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  1. e.m.p. from the mother and son tore the digital down
    dawned are the age of the innocent ones, the indigo children
    [ OOC | IC ]

    You've just awakened from a dream, though the details are already slipping away from you. There were shadows and flame, white and blue, and something else. It feels a little like it's still with you, whatever it was, like part of the dream had followed you out. It sinks into everything you look at, creeps into the shadows and settles there. Or maybe that's just your imagination, because the power is out and everything is darker than usual.

    It's strange. The power has gone out a couple of times before, during a terrible storm (or that one time someone wrecked the grid because their testing lab was right underneath it), but the emergency power had kicked on a couple of seconds later, all those other times. There should be some light, even if it's dim. There should be a hum of electricity somewhere, or the sound of churning mechanics far in the distance. Here, there is only silence and a thin sliver of moonlight under your door.

    You think you remember something clicking from that direction. Have the electronic locks failed, too? Did someone turn the deadbolt for you? Why would that happen? That's not how it works.

    Still, there are windows set high out in the hallway, and the full moon is bathing the tiled floor in a comforting blue. Why would you stay in here, with the bad dream, when you could be out there?

    There aren't any guards, even though there should be. Just a couple other confused children, just like you.

    Go say hello.
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  2. Jaquelyn awoke with a breathless gasp, eyes wide and skin coated in a thin layer of cold sweat. For a split second the girl thought her eyes were still closed, though she could plainly feel herself blink, and in the next moment panic began to set in. She'd been subjected to darkness before, it'd always been something that upset her, but this darkness was exceptionally horrifying. She could hear nothing, see nothing. Even the shed from which this fear originated had spared more light and ambient sound than this room. Her breathing came fast and shallow, more a rapid series of tiny, increasingly pathetic gasps. Her gasps started to sound more like weak, strained whines and whimpers, but something caught her eye. The light under the door was dim, as if they'd turned down the lighting even in the halls to torment her further. The sick bastards.

    Jack scrambled to her feet and for the door, panting and whining all the way in that same breathless, mousey manner. She slammed the side of her fist against the door several times and in her panicked state, abandoned the rebellious tone she normally took with the men and women she saw as her captors, instead desperately crying out, "Turn the light back on! Please! I'll behave, I swear! Just please turn it back on!" Please. The word repeated several times as she continued to beat on the door, her voice was weak but she knew they could hear her. They'd responded to it before. This time they weren't though, it was strange but she just thought that they'd decided to push her further this time. She didn't know what they expected to happen, maybe her fear of this sort of situation would cause her to exert more intense psychic energies, maybe they were doing it to punish her for her usual disruptions.. Maybe they were just having fun with her.

    It wasn't until she tried to open the door that she thought maybe something else was going on, when it opened without any resistance and revealed a hallway illuminated weakly by moonlight. There were other children stepping out of their rooms as well, some she recognized, all she felt kinship with. The sight of them calmed her nerves and her breathing slowly evened out, hitching a few times as she wiped away the tears that had streamed down her face. There standing just beyond the threshold of the room assigned to Jaquelyn Paige, the "Pale Ethereal" as she was sometimes referred to, was a little scared little girl in the shell of a young woman. As per the usual, her attire was simple and comfortable, garments she was allowed to pick out perhaps to give the illusion of freedom; A gray sweatshirt, dark red sweatpants and plain white socks.

    She rubbed at her eyes until her sight no longer blurred, sniffling a little as she sat on the floor and folded her one arms under the back of her knees, the ghostly one partly partly phased through her leg. "Does.. Does anyone know what's going on?..", Jaquelyn asked, her voice returned almost to normal, soft and calm. Peering up from where her head rested half behind her knees to look to each of the other subjects in the hall, more wanting for affection than an answer. Anyone who had met her more than once would immediately recognize the look in her eyes and know exactly what she really wanted, no matter what it was she'd asked for; To be held. All the same, they'd know that if someone didn't decide to offer her the embrace she wanted she'd approach someone for it herself, any one of them. In all likelihood, it was the single most annoying thing about her. For the other children, anyway.
  3. Snap. Nikolai snapped his fingers, creating a bit of spark. Snap. He did it again and succeeded. He grinned with satisfaction while exclaiming, "I can't believe I just did it!" As he said that, the lights in his room went off. Frightened, the fire he just produced disappeared while he fell onto the ground, a loud shriek escaped his mouth. At that moment, everything went blurry for him since his spectacles fell. He got on his fours, his hands tapping the area around him for his glasses. Found it... He put on his glasses, walking towards the light switch, trying to see if it is working. "It's not working... I wonder if others are the same..." he mumbled to himself, taking a candle and then pointed his fingers at the candle to light it up.

    He walked out of his room, seeing a flood of children in the corridor. The power must have run out in the entire building... He continued walking down the corridor, looking at the faces of worried children. I hope Anya's alright! With the thought of Anya, his pace quickened. He silently cursed the workers for putting Anya and him apart. If they weren't, he would already know how Anya is doing. They'll be closer and they could keep an eye on each other. But, no. They aren't. He shone the candle closer to the name plaque that was outside of each door he passed by. He stopped in front of the door that has Anya's name on it. He started knocking on the door repeatedly, "Anya, Anya! Open the door!"


    Anya's eyes shot open, she knew something was wrong. She sat up from her bed, tugging her knees to her chest, wrapping her arms protectively around her legs. She was shivering, she tried to rock herself back and forth to keep herself warm.
    "Damn it, this power can be the death of me..." She knew the electricity got cut off since the kids next door were exclaiming that as they paraded the corridor. She didn't bother getting out of the room, she decided to wait for someone to drag her out of her room so she could assemble with the others. She fell back onto her bed, folding her arms behind her head.

    Knock! Knock! Knock! "Anya, Anya! Open the door!" she could hear the worry in her brother's voice. She groaned in annoyance, glancing at her room door. Too annoyed by the constant knocking, Anya got up from her bed and took her time to walk to the door. When she opened the door, she saw her brother's worried face, illuminated by the candle in his hand. "What is it?" Anya asked, stifling a yawn after that. He didn't bother answering her, instead he pulled her by her forearm, out of the room.

    "Where are we going?!" Anya exclaimed angrily, her eyebrows furrowed as she tried to keep up with her brother's steps.

    "We're gathering with the rest of the kids. I thought I saw a group of them at the end of the hall." Nikolai muttered. "And, how could you just stay locked up in your room when there's a power shortage?"

    Anya shrugged her shoulders, "Heard the other kids say that there aren't any guards around... thought I should just go to sleep."

    Nikolai let go of Anya's forearm, seeing that she was already keeping up with his pace. Soon, they reached the end of the hall, where most of the kids were gathered together. Their frightened and confused faces on the children's face made Anya felt grateful that she had her brother with her. She grabbed Nikolai's left hand with her right hand and held it tightly. She lightly squeezed it. Nikolai knew she was afraid somehow. They both could sense something wasn't right. Nikolai squeezed her hand back. It'll be alright... both of them muttered quietly to themselves.
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  4. Daniel woke up confused and a little startled. He was no stranger to bad dreams (his psychologist liked to mention to his superiors that Daniel's nightmares were a result of his constant repression of negative feelings and thoughts), so the feeling faded quickly, and he latched back onto solid reality. His room was dark, his lights were off, and someone was making noise a couple of doors down.

    That was... unusual.

    The electronic lock on his door was off. There wasn't even a little red light there to show it was active. He rolled out of his bed, went right for the door, and poked his head into the hallway. Forget the dream, this was exciting. Was there some kind of a breakout? Are all the other doors unlocked, too?

    "Hey," he called out to the small group gathering in the hallway, several doors down, "What's going on?"

    He didn't realize that everyone else was already asking the same thing.

    He slid out into the hallway when he realized there weren't any angry guards heading their way. His black shirt seemed to soak up the moonlight. He looked distractedly at the blue tinge over his skin before he looked at exactly who was out here.

    He was disappointed to see the Crying Girl. He knew she had another name, but he just always called her "the Crying Girl" in his head because of how she got all clingy and watery-eyed when no one paid attention to her. She was in the same program as him. She was older by a whole year, but acted like a little kid. He didn't think he liked her very much. She was a big pain.

    There were also... He remembered, those twins from a couple years down. Fire and ice. He didn't know nearly as much about them, but he was quietly relieved that their group counted up to two girls and two boys. That was good. Even numbers were safer. Some other kids were gathering too, but... Why was it still so quiet out here?

    [[ plot note. ]]

    When you emerged, you might have seen the cautious faces of a few children peeking out of their rooms, kids wandering down the halls in confusion, people talking to each other about it... But the more time passes, the more children disappear back behind their doors. Any noise from those rooms starts to get very quiet. After a while, the seven of you will be the only ones out in the hallway.

    How strange.
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  5. Being a light sleeper was a pain at times like these. When she woke up from her peaceful slumber because people were too inconsiderate to remember people actually sleep.

    Olivia laid on the bed on her side, staring at the wall for a few moments before sighing and closing them again. She was always out of it when she woke up, so at that moment everything was normal for her- well, as normal as it gets here, anyway.

    She sat up slowly and stretched her arms, yawning and squinting her eyes as she did so. The sleeves of her Lands End chalet romper ((picture at the bottom. Neckline of pajamas not as low on Liv.)) tugged lightly at her arms as they extended.

    Hm, the little annoying light isn't on, she noticed. And it's dark... darker than usual. With that and the chatter that was easily heard, one could only assume something's going on.

    Livi rubbed her cheeks, waking herself up before carefully getting off the bed and feeling her way to the door.

    A large part of her expected the door to open, but part of her still prepared for a sealed shut door. Somehow she was still surprised when the door easily open, exposing her to the light of the hallway, lit by the moon.

    She only cracked her door open, putting half of her foot in the hallway as she peeked around outside her room curiously. She hasn't had anything to be curious about in a long time, so this was exciting for her. You couldn't see it on her face, but her body language screamed excitement. Of all the time being here, concentrating on not feeling, she forgot that body language is much more readable and easier to see in plain sight.

    Her semi wide eyes flickered side to side as she observed the crowd of people in the hallway. Should I go out there?

    For now, she decided, she was content with watching, being safe in her room if something were to happen.

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  6. Waking to nothing but darkness, Mio smiled to herself and had to contain a laugh. It couldn't have been any more fun than to have it dark and the other children confused and scared. "Guess I should go have a look around for once." She got up and walked quietly to the door, the lock was turned off, it was really strange but lucky. Mio opened the door and stepped outside, a strange sense of satisfaction welling up inside of her. I can't believe this is happening. First the crazy dream and now this. How lucky. She giggled a little and started heading down the hallway, Could be worse you know, there could be guards running around. At least they're not here.

    Everyone around her were looking nervous and confused, some scared, it was just a little more amusing than it should have been. She swished her tail behind her as she thought back to her strange dream, it wasn't scary, nor was it particularly enjoyable, as far as she could remember at least. I wonder if there's anything fun happening around here. I wanna find a guard and play a game with him. The thought seemed particularly fun, "Always with the games, I love it so much."

    So far she hadn't found anything or anyone too fun. For once there was no one tying her down and forcing medicine down her throat or jabbing her with needles. How about finding some food first, that would be great. Food did sound good right about now, "Alright, so food first then." Mio gave a little hop to every other one of her steps and continued down the hallway to find food. It made more sense to her to find food so that she had energy for her games. "Now if only I could find some bacon, that would be so much better. Only issues is that I have no idea how to cook bacon..." Mio continued to talk to herself about bacon as she walked and slowed down her speed. Noticing that many of the kids were heading to the end of one of the hallways, Mio made a quick turn to follow, curious about where they were going. She had completely forgot about the food and jumped into full curiosity mode.

    ((OOC: The italics are her thoughts and the different colors are her different "internal personalities," red is just her normal speaking.))
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  7. Jaquelyn watched from behind her knees as some of the children began to return to their rooms and hide, some just barely peeking out into the hall to begin with. She wouldn't go back into her own room, she couldn't. Not until the lights came back on, at least.. And from the looks of things, that might not happen for some time. Where were the facility's staff? Did something bad happen? Did everyone suddenly decide to abandon the facility and leave the children to their own devices? These thoughts and more ran around in her head, painting a frightful look on the girl. Her face was as plain as ever, but there were obvious signs; She hugged her legs, kept her head low, started to shake a little. She couldn't be alone right now, she needed to be close to someone.. She breathed out slowly.

    The tall blonde got to her feet and made her way over to Daniel, the sound of her footsteps mostly mitigated by her socks. She could tell from past experience that he didn't particularly like her, but of all the others here he was the most familiar. They were close to the same age and from the same group of subjects, even when she wasn't allowed to join the other children, she'd seen him pass by many times. Jack stood right in front of him and stared quietly for a moment, biting her lip as she hesitated to say anything, then glanced down at his hand and instead stared at it. "I.. Guess you don't know what's going on either, huh?", she finally asked after a short but undeniably awkward pause, her eyes still glued to his hand, "I think.. I think it would be a good idea for all of us to stick together.. Don't you?"

    Jack started to reach for the boy's hand, but immediately froze up. If he or anyone else had noticed, it'd just look like her hand had twitched. She bit her lip again, turning her head slightly away. The poor girl was still shaking, making it obvious to see that her nerves were rattled. Everyone used to her knew she was clingy and desperate for affection, but in this instance one could tell she was also a very frightened, nervous wreck. She looked back up at Daniel's face, her eyes doing all the begging that she didn't voice.
  8. "Uh," Daniel replied eloquently.

    He leaned back, just a little, after being stared at so intently. Another reason he didn't like the Crying Girl was that her face rarely reflected her body. It's like she was broken. He glanced between her and his hand, her ghost hand, and then back at the twins still nearby. He really didn't want her to touch his hand. He didn't want to know what sad and skittish things she was thinking right now.

    But it was kind of like she was looking to him as the older, responsible one in the group, and he liked that... So he cleared his throat, stood up a little straighter, and put his hands in his pockets where she couldn't get them. He slid into a more confident persona, even though he glanced away from all of them (especially the Crying Girl's eyes). The moonlight cast soft shadows on his pointed face.

    "Of course we should stick together, don't be stupid." They all knew the stories. He thought for a moment, "We should go look around, before the guards come back."

    While he was avoiding eye contact, his gaze wandered down the hall. He caught a glimpse of the face of a small girl waiting in a doorway--and then he noticed another person, her, coming towards them.

    "Oh, great," he groaned, "Who let the animal out?"

    He was, of course, referring to the girl with ears and a tail. She was notoriously violent and kind of crazy. Daniel liked her even less than he liked the Crying Girl, because at least the Crying Girl wasn't likely to tear him to shreds because she heard voices, or whatever. He was smart, but he wasn't brave. And he was very, very attached to being unharmed.
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  9. "We should head back to our rooms." Nikolai started tugging Anya by her wrist after noticing most of the kids going back into their room. She snatched her wrist from him as he started pulling her. She took a few steps back and shook her head, "Heck no, there's no guards around. The electricity is out and I need the heater. Plus, this is our chance, Niko!"

    Nikolai gave her a quizzical look. Anya groaned in response, she muttered, "Never-"

    "Of course we should stick together, don't be stupid." Both their heads turned towards the boy they recognized as Daniel. They only knew he was a year or two older than them and they would occasionally walk past him in the corridors. Other than that, they knew nothing of him. In sync, their heads turned towards the girl in front of him. Again, they knew nothing but her name.

    Upon hearing the word 'animal', Nikolai jumped slightly, feeling the hairs on the back of his neck standing. Anya glanced at him, smirking slightly as Nikolai hid behind her, shivering in fear,
    "A-a-animal..?! Where?!" He crouched down, gripping Anya's shoulder, using her as a shield, his eyes shifting to every corner of the room, in search of the girl. Both of them knew who Daniel was talking about, and Nikolai was somehow afraid of her. Heck, what is Nikolai not afraid of? Now she knew why people often mistaken her for the eldest among the two. Anya rolled her eyes at her brother and looked back to Daniel, ignoring her 'scaredy-cat' brother, "So, where should we venture to first?"
  10. Feeling as if everyone was suddenly getting closer to her room, Olivia closed her door, only for a moment, to think.

    No guards were coming it seemed, people were willing to do something about it. Why not talk to them and see what they have in mind? Get back into being social?

    Last time she was social, it apparently got her here. Well, her mom did.

    She quickly got her mind to go on a different track, never liking when she gets into her vivid memories. Sometimes when she thought back to that day, she would swear she had nothing but pure hatred for her mother. This was all her fault. She hated ti think so negatively, but that's what happens when...

    She suddenly loosened her death grip on her crossed arms, not knowing she crossed them in the first place.

    Great. Now she's in a depressed mood again..

    She turned to lean her back on the door and slowly slid to the floor, pulling her knees to her chest and wrapping her arms around them. She set her chin on her knees and closed her eyes as she let out a soft sigh.
  11. Mio twitched her ears when she heard the name animal, it was something she considered to be a compliment. "How about to go look for food," she playfully swished her tail side-to-side, "Or we can go play a game." A small giggle escaped her as she gave a childish grin. Maybe they'd enjoy learning what a real animal would do when let out of it's cage. An amusing idea, showing what she was really like. Turning away from the group of other kids she gave a sigh of exasperation, "That would be like hunting a baby deer, no fun at all. Besides, it's best to save the energy to play a game with the guards if we ever find any." Mio turned back to the others, realizing she had been talking out loud, so she shrugged and looked at the surroundings.

    She had never been allowed to walk more than a couple feet out of her room. This is one of the best feelings ever! And talking to other people normally too. A confused and disgruntled look came across her face, but she just rolled her eyes and looked at the boy who had called her an animal first. I think he was Experiment-D03 if I remember right, but who cares, it's way too much trouble to remember. He seemed to be a lot younger than what his file said, "I'm pretty sure you're D03, but you don't look 16."

    She poked him in the shoulder to and gave him a big happy smile. Really need to look at more of those files, maybe now we can read more than just the basic information. Let's grab a book or two as well. Mio had peeked at some of the files that were always with the scientists that would come to take her blood or force her medicine into her. They really had no idea how easy it was to read the files when they flipped through them, assuming she couldn't read the files upside down, such idiots.
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  12. "Right..", she said with a hint of defeat in her voice as she watched him hide his hands, her own hand going to her opposite shoulder. Her phantom limb mimicked the motion but of course couldn't actually touch the other shoulder, instead only passing through it somewhat. Maybe he wouldn't pity her enough to give her that small physical comfort she wanted, but at least he wasn't pushing her away. If only for safety of numbers, he was allowing her to follow him. That was something at least. She breathed a small sigh, trying to calm down before lifting her gaze from the floor. She'd only burst into tears in front of the others once before, but it'd always been apparent when she was on the verge.. Best not to let it happen and get left alone.

    When she did look up, she took a look at the others around the room. Besides Daniel, she only really recognized a couple of the people out in the hall. Namely the Vargas twins, whom she'd been jealous of ever since she met. Every time she'd ever seen them together they were close, they didn't mind having eachother around or push eachother away. Jack wished she had someone to be like that with.

    "Animal", she heard twice, once from the boy standing next to her and again from the one hiding behind his sister. Jaquelyn didn't recall ever meeting her, but it didn't take her long to get an idea of why Nikolai seemed scared of her. She was talking to herself, about a hunt of all things. Jack remembered her father liked to hunt, he'd even taken her along one time. It was terrifying, like watching Bambi's mother get shot, only.. More real. There weren't any deer in this facility so far as she knew, leading Jack to believe this girl intended to kill people. The thought of seeing all the men and women working here lying dead was pleasant.. But then again, the animal girl didn't specify what she was after. She could just as easily be out to get her peers. Jaquelyn moved closer to Daniel, standing shoulder to shoulder practically. No, literally actually. She did brush against him a little, something he was probably going to hate.. "Sorry..", she almost whispered, but didn't move away, "I'll follow your lead."
  13. Daniel didn't flinch when the Animal poked him, but what was already an unimpressed look turned into a frown and a glare. He hated being insulted. He hated being prodded. For a moment, he stopped listening to anything anyone around him was saying, because it didn't matter. Even when Jaquelyn bumped into his shoulder, he didn't seem to notice. He was still gazing at Mio's crazy, scarred-up little face. He'd find a way to teach her, he thought. Maybe he can convince the guards that she was out causing trouble. Maybe he can get her locked up forever. The gears were already turning. The mysterious lights-out and the lack of guards took a backseat to his phenomenally large ego.

    "What the ice girl said," he suddenly agreed, his expression shifting from a glare to a sly smile. He finally tore his eyes away and looked at the others. "Let's go explore before they turn the power back on. Maybe the offices are unlocked, I bet we could find all kinds of stuff..." He didn't know what stuff, but he was just as ravenous for information as Mio was. They would have to go down a flight of stairs to get there (assuming that the elevator wasn't working), but they'd pass by the kitchen and a couple of storage rooms, and maybe even swing close enough to the building's main exit to take a peek outside.

    "But anyone who's gonna be a big baby about it should just stay here." He glanced over at Nikolai, and then his sister. He hoped she would get the hint: don't let your brother slow us down.

    He also needed a partner in this, he felt, to help keep the Animal off his back (and keep the bad things away). He wanted someone with an offensive ability, just in case, and look--one was conveniently pressed up against his shoulder. He took one of his hands out of his pockets, reached out to pry the Crying Girl's real hand away from her body, and started to pull her down the hallway. If she wanted to be so close to him so badly, fine. She'd get what she wanted, and he was going to use her nearness to every advantage he could possibly think of.

    He tried not to focus in on her thoughts, but it was hard. It was like trying to ignore someone whispering their every fleeting, impulsive little surface thought into his ear.
  14. Upon hearing the word 'big baby' , Nikolai let go of his grip on Anya's shoulder and stood up to his full height behind Anya, pushing his glasses up with his right index finger, "H-hey! I am not a-"

    Before he could finish his sentence, Anya interrupted him, she gritted her teeth, clenching her fists, glaring at Daniel. "If there's anyone that can call my brother a big baby, that's me. Not anyone else." Anya admits her brother is a big baby, but she hated when others calls him that. To her, the only one who can harass or call her brother names is her. Not anyone else, so it annoyed her when Daniel called him a baby. Nikolai looked at her, wide-eyed before giving her a gentle smile. He gently placed his hand on her shoulder, "Anya, it's okay. It's my fault I'm a 'scaredy-cat'." He did finger quotations in the air.

    Nikolai narrowed his eyes to the side, noticing a door that just closed after being ajar for awhile. Nikolai was about to take a step towards the door when Daniel started pulling the girl that was close to him, down the hallway. Both of them stared and watched them walk away. "We should follow them." Anya said, staring at the direction they went. Nikolai took a few steps towards the door that he was eyeing. Nikolai pointed to the door, "Before that, we should ask someone to join us, the more the merrier."

    Anya didn't object, she just stood there, confused. Nikolai started knocking, glancing at the name plaque on the door. The name was familiar, maybe he saw or heard it during one of those facility classes he and Anya had to attend. He tried to muster up the most motherly and gentle voice he could, "H-hey, I'm Nikolai Vargas and I saw you looking at us just now. I thought maybe, you wanna join us, we're gonna look around the facility. The more the merrier."

    "And, may I add, I'm still freaked out by, err-" Nikolai pondered for a few seconds, whether he should mention it or not. "Well, I think you saw me freaking out. And, when I am freaked out, fire might appear and I might burn down your door. So, what do you say?" Anya rolled her eyes at her brother's attempt of persuading someone to join them. To her, he looked like a little puppy whining outside his owner's door, waiting for him to open up, which amuses her.
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  15. Olivia listened as she sat with her back leaned against the door. It somehow snatched her out if her depressing thoughts and into her curious listening mode. Look around the facility? Hm...

    What if someone came, and they would get in trouble? What if they-

    "And, may I add, I'm still freaked out by, err-" There was a pause, which made Livi listen more intently. Freaked out by what?

    "Well, I think you saw me freaking out. And, when I am freaked out, fire might appear and I might burn down your door. So, what do you say?" Was he trying to threaten her, or get her to come out, or just giving her a warning? Whatever it was, it scared her.

    But she didn't want caught on fire, so with her heart beating slightly faster, she got up and slowly cracked open her door, enough for her to see him.

    She was about to speak, but found she had no words. She didn't know how to respond. What do you say to someone who says they might burn down your door? That, plus she hasn't socialized in a long time, not including greetings and gentle smiles as she passed people in the halls.

    So there Olivia stood, barely looking out her door, in awkward silence searching for words.

    (My phone is being stupid and won't let me put your dialogue in your color, or any color. :/ )
  16. Jack looked over at the girl Daniel was referring to as "Ice girl" again, then back to him. She would have been content to stay here so long as someone stayed with her, at least until the lights came back on, but at the same time she wasn't opposed to exploring either so long as that same condition was met. Unexpectedly, the boy beside her grabbed her hand. The surprise made her gasp at first, but she was quickly lulled into a calm and happy state. Though her lips didn't do well to reflect that, he would undoubtedly know she was greatly comforted by his hand on hers.

    She'd happily go along with him without so much as a peep, even when she glanced back to see the other two weren't following yet. Instead they'd stopped to try coaxing someone else out of their room, for what reason Jaquelyn wasn't sure. Still, she didn't call out to them and Daniel didn't seem like he was going to wait. Walking as close to him as she could without tripping over him, she carefully twisted her hand around to slide her thin fingers between his. "What sort of things do you think we'll find?", she asked as she walked, her steps in time with his, "Do you think we'll.. Get to leave?"

    The thought of freedom was exciting, her mind was flooded with images of the outside world, convoluted memories that painted it all much more vividly than was reality.
  17. "Yeah, yeah," he deflected, continuing down the hallway. If that guy wasn't a huge crybaby, he would believe it when he saw it. Nevermind that Daniel was just as unsettled around the Animal as he was--it didn't matter. Daniel didn't count, at least not in his own mind, because he knew how to hold a good face. He was just better at being nervous than most people, better at pretending.

    Speaking of which, he tried not to cringe while he got his fingers twisted between. This was gross. They were holding hands. He made to round the corner of the hallway, but slowed down to make sure that the others were actually planning on following him and the sad (vividly-imaginative) girl he was dragging around with him.

    "I don't know, maybe." Her thoughts made his own twist to the outside again. He remembers dirt floors and florescent lights. A television set. People yelling. Where was she getting these pictures from, storybooks? He tracked the others down with his eyes before making his way to the stairwell and cracking the door open. No alarms went off, no guards were posted inside.

    "Where do you think everyone went? That's what I want to know." He smiles. "Maybe they got eaten."
  18. Okasami and Rayku wake up in the same instant, their eyes bloodshot from the sudden awakening. Rayku let her eyes adjust to the ever-unwelcome darkness in the room an noticed the light that tell her when the door was unlocked was burnt out.

    Rayku turned to Okasami and told her about the light. Okasami grabbed Rayku's hand and pulled her toward the door. She nudged the door open with her shoulder and peered into the hallway. "Most everyone is not out here. Strange." she thought to herself. Okasami then noticed the Cat Girl talking to a few stangers. The Cat Girl was nice enough to be friends with, but Okasami preferred to stay away from the Cat Girl.

    Rayku let go of Okasami's hand to walk toward the group of people that included the Cat Girl, Broken, a set of twins with fire and ice powers, and Daniel.

    "What's going on?", asked Rayku.

  19. Anya chuckled quietly, amused by her brother's persuasion method. Is he trying to threaten her to open the door by saying he's freaked out? She was about to say something when the door suddenly creaked open. Anya's eyes widened, mouth slightly gaped and glanced at the back of her brother's head before looking back at the door. It worked?!

    Meanwhile, Nikolai smiled in satisfaction, he pushed his glasses up with his right index finger. He crouched down to the girl's level, holding out his right hand, "I'm Nikolai, that's my sister, Anya." he motioned to Anya, who was a few feet behind him. Anya nodded at the girl.

    "It's okay," Nikolai noticed the girl looking at him oddly, "I was joking about the fire thing... sort of. But,-" Anya interrupted him. Her arms crossed, "We're gonna look around the whole facility, the other two that were with us has already walked off. We should catch up with them."

    Nikolai nodded, looking back at the girl, "It's good to stay together," he added, "I don't really want the rumors the older kids told us to be real." He shivered slightly. Anya looked at the girl, "So, what do you say? We can leave you here."

    "Do you want to come with us?" the both of them said together, in sync. It must be some kind of twin thing...
  20. "Maybe they got eaten", he said. It echoed in Jack's mind, brought forward images of men and women lying dead, torn asunder, hanging from the gaping maw of some terrible creature of unknown origin. In her imagining, she rejoiced. Pat the creature on its head. It'd done what she wanted to do for so long.

    But here in reality, she'd feel robbed if that were the actual truth. Jack, the sad little girl that oft clung to her peers, wanted to take her captors' lives personally, wanted to feel them take their last breath, watch the life leave their eyes. So too did those images come to her mind, her vividly imaginative mind. Floors, walls, her own clothes all stained in red, a splash across her cheek. She'd grin as she'd twist a scalpel, revel in the sound of their screams.. Until she realized their screams were not their screams. How could they be? She'd only ever heard her own screams and those of other subjects. Even if the sound was leaving her tormentors it was a bad memory. It ruined the image, made her wince.

    She breathed out slowly and relaxed her grip on his hand, having squeezed tighter with her thoughts.
    "Maybe..", she repeated as they headed for the stairs. She hoped not.. She wanted to know what they sounded like.
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