Indecisiveness Kills Brains

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  1. I bet you all know exactly what I mean too, assuming you too are cursed by the trait of indecisiveness.
  2. *sighs* I understand this yes. It also kills dreams :( This is why I like talking to my parents. They help me decide things XD
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  3. My current stick is so silly though, I know I'd be smacked with giggles over the subject XD
  4. "What do you wanna play?"


    "Come on, we only have like an hour or so"


    Yeah, indecisiveness is a bitch.
  5. Indecisiveness is the reason why I laze around doing absolutely nothing but walking in circles all God damn day, and it is hell. My parents think I do it on purpose and they get pissed at me for it, as if I didn't have enough problems. Do you honestly think I enjoy wasting my days away like that? No, I fucking don't, I'm pissed at myself too!
  6. Indecisiveness is the flippin' devil.

    Which is why I flip coins and use random number generators to decide what I'm doing all day.
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  7. Scotty has this; we call him Cap'n Decision.

    Personally I don't really struggle that much. When I do it's mostly cause I lack info, and then I just go get the info
  8. I have indecisiveness depending on the situation. Most of the time it deals with food and which one I want to choose on the menu... Waffles or pancakes? Um... Flip a coin! The coin says heads- I guess you're having waffles. Nah, I'll have pancakes. They're better anyways.
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  9. And then, you'll have to decide your drink with it. Or whether or not you want to eat it there and then or go home and enjoy it's wonderful goodness in peace.

    But yes, indecisive is horrid. Especially when it decides to team up with procrastination. Then you have a recipe for complete disaster. Uuuugggggghhhhhhhh. Life is difficult.
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  10. Do I want to comment...maybe.


    Secretly, we are all cats who refuse to go outside but really want to.
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  11. All the time really. Mostly with random things that have to do with any kind of choice.
  12. Yeah, it's pretty awful. I used to be pretty much crippled by indecisiveness when I was younger, but I'm getting past it.

    The method I use do deal with it is little games of chance to force myself to make a choice. If there are two options, I'll flip a coin on it; I'll either be cool with the outcome or think "wait no, I wanted the other one D:" and then I know which one to go with. If there are multiple choices I'll roll a die or something similar, with similar results. I've been doing it for years and it hasn't let me down yet, so I guess it's pretty effective.
  13. so what happens to our brains when we are cursed with deciciveness?

    we shouldnt assume that being decisive means your brain gets better

    that would be bad science, making assumptions

    @Jorick ! I need you to help me with an experiment!
  14. u wot m8?
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