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  1. So I wanna do an incest rp, MxM or MxF is fine with me but either way my character will be the submissive one

    If MxM (open)

    Name: Akito Tsukizawa (surname can be changed if its disliked)
    Age: 19
    Appearance= 5'6", somewhat thin and lanky from being quite the geek.

    If MxF (open)

    Name: Akira Tsukizawa (surname can be chaged)
    Age: 17
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  2. do you have any plots in mind?
  3. not really, but that can be discussed in PM, also just to put it out there, I'm willing to do more than one incest rp
  4. I am up for a mxf
  5. ooohh~~ pm me :3
  6. I could do a MxF if you'd like. If you're interested, PM me and we can do a bit of plot discussion.
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