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  1. I have just been going through some emotions lately, and I was wondering who else might be in this sort of situation. Also I will keep this relatively ambiguous.


    I'm taking an awesome class at the uni which has a lab part to it, this means that you have a prof and a lab assistant. This semester I got to meet some of the other assistants which I generally don't relate to in any way, mostly because I wanted to be exposed to many scenarios and groups as possible to enrich my learning experience. One of them is about my age, which is pretty nice, the thing is that I've found myself feeling attracted to this person and I feel like this person is attracted to me too. How can I tell? Well certain behaviors, looks, and mainly the fact that every time I arrive, this person finds an excuse to drop by whichever room I find myself in. I've made some observations and asked other classmates if this person normally does this, and everyone has disagreed.

    The dilemma:

    I'm crushing on this person big time... This person is a faculty member and I'm a student.

    Making matters worse:

    I've made an appointment with this person, with the excuse of wanting to clarify some doubts about the material. I'm highly considering baking cookies for this person and giving them at the appointment time ._.
    I feel like my death sentence is up .___.

    So I wonder Iwaku, is there anyone here that has or have had an inappropriate crush of this or similar sort?
    I'm all ears d(._.)b
  2. Not me. I've always been a goodie-goodie in the crush department. Had a huge crush on the guy that lived across the street from me practically all of my life. He was a year younger than me, but that was about the only thing abnormal about it. =/
  3. Did you mean: every single straight girl I have crushed on throughout history, including one that happened to be married

    In fact I'm pretty sure there has only been one non-straight girl I've ever crushed on.

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  4. When I was in middle and high school, I had a crush on two of my teachers XD
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  5. High school 10th grade History teacher.

    Mrs. S.

    Young, hot, fire-cracker, and the hardest, perkiest nips I've ever seen. Every day for 9 months, I got to see these eraser nips poking out and saying hi to me, no matter what this woman wore!

    To 15 year old me, this was better than porn.
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  6. profess your love, keep the relationship secret for a week or two before discovery, and then have them get fired

  7. Then they are unemployed and must rely upon you for survival.
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  8. I am the poster boy for inappropriate crushes. Though not so much in the teacher category, more in the they're incredibly straight or that's your brother's best friend or that's YOUR best friend or they're married or that's your boss or that's your ex's best bud or that is your ex you complete fuckwit territory.


    Crushes happen. Think things through before you act, because just realize that this person could lose their job or you could be expelled over this sort of thing. It might be better to make a move when they're not in a direct advisory position to you, such as when the semester is over.

    Also, I think this thread might do better in Counseling since this has such a personal story attached to it and people in GC are assholes. You might get better advice there, too. Want me to move it for you?
  9. Yup. I have a crush on this guy.

    If I am lucky I see him at the crappy little fair my hometown puts on every year. He sells spray paint art and I sit there all day (at least 12 hours) for three days and watch create works of art and talk about random yet amazing things. It is hard to find someone in real life who likes to have conversations that actually make you think.
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  10. Ah. . . well not crushes I'd ever act upon. I remember in grade 7? There was this really cute British supply teacher we had. All the girls in class would giggle over him. There was also this very cute prof in second year of university. However, I was and still am happily with my boyfriend so I did nothing but look. The prof was also married with kids, so all the chit chat I heard the other girls saying was merely a dream for them. I just enjoyed the view.
  11. A couple of my celebrity crushes are a decade older than me, but whatever, I'd still hit that if he let me.
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  12. My biggest celebrity crush is on a straight, married man old enough to be my father. >:[ *Waves his Inappropriate Crush flag*
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  13. There's been a few High School teachers I would get some crushes on, nothing major though.

    As for your case? If you two are actually the same age I don't (logically) see any issue with it.
    The only concern I can think of is college being a bunch of pricks on the whole "Student X Teacher" rule, which is usually meant to protect younger students.
  14. Yup, a few. One was actually a lab assistant for a Chemistry class I took, and bonus inappropriate points because she was married. :P
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  15. I'm starting to crush on a girl who works the front desk at the hotel I work at. Why is it inappropriate? I'm HR, first of all. Second, the thoughts about what I'd like to do to the poor girl are like.... Really, REALLY inappropriate.
  16. Somewhat guilty of this, except I had a crush on my math teacher when I was even younger. Grade 5. ^^;

    I also had a teensy bit of a hero-worship crush on a slightly older cousin back then but it died quickly lol
  17. Perhaps my most inappropriate thing was with a married man. And, it went farther than a crush... that is all I will say here ;)
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  18. Nnnnnnnnnnnope! I only get friend crushes (one lead to having a girlfriend, tho). I did have a huge crush on a boy in like Grade 2 (I was so straight then), but I guess that's it.
  19. That's not entirely true. It's also meant to prevent favoritism and/or faculty abusing their authority. It's the same reason there are generally rules about bosses and their employees, and why therapists and doctors lose their license if they sleep with their patients. Any time one person is in a position of power over another person, it raises questions about whether someone is getting manipulated or pressured into it- or about whether they're getting places on their own merit or by virtue of the relationship.

    That's obviously not happening here. But that's why there're policies about it.
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  20. Nope.

    Of course I had my own fair share of crushes (with one being so gut-wrenching it made me physically sick), but never any inappropriate crushes THANK JESUS

    Obviously, I have seen aesthetically pleasing teachers and staffs around my time at day and weekend school, but appreciating good-looks is a different story from crushes LOL
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