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Incentive Candy

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Kitti, Mar 21, 2013.

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    [Kitti]When you choose a book to read, a roleplay to join, or a video game to play...
    What are the "plot candies" that excite you? Romance, fight scenes, what makes you excited for a story?
  2. Character creation, for sure. That's pretty much the only reason I own SoulCal V. The Mister and I have a slew of characters from our imaginations to...well, a recreated Austin Powers. Story is a big one for me, but specifically those along the fantasy vein. It helps if there's magic and pretty artwork involved - Okami for instance. It doesn't need to be complicated or have realistic cgi to be visually appealing to me. Above all, I'd say humor is really attractive in a game. Nothing is more sad to me than when a game takes itself too seriously, gets pretentious, and kills itself with its own ego before I even pick up the sticks. When decent games come of it, I try to support those independent games. I'm personally sick of big companies running movie-scale tv ads for games that ultimately are more limited than their earlier titles. Oh and those lollipops...candy helps. [:
  3. It depends on the RP. If there's a promise of action or great adventure that will usually get me to click simply out of curiosity. Usually, I like what I find. That's for the mainstream RPs. What attracts me to the mature RPs is usually something different.

    Either way, there always has to be a story involved with colorful characters. That doesn't necessarily mean superpowers, or mutants or monsters, but I love the ones where I get to push what's real as far as I can.
  4. Anything depressive/dark/miserable/tragic. I am not 'that guy' by any means, but yeah, that is what I like in all my medias.

    I guess I am weird. Watching/reading horrible things make my problems seem miniscule in comparison.