Indi's very Odd Worlds/Other Things!

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  1. Table of Context!

    Worlds/Different Earth Versions!
    - Kielien [Ka-I-Lan] || First || WIP
    - Demon Apocalypse || Second || WIP
  2. Kielien [Ka-I-Lan]
    A world much like Earth just with different kinds of life forces!
    Kielien is a world filled with people called Kei, pronounced like key. These are mythical creatures who are born with a magical key holding in what we might call a familiar. A creature/being of any universe, size, or strength! They're with you for life, and they're opened with a strong bond or overwhelming trust. This can happen at birth, five years old, or even fourty-three. Some people, however, may never get a Keiling. Keilings are the creatures inside the key.