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  1. So I can't seem to figure out how to properly indent my posts. I prefer to indent the beginning of each paragraph for my IC posting. In order to keep from losing my posts, I always type my posts in a MW document and then C&P it. I tried using the indent button in the editor but all that seems to do is move the entire block of text slightly to the right, leaving each line of the paragraph still in line with the first line.

    So yeah. Translate that...
  2. Using the indent button does indeed indent the whole paragraph.

    I think hitting your tab key (on the keyboard) still creates an indent in this word editor, but the effect doesn't show up in the actual post.

    AT THIS MOMENT I don't think there is a way to properly indent just one line.
  3. Hrm​
    , I think there might be a way to do it. Maybe if you throw [ indent] [ /indent] tags around just the first word you want indented? Gonna need to test it obviously, so here's some meaningless extra text for purposes of getting an extra line for testing.

    EDIT: Haha, nope, that make it its own separate indented paragraph. Alas. Unfortunately I think that means fatalrendezvous is correct.

  4. We have a special bbcode called "spacer" for this!

    [spacer]Your entire paragraph here.[/spacer]
    It will put an indent at the beginning of the paragraph!
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