Indepentent State Armed Forces recruitement

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  1. Yeah >.> that's true, and tbh I farmed the little skellies for the mask stuff since I... Picked the wrong option for Patches, so he tried to off me.
  2. ...*Raises hand*

  3. why can't you seeeeeee you bearlong with meeeeeee
  4. ^
  5. While motorcycles may be fast, they're poorly protected against small arms fire and very easy targets for ground attack craft and helicopter gunships.
  6. I guess.....

  7. What's this one?
  8. I need to go to the bathroom, can you use yours?
  9. Of course I can use my own latrine. Why wouldn't I be able to?
  10. *Tilts head in confusion, then goes and steals all the Toilet Paper and brings it back to the girl's clut*
  11. *A C-130 air drops additional toilet paper.*
  12. DAMMIT!

    *Steals his toilet*
  13. *Combat Engineers built new latrines.*

    We can keep this up all day, y'know.
  14. DAMMIT!

    *Steals away his men with promises of brothels*
  15. *Hundreds of new personnel arrive via cargo plane. The other soldiers make their way back, women from the brothels in trail.*

    Minigunner: Got some new recruits on the promise that we feed them.

    A couple of 'em might have bugs in their system. I'm sendin' them to Medical.
  16. ......

    *Snarls and then rips off her clothes in anger*


    *Runs away*

  17. Missile Defender: Y'know the original line was 'I'll come right back' but they changed it at the last minute to 'I'll be back.'

    At the first showing people cracked up when he said that.
  18. Hehehehehe

    Wait..I'm supposed to be gone.....

  19. Yeah, she's not leaving any time soon.
  20. Hmm, well, I could hop in when I have more time, but I guess we'll see if I'll be able to watch the canon stuff first, just to get a feel for things.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.