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  1. Rinnette's body tingled as she walked quickly down the street. It was raining lightly, but the drops were oblivious to her. She didn't feel them. Rinnette couldn't feel anything except her feet on the cement sidewalk and the cold rush of wind that seemed to follow her around the city. She was invisible to the world, a woman made of glass, and she loved it.

    No one could see her.

    There were down-sides to it too, though. A fast-walking obese woman ran into her, stepping on her foot as she passed. A young businessman hit her knee with a briefcase. A small child spit gum out onto her shoe. When no one could see your body, then it was easy for them to literally walk all over you.

    Rinnette ran into an ally and forced herself to become visible. Her curly long locks were the first to reappear. Next, her clothes. Lastly, her body. She finger-combed her hair and looked at a window to view her reflection. It shattered instantly. She frowned. Ever since she'd become a conduit, life had been hard. She had an ability that allowed her to control and absorb glass. She could move it with her mind, break it, make it explode, etcetera, etcetera. It had been fun at first, but it was becoming tiring. It was hard to hide her powers, especially when every time she looked into a mirror, it cracked. She didn't have full control yet. She hadn't learned the basics.
    After all, she'd only been a conduit for a couple months.

    Rinnette made her way back to the sidewalk and walked into a donut shop, her stomach grumbling and her head throbbing.
  2. "Great," Aaron muttered, covering his head with his hood as droplets of water started falling from the sky. The sky had threatened rain since the morning, the wind bringing darker clouds every hour. For now it was still only a drizzle, but being stuck in the middle of the city when it finally decided to pour wasn't on his checklist. Breaking into a brisk trot, the dark haired male watched as some of the people around him started readying their umbrellas, others simply holding newspapers overhead. Turning a corner, Aaron collided with a guy on his bicycle. The little light that glowed at the front of the handlebars immediately shattered on contact, but luckily neither he nor the cyclist lost their balance, only a bit of speed and so they continued on.

    His heart had jumped into his throat from the light breaking and he wanted to put as much distance behind him as possible. He knew it was irrational of him, such a small occurrence could hardly be construed as strange. The tales of the people being carried away by the D.U.P. and the rumors of what happened in their prison was enough to make any conduit wary.

    Finally he found somewhere to get out of the weather that didn't seem too crowded, a little donut shop. As he entered the shop the fluorescent lights dimmed somewhat. He hated when that happened, because it usually required effort from him to get the lights back to normal. He tugged the grey hood from his head and brushed what water he could from himself. The room, once more fully lit, contained a few tables with two chairs at each, a counter with various donuts and pastries displayed on it. A cash register with was also mounted on the counter, a smiling, balding man attending it.Aaron didn't have much of a sweet tooth, but knew he couldn't linger in the shop without buying something. So out he pulled his cash clip and neared the man, getting a glazed donut and, upon spotting a machine, ordered a coffee as well.

    Finally with cup in hand, he turned towards the tables.
  3. Rinnette sat at a booth near a window without ordering. The cashier gave her a confused glance, and she rolled her eyes, knowing that if she didn't buy something within the next twenty minutes, she'd be kicked out.

    She looked around, not daring to let her eyes settle onto any window, or other glass fixture. The place was a packed. A group of college kids were gossiping in the booth behind hers. An older couple giggled over an inside joke at the table beside her. Three men in cheap suits were speaking in hushed tones in the booth in front of her.

    And there she was, alone with no donut.

    She would've gotten one when she'd walked in but the long line had discouraged her. She told herself she'd wait until it went down, but people kept flocking in to hide from the sudden rain.

    Another couple customers walked in. One was a younger man. The lights flickered. Rinnette looked up as they adjusted themselves. The bulb above her exploded, and little shards of glass snowed down onto her hair.

    "Lady, are you okay?!" a busboy asked, rushing over to her table. "Yea, I'm fine." Rinnette muttered, brushing the shards out of her hair with her fingers. She cut her hand on a larger piece as she struggled to untangle it from her curls. The cashier was the next to rush over.

    "Ma'am, I am so sorry about this. Must be from the storm outside. Uh, anything you order today is on the house." the balding man said apologetically. "Thanks. I'll order in a sec." she smiled
  4. Aaron, having heard the bulb shatter, tried to think why it might have happened. He was sure he was not to blame. Although he was no master with his power, he had enough control over it to stunt the flow of it. To keep it from running away like a wild horse. Admittedly some spikes happened on occasion, like when caught off guard. Or the involuntary dimming when he wasn't paying attention. In the end he shrugged it off as a weak bulb or perhaps faulty wiring and allowed himself to look at the occupant of the booth under the broken light.

    A girl, younger than he, though not by much he thought, with crinkly, dark hair. He noticed the crimson of blood on her hand. She was now being tended to by the cashier, who appeared very nervous that she might well cause a ruckus about the accident. He grinned to himself thinking about how often he heard people joke that these days one could sue over anything. He doubted she was the sort, seeing her smile at the man as he went back to his station behind the counter.

    Aaron couldn't stand in the same spot forever however, so he made his way to an open seat, located diagonally from the girl. He passed the quietly laughing, aging couple, scraped the chair backwards and plopped down into it. From his spot he was now able to watch the door and inspect the girl further.
  5. Rinnette rested her head in her hand, temporarily forgetting her wound, and smearing blood onto her cheek. She looked up just in time to see someone sit down behind the table beside her, right next to the group of college kids, who looked like they were getting their things together to leave. She admired his different style. It was unique, and cool.

    "Young lady, would you like a napkin?" the older woman next to her asked. "Huh?" Rinnette was snapped from her daze. "You've got... red on you. All over your face." the woman said, gesturing towards the blood that was smeared all over Rinnette's cheek. "Oh... it's okay." she said politely. The old woman turned back to her husband and continued conversing.

    Rinnette's cell phone rang. She pulled it out of her pocket. The glass screen was so cracked that it was almost impossible to read a text or use it for much more than receiving calls. She ignored whoever it was and looked out of the window beside her. It was beginning to rain harder. She felt her stomach grumble again. Her eyes darted over to the line. It had gone down. She would get something soon. She glanced back over to the man behind the elder couple, and bit her lip.
  6. Dyson walked through the streets, the rain pelting onto him, his hair plastered against his forehead. He had always liked the rain, it seemed to calm him, it brought his mind a sense of peace that nothing else could give him. Though even through the calm, he could feel the pull of his powers, yanking at the ethereal threads of nerves tingling throughout his body. As he stopped to look up sky, his bright blue eyes stinging slightly, he could all but feel the unease coming off of the people walking past. The dark pull he gave off, making them wary of those around him.

    Sighing in concentration as he struggled to contain his abilities, Dyson continued walking. At least until he found a small doughnut shop. Without hesitation, the blue eyed mqn simply walked in and ordered a cup of coffee before taking a seat by the window. He noticed a very...eccentric looking individual and a girl who seemed to be bleeding.

    As he sat down, he breathed a sigh of relief at his place near a bright light, thinking his power would be easier to control. Then, he noticed the shadows of the room, shifting, trying to inch closer to him. He refocused his control, hoping no one saw the subtle fluxes in the darkness.

    Dyson's conduit abilities had only recently activated and he had been trying his best to conceal them. It was rather hard with an ability like Shadow Manipulation, the darkness and shadows seemed to have a mind of their own, wanting to bond with a person.
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  7. Aaron licked his fingers in an effort to rid them of the stickiness caused by the donut. It had been tasty he wouldn't deny that, but he enjoyed the bitterness of the dark fluid that washed it down. The warmth of it chasing the coldness of his damp clothes away. He had been watching her, the girl who appeared to catch not only his attention. The female counterpart of the aged couple had leaned over and was talking to her, likely referring to blood now smeared on her face. The curly haired girl didn't mind it, it seemed, since she made no effort in wiping the red off.

    She instead, after looking at her cellphone, glanced over to him. He was caught aback by this and without thinking, smiled at her and mimed wiping his face.

    Another interesting individual entered the shop then. A tall man, one that made Aaron feel slightly uneasy. He could feel the light flee, as the man found his own seat in the cozy shop. The light above him felt like it was being held at bay, like an animal fearing a flame.
  8. Rinnette giggled nervously at the stranger's smile. "It's just blood. It won't hurt anyone!" she whispered, laughing at his gesture toward her messy cheek. A couple people glanced at her, confused at her comment. She flipped some of them off discreetly and then stood, finally ready to get in line.

    "I'm gonna get a Pepp-siii." she sang quietly as she made her way toward the register. Her foot caught the edge of a table leg as she walked, and she fell over, not making a sound as her face hit the shiny tile floor.
    "Owww." Rinnette groaned almost silently as she rolled over onto her side. Her nose was now bleeding lightly, and her body was throbbing. Again, the cashier rushed over to her.

    "Ma'am! I-" "Ugh, don't worry about it, dude. This happens all the time. Just, gimme a Pepsi and, uh, 2 dozen of your finest donuts. And don't keep me waiting. I wanna get outta here before I break somethin'."
    Rinnette stood shakily and rested her hand on the table she'd tripped over. She smirked at the young man who was sitting at it, looking apologetically into his blue eyes. "Sorry about that. I'm... kind of a spaz." she shrugged, then moved over to the front of the shop, where the cashier was rushing to fill her order.

    Her eyes returned to the guy with the odd glasses, who'd smiled at her earlier. She had to ask where he'd gotten them. She'd do it as soon as she had her pastries.
  9. Daniel crouched on the edge of the old Baxter building looking out into the street. Multiple parties were constantly going off on their own paths, each having their own destination; their own story. The rain pelted not only his soft blonde hair, but his jacket as well. His hair, however, remained dry. It was cold, but Daniel had a smile on his face. It was a lovely night surrounded by all the artificial lighting and commotion of the city. He pulled his beanie on tighter before a growl erupted from his stomach. Breakfast was small this morning, as was lunch. Finally, it was dinner time, and the only place around for him to grab a bite to eat was at the little ma and pa doughnut shop on 21st avenue. It wasn't too far away, and frankly, Daniel was so hungry that he didn't care.

    He stood up and cleared his throat before hopping off the building and crashing down to the alley bellow. He didn't usually flaunt his powers, but he wasn't in fear of them either. He usually attempted to hide them from the public, but occasional slip ups were bound to happen. It was a brief walk to the doughnut shop, and only seconds after walking in, he knew the small town business had seen more action then it usually did. He shook the small amount of water that was left from his dry hair as he scanned his surroundings. A young lady with a bloody nose approached the check out counter and a young man with a hood sat near the front of the restaurant. Another man was sitting in the darkness near the door and a few other miscellaneous people sat in booths around the shop. His bright blue eyes that seemed to glow moments before soon dulled as he approached the counter.

    Daniel always had a certain aura that followed him. People that were around him seemed to light up whenever he spoke. Just being around him did something for their mood. Once he arrived at the counter, he ordered a few doughnuts and a glass of milk. He placed down his order at a small table near the center of the room. Before he could sit and enjoy the meal, he noticed a smidgen of blood dawning the floor a few feet from him. He quickly grabbed a few paper towels from the kitchen staff before returning to clean up the blood. It was a nice shop and he wanted to keep it that way. One knee hit the floor as he bent down to clean up the mishap. He hoped whoever had left the spot was OK and he was excited to return to his food.
  10. "Woo-hoo" she screamed, enjoying the free fall from one of the tallest buildings in town. It was amazing everything she could do just by manipulating sound waves. Just when she was about to crash into the pavement, she just screamed, and the vibration would raise her into the air once again, so that she could gently land in the floor. Or if she felt like it, she could just keep the vibrations and glide for a significant time period. But that tired her quicker, and it wasn't as fun as free falling, so she just prefered climbing and falling. She never really cared about being seen by people, she just did whatever she wanted and ran off as quickly as she could, which was pretty fast because of the sound waves she generated to impulse herself. That way, most of people couldn't see her face.

    She stopped running in a dark alley where no one would see her and went out walking as a normal person. Samantha was sure that the DUP knew her, so that was why she still cared a little for pretending. She smiled at that thought, did her father knew about her? How did he react when he found out that his little girl was just another "bio-terrorist"? There had been 3 years now since she discovered her ability and left her parents. And they had been the best 3 years of her life.

    At that moment, she heard someone singing and approached. He was just a street performer singing some rock song. He wasn't good at it, so Samantha absorbed the sound. She chuckled as the young man started coughing. He would get his voice back in a few minutes, but it was funny to see him not understanding what did just happened. With the feeling of being loaded with her power, Samantha sat down and enjoyed the rain in her face. She would probably smell like a wet dog afterwards, but it was worth it. A sweet smell of a donut shop filled her senses and made her hungry, but she decided to stay there for a little longer.
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  11. He flinched as the, now he assumed clumsy, girl dove face first into the ground. He certainly hoped she had copious amounts of blood in her system at the rate she was losing it. He looked outside. It was still raining and the weather only seemed to be getting worse. With his cup empty he didn't really have valid reason to stay in the shop, though he certainly didn't intend on getting drenched if he had a choice about it. He saw no one else leaving the shop yet, only another guy entering and ordering.

    Aaron stretched and yawned, wondering what he would be doing until the rain let up. He guessed he could try messing with some of the occupants in the room, but he knew he shouldn't draw much attention. Boredom was creeping up on him so with caution thrown to the wind he looked for a target. Finally he saw someone. One of the business men was working on his cellphone.

    "One, two, three," Aaron counted under his breath and off went the screen's back-light. The man frowned but pressed his unlock button to flare the screen up. Another few seconds and the screen light died again. The man was getting frustrated by the on and off turning of the screen and finally gave up, sticking the phone in his pocket.
  12. "Here you are. Have a nice day, Miss." the cashier said, handing Rinnette her order of 24 donuts. She took the box into her arms and moved back over toward the glasses-guy. She plopped into the chair across from him and sat her donuts on the table inbetween them. "Hey," she began, grinning. "Where'd you get those shades? They're pretty sick."

    She cut her eyes over toward the area where she'd fallen, where someone was now cleaning up the blood she'd leaked onto the ground. She watched as the stranger returned to his order. Rinnette pulled a donut from her box and bit into it, then continued conversing. "You can have one if you want. Or two. I think I got too many." she laughed nervously.
  13. With a scratch of chair legs on the floor, the brown-eyed female sat across from Aaron, placing the multitude of sprinkled and icing caked donuts between them. He was quite surprised honestly. With her bloodied nose she acted as if nothing had happened, even addressing him as if they knew each other. Not until she offered him one of her donuts was he able to lift his eyes from her nose to answer her question as to his goggles.

    Admittedly they weren't a common accessory. Tinted and large as they were, but he always thought it the point. To be unique, but that was certainly not the first reason behind it.

    "Ordered 'em. On the internet, you know?" He spoke, before reaching a hand over the table. "I'm Aaron. And you are?"
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