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  1. Its how I feel right now...I've been neglecting to give people posts thanks to my heavy school workloads that keep hitting me. I just...I dont know, I want to rp but then I dont have the will to to muster up anything good, everything I keep posting is just least to me crap. It just makes me feel so horrible to think I'm not giving my best to my partners. Not to mention it just seems like all my favorite rpers disappear on me, whenever I do have time to rp no one is on and whenever I dont everyone is replying, is the general gist I suppose...just wanted to get that out there. So at least I'd feel a bit of relief not letting these thoughts boiling inside of me.
  2. You know as someone who lives at +7 GMT, I got that feel at first. Since most of Iwakuans are Americans (USA and Canadians), or Europeans. Us Asians and Australians will have to content with Iwaku being in its lowest traffic during our waking hours, missing out highest traffic when we are sleeping.

    Despite all these, I am having a great time here on Iwaku! Wrote amazing stories, plan evil schemes, and generally having a jolly time! Also glad I am not into Chat RPs... Hahaha!

    I am sure you can get through it, sometimes you just need this Oomph to plow through, like Shia Labeouf said, "JUST DO IT!!"
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  3. This is why I love one on one roleplaying because in most cases they are not Dependant on posting order, how often you post, when you post, ect.

    Much more relaxed.
  4. I'm basically only doing onexones...I just feel like shit cause I...I dont know. I just feel like I'm not doing good enough. I feel like putting up a new partner request but then that always leads to me taking on too many people and suffering that for a while before the numbers drop...which again makes me feel like shit. I feel so bad when an rp doesnt work out and I have to drop the thing. I feel even worse when I put a partner request up cause I let those other people down.
  5. Yo, just be honest with people! Tell your partners that you've been busy with schoolwork lately and that posts will come slower. Then, don't stress out about trying to get fast but rushed posts out within a certain time frame -- just relax and do it on your own time. If you're worried that your posts are coming off as low-quality because you're rushing them, then don't rush! Just get your schoolwork done first (because that is a higher priority), tell your partner that replies will be slower because you're busy, and just sit down and write replies when you can. You'll be able to take your time with replies that way, and you won't have to feel like you're constantly handing in rushed, poorly-written posts. I'm sure your partners will be understanding if you just tell them what's going on.
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