Inception the space between dreams

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  1. I smell salt in the air. Waves crashed around me. My feet dipped into the sand leaving prints behind me. It felt good to have the sun on my face. I take a deep breath and there's a guard at my cell door. How long have I been locked away? Three years? The marks on my wall seem to indicate as much but I don't remember doing them. My hairs a big disheveled.

    " Prisioner 52631822-7283 you have a visitor turn around hands at your back and place your hands through the door slot." I do as he says. I don't remember having a visitor before. Snap. I feel the cold steel of the cuffs clasp around my wrists. POP my cell door opens. I turn around and exit. "Stay in a straight line proceed down the hall your to enter visitor door 1. As you know video and audio is recorded. Personally I don't think you committed your crime but none the less your here so let's go." We are told to keep our heads low and I follow a red line on the ground. My cell was seperate a from other prisoners so I've seen little but guards or janitors. They say its cause I'd be too big an influence on others. I suppose it could be true.we come to the door. My cuffs are removed and the doors held open for me. A man is standing in a business suit facing a window. He dosent turn until I sit down my hands clasped in front of me on the table. He turns. Alexander King the man who says I tried to trap him in Limbo through an illegal dream invasion to take over his company, he's my visitor. A smile crosses his face as he sits. " I know your angry, and have lots if questions but for now hear me out." I lean back and cross my arms over my chest.

    He ruffles some papers at his side then speaks. " Some years ago, you were convicted of corporate espionage, conspiracy, attempted murder and theft. You pled not guilty even though PASIV machines were found in your home and the dream set up was your design that had not hit the streets. Our company has sold this tech for some time now and found a small tamper on the device used, on me. In lue of this new evidence and the fact you don't possess the knowledge of the tech involved for the lengthening of said chemical agents charges are dropped. However that means the culprit is still at large . If you want to regain your street cred as the best help us capture him. You'll have the corporations resources at your whim and a team has already been picked to meet you at a party I'm hosting later this evening. Our hopes are he will take the bait. If you agree to the new evideance as true and to take the job sign these papers." He took a drink of water and awaited my response.

    "I thought about a lot of things to say to you, should our paths ever cross again. However the only thing right now is where do I sign?" I picked up the pen and he pointed to a dotted line.