IndubidablyAli saying an Indubidable Hello

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  1. Hey, I'm ali and I have pretty much just been looking for new RP sites because all my others have died down. I've even tried to start some up on facebook. I'm basically looking for a way to escape my life and delve into the crevices of my imagination so I hope you guys will help me do that. i'm good with all kinds of genres, from fantasy to realistic, sci-fi to paranormal. anyways, that is my hello XD
  2. Hi Ali! Nice to meet you! I'm sure this place will be plenty enough as is. So much to do haha.
  3. Iwaku is way better than facebook! 8D

    Also, is that k in your name supposed to be there? O__O

  4. Hello Ali! Nice to meet you! :D

    I'm The Russian Burrito! ... Ahem, THE Russian Burrito. I'm unique. One of a kind. Limited edition. Weird.

    You can call me Burrito or the Russian or any real nickname as long as it's not too sexual! XD
  5. Hello Ali and welcome to Iwaku.

    My name is Tetsuri and its a pleasure to meet you.

    This place is great for story writing and enjoying the luxuries of it.

    At the Academy, you can learn lessons and enjoy some fun activities!

    We also have some Jump- In Role Plays, these are a fun way to get to know how people write.

    There is also a Cbox, where you can meet various members and talk with them.

    Enjoy your stay here and I hope you make some friends!
  6. Welcome to Iwaku!

    Iwaku has so much more than Facebook does!

    Hope to see you around!
  7. I'm pretty sure Iwaku has better ratings than Facebook...
  8. Huzzah for getting out of reality! Iwaku is a good place for that. :D Welcome, Ali!
  9. D:

    My apologies!

    Welcome, Welcome to Iwaku Ali!!!

    I have no Idea how did I miss this thread before!
    I should have welcomed you already!

    Rest assured that our Iwaku is totally awesome!
    some cookies to celebrate your arrival.


    May the Muse and the Plotbunnies be with you!

    See you around!
    : D