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Genre: Drama, Slice of Life, Band, Romance | Collaboration between: Mother Flakes, Vergilius & WishfulNemo

[Insert cool quote here...]

It all began during those tender years of high school; five students, imbued with a passion and ambition in music came together to chase their shared dream. Maverick was formed, and over the course of the years they made their steady rise to fame.

However, their thirst for ambition poisoned their hearts. Disputes arose and the relationship between the five started to grow sour. Years went by and the members started living past each other like strangers as they faked their friendship in the public eye. They were no longer the friends they were back in high school, keeping their feelings and worries locked within. Things went further downhill when [C1] was found with drugs. Maverick's frontman was ousted by his fellow band members. Maverick continued without their frontman, but the group of friends have never been the same since. Soon after more members decided to leave, reasoning that they couldn't work together anymore.

Now, years after the scandal the band is faring well again. They are still passionate about what they do and have gained new fans in replacement for the ones they lost. However their dark past still weighs heavily down upon them; there is more to the story than what was covered by the press and the remaining members are intent on keeping the secret. Meanwhile, those who had left the band are eager to return to the stage with a new band called 'Euterpe'. Their presence stir up quite the commotion inside of the small world of the music industry and past rumours fly up again. However, are they truly at fault, or were there more factors playing?

@Vergilius & @darkflames13


- Keep the general forum rules in check.
- If you're unable to post for a longer period of time, please contact the members of the role play
- Respect each other and yourself
- This is a work of fiction. If anything happens to correspondent with the reality it is purely coincidental. It is not to our intention to describe real life events or people.
- This is also a work from our own ideas with our own creative input. Please refrain from duplicating it elsewhere or here.


Maverick - The band where it all started with...

C2, Frontman of Maverick
[Male, guitarist/singer] played by @Vergilius
Was once the best friend of [C1] and the loyal right hand. However ever since his relationship with [C6] stranded he hasn't been the same again. Was the first to vote for the departure of [C1] and the one who brought out the scandal into the media.

C3, The drummer of Maverick
[Female, drummer] played by @darkflames13
The 'glue' of the group, or once was. Before the scandal [C3] was green of jealousy over [C2]'s relationship with [C6]. Knowing that [C1] liked [C6] as well she convinced him to steal [C6] away and introduced [C5] to the group. Now she feels guilty over ripping apart their band.

C5, The bassist of Maverick
[Female, bassist] played by @WishfulNemo
The only member who wasn't originally in the band. [C5] was brought in as a replacement over the members who had left. A seductress who holds a deep grudge against [C1] for rejecting her advances when they first met.

The new home to these who lost it... - Euterpe

C1, Frontman of Euterpe
[Male, guitarist/singer] played by @darkflames13
The former front man of Maverick, however after his (drugs)scandal came out he had to step out of the band. Was once the best friend of [C2], but their relationship became strained after he stole [C2]'s girlfriend [C6] after a bet made with [C3].

C4, The drummer of Euterpe
[Male, drummer] played by @WishfulNemo
The former drummer of Maverick. Honestly, [C4] was out of all this drama, however he also feels partly responsible for the scandal coming out because it was him who had introduced [C1] to drugs. Now he is trying to repent for his mistakes by helping [C1] get back into the game again, however he has more than one motive to help out.

C6, The bassist of Euterpe
[Female, bassist] played by @Vergilius
Former member of Maverick and also the former girlfriend of [C2]. While many believe that [C1] stole her away from [C2] after a bet with [C3] only few know that she truly liked [C1] first and only started to date [C2] to get [C1]'s attention. Now that everything has gone terribly wrong she is tying to mend everything back together again, but can't can't help but wish for revenge on [C2] for ruining [C1].

C2 & C5 written by @Mother Flakes
C3 & C4 written by @Vergilius
C1 & C6 written by @WishfulNemo

Roles playing: [2x]
Roles writing for: [2x]

In Character thread
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- written for darfkflames13 -

B A S I C . I N F O R M A T I O N
"Yes, it's all false love and affection; you don't like me you just want the attention"

Margaux "Go" LeClaire (formerly Margaux Lee)



Date of Birth
March 2

Maverick Drummer

"I'm not your toy; and this isn't another girl meets boy"

Outgoing. Fake. Self-destructive.
There goes a saying, “a friend to all is a friend to none.” Margaux, while lively and sociable, does not have many friends she can rely on. The girl gets along well with most people, which would account for all her admirers, but this is only because she makes a point of getting on everyone’s good side and would stoop so low as to echo other people’s opinions instead of contending her own. While this agreeable trait of hers has spared her from conflict and trouble, it has also made her incapable of establishing strong connections with other people. As such, most of her relationships lack any form of depth. Her so-called “friends” are nothing but superficial cronies who would desert her in her times of need. It is no surprise then, that despite her outgoing personality, Margaux is in fact quite lonely - a huge encumbrance for someone so “physical” as she, for the girl is one to crave shows of affection. She is prone to hugging and touching people, even acquaintances, because in some way it appeases her need for intimacy. But, of course, there are those who do not appreciate such gestures and thus condemn the girl to be presumptuous and inappropriate.

And in a way, the girl can be inappropriate. Margaux is one to throw compliments other people's way without actually meaning any of them, without taking the time to factor in the consequences of such irresponsible actions. Why does she insist on doing this? The answer is simple as it is shallow: because the girl thrives on being well-liked. But people have a way of catching on, and by trying so hard to get people to like her, Margaux is actually achieving the opposite effect. The girl is a plastic, with little to no consideration for anyone except herself.

“Outgoing” in the literal sense of the word, Margaux spends most of her free time in clubs and bars, looking for the attention she so craves in all the wrong places. One-night-stands and other vices such as drinking and smoking are a norm to a 'party girl' like Margaux. And although her bandmates disapprove of this devil-may-care attitude, Margaux has never considered changing her lifestyle. Not once. As a consequence, her life has become filled with so much risk. Her former bodyguard once told a bartender, "One day, we will find her naked corpse in a bush somewhere, and no one will be surprised." The girl had somehow managed to slip out of his sight during a party. A common occurrence.

Of course, Margaux had better days. Though she has always been rather forward and touchy-feely, in the past she knew her limits and was more mindful of other people's personal space. In addition to these, she was never the type to fake her own happiness; she was genuinely happy. However, things went south after Maverick's untimely split. The event triggered something within her, making her depressed and subconsciously driven to self-destruct. Add that to the fact that it is she who sabotaged the good kinship that the band once had. As such, Margaux gets into all sorts of tight situations in an effort to take her mind off of her troubles and somehow alleviate the guilt. Living recklessly makes her worry less and regret less. And it also serves as a form of punishment for breaking the band apart. As if the break-up itself isn't punishment enough.

Self-centred. Persuasive. Sentimental.
You would think Margaux is the kind of character who would put other people's needs before her own, considering how agreeable she can seem on the surface. But this is far from the truth. Don't let her fake smiles and meretricious flattery deceive you, Margaux is purely motivated by her own self-interest. And when she sets her eyes on something, she has to own it. And once she has her hands on it, she feels the need to boast about it. The girl is as childish as they come, but she has never been one to exert effort in order to achieve a particular goal. She is helpless as she is dependent. Just like a child. If she can't have something or is confronted with a problem, Margaux responds by throwing a tantrum. She circles a problem like a vulture would a prey, endlessly spewing out complaints but not actually facing the issue head on. Instead, the girl waits for things to fix themselves. As though such would be achieved if one were to whine or complain enough.

Though she is not one to actively try and make ends meet, Margaux can be persuasive when she puts her mind to it. She knows what makes people tick and how to manipulate them in order to achieve her own goals. The confidence she exudes in her day-to-day interactions have a way of intimidating people, thus subjecting these people to the girl's every foolish whim. Naturally, the girl is well aware of the effect she can have on others, and she uses this to her full advantage.

But underneath all that mean and fake exterior, Margaux is actually quite sentimental. In fact, she may be too sentimental, being the type who would not be able to bear seeing useless junk being thrown away, even if they are only a reminder of some trivial event. To put it simply, she does not know when and how to simply let go of something or someone. She is inflexible to change and clings to everything so dearly as though her entire life depends on it. And perhaps that may be just the case.

"Love, love hides in a smoky light; I can never find the truth"

Part I: A Long-Expected Parting
Born to a family of musicians, Margaux has always possessed a rather strong inclination towards music. But as a child the girl was more inclined towards the classical genre, for she wished to become a famous violinist. Her mother was a violinist as well, but she gave up her dreams of joining the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, simply because she thought she wasn't good enough; meanwhile, Margaux's father was an aspiring conductor as well as a professor teaching at a prestigious music school. When Margaux was ten, her parents announced that they were separating. Though the reason was not revealed to her or her brother at the time, Margaux found out anyway a year later. Apparently, her father had cheated on her mother. To make matters worse, the deed was done with a student in a class he was teaching. The relationship between Margaux's parents had never been amicable, however, so the separation had been expected of them. Nonetheless, seeing her father walk out the door did a lot to cause Margaux pain. Not only that, it was decided through legal settlements that Margaux was to live with her mother, whereas her older brother, Hayden, was to live with her father. The two were rather close and did not want to part, but their hands were tied. Still, for a while until high school, the two contacted each other frequently and somehow managed to remain close despite living in separate parts of town and only rarely ever seeing each other.

Part II: A Not-So-Expected Estrangement
- Mom got a new boyfriend. A doctor named Damien Reid. He was an okay guy, but Margaux hated him for no particular reason.
- Margaux cut her hair and formed a rock band during middle school. She was the band's guitarist.
- This was done mostly to pay her parents back for what they had done; she was going through a rebellious phase.
- But it turned out this phase was more than just that, for Margaux found that she genuinely liked the genre.
- And so she gave up entirely on classical music and the violin. She started focusing on learning how to play other instruments, including the drums. This was done in part because she found out her brother had decided to learn how to play the drums as well. (Hayden told her so while they were conversing online; unlike Margaux, Hayden had always been interested in the rock genre.)
- Margaux also found out during her last year in middle school that Hayden had started dating somebody. She decided to follow in his footsteps and began seriously dating her classmate, Derek Showalter, who was a theatre enthusiast.
- High school came. Margaux started attending the same prestigious high school that her brother was attending (she worked her ass off to pass the entrance exams). She was excited because finally, she could have more quality time with her brother.
- Margaux's old band dissolved as soon as middle school ended. But not to worry: Margaux met people who shared the same passion for music in the new high school. They formed a band. Margaux coaxed Hayden to join them, though the latter was initially reluctant.
- And so the band was formed. They began playing gigs.
- Margaux and Hayden's biological father had connections in the music industry. He was in part responsible for the band's popularity.

Part III: A Resulting Rivalry
- Margaux found out from Hayden that he had broke up with his girlfriend a long time ago.
- Meanwhile, the paparazzi were getting annoying.
- Suddenly, there was this rumour going around that Derek had cheated on Margaux
- But the rumour was unfounded and something that the media made up
- Margaux broke up with Derek
- Derek was obviously heartbroken, and until now he won't stop trying to win Margaux's affections. Margaux has begun calling him a "stalker" because of this
- Anyway, Margaux started overreacting, saying Derek had "betrayed" her and that the whole relationship traumatised her and brought up long-suppressed memories of her father's and mother's break up
- Started getting clingy towards Hayden, but Hayden kept rejecting her.
- Anyway, during this time, Albus and Maxwell's relationship started getting sour
- Albus and Margaux found comfort in one another, because they were experiencing the same thing
- Eventually Margaux found herself falling in love with Albus (though she still couldn't move on from her brother)
- Anyway, Margaux decided that Albus > Hayden because 1) Hayden was being a douche and 2) They were brother and sister
- Margaux wanted Albus for herself, but Albus was dating Eirian. and margaux didn't have the lady balls to confess, mostly bc she was afraid of getting rejected again (the way hayden rejected her, and it seemed more possible bc of eirian)
- Then due to poking around Margaux found out that maxwell liked eirian
- so margaux convinced eirian that Maxwell liked her, and it turned out !!! eirian liked maxwell as well
- so they made a bet and eirian and maxwell ended up together
- shit hits the fan
- Hayden got ultimately annoyed with her. They got into this massive argument which eventually led to a fallout
- Hayden would not even glance at her now, wouldn't speak a word to her
- Margaux was terribly heartbroken. Tried to make amends but Hayden just wouldn't give her a break
- Eventually even the band itself fell apart
- Hayden left the band along with a few other people
- Margaux was all the more saddened. Started "destroying" herself by going to bars, etc.
- couldn't bring herself to confess to albus bc even though she was a sneaky little b she still had a conscience. and she was punishing herself for destroying the relationship between the band members and sheyt

"Boy, your touch leaves me mystified; I wish I could believe in you"

Margaux stands at the unimpressive height of 5'2" - a small lady, and the girl's petite figure simply emphasises this. However, she is nowhere near frail-looking, for the girl exudes confidence (though this is not to say she looks particularly tough). Margaux has short hair, which was only styled as such after Maverick's break-up. She is very particular about looking presentable, and would never leave the house without first coordinating her make-up, clothes, and accessories.
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- Written for FieryCold -

◤​B S I C S ▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪
Let's kill tonight!
Name Albus Fitzroy
Stage Name Hyperion
Age 25 years old
Gender Male
Position Frontman
Band Maverick

◤​P E R S O N L I T Y ▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪
Kill tonight
Extremely Possessive
When Albus owns something he make sure that everyone knows that it's his and his alone. It's not being selfish but more of just being extremely possessive. Albus is willing to share, just as long as at the end of the day the other party is aware as to whom it's true owner is. When he started dating Eirian, he made sure that the whole world knew she was his. He flaunted their relationship to everyone -- holding her hand, putting an arm around her and even kissing her in public. Though his Mormon beliefs didn't allow him to make her truly his (as they never slept together), Albus has once considered asking for her hand in marriage. It was the only way he could think of to make her his However, the thought vanished when he found out about her and Maxwell. The news angered him. He couldn't believe that the person he trusted the most in the band would steal from him. His possessive nature (and feelings for Eirian) made him not want to give her up, but she couldn't go around dating two men at the same time and thus had to break up with one of them, him. For a while after, Albus still thought of her as his. That didn't change until he heard a rumor of her being pregnant. Regardless of whether or not it was true, the realization came to him as a hard slap to his face: she was no longer his.

The good thing about Albus is that he can easily make a sound decision. The bad thing however is that he is stubborn. Even if his decision has been proven to be a bad choice, Albus would still push through with it. Some people call it pride, but really it's just him being stubborn. Back when Maverick was still whole, he and Maxwell would get into disputes about things, even the tiniest of details. Maxwell would say one thing, and Albus would say another. Stubbornness kicking in, Albus would throw a fit about how his idea was better, even though it really wasn't.

Fast forward to present date, as the new leader of Maverick he had the final say on what happens. His stubbornness was still ever present and this was proven by Desiree. When she first arrived, Desiree would, more often than not, oppose many of Hyperion's decisions. It reminded him of himself back when Maxwell was still around, how he would constantly oppose him in favor of his own ideas. However, Desiree eventually grew tired of arguing and has learned to control her urge to oppose him. It was a waste of time to try and get Hyperion to decide otherwise. The only people to have successful managed to get past his stubbornness so far are his aunt Mira and Eirian.

Neat Finicky
Unlike what is commonly assumed of boys, which is them being messy, Albus is very neat when it came to his things as well as his work. A messy surrounding messes up his way of thinking, thus affecting his work. Often before doing any task, he cleans up the area till it was neat enough for his liking. It often wasted quite a bit of time, depending on how messy the area is, but Albus just couldn't help himself. If he sees a mess, he intinctively gets the urge to clean it. Needless to say that his home is very immaculate.

Apart from being a 'neat freak', Albus was also very finicky. In his place, everything had a place of its own. If it wasn't where it was meant to be, then it was either missing or being used. It was a rule of his, which he greatly emphasized to any visitor that he had, to place back what was used back where it was found after usage. However, this rule wasn't taken as seriously as Albus would've liked. Visits from anyone often ended in him having to put things back into place once the they've left. He finds it annoying but he knows that he wouldn't be able to rest easy if everything wasn't in it's rightful place.

Albus pays a great deal of attention to every single little detail. This comes in very handy when planning for something. Nearly every possible scenario that may happen is taken into account because of Albus. This makes them very prepared for whatever it is they would be doing. However, it also eats up a great amount of time. Band meetings would last for hours -- they would sometimes even allot an entire day for planning -- just because of him.
◤​B I O G R P H Y ▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪
Show them all you're not the ordinary type
Aunt = Mommy + Daddy
Before Albus was born -- before his mom could even tell her husband about him -- his father died. He died in a car accident as he was coming home from work. Earlier that day, after his father had left for work, his mom had visited the hospital. She had a suspicion that she was pregnant and needed confirmation (she didn't trust those store bought pregnancy tests). It was then she found that she was indeed pregnant with Albus. As soon as she got home, she phoned her husband and told him to come home early for she had exciting news.

On his way home, his father was all giddy and excited as well as curious and nervous. All he wanted to get home as soon as he could. He was rushing so much that he didn't see that the light to cross was red so he crossed it. A car came rushing in. It happened all too fast. One moment he was standing on the pedestrian lane, staring at the incoming car, the next moment his body flew across the road. What's worse is that the car didn't even stop to check if he was alright. A hit and run.

Nine months later, his mother followed. His mother had grown weaker three months prior. It wasn't certain what her illness was, and in fact she nearly lost the baby because of it, but miraculously he lived. A baby boy made it out into the world, but the mom didn't survive. With her last breath she named the child after her deceased husband, Albus.

Mira Fitzroy, his aunt, took custody of him voluntarily as neither parents were able to name who takes care of him before their deaths. It was either her or the orphanage, the second wasn't a good option thus Mira became his legal guardian and raised him.

Depression, Music, & Maverick
During elementary, Albus was diagnosed with depression. His aunt wanted to help him and so had him attend a weekly consultation with a psychiatrist. When it wasn't working, she tried a different method: distraction. Mira enrolled him in some guitar lessons. Thankfully enough, it helped, not greatly but still helped. It was evident that Albus was happier.

He soon meets Maxwell and the rest of the guys. They -- except Albus -- all shared a common dream: to become famous. It inspired him how they were all determined to reach this dream of theirs and thus decided to join them. He now had a goal, make their group number 1. Maverick was born that day and Albus couldn't be happier. The band easily became the center of Albus' life. He poured majority of his spare time to practicing with the band. Even when they weren't available, Albus still practiced on his own. His aunt was very proud of him.

Eventually, Maverick started to gain popularity. Maverick ascended, from at unknown places, to playing at school events, to playing as opening acts! Their dreams were slowly coming into fruition. However, it came to the point where Albus had to leave his aunt in order to further his career with Maverick. The places they were playing at were starting to become too far from where they lived and took a great toll on Albus physically. Everyone suggested that he start living on his own, but he was hesitant to leave his aunt behind. In the end, Mira managed to convince him and so he left to further his career.

Relationships: Sweet, Sour, & Bitter
Somewhere along the way, Eirian started to live with Albus. He got to know the girl more and started to develop feelings for her. Upon noticing these feelings of his, Albus immediately asked her to become his girlfriend. Happiness was all Albus felt during that day. He was excited to announce it to everyone in the band.

The reaction he received from his bandmates was far from what he expected. Both Maxwell and Margaux were upset, meanwhile Hayden was... he didn't know how Hayden felt about it, he wasn't there when Albus told everyone about him and Eirian. He thought that perhaps the timing of his announcement was wrong, perhaps they were tired. But that wasn't the case.

His relationship with Maxwell was becoming sour. The arguing between every little detail didn't help. In fact, it made it worse. It eventually got to a point where he and Maxwell started to refuse acknowledging each other unless necessary. The band's overall relationship was breaking, but he didn't care. As long as he had Eirian, everything was alright. She had become the center of his world now, taking Maverick's former place.

Needless to say, when Albus found out about Maxwell and Eirian's new found relationship, he was heartbroken and mad at the same time. He still loved Eirian nonetheless and didn't have the heart to break up with her. Maxwell on the other hand, he grew to hate him and when the scandal about him taking drugs came out he didn't hesitate to vote him off the band. He had hoped that Eirian would stay with him but no, she broke up with him and left Maverick to be with Maxwell. When Hayden found out about Maxwell being ousted from the band, he followed soon after leaving only him and Margaux in Maverick.

The Aftermath
Eirian leaving him as well as Maverick's near end brought his depression back. At that point, he considered killing himself but having Margaux around helped stopped him. He was thankful that she stayed.

With Eirian out of the picture, Maverick became Albus' focus once again. He made it his goal to make Maverick number 1, and he planned on achieving it. A search for new members began. It wasn't hard to find one, Maverick still had fame after all. But Albus' finicky side wasn't helping. Whenever they would find a third member, he/she would either be sent off by Albus for not being able to keep up. When he heard that Maxwell was starting up a new band, Albus felt more pressured than before. He wanted to crush his new band and to do that they needed a third to make an actual band. The pressure to find a new member increased.

Things were looking grim for the band and Albus was starting to lose hope. Desiree comes along and changes this. She stormed up to him and demanded that she get in the band. "You need me if you want to destroy Euterpe" she declared. He didn't know exactly who Desiree was and why she wanred to destroy Euterpe but he saw determination in her, determination to strike down Euterpe. So he accepted her in and Maverick was finally of a decent number to be called a band once more.

◤​O T H R ▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪
Let's kill tonight!
Name & Stage Name
To put it frankly, Albus hates his name despite it being the last -- and only -- thing that her now deceased mother gave to him before she passed away. He hasn't always hated it. Albus only started hating the name when their band, Maverick, was starting to gain popularity. People ridiculed and laughed at him and others didn't take him seriously all because of his name. Albus didn't like it. Thus, he took up a stage name. Ever since, Albus has used the name Hyperion. The reason? No particular reason, there isn't any deep meaning behind it. Albus just happened to come across the name liked it.

Back in elementary, during art class, Albus along with his classmates were given a box of crayons and piece of paper. Their task for the day was to draw whatever they wished. At the end of the day the drawings were submitted to their teacher. Albus' drawing surprised his teacher. It had a dark and depressing aura to it. Thinking it was just a mere coincidence, but the teacher wanted to make sure it was before brushing it off. So the next day, he gave the class the same task and once again Albus' work had the same feel to it. Worried about his student, he called his aunt in and had a talk with her. Mira Fitzroy, Albus' aunt, became worried as well and decided to bring him to a psychiatrist to confirm their theories. Surely enough, they were right. At such a young age, Albus was diagnosed with depression. The psychiatrist explained that his depression stemmed from how he blames himself for the death of both his parents, most especially his mom. Mira enlisted him to have consultations with the psychiatrist every week, but it had no effect on him. She tried other methods and for a while they helped suppress the depression but an event later on in his life triggered it's return.

▪▪▫▫▫✩ Rumors
It has circulated in social media as well as among fans that Hyperion's parents are both dead. Hyperion could never deny the truth, his parents were both dead. Each time he hears the rumor, it hurts him. Even though it's been years since their deaths, and it was both a phenomenon he had no control over, Hyperion couldn't help but feel somewhat guilty especially for his mother's death. It also makes him think, 'what if they were both still alive?'. He figures that if they were both still alive, then he wouldn't be a part of Maverick -- wouldn't be where he was now. He feels conflicted as to which one he wanted more: his current life with Maverick (or at least one of the members the former band... plus Desiree) or a life with his parents.

Lived with Ambrosia (Eirian)
At one point the rumor was true. When Eirian escaped her home due to issues with her parents, she went started living with him. She didn't barge in or anything of the likes. It was Hyperion himself who offered that she stay with him. The truth was that he fancied her at the time and wanted her to be near him. Besides, living alone started make him feel lonely -- even though the band saw each other on a daily basis. The silent hours of the night just made him feel so alone, especially when compared to the loud and boisterous noise and laughter that came with the band being in the same room together. Ever since they broke up, Eirian naturally left Albus' home. Where she went was no longer her concern -- he figured she went to live with Maxwell as they began dating, though recent news has told him that they broke up. Now he has no idea where she lived.

Less-active Mormon
Hyperion doesn't know how people even found out about him being a Mormon -- he figures it may have been the LDS Church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint, a.k.a. the Mormon Church) that released it to the public. Either way, it didn't matter greatly to Albus as he is no longer actively participating in the church seeing as he no longer had any time for it. Plus, their believes weren't exactly in line with his own. However, Hyperion has decided to follow their law of chastity and abstaining from sex till marriage.

Father isn't dead
Another rumor that related with him being an orphaned. Some of the fans have speculated that his father isn't really dead, that he had left Hyperion's mother back when he was still pregnant with him to be with another woman. Among all the rumors that circulated around him, this was the one that he found to be the worst. It angers him every time he reads or hears the rumor. He couldn't understand why people couldn't just respect the dead.

Sex God / Has bedded many girls
False. Hyperion has never slept with anyone in the past nor will he ever until after he gets married. This is inline with hi decision to at least follow the Mormons' law of chastity. Even though he's a less-active Mormon, he's still a Mormon. He doesn't know who started the rumor, but he somewhat thankful to the person. Hyperion has acquired quite a number of fans -- majority of which are girls -- thanks to the rumor.

▫▪▪▫▫✩ Appearance
Hyperion has shoulder length hair dyed cyan to match his eyes. He is often seen sporting his hair in a ponytail. There are two main reasons why he prefers this style: 1) it keeps his hair out of his face and, 2) it suits him quite well. Even when he's off stage, he would rarely be seen with his hair down. Bobby pins are also a thing that he uses, but only when he really needs to -- i.e. when he's moving around a lot. This is because the shorter strands of her hair tend to come off his ponytail as he moves around.

Face & Body
Just like his hair, his eyes are of cyan colour, a quality that he's quite known for (apart from his cyan hair). The overall combination of cyan eyes and cyan hair on his fair skin makes them pop. Speaking of skin, Hyperion's is one that many girls envy and wish to have. He finds it to be a demeaning quality considering he is a guy and has tried to make himself tanner. The tanned look however, didn't work out as well as he thought it would. The tanned look just didn't suit him and thus for quite a while, at least till his skin returned to its original colour, Hyperion wore make up foundation up to his neck to make his skin look lighter -- thankfully none of his fans noticed -- long sleeved clothes coupled with pants, and gloves. Hyperion stands at a height of 5'7, quite small compared to Maxwell and Hayden. His height used to be a sore issue for him, but he's eventually accepted the fact that he was now stuck with that height. Albus also has three piercings on both of his ears.

Albus' clothes consist mostly of either white or dark shades. He avoids wearing too many vibrant colours as it usually clashes greatly with his hair, cyan was the only exception. Layering clothes is a thing that he likes to do. Jackets and vests are something he invests on. He finds them to be quite versatile and add a certain flair to his look. As for accessories, Albus doesn't wear a heap ton. But he is never seen without a number of them, namely his earrings and black ring which is found on his middle finger. Although he has three piercings on both ears, Hyperion could only be seen wearing three earrings at a time on a single ear. The black ring that he wears actually belonged to his father. He was told that it was his favourite back when his father was still a teen.

▫▫▪▪▫✩ Relationships
Margaux LeClaire
To Albus, Margaux is like a little sister to him. Ever since his relationship with Maxwell had started going south, Albus has grown closer to Margaux. She became his little confidante and has unknowingly helped him when his depression started coming back. He considers her to be an extremely loyal friend although questions why he didn't leave Maverick as well when her brother Hayden left.

Desiree Caulfield
The stranger who, as much as he hates to admit it, saved the band. Albus is thankful to Desiree for joining Maverick as it was on the verge of disappearing with only two members left. She is a stranger to him, even after she had joined Maverick. Sure he's heard rumors about her, but Albus refuses to believe rumors knowing full well that a lot of them could possibly false. He thinks she's pretty gorgeous, perhaps even more beautiful than Eirian, but wont go for her cause lingering feelings that he still has for Eirian.

Argus Maxwell Stirling
Former best friend that turned rival. They got along quite nicely. Albus used to love him like a brother and a small part of him still does which makes him feel somewhat guilty for ousting him from the group. He feels not hatred towards his former friend, but remains quite bitter at how he stole Eirian from him -- even though he's heard that they've broken up.

Ambrosia Eirian Keegan
An ex-girlfriend. He got to learn about Eirian more when she started living with her. It was then that Albus started developing feelings for the girl and acted upon them by asking her to be his girlfriend. When she said yes, Albus felt more than happy. To him Eirian was the most beautiful girl he's ever met. She nearly made him break his decision of sticking to the Mormons' law of chastity. At some point in their relationship, Albus considered asking her to marry him. The idea disappeared when he found out about her and Maxwell. It made him feel both heartbroken and mad. Despite this, he couldn't bring himself to break up with her. He had hoped that Maxwell was nothing but someone she used to make Albus jealous -- it certainly worked if it were the case, but it wasn't. Eventually she broke up with him to be with Maxwell and that marked the end of their relationship. However Albus still has feelings for her but at the same time, he doesn't want her back cause of what she once did to him.

Hayden Lee
He and Albus were never close despite being in Maverick together. There was something about the guy that Albus didn't like -- probably it was his aloofness. They never did talk much and it wasn't a surprise to him that he left Maverick to follow Maxwell. He knew that the two were quite close as well, possibly even closer than he and Maxwell were.

Mira Mirabella Fitzroy
The aunt that raised him and his only living relative left. Albus cares for her deeply and is very grateful for taking him in when his mother had died. She's always supported him and did her best to help him overcome his depression. Albus loves her as if she were his mother. He would break down emotionally if she dies which is something very possible since his aunt Mira is quite physically weak.
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Written for Mother Flakes


"The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies."

Male 25 y/o Frontman of Euterpe

Maxwell Stirling
Stage name Argus


Confident | "Failure isn't an option."
A healthy dose of confidence one could say. Argus isn't overbearing in his confidence, but her certainly lacks none of it. He is perfectly aware of what he is capable of and what the people see in him. Though he likes to believe that he plays people better than he actually can, he certainly has his way to rouse the crowd with his years of experience on the stage. As the leading man of Maverick and even now as the lead for Euterpe Argus has an undeniable presence on the stage and everywhere he goes. Argus's main drive comes from his confidence as he is daring himself to take risks and knows with what he can get away with and not. That doesn't mean though that his confidence has gone towards his head, he simply is more highly aware of what the possibilities are surrounding him and not allowing himself to fail before he has tried.

Proud | "And who wouldn't take satisfaction out of success?"
He would never admit defeat without a fight. Argus has a certain pride in himself to defend, which is mainly his confidence again. He takes pride in the success he has worked through and takes offence in anyone who tries to claim it as their own or who tries to steal his lines and light. The male would never allow such as he simply isn't humble enough to go stand in the background and stand in the shadows. He likes to boast around with his accomplishments, knowing that it is through his own hard work and initiative. Proud he is as well in which he doesn't allow his light to be shared with another, refusing to share the first place or the place of the leader with someone other than himself.

Cynical | "Always anticipate on the worst."
A true follower and believer of Murphy's law. Argus always assumes that the worse is to happen and expects the worst out of the people surrounding him. It is the kind of insight that grows after relying on himself for years and year alone. The male is rather distrusting of delegating his jobs to others, assuming that they will only make a mess out of it. This behaviour of his used to be controlled, however ever since the scandal it has only grown worse as Argus grows more and more distrustful towards everyone and more of a misanthrope due to what has happened to him.

Vengeful | "Don't trample over my pride and expect to get away unharmed!"
He doesn't forgive and neither does he forget. Argus never had been one to let go of his enemies easily, not even when he was the more bearable Maxwell. Rub him in the wrong way and be prepared to be sorry. It is one of the reasons why no one dares to cross his path and try to threaten him. He isn't one who many wish to have as a villain.

Determined | "Always aim high and never lose sight."
Ambitious would be another word for him. Argus doesn't back down once he has set his eyes on a goal. Once he has decided that he is to do something he will aim for it with all he has and he always aims for the best thing possible. His plans and ideas aren't small matters, if Argus is going for it he goes completely for it and aims to go big. There is no such thing as small goals or short plans for him, everything is big and needs to be complicated to challenge him.

Courteous | "A gentleman's dignity and pride is enclosed within his manners."
And as last, despite his many flaws Argus is and always is a gentleman first. Despite his frowns and nasty rumours that go around about him the male always tries to be the best person he can be, treating everyone with the respect they deserve. Image is important to him and he tries to maintain it by not trying to be a negative influence in someone's life, or by acting out of bounds and rudely. It is surprising, really, for his appearance seems to suggest something entirely else.


That band geek boy | "You could say I was plain, or low profile, but I never stopped moving."
- Argus was born as Maxwell Stirling, an ambitious young lad with a knack for music.
- His father was a musician as well, so that is where he got most of his inspiration from.
- His parents were really supportive of his dreams and encouraged him to never give up.
- Family wasn't too poor or rich, they lived comfortably.
- One of the main reasons why Maxwell kept his family background a secret, it was too ordinary. (Manager's words)

- At school he wasn't really noticed.
- Everyone pretty much ignored him, or found him an odd guy.
- Belonged to the group of enthusiastic band geeks.
- The popular kids scorned him, but at least he was famous with his fellow band members.
- However, he found no satisfaction with the limited level of the school band.

- Then on one bleak day he met Albus, another fellow who loved music.
- They formed a band and named it Maverick.
- Picked up a few other members that were talented and ambitious like they were and started.
- Soon they grew really big and popular, had their first gig and broke through.
- The rest is history.

- After the scandal Maxwell fell deeper into his drug use and became addicted.
- Bitter over the way everything went he decided that it was time to get his revenge.
- Together with the other members who left he then adopted the name of 'Argus' to symbolise his return and 'rebirth'.
- Hasn't been the same person ever since as he is obsessed by his revenge.​


Stage name
"It means bright and shining. The myths tell of a giant with hundred eyes. A giant who could see a lot with his hundred eyes. Nothing shall escape mine and I shall glitter on the stage again."

As the description explains his reasoning behind his name Maxwell also adopted a new stage name to the public for the purpose of his 'rebirth'. Or so he claims that it is as he says that the Maxwell the public had once known and was ousted is no longer around anymore. This is partially true as the male indeed has changed because of the scandal, growing into a bitter and vengeful creature that seeks for the downfall of his former bandmates.

Rumours & Gossips
"Petty talk of pitiful people with too much time on hands. I must thank them for the free publicity they give me, even if it may shame my name."

Drug addict > Truth > As ashamed as he is Argus is indeed an addict. However, unlike what most think he wasn't an addict when he was still with Maverick. It was due to the scandal that the male has fallen deeper into the need to smoke and take in the drugs that would shroud his mind. He had only tried it a few times before when he was with Maverick, but when word got out of these few times he was immediately hated and pushed away, leading for him to flee even deeper into the world of drugs. Now that he has become completely depended on it Argus wishes to take revenge for these who have ruined him to this piece of trash he is now while at the same time he tries to hide away his addiction from the world.

Homosexual > Lie > An annoying rumour that comes from the fanbase of Maverick who believe that Argus, then known as Maxwell, is a homosexual and had actually fallen for one of his male bandmates. At first it had started as an innocent fantasy of the fan, in which Maxwell was willing to play along with by teasingly grabbing his bandmates around the waist. However nowadays the rumours have grown stronger and more malicious and Argus is accusing the new member of Maverick of flaming up the rumour as in revenge for him rejecting her.

The illegitimate child of this rich magnate > Lie > Another popular story that goes around in the fanbase because of Maxwell's, or now Argus, secretive background. Argus doesn't mind having the fans speculate about whatever his background is and keeps it a secret on purpose, knowing that it will keep the fans entertained as long as nothing is revealed.

Lived beneath the poverty level/Was homeless > Lie > One of the many popular speculations on who Maxwell, or Argus, actually is. The fans seem to be intrigued by the former leader of Maverick and the now reborn Argus of Euterpe. They whisper and excitedly exchange their theories, bother him on fanmeetings, but they never really got to find out what the true story was behind his upbringing. A story that Argus doesn't mind keeping hidden for longer, not because he is ashamed, but because he likes to see how the fans are entertained with the thought of having him as a poor orphan boy or as a long lost prince.

Is terminally ill > Lie > Perhaps it is his changing appearance that gives off such an idea, however Argus is healthy. As healthy as one can be with a drug addiction. However even the male has to admit that he surprises himself with his pale and sickly looking reflection. Another reason why he has been wearing more make up to cover up the dark circles under his eyes and the paleness of his skin.

Is suicidal > Lie > Another notorious rumour that rears its head every now and then. Argus is far from happy to know that the fans see him as a melancholic character who apparently is so done with life. Maybe it is the eternal frown on his face that he is known for, or perhaps it is because of the recent events. Argus will never know, but he does hope that he will be able to get rid of this rumour for once and for all.

"It is music that I make, not vanity that I spread. I may not be Adonis, but I'm certainly no troll to look at. If there is anything that should steal your heart then I hope that it shall be the music that I make."

Height > 6 feet = 182 cm

Weight > 132 Lbs = 60 kg

Hair > His natural hair colour would be chestnut brown, however he dyed it to a flaming red as to mark the start of his new career and his new band. Maxwell likes to call it his 'rebirth'.

Complexion > Pale and it has only gotten more pale ever since he has been ousted from the band and set out on the road of revenge. Along with a flaming red hair Argus is known for the sharp glare he always wears. People like to compare it to the eyes of a hawk that pierce through you and is watching you intently. Something not entirely far from the truth as the male has named himself after all to an all-seeing giant.

Body > Maxwell is aware that he is underweight. He knows that he should gain some, but for some reason can't find the appetite or the will to put on some fat or muscle. The male once had been a healthy lad with a peachy skin going, however ever since the scandal came out and since he has been bend to take revenge on his former band mates the male has been neglecting his health. It is partly to blame to the drug problem he has, but it also serves as proof of how his revenge is literally consuming the male. However Argus, as he wishes to be called now, refuses to acknowledge his problems until he has brought down Maverick with his own hands.

Fashion > If there is one thing that stayed with Argus, from his previous life as Maxwell, it would be his fashion. He had always been one to shock, to dress himself flamboyantly and to make his rocker image clear. He has a rather punkish military look to himself and now that he has dyed his hair in a bright colour the colours of his clothes have shifted as well. Where his once had dressed himself in sober colours Argus now expresses himself aggressively, but always with the same touch of elegance as he had been known for as Maxwell.



- written for WishfulNemo -

B A S I C . I N F O R M A T I O N
"Dear everyone I ever really knew, I acted like an asshole to keep my edge on you"

Hayden Lee


Date of Birth
September 18


Euterpe Drummer

"Ended up abusing, even those I thought immune"

Calm & Aloof
The last thing that Hayden wants is to be in the spotlight - an ironic fact, since the boy has become rather well-known, being in a band that is more famous for its scandals rather than its songs. But unlike his starry-eyed bandmates, the boy has never cared about 'making it big' in the music scene. And until now, he remains just as apathetic - a trait that has infuriated a lot of people, thus gaining him more enemies than he can count. Hayden simply does not have any ambitions in his life, preferring to go where the tide takes him, even if it is to the bottom of a cliff. He is detached from the world around him: always simply lurking in the background, headphones on, cigarette in hand, looking absorbed in his own musings. Unlike his sister, he is silent and not very expressive, and he hates it when people invade his personal space.

Astute & Clever
Though Hayden may seem too absorbed in his own thoughts to pay attention to what is going around him, when he does give something his attention, he gives it in full. He is able to notice the smallest details that an average person would likely miss and assess people and situations so accurately that one would think of him as a mind reader. He is also oftentimes silent, but when he does speak, it is only in truths. He is never one to lie, and he hates dishonesty. There is a fine line between truth and lie, and he is not the type to mistake one for the other.

Pretentious & Hypercritical
Hayden is well aware of his intelligence, and it has gotten to his head. He has very high standards that are based on what he considers is right, and he expects others to meet these standards or at least come close to doing so. The man is quick to judge, as though he has no faults of his own, and he intentionally speaks as though he knows all there is to know. Among the many things he does not like, it is being interrupted and corrected. What he say goes. And he expects you to follow them.

"Half a year again, now it's a whole; February stationery from you on the wall"

- Hayden Lee was born on the eighteenth of September
- Margaux was born two years after that
- Family problems are all Hayden has ever known. All of his friends at school seemed to have great families; when asked about his life at home, Hayden would either change the topic or clam up altogether.
- Dad was always away on business (he was an aspiring conductor and a professor at a music school) or sleeping around with other women; mother was no good at being a mother - she was neglectful, forgot to pay the bills, had a drinking problem, etc.
- Margaux and Hayden had always been pretty close, although they were polar opposites. Margaux played the violin and wanted to pursue a career in the classical music industry; Hayden, who had always inhibited the anger and distress within him, was more inclined to pursue a career in the rock genre. When he was eight, he started learning how to play the piano and the guitar.
- Got his first electric guitar when he was 12 (courtesy of Dad)
- Parents announced they were breaking up (Dad had cheated on mom with a student from a class he was teaching at the music university).
- Hayden started living with his father. He was thirteen. It was around this time that he started learning how to play the drums. Even though Hayden and Margaux lived in separate parts of town and no longer went to the same school (Hayden transferred to one that was closer to his new house), they contacted each other frequently online. They hung out as well, but only very rarely.
- Hayden went out more often to take his mind off the divorce; one day he found himself taking home a prostitute named Anastasia.
- They slept together. Father was not at home.
- Hayden started seeing Anastasia more often. They went out for three months.
- But Anastasia never really liked Hayden, and only went out with him for the money.
- They broke up.
- A few months later, Hayden saw in the newspaper that Anastasia had been murdered in a motel.
- Torn up over Anastasia's death, he started getting himself into all sorts of trouble. He stopped doing music altogether.
- Got into drugs and drinking. Started getting himself involved with some bad people: drug dealers, addicts, you-name-it.
- Hayden's father eventually found out. He told Hayden to fix his life. But Hayden really couldn't care less. They fought that night. Hayden's father decided he was going to enrol his son into the prestigious music school where he had been teaching in the hopes that this would help his son 'reconnect' with music.
- Hayden was enrolled into said school, not because of his grades or his talent, but because of his father's connections.
- During his third year, Margaux started attending the same high school as Hayden. She met some people who shared the same passion for music as she did.
- Hayden was coaxed by Margaux to join the band.
- The band was formed, they started playing gigs.
- Hayden's father started promoting them, which had some bearing on their success and fame.

- Maverick became famous
- But you know what they say: what goes up, must go down
- And down, down, down they went
- Margaux started acting strange; she was getting clingy towards Hayden: always calling, asking where he was or what he was doing, etc. Hayden started getting the idea that Margaux liked him. Utterly repulsed by this, Hayden just one day snapped and told her to lay off.
- It was around this time that the relationship between Maxwell and Albus started getting sour.
- Hayden noticed that Margaux was hanging out with Albus more often.
- Hayden offered Maxwell some drugs one day, in an effort to alleviate the man from all that was troubling him.
- Maxwell and Albus ultimately had a falling out because of Eirian and the scandal; the band split
- Hayden confronted Margaux after this, after finding out that she was responsible for splitting Eirian and Albus up. They got into a huge fight.
- Hayden left the band along with Maxwell and Eirian.

- The trio formed a new band named Euterpe
- Hayden no longer speaks to Margaux and only refers to her indirectly, such as "that woman"
- Hayden feels a little guilty (despite himself) for introducing Maxwell to the drugs. He is trying to make up for what he's done by staying by Maxwell's side.
- Rumours are going around that Hayden is gay; this is not true, not yet

"I sit home and drink alone and hope that bottle speaks, like you, like us, like me"

Unlike his peers, Hayden does not care very much about appearances. He is naturally blond, tattoo-free, and does not use any enhancing products worth mentioning. The idea of artificiality simply does not sit right with him. Meanwhile, the clothes he wears are usually the first few things he could grab from his closet: a shirt, a pair of jeans, and maybe even a beanie. During the more colder seasons, he is often seen wearing a parka or a leather jacket over his usual attire.

But Hayden is actually rather handsome (in a rugged way) despite his unremarkable choice of clothing. He has deep-set eyes and eyebrows that are perpetually furrowed, making him seem either annoyed or in deep thought. He has a pointed nose and thin lips from which a cigarette is oftentimes seen dangling. As for bodily structure, though he may be thin and lanky like a scarecrow, he is surprisingly strong. Hayden stands at 6'1''

Drug Problem
If there is one thing everybody knows about Hayden, it is that he is an addict. His drug problem started during his teen years, more specifically after the death of his ex-girlfriend. Many problems had accumulated up to this point, which urged him to seek a kind of escape. Music was no longer enough; he started hanging out at the wrong places with all the wrong people, eventually giving in to various vices as though all these would alleviate his sorrows.

His addiction has been met with disapproval time and again, from bandmates, fans, and managers alike, but Hayden has no intention of stopping. He would frequently skip practice and recording sessions, either intentionally or unintentionally, to hang out with his "druggie" friends. Although aware that the addiction is not making his life better (if any, they are only making his problems worse), Hayden finds no resolve within him to face his issues once and for all.

Music is therapy. Or at least, that used to be the case with Hayden. The boy had always found solace in music. It is the first thing he has ever loved, and that much has not changed even after everything he has been through in the past two decades. Hayden knows how to play practically every musical instrument there is in the world: the guitar, the bass, the piano, the drums, even the cello. Though he may insist that he is no longer interested in the art, he continues to practice it, simply because it is all he has ever known and it is the only thing that has stuck with him through and through.

Hayden also composes various instrumental pieces in secret.​
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You take the full, full truth, then you pour some out. You take the full, full truth, then you pour some out.
And as we're drifting off to sleep. --- All those dirty thoughts of me. --- They were never yours to keep.


- Written for Wa -

-------------------------------- B A S I C S --------------------------------
She's an American beauty. I'm an American psycho.
Name Desiree CaulfieldStage Name --
Age 25Gender Female
Position BassistBand Maverick
--------------------------- P E R S O N A L I T Y ---------------------------
I wish I dreamt in the shape of your mouth. But it's your thread count I really care about.

Ambitious + Selfish :: "Reach for the stars and once you have it in your hands never let it go."
Desiree liked to dream and she liked to dream big. When she was still a chid, she could remember declaring to her parents that she wanted to become a princess someday. The dream died once she started to grow up and became aware that princesses are only found in fairy tales. However, Desiree's ambitious nature didn't stop her from holding onto a new dream. Ever since her friends introduced her to the world of idols, Desiree found herself wanting to become one. To become rich and famous, that was the goal she developed. She was willing to do just about anything to get what she wanted.

Thus, when a rather shady looking agent came to her and promised to make her famous only if she came with him, Desiree took it without hesitation even when her parents were very much against it. It just goes to show how selfish Desiree could be. Sharing? No, Desiree doesn't like to share. In fact, Desiree never shares. She would only share for the sake of keeping a positive image for the media the release to the public. There were no exceptions to her selfishness, even her own family. When Desiree finally got a taste of the riches she craved for, she never sent any to her family.

Resourceful + Materialistic :: "Oh diamonds!"
Being born and raised in a poor family has taught her to make do with what was around her. Desiree knows how to make the best out of a situation and play it to her advantage. Coming up with alternative solutions are of second nature to her. However, it was this same poverty that has made her crave for things she's never had. It isn't hard to lure her in, just give her the material things that she desires and Desiree will be yours. She's the type of person who measures your worth based on the things that you have. Gold, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, pearls, if you don't have at least one of them you're worth nothing to her. She believes that riches are meant to be flaunted, not hidden.

Charming + Deceitful :: "It's all a matter of knowing the right words to say."
One of Desiree's greatest strengths is her charm. She talks really well and is very engaging in a conversation. Desiree's charm has gotten her out of trouble and won her many riches as well as fame. It is her best weapon and the main reason why her agent chose to approach her in the first place. Desiree has lost count of how many people she's deceived with her charming personality (and her beguiling beauty). She may not be the smartest person in the world, but Desiree knows exactly what people want to hear: praise and glory.

Needless to say, Desiree is someone that shouldn't be trusted, too bad not many know that. The possibility of her lying to you is very high majority of the time. Once she gets into a sticky situation, Desiree likes to play victim and blame the other party for the mess. She gets away with it 90% of the time. The other 10%? Let's just say that there are some smart people in the world, and then there are greedy ones who are easily allured by money. Unfortunately, the latter outnumbers the first, and her agents knows how to take advantage of that knowledge.

----------------------------- B I O G R A P H Y -----------------------------
I'm the best worst thing that hasn't happened to you yet. The best worst thing.

Poor Kid with a Dream :: "I had nothing but craved for everything."
Desiree was born into poverty. Swimming in debts and both parents working more than one job, this was the situation that she faced from the moment she was born. Unlike most kids that you'd read about in the picture books, Desiree was rather ungrateful to her parents. She continuously blames them for being poor. It doesn't help that all of her friends were richer than her. Whenever they were all together and suddenly decide to play dolls, Desiree would be the only one without one. Each time she would leave, even though her friends offered to lend her their spares. Her friends felt guilty and wanted to help Desiree, so on her 7th birthday, they surprised her by giving her a handmade doll since none of them had any money of their own to buy one. The doll was sloppily made and her friends were quite proud of their achievement, Desiree however wasn't. She knew however, that if she did voice out her true thoughts of it, she would lose companionship. At that time, Desiree didn't want to lose her friends, they were her means of escape from her poor family. Thus, Desiree faked a smile and said thank you.

Fast forward to her teenage years, Desiree still hung out with the same group of people. Past the age of playing with dolls, they instead indulged in teenage gossip. Conversations would often be about the latest celebrity, who was hot and who was not. It was during this time that Desiree learned about the world of idols and formed the dream of becoming one. The life of riches and fame allured her. When she told her friends about this, they all laughed at her. "Only those with money to start with become star" was what they told her. Offended by their words, Desiree cut off all relations with her group even when they apologized to her.

At the age of 20, Desiree was getting nowhere with life. She wasn't able to go to college cause they didn't have enough money for her to continue with schooling. In fact, Desiree was unable to finish high school. This only made her more spiteful of her parents. She took on a job, a waitress in the local restaurant, not for the sake of her family but for her own sake. Desiree was saving up money to be able to afford a place of her own away from her parents. Money wasn't easy to earn though, and with the amount of spending she did whenever she got her paycheck. The dream of becoming rich and famous gradually grew dimmer as the days passed.

Almost but Not Quite :: "To be so close to reaching your goal only to see it get snatched away from you--it hurts."
The dream gets revived when a shady looking agent approached her while she was at work. He claimed that he had been observing her for quite a while now and offered to make her famous but only if she went along with him. Without hesitation, Desiree grabbed the oppurtunity and said yes. When her parents found out, they protested and tried their best to persuade her not to go with the guy. But Desiree wasn't to be deterred and left home.

Desiree started work as a model, her good looks helped with her steady ascent to fame. Her agent was please with the result however Desiree wanted more fame and more fortune. Wanting more money, which came with Desiree's fame, he implanted the idea of getting together with the leader of the then most famous band, Maverick. Desiree immediately acted up the idea and tried to seduce him but got rejected. The rejection became viral on the internet and did a great deal of damage on Desiree's reputation. This made her become spiteful of the guy and wished for his fame to decline as her did. When word of him leaving the band breakup reached her, Desiree was happy but she wasn't satisfied as it wasn't her that dealt the damage. She wanted her revenge.

Meanwhile, trying to fix her damaged career, her agent enlists her into some music lessons where she learned how to play guitar and sing. He was hoping to get her into the music industry. Once she was good enough to face the world, he formed a band with her as the lead. It was starting out nicely and Desiree's fame was slowly recovering. However things went south when the drummer and bassist started to fight over Desiree which inevitably caused the band to break up and once again damage Desiree's reputation.

Revenge :: "You're going down for what you did."

News of Argus, the guy Desiree tried to seduce, forming a new band came. Desiree saw it as an opportunity to finally get her revenge. 'But how?' Stumped on ideas, Desiree went to her agent and asked for advice. During that time, her agent was on the brink of leaving Desiree due to her popularity never recovering. She was starting to become a has been in his and was starting to run out of ideas with what to do with her. When he heard Desiree claim that he wanted to destroy Argus and his new band, her agent nearly ripped their contract in front of her and he would've if an idea didn't come to him at that given moment. He remembered how the original band and it's new leader, Hyperion, were struggling with finding a new member to join the band for long. As it turns out, whenever Maverick found a third, he or she would leave a few days later for whatever reason.

Her agent suggested that she join Argus' previous band, Maverick, and use that as a platform to crush Argus along with the new and upcoming band. Desiree was skeptical about it due to what happened with the last one, but her agent reassured her by telling her that the second member was female. This instantly erased all doubt she had left. So, with her head held high, Desiree stormed up to Hyperion and demanded she get in. "You need me if you want to destroy Euterpe" she emphasized.

Thus, Desiree became a part of Maverick.

-------------------------------- O T H E R S --------------------------------
Stay up 'til the lights go out. Stay up, stay up.

Weight :: "No one wants a fat model. No one."
Desiree is obsessed with her weight. She weighs herself at the end of each day and counts her calorie intake. The slightest tip of the scale towards the right freaks her out. She couldn't afford to gain weight as it would ruin her body image. Slim and fit is what she needs to maintain. Desiree goes to the gym on a weekly basis to make sure that her body stays in shape. However, once she see a great change in her weight towards the heavier side, Desiree will cancel all plans for the day and rush to the gym to lose the excess weight she's gained. Starving herself to lose weight as well as barfing out what she's eaten was not an option that seemed very appealing to her, especially the latter of the options. Which is why she instead chooses to sweat it off. Apart from the gym, the sauna is another one of her best friends. She goes to it at least once every two months to just relax and sweat off body toxins.

College :: "It's hell, but I wanted to finish my education."
Upon leaving home and getting herself some money, Desiree worked on getting her high school diploma. It took 2 years due to her job, but she managed to do it and inconspicuously as well. If the media caught whiff of the fact that Desiree didn't finish her education, they would have a field day! Then again, Desiree wasn't as famous as she is at present. Since then she's been working on getting a college diploma. Progress has been slow due to not being to focus on it and having to stop from time to time. As of date, Desiree has only 3 units left to earn before she could get her diploma. She's enrolled herself in the final class that she needs -- night schedule of course -- and aims to be done with college by the end of the current term. Desiree is working towards a degree in psychology.

All false -- or at least the negative ones... or maybe not. As much as Desiree would love to deny all the negative rumors, some of them are true.

Whore :: "Hell no."
Due to the number of guys that Desiree has been allegedly seen with, people have gone around spreading that Desiree is no more than a whore. Although it is true that she's had a lot of boyfriends within the past few years, Desiree is no whore. Sex is something she's never given to any of the guys and is something that she probably never will till she finds the 'right' one.

Rejected by Argus :: "... We do not speak of it."
As much as she would love to deny it, Desiree has in fact been rejected by Argus. In fact, the media has proof of it and wonders why some people still think that this is false. She figures that there are probably just those people that believes that anyone who rejects Desiree must be crazy. Somehow the thought of their existence makes her happy.

Selfishly Abandoned Family :: "No."
A rumor that Desiree continues to deny to date. The rumor started one day when an anonymous forum poster posted about the current situation her family was facing: father dead and mother stuck in a hospital. When Desiree saw the post, a part of her grew worried but her agent claimed that it was nothing more than a mere rumor that someone posted to ruin Desiree's career. He advised her to deny the claims even though it was true. She chose to believe him and followed his advise as always.

Hair :: "Mess with the hair and you die."
Desiree has brown hair that is kept at medium length, just a bit past her shoulders along with a side fringe that goes just past her eyes. Although it obstructs her vision from time to time, Desiree has found the side fringe to suit her very well and thus decided to keep it instead of growing it out or cutting it shorter. Over the years, Desiree's job as a model demanded for her to sometimes change her hair color. Bleaching and dyeing, bleaching and dyeing, the process went on and on till finally Desiree put her foot down and refused to change her hair color any longer due to the damage it has caused. At first her agent was mad about this decision of hers, but as it turns out what Desiree did was for the best. Her hair appeared healthier and she became requested by more magazines.

Face :: "Have you fallen for my beguiling beauty yet?"
Desiree's eyes are brown like her hair which doesn't take a great liking to as she finds it to be boring. Several times has she considered using colored contacts for the sake of changing them, but the stories she's heard and read about the use of contacts haven't been pretty and has caused Desiree to grow fearful of the things. She has a cute button nose and full lips which are often described to be 'kissable', probably why many men chase after her. Desiree has a small beauty mark on the right side of her chin, just below her lips. She never covers it up with make up as she finds it weird to look at herself without it. Besides, it has become somewhat of a trademark of hers. Desiree was born with is porcelain white skin and works hard to maintain it.

Makeup :: "It's an enhancement... Not that I'm in dire need of it."
When it comes to make up, Desiree is very good at it. She knows how to contour and highlight her face and could easily transform an ogre to something much more appealing. Desiree didn't have a great need for it though. She possessed a natural beauty, but it doesn't hurt to enhance it a bit more which is why she learned how to apply make up in the first place. Unfortunately, during photoshoots for magazines and whatnot, Desiree doesn't do her own make up; Instead, a make up artist is hired to do it for her.

Clothing :: "I have great taste in clothes."
Desiree likes to wear clothes that show off quite a bit of skin. The reason for this is not to seduce people, but more of because she finds her environment to be too warm. She's the type who doesn't get cold easily. Regardless, she still brings along a jacket with her just in case she does feel cold. Most of her footwear consists of high heeled shoes which are 2.5 inches high on average. As for accessories, Desiree loves to wear jewelry. However, she knows that wearing too much will make her look gaudy. On casual days, Desiree would normally wear just one or two rings and a pair of earrings or one ring, a bracelet and a pair of earrings. Desiree makes it a point to always have a pair of earrings on (except when she's in bed or taking a shower).

( Maverick )

Hyperion / Albus Fitzroy :: "No wonder why they broke up."
Desiree considers him nothing more than some brat who has a band which she needs to exact her revenge. The fact that they share a common goal is a big plus which she used to further help get herself in the band, not that she needed it. The way the band was when she first came to them was certainly not a pretty sight. Desiree does not think highly of him. She often questions his leadership and thinks that he isn't fit to lead and the same could be said about Margaux. Neither of them were fit to lead in her eyes. In fact, she thinks she would be a better leader but she'd rather not get too involved with the band as she intends to leave them when they are no longer or any use to her.

Margaux LeClaire :: "Better be cautious of this one."
She finds Margaux to be a rather interesting person, not that she'd ever admit it out loud to anyone. Desiree knows that Margaux is no fool and should not be underestimated nor taken lightly. Despite this, Desiree thinks that she is not fit to be a leader like Albus. She was too... wild to lead. It is this hyper-activeness of Margaux's that, on occasion, makes Desiree question whether or not she is indeed someone she needs to watch out for. Desiree absolutely hates it when Margaux hugs and touches her randomly.

( Euterpe )
Argus / Maxwell Stirling :: "You deserved it."
Her former 'target to seduce'. All she wanted to do was use him as a stepping stone towards more fame. Although Desiree has never seen him in person before, she doesn't care if he was some freak of nature. It was his fame she was after, not the person himself. However, when she saw him her jaw instantly dropped. Argus was fucking gorgeous in her eyes. She started to want him for more than his fame. When he rejected all of her advancements on him, she was beyond mad. Desiree didn't know what to do as she has never been rejected by any guy in the past. She hated the feeling. That day, and until a few days after, Desiree's rejection became an internet viral. The impact it had on her popularity? Negative. Needless to say Desiree was furious at this. She wanted revenge, she wanted for Argus to loose his fame. The announcement of Argus leaving Maverick was music to her ears. But when she caught whiff of a new band blossoming with Argus as the frontman, Desiree was mad. She wanted to crush him.

Ambrosia / Eirian Keegan :: "God. The sight of her annoys me."
Desiree doesn't know Ambrosia in person. They've never met before and Desiree certainly wishes that they never meet in person. The mere sight of Ambrosia gets her blood boiling. Why? "Because that's the woman that Argus rejected me for."

Hayden Lee :: "Shame. He's pretty handsome."
Hayden Lee, one of the people who's often the content of internet gossip. Word about him having gay tendencies is one of the hottest rumors even days after him leaving Maverick because Argus was made to leave -- the event that sparked the entire rumor. Desiree has a feeling that the rumors are true. She finds it to be a waste as she thinks that Hayden had quite the good looks.

( Family )
Unnamed mother and father :: "I hate you!!"
Desiree blames them for being poor. Every opportunity she would get, she wouldn't forget to rub in how much she despised them for being poor. The truth however was that they were only words. Desiree doesn't really hate them, but hates the situation her family was in: poor. Despite knowing how hard her parents work to try and get them out of being poor, Desiree never appreciated their efforts. She was quite the ungrateful child who one day proclaimed that she was leaving home because she tired or being poor and wanted to become rich and famous. Despite her parents' protests, Desiree still left home and hasn't visited ever since. She never contacted her parents as well. The truth that Desiree is unaware of: her father is already dead and her mother is stuck in a hospital, very sick and predicted to die at any time.

Devon Caulfield :: "Get out of my way you brat."
The younger brother whom she barely paid any attention to. Desiree and Devon never had a good relationship. Desiree would often order him around for the mere fact that he was younger, not that he did anything to fight back. Devon was too kind and allowed himself to be pushed around by his sister. In Desiree's eyes, Devon is just a brat who had her blood. After she left, just like how she never contacted her parents, Desiree never contacted Devon. What Desiree doesn't know however is that Devon has become quite the successful man. He's single-handedly raised their family from poverty and into a life of ease. Devon has the means to contact Desiree but he chooses not to.

( Others )
Ex Boyfriends :: "All those dirty thoughts of me, they were never yours to keep."
Desiree has dated numerous guys in the past, the exact number of which she could not remember. She never really cared for any of them and merely used them for her own benefit, either for more fame or more fortune. Desiree never felt anything for any of them, she couldn't even remember the names of half the guys she's dated. Once they are no longer of any use to her, she dumps them and moves on to the next. It wasn't hard for her to find a guy, her good looks and popularity made sure of it. Despite being called a whore and a slut by many people online, Desiree has actually never had sex with any of the guys she's gone out with. The moment they start asking her for it, she breaks up with them regardless of whether or not she could still use the guy to her benefit.

Unnamed Agent :: "I am forever in your debt."
That shady agent that gave her a starting point in this whole thing. Desiree honestly thinks that she could trust him. In fact, she believes that he is the only person she could trust. The truth however: He shouldn't be trusted at all. He is the type of guy who would willingly abandon Desiree once he sees that she is no longer of any use, similar to how Desiree would dump a guy once he's served his purpose. The same applies if ever Desiree got herself into a rather troublesome situation -- one of which would cost him more that she's worth, her agent would drop her in a heartbeat. To him, Desiree is nothing more than a money maker.
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Written for Vergilius

"People may not tell you how they feel about you, but they always show you. Pay attention."
Keri Hilson

Female 24 y/o Bassist of Euterpe

Eirian Keegan
Stage name Ambrosia


Demanding | "When I speak I'm to be heard. When I order I'm to be obeyed."
Not bossy, that is a word used to describe females who know how to lead. No, demanding. Eirian, or famously known as Ambrosia, demands perfection and demands all of her needed attention. She doesn't like it to be ignored, she doesn't stand on the stage for that reason and wishes, or demands, to be heard by everyone. Partly it is her attention loving side who acts like this, wishing not to be ignored and to be seen and watched by all, partly it is also because she fears she will otherwise be forgotten if she doesn't act out of character. After all a negative impression lasts longer than a good, or meek, one.

Provocative | "Hate is another form of love."
She lives for the reaction, for action. One could say that Eirian is always looking for a fight, for a conflict of some sort. It is another way of her tricks to get her much-desired attention. To anger someone, to make someone laugh, Eirian is always out to provoke something of an emotion with the other party, keen on not letting them go so easily until she had reached her goal.

Melodramatic | "I do admit that I like to exaggerate, or rather love to."
She likes to make things look bigger than they seem, worse than they actually are. Eirian is like a whirlwind, a breeze that indicates the coming of a storm, raging and bringing in the drama where it isn't supposed to be. Causing hurricanes and destroying everything in her path. For some reason the female loves the thrill of it, of drama as she keeps on seeking out new ones, creating and attracting them to herself for a new spot on the stage.

Haughty | "Tell, do you find that I have a moment to spare?"
Some say that the fame has gone up her head and perhaps it really has. Eirian is arrogant, finds herself to be too worthy, too great for the presence of the no one. It is for that reason why she seems so unreachable to some, but why she is also known as a diva by others. She won't turn her head for someone she considers worthless, who she can't use for her own fame and dramas. A very dislikeable trait that all springs forward from her need for attention.

Sensual | "It is my libido, really. One which you can't resist, I know it."
Just as she is provoking Eirian is also sensual. She likes to arouse others, make them want and beg for her as she plays with their hearts. Twirling their wishes around her little finger the female is just waiting for the moment to strike and destroy them. Demanding all of their attention while she destroys everything around them, making sure that once they have been drilled into the ground all they have is this lingering lust for her.

Regal | "A god's fruit, doesn't that befit the title of a queen?"
Despite everything else, her provoking attitude, her lustful ways to play around and her want for attention Eirian plays it classy. She keeps herself on high regard and likes to think of herself as a lady, acting as such as she strives for the utmost elegance while maintaining her dynamic as an idol. No one can deny that Eirian doesn't know her manners and that she has this sophisticated aura around her. No one should be able to say that she doesn't have it in her. All by all Eirian likes to call herself the all-in-one package.


Good girl gone bad | "As romantic and as cliché as it sounds, it is all true and part of my life."

- Was always a girl with big dreams.
- Her parents didn't approve of her dreams, were rather strict and conservative.
- Felt like she was being suffocated by them, so she tried to escape them by going out a lot.
- Happened to meet up with a few kids who had big dreams as well.
- Decided to join them and form a band. Finally she could work on her dreams.

- Still no approval from parents.
- They tried to get her out of the 'madness' by taking away her instruments and refusing her music classes.
- After they gave her curfew the girl burst, climbed out of the window and ran.
- Lived in the house of [C2] ever since.
- Started dating [C2] for his kindness and also to manipulate him into having her in one room.
- But honestly, she liked [C1] better.
- So when he started courting her she had no idea what to do, gave into her emotions at last.

- Scandal came out, many flashes, media overwhelming them.
- She broke up with [C2], started dating [C1].
- It wasn't a happy relationship due to the stress of being ousted from the band and the stress to start from scratch.
- [C1] became really vengeful, wanted to regain his lost dignity.
- They broke up, but feelings still linger, now she is just helping out with the revenge plan.


Stage name | "Ambrosia, the food of the gods. Ambrosia, so especially delicious and fragrant, but so very poisonous for the mortal soul. The myths and tales all whispered about it. Am-bro-sia, a name truly befitting of someone as bewitching and lethal as I'm."
A stage name that Eirian has adopted after her first stage and remained even after the fall of her career. It was a name that she used as a pseudonym first so that her parents wouldn't find out about her secret advances to her dreams they disapproved of so much. She likes the name and thinks that it fits her ideally, which is one of the main reasons why she never changed it. Even now, now that she is out in the open for all to see and even her parents she remains to use the name of 'Ambrosia' as she doesn't know any better. One could almost say that it became a separate alter ego of hers.​

Rumours & Gossips | "It is only natural that people talk about me. Praise or ill, I take it all, it is flattering how much time they are willing to spend on me who doesn't know about them or their existence."
Diva > Truth > Many say that the fame has gone up her head and perhaps it is true. The star likes to make her fair share of unreasonable demands, usually about food as she is very strict about her diet. However, due to a few incidents in the past when she was still with Maverick the stamp of being a diva has never really gone away. Though Eirian has tried to better herself now that she is in Euterpe she every now and then still slips up in her own old behaviour in which she could permit herself such an attitude.

Health Freak > Truth > True and proud of it. It is no secret that Eirian is a huge advocate for a healthy life style and a healthier body image to the world. The ideals that the entertainment world depicts is something she hugely despises and is struggling with as she isn't exactly the poster girl for what they set as 'perfect'. However, now that she has gained her own fanbase Eirian has decided that it doesn't matter anymore as long as she is confident and comfortable in her own skin. A message she likes to get across with the rest of the world.

Pregnant > Lie > Fans sometimes hold ill tongues and many whisper that the reason why Eirian left Maverick was because she was pregnant. Though she never disappeared for nine full months and definitely never showed a growing belly the rumours persisted, speculating that the father either is Maxwell or Albus, both who she has dated.

Plastic surgery > Lie > As her looks usually are the object of envy to many people like to guess their way around to find out how Eirian maintains her appearance. Some rumours are just plain outrageous as there are suggestions that she might be a vampire. However, the more malicious ones, and the ones that bother her the most as it destroys her credibility as an advocate for a positive body image, are the ones that claim that her looks are unnatural and are done by the knife. None of which are true, but people love to gossip and speculate.

Call girl/escort girl/prostitute > Lie > One of the most image destroying rumours that ever went around. It all happened because there was a prostitute who impersonated her went around using her fame to get by. Though the truth has long been revealed and the prostitute had to pay a hefty sum for the damage she had caused to Eirian's career and image the rumours never really left. It are mostly the more uninformed and the ignorant people who still trash her about it.

Drug addict > Lie > This rumour mostly springs from the scandal that had made the original band split up. Ever since Maxwell had been found with drugs and a few members followed fans assumed that they were involved or addicted as well. Again it is another rumour that hurts her image as an advocate for the 'healthy lifestyle' and 'positive body image'
Appearance | "What else is there to say than that I'm simply perfection? From my head to my toes, from the back and the front, I'm a sight to behold! Men lust for me when we meet eyes and women envy me when they watch my every move, I'm a goddess in my own right."

Height > 5'9 feet = 175 cm

Weight > 125 Lbs = 60 kg

Hair > Raven black, long, reaching mid-back and wavy. Her hair is thick and silky to look at and soft and light to touch. It is in an ideal condition and point of envy for many. Eirian maintains her hair strictly, knowing how her coupé has an impact on her appearance as well.

Complexion > Fair and smooth. Like many Eirian fusses a great deal over her skin, not wanting it to break out or to show any blemishes, wrinkles or pimples. She goes to the dermatologists frequently to keep it in a perfect condition and makes sure that she doesn't ruin it by an unhealthy life style or lack of sleep. Again she has a clean and healthy skin that is the object of jealousy with her peers and colleagues.

Body > One of her greatest prides. Eirian isn't like many women in the industry stick thin or trying to lose a bunch of weight. In fact she might even be considered a little at the chubbier side for someone in the entertainment industry and with a side job of modelling. It has the right effect on her as it gives her the desired curves and an healthy look to herself. Despite how vain she is about her appearance Eirian is conscious of the unhealthy image many idols give to young teenagers and is trying to advocate for 'healthier' and more 'realistic' body types.

Fashion > As a role model to many Eirian tries to keep her appearances up to date. Though she has her own sense of style and fashion she doesn't want to appear as a 'grandma' either or worse 'slutty' and 'cheap'. Eirian's style can be described as 'sensual' but yet classy and chic. Showing off just the right amount of skin without coming across as desperate while maintaining a high class image to the rest of the world.​
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