Indy's Miraculous Search (FILLED REQUEST)

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  1. Thanks for clicking on my little thread! I'll try to keep things short and sweet, but first, here are a few things you should know:

    • I'm not planning for there to be libertine elements in the rp but I would still like my partners to be 18+ in case we decide to go in that direction, and since I am getting into my 20s now.
    • I can do PM or forum thread, though if we do decide to do something libertine I’d prefer it to be in PM.
    • I'm not too picky with requirements. I don't usually have more than a couple paragraphs for replies, so I don't expect you to write a novel or anything (unless you want to, I guess). Try to keep the spelling and grammar in check, but I understand that you can't catch every mistake and that for some people English is not their first language.
    • I lurk on iwaku daily, and try to post at least a once every few days. I will not straight up ditch you, if I start to lose motivation for the rp, I will notify you or we can talk it out.

    Now that that's over with, onto the rp idea!

    I'd like to do an rp based on the show Miraculous Ladybug. Having seen it before isn't necessary since I'd like to use original characters, but here are the basics if you are unfamiliar
    general info (open)
    it's a superhero/magical girl story, where teens receive special jewelery artifacts called a 'miraculous'. With the miraculous comes a small godlike sprite creature (called a Kwami) that powers the artifact and gives the person their powers, along with transforming a suit and special weapon for them. And then they do the usual thing of fighting crime (or in the show's case, fighting possessed/corrupted civilians and turning them back to normal, although that sort of counts as crime too). After using their specific special attack, or after staying transformed too long, their miraculous will lose power and they will need to de-transform and feed their kwami to give them the energy to transform again later.

    Just so you can tell I'm extra desperate, here's a clip to convince you more (see, there's even a boy one!)

    For this rp I'd like us to play as a pair of miraculous wielders in another country. Our characters fight crime together, but they don't know each other's civilian identities despite interacting on a daily basis at school/work/whatever setting. I'd love to collaborate on specific plot and events- we can play around with fun villains, side characters, fangirls/boys, romance (~the unholy secret identity love square~) and the eventual identity reveal of course!

    I will be playing a female hero character, but whatever gender you want your character to be is fine with me. You are also free to use any miraculous that is in the show (whether or not it is currently being used by a character on the show) or one you make up yourself but I will be using one I made up.

    MC basics (open)

    Viktoria is a bit of a delinquent as a civilian and is usually picking a fight with someone or in some sort of trouble. She was skeptical when she was chosen to be the new Raccoon, but quickly grew to love being able to defend others and fight for justice in a way she would never be able to as her normal self.

    *Once we get to talking and plotting I'll be able to give a more detailed CS

    Comment here or shoot me a pm if you're interested or have questions!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.