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  1. Welcome one and all. This will be serving as a character bin for a little project I will slowly be constructing. If you are at all interested feel free to pm me and ask whatever questions you may have.

    A few things you should know:

    1; I LOVE video games, particularly tbs combat games.

    2; I ADOOORE the medieval ages. Tales of dragons, and mighty wizards to lonely pilgrims and lowly serfs. I love it all baby.

    3; This here project is a video game idea that struck me one late afternoon after finishing a game known as Fire Emblem Awakening. It is good, check it out.

    4; I have decided to pursue this quest a tad further and here are the results of my work. A seemingly endless list of characters to interact with in this vague, yet to be fully explained game I plan on building from the ground up.

    Wish me luck, and enjoy the tales to come!
  2. Bah, I am bad at picking up things halfway.

    Entirely new Topic Go!

    Alrighty in this Section I am going to be explaining a few things in order to give a good chunk of these characters some Context:

    The plot, or plots, of this game all revolve mainly around a single event occurring on the Continent of (Placeholder). This Event is known as the Last Imperial Campaign. This name will not be revealed to the player for quite a while into the game however and it will be mostly referred to as a simple war for the first sections of the plot.

    There will be Five plots available to the player. At game start only one will be unlocked however. This game will employ the long used and infuriating tactic of making the player complete the Campaign with a certain faction before allowing them to play any of the others.

    The plots will unlock one at a time, as they are completed and will increase greatly in difficulty from plot to plot.

    The First Plot will follow Samael (mentioned above) as he leads a ragtag mercenary corps that desperately tries (and fails) to remain neutral in the large scale conflict. This plot line will put the player in a more comfortable position than the other plots will. None of the powerful units from either faction will actively pursue the player as they go about their business and the enemies faced will be generally weaker than compared to the other plots. Mind you, the player will be required to play a political role early on. A misfired arrow could lead to some nasty repercussions from one of the factions.

    Now, before we continue I would like to clarify something. There are three main factions in this game, and one super faction that plays more of a passive role in the majority of the plot.(Samael represents the third Faction, which is a neutral mercenary nation)

    The plot of Samael will be labelled as Easy mode in the Menu select of the game.

    The Second Plot will follow the actions of the brave knight Mikael as he desperately fights to save his falling nation. Mikael is leading a small and inexperienced unit that is designed to operate on easier scouting mission. When war suddenly breaks out however they are forced into a combat roll and it leaves the player with very little to work with. While this plot does not directly put the player in danger of the more powerful units of the enemy forces, it does significantly increase the difficulty of the campaign. This campaign will test the players ability to react to their surroundings and work with bare bones supplies. The character will be able to significantly slow the enemies advance to his/her capitol if they are smart in where they strike the opponent. They will need to be mindful however, word travels fast and if they gain enough villainy in the ranks of the enemy the big shots will come knocking. (the big shots are scary, they will one hit your army with a single blow, seriously there is an enemy commander who has the ability to do this. Round one gg) One thing is inevitable. You are fighting on the losing side of the war, the enemy will win, no matter what you do they will completely crush your home nation. This campaign's goal is too put the player in a hopeless situation and see how long they can hold out for. The longer you stave off abandoning your home the greater rewards you will gain and the better chance you will have at beating the second and third parts of the campaign.

    Mikael Hales from the Nation of Serres and is the victim in this war. This campaign will be labelled as Normal Difficulty and will only be unlocked after completing at least 1/3 of Samael's Campaign.

    The third plot will follow a Baron from the Aggressor nation (Kaeda) named James. James is a small time baron and has recently pissed off one of the big names in the political world of Kaeda. This has put him on the front lines of the conflict between Serres and Kaeda with Ill equipped troops and zero chance of supplies or reinforcements. This campaign puts the player in the most desperate of situations. Not only does your own nation want you to lose, but so does the enemy. You will be thrown into the fray with almost nothing at your disposal and your job is too win. The difference between this campaign and Mikael's is that you don't have the freedom of movement Mikael has. You are following orders. You will be tasked with eliminating certain enemy personnel and they will always be leagues above you in strength and arms. Not only are you time restricted in completing these missions (if you don't complete them in time you are branded a traitor by your own nation) but the enemy will always be geared against your force. Every possible counter to your strategy will be employed. Your commander is trying to get you dead, and your job is to live and eventually take his place. If you survive until the end of the war without being branded a traitor or falling to the spear your rewards will be insanely high and you will be granted such a huge and diverse force that you will have little clue what to do with it. (only to be turned to face even more powerful and deadly enemies). This Campaign is merciless and it puts the other two to shame in range of difficulty and test on the player.

    Now, the other two campaigns (yes there are two more, and yes they are more difficult) are a little convoluted at the moment so I will refrain from releasing the details of their happenings until later in this little bile pile of creative goodness.


    The next few Character will be the characters that initially begin in Samael's Squad of Mercenaries(S). I will then move on to the knights of Mikael's force(M) and finish with the ragtag force given to James at the start of the war(J). I will then proceed on a seemingly endless list of recruit-able characters that may or may not be available in game(R). I will also be completing NPC/Non-recruitable/secret characters along the way.(N)

    The letters will be used as prefixes to help readers identify the characters in a simple fashion.
  3. **Disclaimer, these are only brief representations meant to wet the tongue of those reading, I will try my best to develop and expand on what is here on my own but it is a ton of writing, feel free to pm me with any inspiration you have upon reading these short character summaries and I will get your creative piece of mind into my story**



    Class; Veteran*

    Jacob is a jovial old mercenary who had initially been next in line to lead the Obsidian Brigadiers (The Mercenary groups name) but instead chose to step down and play a supporting role upon witnessing Samael's prowess as a fighter and capability as a leader. He is the friendliest of the group and often acts as the conscience of those around him who lack one themselves. He believes that camaraderie and moral are the main contributors to success in battle. He exemplifies this in how he acts around the other members. He is always boosting morale and encouraging friendships (and romances) between his fellow comrades.

    Unique Unit Trait: Passive: Together we stand; When another unit Fights adjacent to Jacob any stat that unit possesses that it lower than his own will be automatically raised to the base value he has in that stat. Lower values will not be adjusted. Ability is in effect in both offensive and defensive battle animations.

    Starting Weapon: Worn Axe of Jacob "This lads, be my axe!" ~Jacob, whilst admiring his axe.

    Passive abilities: this weapon passively repairs itself at the end of any turn it is held by Jacob, if he has not participated in combat that turn.

    *A full list of Classes, along with their descriptions will be posted soon and placed in the OP, promise.
  4. (S)


    Class; (Cross)Bowman, Cabin Boy

    Sallel is a rarity, something not seen by many in their entire life. He is a pirate, who wields a cross bow first of all (like what?), and has no lust for treasure or exploration. Sallel has always wanted to live the peaceful life of a fisherman. Something about sitting back and enjoying an afternoon to yourself on a lake has always appealed to him. Unluckily for Sallel, due to extraneous circumstances, he now finds himself not only an ex pirate, but a active member of a rather rowdy mercenary corps. Sallel is naturally a shy person, but the group has gotten to him and he has found himself in the role of the level headed. Always the critic to any plan, always looking out into the possibilities his comrades overlook or choose to ignore. Either way he has become some what of a tactical mind and critical observer and his opinion is gratly sought after in almost every decision made by his comrades. Despite his misgivings to the whole adventuring bit, he finds himself warming up to his comrades.

    Unique Unit Trait(s): Passive; Lookout; (All support class pirates have this ability) Grants +2 sight and sound radius to self and all nearby (within 3 tiles) allies.

    Passive: Assured Victory; Sallel supports adjacent allies in battle. Whenever they attack he adds half the damage he would regularly do to his allies total damage to their target opponent. When adjacent to a defending ally he adds half of his defensive stats to his allies defensive stats and has a 10% chance to intercept the enemy attack, negating all damage.

    Starting Weapon: Crossbow, this is a class specific weapon, only a few select units can use it.

    Passive: Has a twenty percent chance to attack twice in any one attack
  5. Silve

    Class: Unique (really, that is what it is called)

    While not an actual member of the Mercenary corps at the start of the game, Silve plays an important role in the groups structure. Her past is mostly unknown and she likes to keep to herself. Whether that is out of choice or necessity is hard to tell. On the surface she is a strangely blank canvas. Her calm demeanor and deadly quick decision making make it clear that she has quite a bit of extensive combat training.

    (Silve appears in the opening cut scene of the first mission and is therefor considered a starting character. She is very much intentionally the strongest unit in the game. Your strategy for the first campaign will most likely revolve around her as a unit. She is recruit-able in the other campaigns, but is exceedingly more difficult to recruit as you move up in difficulty.)

    Unique Unit Trait(s): Passive: Evasion; When alone (not within ten spaces of an ally) for every enemy unit within ten spaces of Silve, she gains an extra movement and sight on the battle map. When five or more are present, she may move twice.

    Active: Shadow; Silve unlocks Shadow abilities as she levels up, these are unique mechanics for her character that add to her stealth and combat strength. She may choose three of these abilities to bring into battle with her. and may only use each one once.

    Starting Weapon: Craimsone; A strange blade hand crafted for her. Cannot break, cannot be wielded by others. Grants +2 to all stats when below 35% health. Cannot be slain in one strike (brought from full to zero)
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  6. Here ends the starting units For Samael's Campaign.

    Her begins the starting units for Mikael's campaign.
  7. Demetri Solace.

  8. Colt Serenes.