Independence Day: Resurgence

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  1. I am soooo excited for this! The first movie was okay, but this one looks really, really good.

    Anyone else excited like me?
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  2. First movie was fun as fuck and one of my fondest memories. This movie is a cash in. I am not excited for something that could hurt me inside ;_;
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  3. I loved the first movie. This, I may catch it in theaters, but I am not overly excited about it. I felt the first movie concluded on a decent note so to see a sequel after all this time....
    I just don't know.
  4. While I haven't actually seen the first one, this still looks like bad news to me in terms of how it'll follow up on its beloved predecessor.
    Sometimes, classics should just be left alone.
  5. It looks nice enough to me :) I'll probably watch it!
  6. I don't think it's the same aliens that attacked them in the first movie though, unless I misheard a part in the trailer. I don't know, I guess I'm excited about it because the first movie, while good, didn't have the greatest effects. It was 1996, and CGI wasn't as advanced as it is now. Plus, they have most of the original actors from the first movie, minus Will Smith who never really seemed right for the film to begin with. The sequel looks like a much darker, more realistic version of events.
  7. I liked the first. I'm eager for this newer one with the neat storyline and all that.
  8. Cautiously Optimistic.

    Like everything nowadays that claims to be a sequel, a reboot, a re-imagining..

    Give me something totally new.

    Blah blah risks and money, budgets and brand recognition.. I know.
  9. Blah blah everything can be traced back to mythology, we've been re-booting things since the dawn of time.
  10. It's a direct sequel though. Not a reboot.

    And they are clearly the same aliens Nydanna. when you see them on the screen it is the same tentacle things as in the first
  11. It... Doesn't really matter? lol.

    I liked the first movie too, but, it's not exactly... Grade A quality material.
    • It has more coke cola product placements than the average coke cola commercial.
    • In all of their years of space flight, the aliens never thought of a firewall?
    • Macbooks from the 90's are capable of hacking alien supercomputers.
    • Somehow, our operating systems can even communicate with theirs. (I didn't know the aliens used TCP/IP v4. How convenient!)
    • The president of the United States of America is allowed to fly at the front lines of battle. "He is a military pilot" is not an excuse to send your commander in chief to what is for all tense and purposes, certain death: The command structure must always survive.
    • Jew jokes. Lots of jew jokes. They have a jew character basically just so they can crack jew jokes at his expense, because I literally can't think of anything he contributes to the movie by being there.
    • Roswell New Mexico literally happened.
    • Area 51. All of it.
    • For some reason, they don't allow Will Smith to become an astronaut because he has a stripper waifu. He's qualified in every way, but, oh noes, your waifu is a whore, fuck you black space man.
    • Air Force One is somehow faster than a city-sized explosion.
    • Of all targets to miss, the aliens somehow missed Air Force One.
    • The aliens' shields stop explosives and radiation and electromagnetic pulses on the scale of nuclear weapons, but somehow let their own craft out of them. For some reason. This is never explained.
    • Somehow, every single nation in the world simultaneously took down the alien ships. All thanks to America.
    • Nobody else thought of doing anything until the Americans told them to do something. AMERICCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~
    This is an extremely stupid movie, but it was never meant to be smart. It's a cash grab movie. It exists to give you lots of action scenes and pretty CGI and costume designs and decent-ish actors doing funny lines. It exists to give you two hours of aliens blowing up important monuments and then humans going "grrr fuck you america's the bestest grr" and having a redneck fly up into an alien ship dick as it charges to blow up more americans. America. Murica. America.

    It's a fun movie. It's the epitome of a stupid action blockbuster sci-fi movie, complete with product placement and unsubtle nationalism and aiming story points and plot twists at things that even a sixth grader can figure out. The commercials for its sequel have been showing incredible self-awareness. It's cheeky. I'm not at all scared of this being a cheap cash in because, well, the first one was a cash in too. All I want out of this movie is aliens doing nefarious things and cool sci-fi shit, and more Jeff Goldblum being awkward as fuck on camera. I'm getting all of that from the commercials. Perfect. This movie works. May actually go out to watch it in theaters with my family since it's likely to be as inoffensive as it gets. (Plus, they liked The Expendables. All three of them. Pretty sure they'll like more mindless action but with aliens and spaceships.) :ferret:
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  12. For your second point, I'm going to go with a Stargate reference. :P

    The aliens were obvious advanced far beyond humans, and had been so for probably a lot longer than we could guess considering that they moved from planet to planet way before they came across Earth. There was an episode of Stargate where the Asgard took Samantha because they needed a 'dumb' idea for how to defeat the replicators. Their way of thinking had become so advanced that they simply couldn't think below their own levels. I think that's what happened with the aliens in Independence Day. They were so used to thinking in their own terms that they were incapable of thinking anyway else, and probably believed that they were impermeable to anything humans could throw at them.

    That's just my take on it anyway.
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  13. Maybe, but it still doesn't remove the fact that a 90's macbook somehow communicated with alien infrastructure. This is akin to taking a DOS machine that can barely play pong and telling it to hack a modern supercomputer: The infrastructure is too alien for the two to communicate properly.

    Still, it's a silly movie, and it exists just for fun. I'm looking forward to it.
  14. I just take it as it comes. I don't look for logic in movies. I don't even want to look for logic in real life if I can help it. I'd rather just go with the flow and hope it all works out how it's supposed to.

    I think I was a hippie in my past life.
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  15. I'd like to see a Woofer reference personally.
  16. So... We had one for fun, not serious cash out movie. Said movie leads to a second fun, not serious cash out movie, and people are getting mad? Really? XD

    Like, I'm often the first one to call out cash out remakes/sequels as being a bad idea... When the original actually bothered to be serious and the new one seems to ignore it. But this? We're not looking at a Schindlers List or anything, we're looking at Merica blowing up Aliens because Merica.

    Not sure I'll bother seeing this in theatres, but it might be fun to grab on DVD or something.
  17. People are serious about their entertainment. :P The only movie I'd be bothered to get angry over will be The Dark Tower, and if what I'm reading is true, there's going to be plenty for me to get mad about.
  18. I get that, usually.

    But this is like being mad at the next Transformers movie for being a sell-out... Like, have they even looked at the other ones? XD
  19. I think there comes a point when it gets a bit old. When you're getting into 4-5 movies, it's time to give it a rest. I don't mind sequels though, even prequels if it's a good franchise.
  20. This case didn't get old though, this movie would be #2.
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