Inception Based Roleplay

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  1. After thinking about it I found that a Roleplay based on the themes in Inception where players would be able to play as dream thieves would be really cool! A basic plot could be built like maybe the players have a goal to steal something from someones dreams or possibly even plant an idea. A complex plot could be made around this. All the rules of dreams in the movie would apply and take affect. Also during roleplay players could plan how the dreams will be taken and what needs to be done. This can be complex or simple but sounds like it has a lot of potential and room for creative ideas. Let me know what you think or PM me.​
  2. I really like this idea. ^_^
  3. Yeah it sounds like it could be pretty sweet huh? We should get something started up.
  4. This is such a good idea!
  5. OMG xD
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  6. You guys wanna start something ???
  7. ooh this looks interesting
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.