Indie Games And Roleplaying

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  1. Hello, everyone, my name is Explicit Escritoire. Today, I'd like to discuss indie games. What is an indie game? Well, it stands for independent games, as in made by a single person or a small group of people, rather than an entire company or operation. The topic for this discussion on indie games is: What indie games would you be interested in basing a roleplay around? No indie game is restricted, so feel free to speak your mind!

    My Answer: Recettear
  2. That's pretty darn cool o-o I might buy that game. That does seem like a really cool concept to roleplay as well. A little difficult, but it'd be worth it!
  3. I'd say "Bastion" by SuperGiantGames has an interesting setup for a roleplay of some sort (the idea of world in pieces (literally), survivors, etc.). There's also another game created by these guys coming out in 2014, "Transistor" - - but I'm mentioning it only because they did such a great job on "Bastion" and I have high hopes for it.
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  4. Though I'm fairly sure it would be impossible, Dear Esther ( would be a really interesting small roleplay. Set it on an island, have your characters trying to reach some goal, while suffering immense hardship and given conflicting information by the GM... could be interesting.
  5. I played and beat that a while back. I actually wouldn't mind starting a Bastion roleplay at some point, it has a very nice story concept.
  6. Hmmm, probably not my particular flavor of game, but I can dig it. Like all roleplays, it can work if it's planned and played correctly :3
  7. I've just remembered another indie title - "Primordia". More of a sci-fi, postapo feeling to this one, I guess, but it'd be perfect for a rather serious roleplay.