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    O Sapientia, quae ex ore Altissimi prodiisti,
    attingens a fine usque ad finem,
    fortiter suaviterque disponens omnia:
    veni ad docendum nos viam prudentiae.

    Elias's Pre-AP Pre-Calculus class was silent, busied by some review assignment over the Law of Sines and the Law of Cosines, but Elias himself was occupied with looking out the window. Although he found the work easy, he didn't care for it, and he knew he'd complete it later at home. In the meantime, some red spot in the endless blue sky dragged the attention of his eyes as they followed that contrasting splotch of red, sinking madly through the sky at some imperceivable speed. Whatever that thing was, it was falling alarmingly fast to the earth like a lover long distanced. Everyone else in the room seemed deeply engrossed in his homework as if everyone was oblivious to the unidentifiable object, falling to the ground outside and enlarging, seemingly, on a path to the school. A faint streaming noise like a jet could be heard, yet sadly only Elias noticed it. A damn-worthy loud crash exploded in the courtyard; Elias winced at the building's tremble and the rumbling destruction of the courtyard's stone wall with 'Union Hill High School' engraved into the brick.

    The more vocal students in the class spoke first: "What the heck was that?" The smoke outside, no doubt from the decimated remnants of concrete broken by the landing, cleared away slowly as it billowed into the sky, blended with the blue in the atmosphere, and revealed an enormous two-story tall statue of an armored figure, goat horns protruding out of the top of the helmet.

  2. A Pre-AP Pre-Calculus class was the stupidest American invention Claude had ever heard. And he had heard of the twenty-six pound gummy bear. The class was a bore, silent and reviewing the Laws of Sines and Cosines. Maybe it was because he wasn't all that much of a fan of the maths, or maybe it was because he could just as easily and much more efficiently go online and review the Laws there. Elbow propped on top of his desk and fingers on his temple, Claude worked on perfecting his face of banal apathy. The classroom, as with all the other classrooms, was full of overused, inspirational education posters; this time of the Pre-Calculus variety. Not even bothering with staring out the window, Claude noticed how unruly his scarf was being. It had tangled itself on the bands on his wrists. Working to untie his precious scarf, he paid no mind to what was going on in the rest of the room.

    Claude was jolted from his reverie as he heard the deafening crash outside. Craning his neck, he could only partially make out the courtyard. It was enough to understand the stone wall was absolutely destroyed though. Many of his classmates cried out in shock while the rest looked on dazed at what just occurred. Jumping up from his seat, he stepped his way up to the windows and ended up to next to a quiet boy with the interesting necklace. The smoke cleared out and Claude honestly did not know what to say to what he saw.

    It had to be at least two-stories tall and clad in armor. He made an intimidating silhouette even with the goat horn helmet. He realized then that he might just be witnessing a possible event that would trigger some major changes in the world. Possibly an alien invasion, possibly the end of the world, he wasn't sure yet even though they amounted to the same thing. It was one of the few moments that Claude was ever glad he moved out of Strasbourg and to Union Hill.

    The statue didn't seem to move or do anything hostile yet, but he was sure something was going to go bad soon. The idea of running away to safety was strong but so was the idea of being the first person to communicate with it if possible.
  3. The class mobbed at the windows. Students squeezed into spaces to glimpse the statue. At windows of the other wings of the four-story school, Elias could see other classes pressed to the windows with anticipation and teachers in the lounge looking over the scene. "Holy shit," Elias whispered to himself. His eyes and many others darted upwards to the skies. Five more objects fell to Earth, all near Union Hill. Another boy was at Elias's right, and this boy also stared dumbfounded at the statue as the other students did the same. A disorderly wave of dazed whispering spread through the crowd of students. "Did you see that?" "Fuck." "Is anybody hurt?" "What the hell was that?" "What is that thing?" "What's going on?" "I'm scared." "Damn!"

    Amidst the confusion, Elias broke the conformity with great adrenaline and anxiety building in his chest. He tore past the tawny-haired boy with the scarf, whom Graeff bumped shoulders with, and dashed out the door. Elias headed for the stairs with alarm as a blur of brown hair and blue clothes, muttering curses and swears under hastened breaths.

  4. His eyes darted upwards to the sky as five more objects fell down to Earth. Shocked whispers circulated through the students and Claude could see the same chaos begin in other classrooms through the windows. There were far too many people plastered against them now; his short form easily elbowed away from the crowd. He would have huffed and rolled his eyes at typical tall people behaviors but it wasn't a normal situation. There were too many people fogging up the glass with their breath to see much anyway. Claude felt someone bump into his shoulder in a different direction than all the others and whirled around.

    The boy he stood next to earlier with the winged sword necklace tore out of the room and no one stopped him. Claude looked for their teacher but he couldn't find her in the midst of high school students. He had about five seconds to decide if he was going to chase after the boy or stay behind with his classmates only to be shepherded to safety. It took him no time at all to dash out the room.

    As there were no windows in the hallways, there were no people running around. Claude could clearly see the boy heading for the stairs. And even if he couldn't see him since he ran so damn fast, Claude could certainly hear his footsteps and muttered profanity echoing around the hallway. Sprinting after him, Claude wanted to cry out something to indicate the boy ahead of him to slow down, but there was a sense of rebellion he felt at running in the hallways during school hours.
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  5. Jacob was confused as to why he was in the pre-AP pre-calculus class, as he was certain that he flunked his last math subject. It was most probably an error with the registration that he ended up in the nerd class.
    This must all be an illusion, he thought to himself as the teacher droned on endlessly about the Laws of sins and cousins and whatnot. The only sin he could think of that had something to do with cousins and was somewhat related to laws was incest. Jacob immediately erased that thought from his mind. Instead, his mind drifted to thoughts of basketball and physical activity - he imagined himself dunking on a thirty-foot ring.
    Just as he was about to dunk the ball, a loud crash suddenly interrupted his train of thought, as well as the trance-inducing monologue by the teacher. His reflexes made him bolt to the nearest window, only to surprise him as he saw the stone wall completely destroyed.
    Atop the ruins was a tall statue, possibly around two stories tall and clad in armor like a gigantic mecha with a goat helmet.
    "What the heck is that? That ain't something I want to go pound for pound with that freak!" he exclaimed.
    Suddenly, five more objects dropped from the sky. At this point Jacob was getting less surprised and more worried at what seemed like the imminent end of the world. Just as he was about to scream an expletive, Jacob noticed that one of his classmates suddenly ran out of the classroom with extreme disregard for caution. A few moments later, another one of his classmates suddenly started running out of the classroom as well.
    Feeling a great sense of responsibility for both of them, as well as a bull's resolve, Jacob sprinted out of the class to chase both of them.
    "What the hell guys! Get back here before both of you get hurt damn it!" Jacob shouted while running as fast as he could.
  6. Trigonometry was a fairly easy class for the fairly gifted Tessa, as she was simply breezing through most of the course work. She had been given the choice of taken an extra maths class before graduating, and between Trigonometry and Personal Finance. Tessa chose Trigonometry, hoping it would benefit her more. Jolting her from her hyper-focused state of work was a loud crash, with yelling coming from across the hall. Instantly, most of the students in the room stood up, and looked to the teacher for guidance. The teacher, looking as confused as the students, opened the door, and walked across the room, signaling to the rest of the students to stay put as he did so. Tessa watched as slowly, students filed out themselves, waiting a moment after the teacher left. Tessa sighed, as she stood up, ~ Might as well see what's going on. ~ She thought, as she too exited the room. In a flash, a young boy wearing blue clothes dashed past the surprised Tessa, leaving her in a trail of confusion as to why someone would be sprinting so fast. Tessa glanced for a second, seeing her complacent classmates mill about. Still determined to figure out what had happened, and break the dreary routine, Tessa started a brisk run after the boy. After a moment, she was passed by another boy, this one wearing a expensive looking scarf. The boy seemed determined. Tessa conjectured the boy was chasing after the same target she was. Increasing her speed a little, but it no way keeping up with the boy, Tessa let out a yell, "Hey! Wait up!" A desperate attempt to slow down the scarfed boy. As she yelled this, she heard a yell from behind her. A voice she had heard before. Giving a quick glance over her shoulder, Tessa saw a boy who was the same age as her, someone she had seen around during her time at the high school. This young man had considerably more speed than the others, it seemed, and was catching up quickly.
  7. Elias's feet pounded the stairs as he cascaded down the narrow and steep steps leading to the foyer before the courtyard, flanked by the cafeteria and the fine arts and tech wing. His form stood parallel to the front doors, and the shouts behind him quickly approached. But Graeff did not yield to command. The fire alarm began to pound, and suddenly students were streaming from their classes and to the doors to exit the building accordingly. Fate seemed on Elias's side; the blue flashing and shrill crying of the red fire alarms on the walls permitted him to open the double doors before him and examine the statue. Hinges squeaked, and feet again tapped the concrete and converged at the statue's base. More students flooded the courtyard, teachers ushering their classes away from the building and into the parking lot. A mighty gust of wind blew through the courtyard and broke the monotony of calm and clear weather in a single swift motion. Trees swayed, and clothes and hair were ruffled until there was a sudden stillness outside. A chill rushed through Graeff's body when another gale roared past him. He closed his eyes and shielded himself from the winds. Metal clanked dissonantly and a large shadow grew over Elias.

    The statue stood up with a sword raised up, and it appeared ready to strike. Still with eyes closed, Graeff froze, holding his arms to block. Please don't kill me, please don't kill me, please don't.

  8. Damnit, he ran fast, Claude huffed as he ran after necklace boy. Judging from the yells behind him, there were two more people chasing after them. Fantastic, they garnered a crowd. Must have been hilarious for anybody watching the doors to see four teenagers running past. At the stairs, Claude had to slow down and could see the figure ahead of him stop in front of the front doors. He jumped down the last several steps and the fire alarm sounded. Students came out of the rooms and the foyer began to fill up. The doors were flung open and everyone poured out, Claude with them. He elbowed people out of his way to the front, looking for his classmate.

    Most of them were being directed to the parking lot instead of closer to the courtyard. Claude found Little Boy Bleu (he needed a better nickname or find out his real name because those were lame) and jogged closer to him. When the large gust of wind blew out of nowhere, he clutched his scarf to himself as it began to unravel. The bands on his arms clanked and he shivered. The sun was blocked out a moment later as another gust of wind came. The statue had moved. It's armor gleamed in the sunlight and Claude could see the lines that made up its armor. The sword, glinting in the sunlight, was raised to strike. Claude's eyes widened and all he could see was the intricate carvings on the statue.
  9. Tessa did well for her lack of any athletic prowess in keeping up with the two boys ahead of her. As she turned the bend that led to the courtyard, she witnessed the boy with the scarf from before, staring awestruck at the statue that stood in front of the young boy that lead the charge here. Tessa kept with her momentum, not allowing the sheer shock of the scene halt her actions. Tessa's mind drew a blank as she acted. Things seemed as if on instinct, with no thought whatsoever placed into them. Tessa charged at the boy, barely getting past scarf boy without tripping. Suddenly, through the blank canvas of her mind, a lesson from her father entered Tessa's head;

    "Remember, the two sexes have entirely different centers of gravity. If you want to get a boy on the ground fast, you hit him right under the rib cage, or slightly under the shoulder blades, and shove upwards. If you are trying to knock down another girl, always aim for the upper part of the hips. If you have the surprise, and the speed, it's almost impossible for them to resist being knocked down."

    Tessa had never tackled another human being in her life, but her feet carried her faster and faster, perhaps the fastest she had ever ran in her life, but she didn't feel tired at all. Adrenaline pumped through her, as she lowered she shoulder and aimed for the lower part of the back on the blue about to get slashed with the statue's sword. Tessa threw her entire body into the tackle, kicking herself up off the ground slightly on her last step, attempting to give her more of a chance to knock both of them down, and sending them flying away from the imminent strike.
  10. WHUMP. Elias heaved as a body collided with his ribs and sent him reeling into the concrete. His body skidded a few feet with the landing, and his assailant landed on top of him. In the split moment when Elias was thrown, a loud metallic drag against concrete pierced Graeff's ears, and he didn't know whether to feel indebted or endangered. Elias needed to assess the situation, so he rolled over to toss the person off him and stumbled away from the statue and to his feet. His blood coursed through his veins rapidly, and he stared up at the massive statue... thing. Suddenly it was eerily still, and its sword was jammed into the ground. Questions filled Elias's mind. Is it still alive? Finally, Elias turned to acknowledge his little entourage of sorts: a flamboyant boy with a scarf from his class and some silver-haired girl, whom Elias had never seen before and who was likely a senior. After a while, he padded over to the silver-haired girl and bent over slightly with an extended hand. "Uh, are you alright?"

  11. Claude was bodily shoved out of the way and slammed into the ground. From the feel of it, he wasn't a prime target for the tackle but it still hurt like a bitch. He laid there and groaned, mostly for dramatic purposes. The sound of metal scraping against concrete came from where they stood moments ago. Turning his head to his classmate and their silver-haired savior, Claude could see the other boy already up on his feet. Grumbling, he pushed himself off the ground. Didn't the other guy feel the pain of crashing into the ground, putain.

    Mildly affronted that he wasn't offered a hand up as well, Claude looked over at the statue. It had thankfully stilled and he wondered why. If it was trying to slaughter everyone, it did a damn shitty job of it. Anyway, it only targeted Little Boy Bleu which raised some red flags. It wouldn't make sense for it to just die with one swing of its sword. Turning his attention back to the two in front of him, he patted himself down. That fall made him a mess. The black jeans did nothing to hide the dirt stains, the only thing good was they weren't ripped.

    While dusting himself off, Claude mumbled, "Yeah, sure. Don't offer help to the guy that fell down too. Merde, I'm never going to get the dirt off."
  12. Tessa's fall was much more softer, given that she had landed on the body of the boy she had tackled. She felt herself be pushed from the boy. Slightly dazed by the tackle, she suddenly had an extended hand thrust into her line of vision. Ears ringing, she could barely make out what the young man said, but she graciously took his hand, and helped herself up, "Thank you." Tessa mumbled under her breath, brushing the dirt off from her plaid shirt, and blue jeans. Movement caught the edge of her vision, causing to look to the source. It seemed the young scarfed boy had been knocked to the ground, due to herself, and appeared to be in a huff about it. Tessa reached out and wrapped her slender fingers around the young boy's wrist that she had just saved, "We need to get out of here." She muttered, attempting to pull the young boy with her, over towards the scarfed boy. As a senior, Tessa felt an almost motherly instinct to make sure the two boys were safe from the towering statue that still held it's place. After going around the statue, attempting to put some cushion in between the menacing tower of a killing machine, and the boy she had just saved. "Hey, are you okay?" Tessa called out to the scarfed boy, finally releasing he wrist of the young boy she had saved.
  13. Elias leveraged some of the girl's weight as she pulled herself up, and he quickly corrected her. "No, uh, thank you." He wiped dust off his white Christmas sweater and his jeans while the other boy rose to his feet. "Sorry," Elias apologized quietly to the boy in the scarf while the girl took him away from the statue by the arm. Patiently he waited like a boy for his mother, fingers laced together with his hands down, as the girl tended to Scarf Boy™. His brown eyes innocently focused on the statue above him and to his right, and Graeff tried hard to trace exactly what it was. That statue seemed possessed by something beyond them, something greater; whatever thing was behind the statue couldn't be trusted since it tried to kill Elias. He turned his attention to the girl and Scarf Boy before he looked down at the ground.

  14. The, from the looks of it, senior girl called out to him. Claude turned towards her and his classmate she dragged along. "I am alright." He continued to pat dust off. "Simply, some dirt is all." He could still here traces of his accent even after two years of speaking English. He grabbed her hand without preamble and shook it deftly. "My name is Claude, pleasure to meet you."

    Straightening his scarf, Claude ambled over to his classmate. His classmate who was staring at the statue towering above their heads. The boy had turned his head to focus instead on the ground. Claude glowered at the menacing figure above him. Though it may have been a work of art, it was still hostile and the reason why his pants had imprints on them and his incredible crimson (not maroon) shirt was rumpled. His white scarf was saved from being ruined like the rest of his outfit. Thank whatever deity helped out with maintaining on point, fabulous outfits.

    Claude stood next to his classmate for a moment, unnoticed as he seemed to be staring intently at the ground. Claude elbowed him and used his taller classmate as an armrest. "Hello." He smirked. "I am Claude, your classmate with fantabulous taste. Would you care to tell me your name?"
  15. Tessa shook her head as she watched Claude instill a sense of bravado with his manner of speaking and actions. While sharply dressed, and a little more handsome than your typical guy, and a lot more fit than most guys she knew, she had no time to waste. Pulling herself from her momentary state of admiration, she turned her head to face the statue. Dedicated to spend as little time on introductions as possible, Tessa spoke up as soon as Claude got done introducing himself, "I'm Tessa. Senior class." She said simply, as she inched away from the two boys slowly, before she could be caught up in a conversation between the two of them. After putting some space between her and them, she eyed the statue up and down, examining every crevice of it's being, intent on finding some type of evidence or knowledge that was previously hidden from here. Tessa also took this small amount of 'free time' to brush any remaining dirt off of her shirt, and her jeans, giving them a good final once over.
  16. Elias mentally shrugged. "I'm Elias, I'm a junior." He tensed at the foreign contact; touching strangers didn't necessarily suit his fancy, but his unease was justified. After a few seconds of silence, he glared again at the malicious statue with a cautious mindset, ready to jump back if the statue struck again.

    "Nice to meet you," he aimed at both of them and neither of them simultaneously. The danger he was just in not only warranted pleasantries and manners to Tessa and Claude but also called for his flight away from the scene of the incident. He'd rather be gone than risk attack again, so with nimble, silent feet tapping away from the statue to the safety of the parking lot and loosing himself from under Claude's arm, he beckoned for the others to follow. "We should get out of here." Remaining where they were wasn't a wise decision—Graeff was well aware of that fact; therefore leaving the premises and waiting for the O.K. to reenter the building were their best options. He crossed the drop-off area into the parking lot, behind the red fire line, and onto the safety of the grass. There he expected the other two to follow behind if they were, hopefully, wise enough. To the earth he fell, with his hands supporting him as he sat in the now-dying grass of the winter.

  17. Oops, Claude gave an apologetic smile when he felt Elias tense under his arm and then escape from his grasp. It was so nice to finally have a name he could associate with Elias's face instead of just calling him Little Boy Bleu. Little Boy Bleu was such a misnomer anyway; the other boy was taller than Claude by almost half a foot. Ah, typical tall people.

    When Elias called after both him and Tessa to follow, Claude jogged after him and let his scarf flow freely behind him. If only there was a professional photographer somewhere, he bet he made a fantastic figure running in front of rubble and an ominous, gleaming statue. More missed opportunities. Honestly though, he was feeling like the plucky sidekick to a brooding anti-hero. Well, he'd be the best dressed out of all of them. Claude walked passed the parking lot and fire line onto the grass. Elias fell onto the ground, letting the dying winter grass potentially stain his clothing. Claude took to a better, much less wet, option of sitting lightly upon a rectangular rock lodged in the ground. Hopefully they would be discussing what just occurred.

    He wondered where the teachers and students were when the statue's sword struck the ground. Claude went back to fiddling with the ends of his white scarf.
  18. Even though Elias beckoned for her and Claude to follow, Tessa waited momentarily, still studying the statue. Only after a few more moments of deliberate study, did Tessa pull herself away from the statue, following the duo at a brisk walk. Tessa arrived at the spot they gathered at a little later than the other two. Once arrived, she turned her backside to the group, keeping her gaze back towards the statue. Tessa was half enamored, half confused. She wanted to go back and run her fingers and eyes down every stoney inch of the strange objects surface, but another part of her told her that she might as well kill herself. It'd be easier. Tessa seemed to almost ignore Claude and Elias, caught up in her very own thoughts, for the time being.
  19. After running for what seemed like an eternity, Jacob finally caught up to his two classmates, the silver scarfer and the blue guy. Alongside both of them was a girl - seemingly older than both of them but around the aame age as Jacob.
    Jacob tok a few seconds to regain his composure and observe his surroundings. He noticed that goatlord had his sword stuck on the ground, making him look like some sort of black knight posing his gigantic sword. On the ground lay blue guy, and beside him sat the silver scarfer. The girl, on the other hand, seemed lost in her thoughts.
    "Thank goodness that both of you are safe!" Jacob said to silver scarfer and blue guy.
    "And where the heck did you come from?" He said to the girl, "By the way, I'm Jacob."
  20. Tessa was shook out of her zone as she was addressed by the familiar looking boy she had seen earlier. She looked up and down the boy, now having a much better chance to examine the boy. Obviously some sort of athlete, Tessa smiled at the question Jacob posed to her, "I came out of my class room, and just followed those two to the courtyard." Tessa replied, putting her hands into her jean pockets, "The statue tried to kill him." Tessa pointed to Elias, whom still seemed more than shaken from the close shave with death. As she returned her hand to her pocket, she stole a glance back over to Claude, whom seemed to be more caught up in his own business, than the world around him. Tessa finally turned back to Jacob. Now that they were 'safe' Tessa felt comfortable in giving an actual introduction, "Nice to meet you, Jacob. I'm Tessa." Tessa replied, giving her classmate a small smile. Afterwards, Tessa turned her head back towards the direction of the statue, obviously still very much worried about it.