In Your Shoes {with BrassMo}

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    Closing your laptop you look down at your hands which were shaking uncontrolably, your chest was light as a string of "Oh my gosh" lift your lips. You glanced at the screen again rereading your email, this caused you to cover your hands with your face as you rapidly shook your head.

    You couldn't believe it, you got your first recruitment, and it wasn't just with any old agency, Syco Records was THE agency!

    Glancing down at the time you begin to panic have less than thirty minutes you rush to your room and dress quickly before dashing out of the apartment you were staying in.

    When you reach the building you're breathless and you stagger inside making your way to the managers office.

    {Alright BMo you go from there}
  2. Uh
    Ranae opens the door to the manager's office. He slowly walks in and looks around, carefully taking in every aspect of the fairly sized room.
    "Hello...?" Not getting a immediate response, he decides to take a the boss' chair.

    He notices small trinkets on the large desk and begins to play with them, breaks a few, fixes them with tape, spins around in the chair, says his "ABC's" backwards, and yawns a bit, sings a couple of 1D songs, tries to take a nap, but fails three seconds later, etc. Then he decides to go sit in his appropriate chair.
  3. [​IMG]

    A fairly over weight man dark brown hair styled in a combover suddenly enters the room. He notices the poorly pieced together decorations and the still spinning chair, whilst the only one capable of pulling off such a feat was sitting in the chair as if nothing was amiss.

    "Not another one...." he mumbles under his breath. Sighing he makes his way to his seat and quickly trashes the ruined items "I see you have a knack for destruction....I guess you'll fit in perfectly with the other boys...your name is Ranae? That's different we could use a R considering we have an N, H, Z, and two L's."

    He looked up from the folder he had brought with him and into Ranae's eyes. "How soon can you start?"
  4. "TODAY!!" The boy almost jumps out of his chair out of excitement.
    "But lemme tell my momma first, yeah"
    Ranae pulls out his phone and calls his mom. The conversation went from English to Spanish, like "0 to 100 real fast" .
    "My mom said I could. So what are the others names? Are they nice? Do they like dogs? Do they like One Direction? Do the like 5SSOS? If they do i wont like them." But he stops himself before his questions get out of hand.

    He sits there looking at the fat man, "wheres the bathroom?" He starts bouncing, then that gets a little crazy, so, he just gets up to find one himself.
  5. The manager barely had a chance to get in a single one before the boy ran out the room, he sighs leaning back in his seat.

    In the hall there where shouts and laughter echoing in all directions. The sounds were coming from a room with the door slightly open. There was a sudden crash followed by laughter then a blur ran past Ranae.

    "Noooo, she got out. Uh, I'll be right back...."

    Four other voices laugh and mock the sleepy drawl voiced other.
  6. Totally ignoring what just happened, Ranae runs in and out of every door, looking for a decent place to pee.
    "If I dont find a bathroom in the 3 seconds, ima go in every room and pee on everyone. Yeah, that whats gonna happen." 3 seconds later he is still looking, but decides to take a break.

    He finds a place next to a fake plant.

    Then he shoots up, looks around, and gets ready to pee in the fake tree.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.