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  1. I don't really have a fully detailed idea for this just yet, but I've got a few ideas floating around. What I'd like to try and do is have a sort of family taboo RP going on.

    The main idea I had was that there is one large family. They could be rich or have a moderate income, have a high or low status in society, whatever. The family would have this sort of tradition of keeping their lineage between each other, sort of like the Kings and Queens of history (or most of our history before the late 18th - early 19th century, to be precise). The children (ranging from 16-19) would be allowed the choice to marry anyone they wished, as long as they were part of the family (ex. A nephew could choose his aunt to marry, a daughter could choose her father, or even twin brothers could pick each other), but there would be a sort of "festival" to decide who will be with who.

    The only rule I will make for this RP concerning relationships is that no love goes on between Grandparents. In my opinion, that's just gross.

    So, you can play a variety of characters for this RP. Primarily, here are the roles we could fill:

    • Father
    • Daughter
    • Mother
    • Son

    And here's a list of the sub-sets we can get into:

    • Twins (Brother/Brother, Sister/Sister, Brother/Sister). *this can be expanded to Quadruplets*
    • Aunt/Uncle
    • Nephews/Nieces
    • Cousins
    • Half-Siblings
    • Step-Parents/Siblings (this wouldn't be so common, but I'll allow one or two of the family members to have married outside the family)

    The RP would focus primarily on the relationships between the family members and discovering who they want to spend the rest of their lives with and continue the family on their own. There wouldn't be a lot of a limits here, but please make sure all characters are at least 18+. The lowest I'll allow is 16, but please no 4 year olds. Nobody would feel comfortable with that.

    Anyways, let me know what you think and we'll decide if this idea is worth trying out.
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  2. I'd do a cousin and cousin and brother x sister
  3. Cool, anyone else interested in this?
  4. I'd do a brother x brother or a half brother-brother.
  5. Okay, so in either case I assume you'd be a guy.

    Ghost, what gender would your character(s) be?

    And I would do Mother x Son, Aunt x Nephew, Cousin X Cousin, and Brother x Sister (including Step and Half-Variations), with me playing the male.
  6. I might be able to do a cousin x cousin.

    For the most part, you assumed correctly. I do play female every once and a while.
  7. I can do MotherxSon, AuntxNephew, or BrotherxSister.
  8. Sweet. So does everybody have somebody to pair with? Think we're ready to start planning?
  9. No. I'm not really paired up with anyone just yet. I mean, if someone would like to do a cousin x cousin with me being the female.. I'm in!
  10. I don't think I've been paired, unless I'm paired with you because you expressed interest in the same choices.
  11. Yeah we can be paired since we both have the same sort of interest ^^

    I can help out with that! I'll probably have two characters: one for the Quiet One to do all 3 pairings (sort of a contest between the three women to determine who gets to be with the guy) and one for Last Bunny
  12. Sweet! That's one lucky guy right there. Any chance I can convince all three to compete for his attention at the same time?
  13. Cool. Then I suppose we're doing Cousin X Cousin? @Sora1297
  14. I don't see a reason not to! And I also don't see a reason to just have one decision if you think you wouldn't mind having one guy dating/in love with 3 other women
  15. Yep!

    Also, Quiet One: was the sister going to be older or younger?
  16. Hm. Don't suppose it matters, but if the mother and aunt are involved, then maybe a younger sibling to balance things out. That can be her advantage over her more mature rivals.
  17. Works for me. So, did we all want this family to be rich, or something else? Also, shall we do modern, Sci-Fi, fantasy, historical, ect?
  18. Rich might work.
  19. Yeah sure, rich. More potential for sexy pool scenes.

    I'm almost tempted to ask if they can be under some kind of spell that keeps them from looking outside of their own family for people to be with, but I'm not sure how that would work.
  20. I think that'd be a great idea. Maybe the grandparents are wizards or something.

    I honestly don't know how'd we go about that.
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