatever it was that Aaron was going to say was he wasn't going to like it one bit.

    Aaron looked straight at Maxwell. "Promise you wont pummel me to death once you hear what I have to say" Now he was getting worried. What could is be that the manager was so afraid of telling him. His patience was wearing thin, but he was a gentleman. Even if the man before him was merely their manager and not one of his nor Euterpe's fans, they were still in a public place. He couldn't lose his cool so easily. Maybe that's why he told me to meet him here.

    "Look. You know that I'm practically skin and bones right. Even if I were to hit you, I doubt it'd hurt. Just tell me what it is Aaron" Maxwell looked at him straight in the eyes hoping it'll urge him to reveal whatever it was he was going to say.

    The manager cleared his throat. "I tried everything in my power to stop it, to change it. Even at the very last minute, which is exactly why I'm 30 minutes late, but I couldn't change it. You and Maverick are sharing a room backstage."

    And the bomb just dropped. Surprise? Definitely. Maxwell was definitely surprised. He was also angry, seething even. But none of his anger was mirrored onto his face. The only indication of the rage he felt was his hand. His right hand that had been balled into a fist was clenched tighter than it was before. Maxwell closed his eyes for a brief moment, took a deep breath, and then opened them again. Once again, his eyes were directed at his companion. "Was that all you had to say?" The blonde nodded "Don't kill them"

    Maxwell flashed a sneer at the instigation. "I wont. Not physically at least. Can't say the same about Hayden. You know how much he hates Albus' guts." He then got up from his chair and began making his way towards the venue of the music festival; more specifically, towards backstage.

    Before that however, Maxwell took a short little detour to the men's room. The lack of other people in the room didn't bother him, in fact it greatly relieved him. The flame headed boy walked towards the sink in the middle and proceeded to splashing his face with the water that flowed from the faucet he opened. Maxwell looked up into the mirror and studied his reflection. Pale skin, thin body. It was no wonder why some people thought of him as sickly, his appearance was practically screaming it. But there was something else he saw that they didn't, emptiness.

    I have to inform my bandmates about the room arrangements. Maxwell took out his phone and typed out a quick message. 'Looks like we're sharing the backstage room with Maverick. Aaron says not to kill anyone.' his thumb pressed send and as soon as he saw that it was indeed sent, he tapped out of his message inbox and went to his contacts. Swiping up, he scrolled through his contact list. A, B, C... and finally stopped when he reached K. Eirian Keegan. Maxwell tapped on the call button and pressed the phone to his ear. The phone began to ring on the other side. Max hope that the girl would answer the phone before she arrived at the venue.

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    T he constant beeping of his phone annoyed the drummer. Hayden was aware that he should have gotten up long ago, preparing himself for the festival, however felt little for it. Yes, he was aware that today was an important day for the band, the new band, them as Euterpe, but the night before had been late. Everything had roamed through his mind, the whole ordeal before their departure, the chance that they were going to see Maverick again. The male hated to admit it, but he was afraid of what was going to happen if they did. Maxwell, or rather Argus now, really had made a change for the worst now. The old leader with only music as his passion seemed to have faded away now, replaced by some revenge obsessed druggie.

    Not that he was one to talk about change. The musician was very well aware that he had a problem as well, but he had it under control, unlike what most claimed. He could stop whenever he wanted and be done with it. Drugs, however, had been such a freedom to him. As if all of his problems didn’t exist anymore, and problems he had enough. Especially if he didn’t get up soon.

    Groaning one more time Hayden grabbed the beeping device next to him, bleary eyes staring at the screen as he saw the names of the manager and Maxwell pass by. What was it this time? Rubbing his hand over his eyes, trying to wipe away the sleep the male opened Maxwell’s message, not wanting to leave the man waiting with a reply. It was a mystery to the drummer as well, why he cared about the red head so much, but he guessed that it had to do with guilt. After all, the tears of the band were caused by him as he introduced Argus to it. Getting up from his bed Hayden lifted his phone up to his face again, squinting his eyes a little as he read the message. Something about Maverick it seemed and sharing a room.

    With another shrug Hayden dropped his phone on his bed again, leaving for the bathroom to wash himself up. Why did Maxwell have to message him about it? The man wasn’t sure as he let the cold water run over his fingers for a while. Just when he stuck his head underneath of it did the meaning of the message cross his mind. With cold water running over his head Hayden shot up, hitting his head to the tap as he groaned, carefully pulling his head out of the sink as he cursed. He better not bleed now, really, why always on the worst timing? Grabbing a towel Hayden struggled back to his bed, grabbing his phone again as he reread the message carefully.

    “Fuck.” He cursed as he threw his phone back again. “Fuck,” he cursed again as he kicked his bed, flinching at the pain he inflicted on himself. “Fuuu---“ Another string of curses escaped his lips as he limped himself around, trying to grab his few possessions together. He had to make it to the festival now, or wherever Argus was now. Running back to his bed again the blonde picked his phone up again, dialling the number of the band leader. He had to make sure that Argus hadn’t met them yet.

    “Pick up, please, just pick up,” he begged, as he heard the monotonous tune that signalled that it was still looking for a line. Cursing again the male kept his phone in place between his ear and shoulder as he jumped around trying to get his jeans on. What if Albus had already confronted him? Hayden groaned at the thought that Hyperion would be there as well, who thought that it was a good idea to put them together? They had split for a reason! And then he hadn’t even mentioned that woman yet. Groaning again, at the thought of having to meet her again, Hayden couldn’t believe that this was really happening. Just how much shit did he had to go through before fate finally decided to let him go?

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    ”How wonderful~ “ Desiree cooed to one of the organisers of the festival. It was a young beansprout that didn’t have much experience or clue and the female had made use of it. She had figured that Maxwell and his band would appear here, after all this was the place they had debuted at. These human sentiments were so easy to play around with, truly, all she had done was push her chest up to the male and flirted around for a week before the festival started. It had done the trick as he came to her with the news that her plan had succeeded, they were sharing a room with Euterpe. Smirking to herself Desiree flicked her hair to the back, knowing the drama it was going to cause and the chance she was going to get.

    Honestly, the idea had been simple. Once she heard that Maxwell had returned as Argus and with a new band Desiree had made immediate work to find out when and where they would debut. Framing herself to be a fan of his made it only easier as internet was a tattler. When she found out that they were going to debut on the same festival Maverick had debuted on years before, and was going to play at again, she threw in all of her charms and networks to get herself in contact with the crew behind the schedules. That this pimp happened to be in charge of the room preparations was just her mere luck that she gladly abused.

    Watching the young lad blush Desiree giggled to herself at how adorable he was. Adorably naïve as she wasn’t planning on staying in contact with him or to play around with the guy anymore. Not now that she had achieved her goal and now that she could move on to the next stage. However, as not to immediately break his heart, figuring that he must be of some use, the girl instead planted a kiss on his cheek before hurrying off. “And remember, it is our secret, okay?” she told him just before she disappeared around the corner. She had full faith in it that her cover was safe with this wimp.

    Running down the hallways the female felt fantastic, ideas pooling over in her as she thought of what she was going to do. Of course she was going to make this Maxwell, or Argus as he was called now, beg for him first. Afterwards she would proceed to ruin the whole band and make sure that Euterpe never got off the ground. Smirking to herself the brunette felt on top of her game. Yes, she was so ready to ruin their chances and grab her own. She was going to become famous, strong, loved by everyone and above all, rich. So rich that no one was ever going to laugh and point at her again. With another flick of her hand, throwing her hair to the back she then walked down the hallways behind the back, towards the changing rooms. She had to see the rest of the band, calculate their reactions as well.

    “Hyperion! Margaux!” she called them out in a shrill voice, her voice sounded just as happy as she was to see them, however either for different reasons. Her act was to pretend that she liked them, her true personality didn’t give another damn about them and was just happy to see their faces fall in devastation. Smiling to the couple Desiree covered her lips with her hand, making a small ‘oh’ sound as she bend down to stare at Albus. “What is wrong?” she asked, pretending to be worried. The look of frustration on the blue haired boy told the bassist that the manager had broken the news to him already, however if the same went for Margaux was yet to be seen. In any case the girl didn’t seem to have much of a reaction if she had, but Desiree wasn’t going to comment on that. She was just going to lean back and watch.

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    Too worked up over what he had just found out, Albus failed to notice the raven-haired girl who was now making her way towards him. The girl had been calling out his name, but he couldn't hear her, what with the endless ringing in his ears. Instead of greeting her properly, he remained rooted in place, his eyes fixated on one spot in the opposite wall. It was only when the girl had finally reached him and started touching his face did he finally snap back to reality. The girl was Margaux, a good friend and the drummer of the band he was in. Margaux was trying to calm him down, and her efforts were not wasted, for immediately upon seeing her Albus felt his tension dissipate. "Hey," he said, his voice filled with what seemed to be relief. His face relaxed, and it would have seemed as though he had finally returned to normal, if it were not for the trace of anger that still lingered in his eyes. Speaking with urgency, he continued in a low voice, "There's something I need to tell you --"

    But before he could divulge the bad news, a shrill voice interrupted him. "Hyperion, Margaux!" called out a familiar voice. Hyperion glanced at the direction from which the voice had come and saw a bubbly Desiree. She was now approaching the pair, practically skipping with happiness. Why was she so happy? Albus decided he did not care. She might have had a good day, but surely once she finds out about the arrangements with Euterpe she would be just as devastated as he was. Euterpe was now their rival band, after all.

    It did not take long for Desiree to realize that something had gone wrong. Perhaps the look on their faces gave them away. Albus gave out a long sigh and mentally prepared himself for the violent reactions that were about to come flying his way. He crossed his arms and looked at the two girls intently. "I don't like to be the bearer of bad news, but the sooner you find out, the better." He paused and glanced at Margaux. He was more concerned about her than he was about Desiree. Margaux tended to be self-destructive at times, and he wasn't sure how she was going to take the news, especially considering the fact that she and her brother, the drummer of Euterpe, were not exactly on very amicable terms. Nonetheless, he had to give her the heads-up, so that she could at least prepare for it. Desiree, on the other hand -- well, truth be told, Albus was not entirely sure how she would react, considering she was a new addition to the band and that she had had no history whatsoever with the members of Euterpe. Or if she indeed had a history with them, Albus was not aware of it. He continued, "Maxwell, Hayden, and Eirian have formed a new band. They will be playing at this festival, and for some fucked-up reason we are obliged to share a room with them." Albus' face contorted with anger once more at the mention of his former bandmates' names. "I told Nick to fix it, of course. But I don't think he'll come through, so don't get your hopes up," he added at the last minute, more as a note to himself than anything.
    Location: Backstage; With: Margaux LeClaire (@darkflames13), Desiree Caulfield (@WishfulNemo)
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    It was still quite early and there was plenty of time to spare, but Eirian was beginning to lose her patience. She had been going through her wardrobe for more than half an hour now, trying to decide what to wear, and if this went on she would not be able to arrive on the location on time. She sighed. In this vast closet space, full of clothes for all sorts of different occasions and an assortment of shoes that would rival even those of Imelda Marcos, there was absolutely nothing that she felt like wearing. After having picked at her closet for something to wear, the place was now littered with clothes. It looked as though the whole room had been trashed. Eirian scrunched up her eyebrows in frustration. She was starting to feel the oncomings of a headache. And so she decided to take a short break, walking towards one of the couches at the center of the room.

    Upon clearing the couch of the clothes she had strewn over it, she plopped down and crossed her legs. Resting her elbow on the armrest, she closed her eyes and kneaded her right temple, trying to mitigate her headache. Once she had sufficiently calmed herself down, she opened her eyes once more and glanced at the clock. Time was running out.

    Pursing her lips, she decided that she ought to simply choose whichever clothing was safest. That was the best option she had at the moment, and after all, one's career should always come first before anything else. Before fashion. Before love, even. And so she put on a black dress, silver heels, and a pair of hoop earrings and other jewelry. The rest of the time she had left, she spent by coordinating her clothes with her make-up, so that at least, while her dress might be plain, her beautiful face would be all the more highlighted.

    But while she tried to do her make-up, the phone began ringing. Once, twice, it rang. Incessantly, impatiently. She could almost imagine the person at the other end of the line, drumming his fingers on a tabletop, waiting for her to respond. By the third ring, she snapped and stomped over to the table where she had left her phone, banging the door to the dressing room as she did. Out of sheer frustration and irritation, Eirian did not take the time to find out who the caller was, and instead picked up the phone at the fourth ring. "What?!" She snapped before she could stop herself. As soon as she realized her mistake, which did not take more than a split-second, she looked at the caller I.D. and found out that the person at the other end of the line was Maxwell. She put the phone back to her ear and sighed, "Oh, dear, I am so sorry. Things have just been so hectic lately. What is it?" she asked, her tone relatively gentle this time. "Have I been misinformed about the call time? Am I late?" She knew that she wasn't late, of course. She always made sure that she had all the times right, even those for casual appointments. There was, after all, nothing more hateful and inelegant than a tardy person. She knew that she still had some time to spare, and that she should be able to arrive before the beginning of the show, but this was merely her roundabout way of asking what was wrong. She did not entirely understand why Maxwell would call her at such a time. They were going to meet each other in just a few minutes, after all. What was it that he wanted to tell her that it couldn't possibly wait until later? She would have understood if they were still together. Sometimes couples, especially those in the honeymoon phase, can't stand a minute without knowing what the other was up to, or at least hearing their partner's voice. But Maxwell and Eirian were already past that phase. They were more than past that phase: they were broken up, though every now and then Eirian couldn't help but tease the boy a little. There's some satisfaction to be gained from successfully ensnaring a man in your trap, after all. Something so simple as a smile or the pet name "dear" made boys weak at the knees. "Well?" Eirian asked, the faintest hint of impatience lining her voice as she waited for Maxwell to speak.

    Location: Keegan Residence; On the Phone With: Maxwell "Argus" Stirling (@darkflames13)
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    MARGAUX LECLAIRE Location: Backstage | With: Hyperion (@FieryCold); Desiree (@WishfulNemo)​
    "Hey" Albus responded with a sense of relief which in turn relieved her. It filled her with joy how she was able to calm him down, even if it was only by a bit. Of course, she didn't let any of this joy to show. It was obvious that the boy was already troubled, the last thing she wanted to do was for him to feel as if she wasn't taking seriously. "There's something I need to tell you" he began to say. Margaux hung on every word. 'I need to tell you that I've finally realized that I need you. I want to be with you. Please be mine forever' she imagined him saying before going down on one knee and pulling out a gorgeous diamond ring. Her eyes lit up at the thought and she bit her lip in anticipation. Come on, just say it. I wont say no! Unfortunately for her, whatever it was he was about to say had been cut of by a shrill female voice, one that she recognized to be none other than... "Hyperion! Margaux!" a brunette happily called out to them as she made her way closer. Desiree.

    Margaux lowered her hands from Hyperion's face, one rested on her hip and the other fell to her side. She glared at the approaching brunette but immediately wiped it off her face a second after. Where the fvck had she been? She's late. Now that was a lie, Margaux knew that Desiree was just on time but she liked to think that she was late since she was the last among the three of them to arrive. Even if they arrivals were merely minutes apart from each other. Margaux watched as Desiree give a surprised expression. "What is wrong?" the aforementioned girl ask. At least she's caught that something was wrong. Then again, she was one to talk, having such thoughts that were definitely inappropriate given the current situation. The drummer turned back to their frontman waiting an answer for the exact same question.

    Hyperion sighed, just from that alone Margaux knew that her little fantasy was no where near to becoming a reality at the moment. "I don't like to be the bearer of bad news, but the sooner you find out, the better." he said before taking a pause and glancing at her. The raven-haired girl furrowed her brows in confusion. What? Something told her that whatever it was that Hyperion was about to say, she wasn't going to like it one bit. 'Go on' she mouthed to him. It was better that he get it out and done with sooner, they still had a show to perform after all. Besides, it couldn't be that bad that Hyperion had to--"Maxwell, Hayden, and Eirian have formed a new band. They will be playing at this festival, and for some fucked-up reason we are obliged to share a room with them."

    "MOTHERFVCKER" she screamed as soon as she heard Hyperion's words. Okay. She was wrong. It was that bad. Margaux groaned. She didn't even hear the last part of what Hyperion was saying, all she heard was something about their bastard of a manager Nick. All that she thought about at the moment were her former bandmates, particularly her brother--her damn brother Hayden Lee. Why do we have to share a room with them of all people! She ran a hand through her short hair and took deep breaths to try and calm herself down. "I need a drink."

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    Had they heard the news already? Desiree wasn’t too sure as she stood next to them, frowning slightly as Albus started to explain what happened. Flashing a look over to Margaux the female mentally snickered at herself. That look of impatience, for now she was jumping up and down to hear it, but soon she would wish that she hadn’t. Returning her gaze over to the frontman the brunette gave him a look of reassurance, as if encouraging him to go on. However she didn’t give it out of concern, no, she was triumphing inside on the revelation of what she had done and that no one would suspect her. Who would anyway? She was the new girl, the one left in the dark and the one who isn’t supposed to be knowing about this either. Lowering her chin a little Desiree prepared herself to put on her best face forward once the news was out.

    "Maxwell, Hayden, and Eirian have formed a new band. They will be playing at this festival, and for some fucked-up reason we are obliged to share a room with them." Desiree bit her lip as she tried not to smile. This was a dire situation, or supposed to be very dramatic and all. However for the girl it was a game, a game she was winning hard. “W—what?” the girl stuttered, setting her eyes wide as she stared at them, her lips slightly apart as she was staring at Maverick’s frontman in disbelief. “Aren’t these the former bandmates?” she questioned, but she knew damn well what the answer was. She just liked to play dumb so that they wouldn’t suspect her.

    Holding herself, Desiree was about to put up another act of sympathy when Margaux interrupted her with a loud curse. Staring at the girl with genuine shock Desiree felt a giggle brewing up from her chest, but the girl covered it up with a cough as she stepped away from the drummer. “Margaux, darling, there is no use in getting angry,” Desiree said, her voice soft as in a whisper. As if she was just as upset as they were after hearing the news. Stepping forward to the girl the bassist tried to put an arm around her, as if she wanted to comfort the poor thing. However she was reluctant to do so, unsure if the drummer was going to get physical with her. Desiree wasn't exactly friends with any of them. Yet. “Maybe that we can switch rooms with one of the other bands?” she offered, trying to come up with a solution, but Desiree already knew that it was going to be impossible to switch rooms. No one wanted to share a room with the ‘druggies’. Besides, it was going to make them look like wimps as well if it ever got out into the public. No, this was a spectacle that Desiree was eager on taking part of, the sort of drama that she would love to watch.

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    ARGUS • Maxwell Stirling
    Location: Festival Venue - Bathroom
    With: N/A

    Mentioned: Eirian Keegan (@FieryCold); Hayden Lee (@WishfulNemo)
    "What?!" the person he called snapped at him the moment she picked up the phone. Argus frowned at the reaction. Did she find out? Did Aaron tell her? The redhead relaxed when Eirian realized her mistake and offered an apology followed by an inquiry of whether she was late or not. He took a deep breath. All of a sudden he was a lost for words. It wasn't like he forgot what he was going to say, it was impossible for him to forget such news after all. Try as he might to not be affected by the situation, he was. It was the band that started it all; and the people that ousted him. His freehand clenched into a fist, seething, as he remembered what they did to him, what Albus did to him.

    "Well?" Eirian's voice over the phone brought him back from his train of thought. Argus let out the breath he didn't even realize he was holding and proceeded with what he was about to say. "We're forced to share a room with Maverick." His words were straightforward and to the point. The frontman had earlier planned on asking first where Eirian was and ease into the subject, but he decided against it thinking it would be better to just come with it straight. Quite honestly, Argus didn't know how she was going to react. Would she be upset upon seeing her ex again? Or was she going to be enraged and lash out? He thought he understood her but it was evident that he didn't. Now that he thought about it, was there even any need to immediately inform her? Perhaps there wasn't. In any event, he knew the female wouldn't have liked being kept in the dark so what he did wasn't completely unnecessary.

    "That's all I wanted to say. Don't worry you're not late. Not yet at least." He paused for a while, thinking of what to say next. There wasn't really anything left to say however he also didn't want to hang up. Hearing Eirian's voice comforted him. It may have not been enough to keep his mind from wandering off into thoughts of the past just moments ago, it still brought him some form of comfort. But he knew he shouldn't be taking up any more of her time. If he did, then the bassist might not make it to the show on time. "I'll see you later. Take care on your way to the venue." Argus moved the phone away from his ear and immediately pressed the 'end call' button.

    He looked once more at his reflection on the mirror. He's considered how both members would probably react, though he was mostly probably wrong about how he thought Eirian would react, but what about him? What would happen once he saw them again? Initially he thought he'll simply act cold towards them, but looking back at how he felt upon hearing the news from Aaron and just a minute ago as he relived memories of the past in his head, he was starting to doubt he would be able to maintain his cool and act calmly in front of them. Argus wasn't the type to resort to violence but at that moment he felt like punching someone. In fact, he was quite tempted to punch the mirror in front of him. The only thing that was preventing him was the thought of the band's playing quality dropping due to him injuring his hand through over such a stupid thing. He sighed. How long has it been since my last.

    It hasn't even been two minutes since he got off the call with Eirian and already his phone began to vibrate in his hand. Hayden Lee was the caller id that displayed on the phone screen. Argus raised an eyebrow confused as to why the drummer was calling. He waited for another second to pass before finally answering the call. "What is it Hayden?"
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    At long last Maxwell picked up, relieving Hayden as his worst fears left him. “Maxwell,” he said, quickly realising what he was saying the male grunted a little, pinching the bridge of his nose. “I mean, Argus,” he sighed, tired of how the leader was trying so hard to smother out his old identity. “About your text earlier,” he continued, frowning again. He really didn’t feel like sharing the backstage room with the other group, especially not them, not her. “Are you serious?” Hayden sounded desperate as he finally asked the question he wanted. Where they f*ck*ng serious? The male couldn’t believe how morbid everything turned out. That woman would be there.

    “Where are you now?” the male shot out his next question as he walked out of his room, finally heading over to the festival like he was supposed to. His mind was mulling as he tried to find a way to kick Maverick out of their room. “Can’t Aaron fix this? Can’t we do anything about this?” Hayden continued, but soon found that he sounded whiny. This was too awful, the man who had ruined Maxw- Argus’s career would be sharing the same room as they did, the woman who was the cause of it all as well. This must be their planning, Hayden convinced himself as he crossed the streets. It must be, they had heard they were coming back and found they hadn’t humiliated them enough.

    “I’ll be there in a bit, we have to fix this before the festival starts,” he spoke one last time through the phone before he dialled off. A car honked at him, coming to a close stop next to the drummer who jumped back a little. “Watch it, rascal!” and another string of curses followed the male who was hastening his way over to the grounds. He had to fix this, he had to, no matter what. They had to prevent this from happening, no matter what. He wouldn't be able to hold the promise not to kill anyone if this wasn't fixed.

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  13. Much to Albus' surprise, the first to react to the news was Desiree. 'W-what?' she faltered, her eyes wide with surprise. Staring at Albus, she continued, 'Aren't these the former bandmates?' Albus unfolded his arms. Frown deepening, he recalled some not-so-endearing memories with the old band. Giving the girl a curt nod, he replied, 'Yeah, they're the reason why everything went to shit.' Albus' jaw visibly tightened at the last word. His hands curled up into fists at his sides. Thinking about Maxwell and the rest of the gang made him want to strangle someone.

    'Motherfucker!' Margaux screamed. While Desiree twitched at the sudden outburst, Albus remained relatively unperturbed. It was just as he had expected. Gently, he caressed Margaux on the back in an effort to calm her down. 'Margaux, darling, there is no use getting angry,' Desiree softly whispered. 'Maybe that we can switch rooms with one of the other bands?' To this, the boy sharply replied, 'Like I said, Nick is looking into it.' Though he felt somewhat sorry for snapping at the girl, he could not bring himself to apologise.

    Margaux ran a hand through her hair and took a few deep breaths. 'I need a drink,' she said. Albus looked at her worriedly. Placing his hands on the girls shoulders, he bent forward slightly and looked the girl in the eyes, as though searching for something indescribable. 'Look at me,' he whispered to the girl, 'Everything will be fine, Go. Everything will be fine.' An intoxicated drummer was the last thing they needed right now. The situation might be completely uncalled for, but as they say, the show must go on. Dropping his hands, Albus drew himself up to full length. Looking at both girls, he said, 'Let's practice while we still have time.'
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  14. [​IMG]
    Location: Backstage | With: Hyperion (@FieryCold); Desiree (@WishfulNemo)
    "Margaux, darling, there is no use in getting angry," Desiree's attempt at comforting her somehow only made her blood boil even more than it already was. Margaux felt as if she would explode from all the negative emotions (mostly anger) that she was facing. In fact, she wanted to scream once more; just to let it all out. But she restrained herself. It was bad enough that she screamed 'motherfvcker' out loud. Then again, when did she ever care? Never. "Maybe that we can switch rooms with one of the other bands?" Desiree spoke once more, this time it wasn't directed at her but rather towards their leader Hyperion. Margaux had to fight everything her to prevent her from just rolling her eyes at the statement right there and then. Don't you think Rion would've done that already if it were possible. Hyperion's next words only confirmed this little thought of hers... sort of. It wasn't exactly on point, but it was close enough.

    Still need that drink though. Just as she began thinking of where the nearest and earliest opening bar is located at, she felt a pair of hands settle on each of her two shoulders. Margaux reflexively gave a slight jump at the sudden touch, but when she traced the arm that connected to the hand and saw who it belonged to, Margaux immediately relaxed and eased into the touch. A pair of beautiful blue eyes were now staring into hers. Hyperion's gaze was melting, and honestly at the moment Margaux wanted nothing but to melt in the boys' arms. "Look at me" Oh darling I am definitely looking at you. "Everything will be fine. Everything will be fine." Hyperion repeatedly whispered into her ears. Every anger she felt from before Hyperion touched her seemingly disappeared. It was scary how the boy had such an effect on her. Margaux knew she had it bad for Maverick's lead.

    The moment of course, did not last forever--much to Margaux's chagrin. Hyperion soon dropped his arms back to his sides and stopped looking only at her and started acknowledging Desiree's presence as well. A slight pout formed on her face at this. "Let's practice while we still have time" Hyperion suggested. Normally Margaux would immediately jump and say yes, but right now her mood wasn't exactly at it's peek--well, it was a few moments ago, but now that has passed and she's unfortunately reminded herself that they'll be sharing a room with Euterpe. Margaux had half a mind to tell Hyperion that she was skipping out practice to clear her mind, in other words drown her sorrow in alcohol. But of course, Margaux decided against it. A person who'd rather get drunk than practice was certainly not the image she was hoping to give Hyperion. No guy would be impressed by such an image.

    Margaux sighed. "Alright" her answer came out in a tone that was less than energetic, less than the usual Margaux. All her anger had seemingly been converted into fatigue. It seemed to have drained all the energy out of her.
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  15. [​IMG]

    'We're forced to share a room with Maverick,' Maxwell had said on the phone. A few seconds had already gone by since the boy hung up on her, but Eirian still clutched the phone close to her ear, her lips parted slightly in surprise. Maxwell's voice echoed in her head, but the girl still could not quite believe it. Maverick? Had she truly heard right? Eirian tried to call Max again -- she had not been given the opportunity to respond to the sudden news -- but the line was busy. Maxwell was making another phone call, but to whom? It took Eirian no longer than a second to realise that it must be their other band member, Hayden.

    Once again, the girl found herself plopping onto the couch. She cradled her head in her hands as she tried to straighten her thoughts. What should they do now? Surely, something could be done to fix the situation. She did not want to face Hyperion or Margaux; though she tried her very best to hide it, traces of guilt still lingered within her. She had never regretted betraying Hyperion's trust, but still she thought herself partly to blame for the band's demise. Not only that, but what could Maxwell be feeling now? Secretly Eirian still had feelings for him. Even if she would sometimes mock him. Even if they had already broken up. Eirian sighed; she honestly did not know what to do.

    Moments went by as the girl tried to regain her cool demeanour. Though she did not want to, she had to face the problem. Sharing a room with an enemy band might be of some inconvenience, but it had to be done nonetheless. Today's concert was Euterpe's first; they could not possibly risk bailing the festival at the last minute. That would only cause some unnecessary attention and would undoubtedly affect the reputation of their new band. Moreover, doing so would be like admitting defeat. And Eirian had never been one to admit defeat. Something had to be done. And so, with that thought in mind, Eirian quickly made last minute preparations and headed for the car. She only hoped that the other members would arrive when she did, just so she would not have to face Hyperion and the rest of the band members all alone. As she slid into her car, she sent Maxwell and Hayden a short message. Just to be sure. It read, 'Text me when you get there.'

    Location: Keegan Residence ; Interacted With: Maxwell Stirling (@darkflames13) and Hayden Lee (@WishfulNemo)
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    As expected her attempts to soothe Margaux had no effect. However, that was expected as well. The female was a ticking time bomb, self-destructing herself at any moment with the slightest trigger. That was one of the reasons why Desiree had especially fun hanging around the drummer. To any other outside it may have seemed like that she was trying hard to be friends with the only other female member of the band, however, Desiree had ulterior motives playing at hand.

    Retracting her hands from Margaux the new member wasn't quite sure how much farther she could push the act of familiarity. After all, as mentioned earlier, Margaux was like a time bomb and she could very well explode at her as well. She would have almost given herself away wasn’t it for Albus sharp reply. Was the leader also losing his cool? Parting her lips the female gave him a surprised look, almost seeming offended. How dare he snap at her, surely she had done something wrong, but that was something they didn’t know. He had no reason to give her such an attitude, but Desiree forgave him. Everything for live entertainment and what Albus did next gave Desiree more than enough reason to pardon him.

    What a sweet couple moment they shared! Watching the blue haired bassist lean forward Desiree’s face morphed into a sly and curt smile. Her eyes glittered at the sight playing out in front of her. Everyone, except from this bright haired idiot, knew that the drummer had a huge crush on the leader. The girl wasn’t exactly hiding it either, the way her knees bend a little and how her eyes filled with bliss. Desiree knew how to recognise the look of a love-sick puppy from miles. How adorable. She mused to herself, but quickly put on a poker face again.

    “Anyway,” Desiree chuckled awkwardly as she waved her hand a little, trying to catch the attention of the other two. The mood of being the third-wheeler was felt thickly in the air. Averting her eyes from the couple the brunette pretended that she was bashful because of the sudden act of intimacy displayed in front of her. Be embarrassed, she commanded them to be inside of her head, mocking them inside of her mind. Why no one had discovered her as an actress yet was beyond her, but she definitely deserved an Oscar. “I’m going to head over to our room,” she mumbled, obviously trying to act uncomfortable about the idea. “Should I text you guys when they aren’t in the room?” she continued, blinking innocently. “I mean…” she stopped in the middle of her sentence as she held herself in her arms, hugging her small form. “Isn’t it for the best if you try to avoid them as much as possible?” she continued. “That until we can move, or they do,” she ended in a whisper, but knew that none of the solutions were going to work. It was her organisation after all.

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  17. As soon as Eirian stepped out of her car, all hell seemed to have broken loose. People swarmed around her like moths, but she pushed forward, heels clacking against the pavement that led to the backstage entrance. Meanwhile, bodyguards flanked her at all sides, shoving away anyone that got too close. People waved around posters and pens in her face. Cameras flashed everywhere. Eirian simply adjusted her sunglasses, unfazed. Years of exposure to the limelight made her something of an expert in such situations; besides, this kind of thing never bothered her. In spite of all the distractions, she managed a steady and graceful pace, and before long she was safe within the establishment.

    Eirian did not know where the room was located exactly. It also seemed that she was the first among her band mates to arrive, as Max and Hayden had yet to confirm their whereabouts. But this was easily solved. She asked around, and one of the staff happened to be gracious enough to escort her to her room; although perhaps she might have coaxed him just a little into doing so. As they walked along the hallway where the room was supposedly located, Eirian took out her phone and started texting her band mates. It was so that she did not notice the group of people huddling at the opposing end until her bodyguard nudged her in the shoulder.

    'Ms. Keegan,' he began hesitantly.

    'What?' Eirian demanded, eyes still fixated on the screen of her phone. Quickly, she typed the rest of her message: 'I'm at the festival. Where are you?' and hit Send.

    The bodyguard cleared his throat nervously. 'It is, er, Maverick...'

    Eirian stopped in her tracks, still refusing to look up from the screen. 'I should have just waited in the car,' she hissed, closing her eyes and shaking her head slightly. Taking a deep breath, she slid her phone into her pocket and walked towards the group. There was no going back now. Seeing her estranged friends was inevitable--she knew that much--but she had hoped she wouldn't have to do it alone. Where were Max and Hayden, and what was taking them so damn long?

    'Hello,' Eirian stopped just a few feet away from them, smiling at the familiar faces. Her face and tone betrayed nothing, but underneath that perfect mask she felt horribly uncomfortable. 'It's so nice to see all of you again.' She leaned towards Margaux and attempted to give her a hug.
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  18. [​IMG]ARGUS • Maxwell Stirling
    Location: Backstage

    With: Eirian Keegan (@Cold); Euterpe (@Cold, @WishfulNemo)
    Mentioned: Hayden Lee (@WishfulNemo)
    "Maxwell" the drummer said over the phone. Argus flinched a bit upon hearing the name. He didn't like it, the name reminded him too much of the past even though it was something that he could never truly escape. Regardless, he decided not to make a remark. Sparking up unnecessary drama with his drummer over something so trivial was the last thing they needed. There was already enough drama that was brewing. Besides, Hayden didn't give him a chance to react as he immediately corrected himself upon realizing. "About your text earlier" he continued. "Are you serious?" Argus couldn't help but notice the hint of desperation in his voice. He understood why though. Argus wasn't exactly sure of the details, all he knew was that Hayden and Margaux's relationship was one of those that got greatly messed up during that time.

    Argus nodded in answer to Hayden's question not realizing sooner how he was in a call and Hayden couldn't see what he was doing. It wasn't until the drummer shot another question his way did he realize what he just did. Argus couldn't help but face-palm at his stupidity. "Yeah. Right now I'm at the bathroom. I'll be heading to the room in a while." He was certain that this was the answer that Hayden wanted to hear the least but it was the truth, there was no point in hiding it from him. If anything it would be worse if he found out later. Argus could only imagine what his reaction would've been if he came in and saw Euterpe unprepared.

    "Can't Aaron fix this? Can't we do anything about this?" the slight desperation that he heard earlier became much more clearer this time, not only in his tone but in his choice of words as well. However, there was something else about the drummer's choice of words, something that ticked off the red haired man. He couldn't comprehend why he would still ask such a question. Did it seem like Argus wanted to share the same room as their ex-band mates? Of course Argus did what he could to try and stop it from happening! But there was simply nothing that could be done. "I already--" he paused, noticing the frustrated tone he was using. Argus sighed and took a deep breathe to try and calm himself down before restarting what he was saying, this time in a much more calmer tone. "I already talked to Aaron about it earlier and he said that there was nothing he could do to stop it." There was a brief moment of silence before Hayden spoke again. "I'll be there in a bit, we have to fix this before the festival starts" Not even hiding his frustration this time around, Argus immediately spoke "Look, I already said--" Hayden dropped the call before Argus could finish what he was saying.

    "Dammit Hayden!" It took all the willpower in him to resist the urge to throw his phone in frustration. Instead, he placed it back in his pocket and resorted to kicking one of the closed stall doors causing it to open with a loud and audible bang. Although Argus knew that no one was in the immediate area, from how hard he kicked and how loud the sound was, he knew that someone was bound to check it out. Not wanting to deal with the consequence of potentially damaging the property, he left the bathroom and proceeded to where the cursed room they were sharing with Euterpe was.

    Just as soon as he exited, his phone gave a short buzz in his pocket. A text message. Part of Argus was hoping that it was Aaron messaging him some good news, such as getting them a different room, however the cynic in him knew that it wasn't going to be the case. And he was right, it wasn't Aaron, it was Eirian. 'Text me when you get there' it read. Argus raised a brow upon reading it. He was already at the venue, did he neglect to inform her? Whatever the case, he quickly typed in 'Already at the venue. On my way to the room.' and sent it. He continued on his way and as he did only one question kept repeating in his mind are you ready for what's to come?

    As he drew nearer he felt his steps become heavier. One last turn at the corner. He felt another buzz in his pocket, another text from someone. He fished the device out and read the message as he walked. It was Eirian again. 'I'm at the festival. Where are you?' Argus was about to type up a reply when he reached the hallway their room was at and saw Eirian already facing the enemies. For a few seconds he merely stood there staring at the three members of Euterpe. There was Albus and Margaux, that much he recognized, but who was their third? He couldn't see the face as Eirian was blocking her from his view at that moment but he could see that it was a girl with light brown hair. For some reason it felt like he knew the new member of Euterpe. When Eirian leaned towards Margaux in an attempt to give her a hug, Argus' view of the girl and allowed him to see her face. However even as he did he still couldn't pinpoint who she was. In the end he shrugged it off and proceeded to approaching the group, his present band mate in particular. Who ever the girl was, she clearly wasn't worth remembering.

    "Eirian." he called to her as soon as he was near. Unlike Eirian, Argus chose to ignore their former friends. "I'm here now. Where's Hayden?"
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  19. Hayden Lee

    “Let me through.”

    There was a slight tension between the guards and the drummer. The two waiters stood tall, showing no signs that they were moving to the side. Tall figure, arms crossed, and an ear piece in, Hayden had no chance in moving this human wall.

    “Listen buddy, do you know how many people come here and claim to be you?” one of the guards spoke up. Hayden could hear the disdain in their voice, the disgust and their weariness. It made the blond frown even more, gritting his teeth a little as he continued to glare into eyes hidden by sunglasses.

    Why couldn’t they believe him? The man threw his arms into the air as he made a turn around. How would he get through now? He forgot his wallet, so an ID he didn’t have to proof who he was. Asides from that the male happened to be so stupid as to come in his old shabby clothes to the festival. Why hadn’t he dressed up a little, made himself appear more like a musician? Eirian would definitely have a number on him if she saw his clothes again.

    So how was he going to show them that he was Hayden Lee, the man they didn’t believe him to be? Pressing the bridge of his nose the male thought about it before turning back again.

    “Okay, look, I really need to get in. My bandmates are inside and are about to meet some nasty people,” Hayden started as he tried to explain it. However, the expressions, or the lack thereof, told him that they weren’t listening.

    “Just… Get a staff member or something to identify me. They must have a list of guests and everything,” the male continued as he sighed to himself. Why were people so stubborn?

    After spending another ten minutes gaggling at the entrance leading to the changing rooms the guards finally let him in. They had finally called one of the people in charge of the festival to confirm his identity. Luckily the staff member recognised his messy appearance and bed hair, though the male supposed that this style was also his image. He couldn’t really recall ever doing anything special about his appearance besides from bothering himself to look for clean clothes. Something that didn’t happen today, unfortunately.

    Running down the hallways Hayden had already left his trail of chaos behind. First he walked into an unfortunate soul who had too many stacks of paper loaded up his arm. Papers scattered around in the hallways, but Hayden didn’t bother to look and see if his victim was fine, or if he had to help pick up the papers. Something he definitely should have.

    Then there was a fellow musician who tried to greet him, probably congratulate him on his return as well. Hayden had none of it as he continued his way, ignoring his colleague. That he would probably get back on his plate later, but the drummer didn’t care. He just wanted to get to the rest of the band.

    Feeling his phone buzz, telling him that he had a text the male didn’t bother to reach for it either. Who would text him anyway? Hayden decided that it must be unimportant if the sender didn’t bother to call him. He would read it later. For now he had other priorities to attend to.

    Halting his tracks just as he was about to round a corner the drummer tried to calm down his erratic breaths before rounding it. He was near the changing rooms, he knew, which meant that he could run into his bandmates any moment now, or if they hadn’t arrived yet, into his enemies. He couldn’t have them seeing him in this panting state.

    “Eirian, Ma—Argus!” Hayden called out to his bandmates as soon as he saw them. Unfortunately it seemed that they had ran into the rest of their former bandmates as well. He tried to keep his breath composed, pretending that he hadn’t been running around like crazy, and his expression stoic.

    Nothing out of the ordinary seemed to have happened so far. Eirian seemed to be engaging herself in a greeting with their former partners, holding that woman in her arms as he walked up to them. Despite trying to play it cool Hayden’s expression did turn a little sore at the sight of her, feeling a slight hint of disgust brewing in his stomach.

    “What are we standing here for?” he casually addressed his bandmates, ignoring Maverick to his own convenience. They hadn’t even entered their room yet and the blond was already losing his patience with this bunch.

    “Let’s go. No use standing here and blocking the way,” he said, not wanting for any drama to come out, but neither wanting to stand here for any longer than needed. He just hoped that the other band would screw off and go somewhere else. It would be the best for everyone if they just avoided each other for the rest of the festival’s duration.

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  20. "Anyway,"
    Desiree interrupted, chuckling. Hyperion slightly raised his eyebrows at this but gave it no further thought. He had too many things on his mind right now to catch on to whatever Desiree was insinuating. "I'm going to head over to our room. Should I text you guys when they aren't in the room? I mean... isn't it for the best that you..." The girl continued on, but Hyperion could no longer hear her. When he saw Eirian's figure at the other end of the hallway, all time seemed to have stopped and all sounds, sucked in by some invisible vortex. He felt his jaw clench. Eirian had not seen him yet--her eyes had been glued to the phone the entire time, but soon enough she lifted her face. For a while, Hyperion stared at her, emotions swirling inside of him like a raging typhoon. Blue met grey and he tensed up all at once. Looking away from her (though he could still see her approaching them from the corner of his eye), Hyperion tried vainly to regain whatever composure was lost. Internally, he chastised himself: So what if she's here? I don't fucking care. But deep inside he understood it was all a lie: it was obvious that he cared, no matter how indifferent he made himself seem on the surface. He still cared. After all this time.

    "Hello," Eirian greeted them like an old friend. So, this was how they were going to act around each other from now on, eh? As though nothing had happened. "It's so nice to see all of you again," the raven-haired girl continued awkwardly, leaning forward to give Margaux a hug. Hyperion tried not to cringe at the sight. Cut the bullshit, Keegan.

    "Yes, so nice." Hyperion echoed through gritted teeth. "Where's the rest of you--"

    As if on cue, Maxwell and Hayden arrived. Seeing the red-haired male only heightened the tension and for a moment there Hyperion almost lost his composure. It was not that he hated Maxwell, but the thought that his ex-best friend actually had the nerve to steal his girlfriend still left a bitter taste in his mouth. It was a betrayal he would never forget.

    Some words were spoken as this reunion of sorts transpired, with Hayden being exponentially impatient, though that really was no surprise. Unlike Eirian, the other two paid no attention to the other band and instead talked amongst themselves. "What are we standing here for?" Hayden had asked, "Let's go. No use standing here and blocking the way."

    At this, Hyperion could not help but interrupt. "Right, about that... there was a mix-up in the room arrangements. Our band will take the room. We arrived here first and we've been in the industry longer, so we deserve it. The staff can find you another room, I'm sure." He said all these without looking at them in the eye. Then, without wasting another moment, he gestured for his bandmates to follow him and marched into the room. It was a spacious place, certainly two bands would fit in here, but it didn't matter. What ensued out in the hallway was already exasperating enough, what more if they had to share a room together for the whole duration of the festival? All hell would break loose.

    As he was thinking this, his eyes fell upon the bottle of vodka perched upon a table. A celebratory gift from the staff, to be opened after the festival...
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