In Which Self Inserts And Mary Sues may roam

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  1. Basically you either make an original character inspired heavily by yourself, or create a Gary Stu/Mary Sue.

    The basic premise is that the self-inserts are going about their daily lives, some being infected with the Sue Virus, which converts them into colorful, strange acting fellows with all kinds of powers...


    Jack Freeman was seated at a diner in Storeyvale City, donning a black t-shirt, dark blue track pants with white stripes on the sides, and high topped black and white sneakers with a pair of black terry cloth wristbands to cover the caucasian male standing at 5ft 10in and sporting short black hair that was spiked at the front.

    This young man had been trained in the ways of Qigong by a wandering monk called Utabori, harnessing his body's life force to use in several ways, like something out of Dragonball. But notably, He was far better at harnessing ki for superpowers, having given a minor degree of training in hand to hand combat in kickboxing and a few techniques from other styles, using pro-wrestling and whatever else he saw for grappling.

    And since the day he'd been trained, he was pretty chill about everything that happened, proceeding to take a sip of his milkshake, and digging into the plastic bag which held a newspaper, and several comic books.

    Within the newspaper was a meager article detailing that a farming community outside of the city was experiencing crop circles....