In Your Own Image?

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  1. Add some abilities, change your appearence, and voila! When creating characters, do you use yourself as a model?

    I dunno, I don't want my characters to be like me. I want them to be their own persons, strong with their own weaknesses. Their own inspiration, I guess. I love my characters, =D.
  3. Well... most of my characters tend to have dark hair and eyes, but that's about as much that they look like me.
  4. Not really. Either my characters are way sexier than me, or way uglier than me.

    I do apply bits of my personality, though.
  5. I don't really base them off myself much normally, but I'll admit I do add a wee bit of myself to them in some ways, even if it's just one personality trait (such as being a bit slow on the uptake for one or two of them). I find it helps me make them lifelike, and yet they end up taking such a life of their own, it feels like they're doing all the work anyway half the time. :D
  6. I usually have a bit of me in each of my characters. Most of it is just from my knowledge and experiences though. I love making characters that have medical knowledge because I have medical knowledge.
  7. Like Super, there's almost always some aspect of myself in my characters, whether it be some sort of quirk or something similar. However, that's nearly always it. I plan guys, girls, I try for different personality types and motivations, all that. I like love character creation.
  8. I try to avoid egomobile characters, they get boring very quickly.
  9. I think always in some small aspect. Sometimes I make the character my Id: not neccesarily who I am, but who I want to be. When I come up with a villian I can make them twisted and evil, which isn't everyday me, but is perhaps a magnified version of my dark side. Female characters...I'm not sure. I've come up with quite a few. What does that say? Maybe nothing. I ask myself weird questions all the time, and one of the most common ones is "what if I'd been born a girl?" so maybe female characters is my way of exploring that question. In short, I think I always show a skewwed version of my own image.
  10. Until recently my characters are strongly based on me. It's easier than way but I'm trying to be more creative.
  11. I write on what I know. My characters are the exaggeration and embodiment of people who've been influential in my life. With a few fictional elements to add a bit of spice. If I had a character based off of me he would be boring. Probably because I would find the notion of playing as me sorta redundant.

    I play male and female alike, none ever share any physical characteristics with me/ aside form maybe hair or eye color on one or two of my characters.