In Which Ideas are Presented and Partners are Searched For

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  1. Hey there ^^! I'm looking to get back into roleplaying after a long break. be gentle <3 I'm not looking to take on too many roleplay partners right now, but rather a small number of very enriching roleplay worlds would be nice ^^

    - Currently I am leaning towards the dark fantasy genre. I will also play modern or epic fantasy.
    - I prefer romance to be a plot point rather than the focus.
    - I like unusual races, creatures, curses, magical items with unusual properties, quests, mystery, deception, epic landscapes and a smattering of humour, all that good stuff.
    - Creativity and being able to improvise are big things for me. I prefer minimal plot weaving to be done before the roleplay starts and most of the world/plot/character development/exchanging ideas to happen during the roleplay. I find spontaneous events pretty darn awesomesauce, and building on a skeletal idea to create a living, breathing world is so much fun.
    - I will admit that I'm not the best at spelling or grammar, but I'm looking for someone who can make readable posts of at least one or two paragraphs, and I hope to offer the same.

    Here are some basic themes I've come up with, as well as some suggested optional twists on some of them which could be fun to play. All these ideas are fully tinkerable.

    1. There is a death, and the characters travel to the underworld in order to retrieve their soul.
    This can be together or for different reasons/to retrieve different people. They meet along the way. fantasy.
    Twist 1: Perhaps one of them is an inhabitant of the underworld, or the grim reaper, or some sort of benevolent guide.
    Twist 2: Both characters are demons from the underworld who devour those who enter.
    Twist 3: Characters are lost souls who were banished to the underworld and they're looking to escape.

    2. A valuable prisoner escaped a high-security prison, sent there by a very corrupt powerful person. The characters must flee across the world to escape being killed, while unravelling the mystery behind the powerful entity.
    perhaps a prisoner of war or an innocent who stumbled upon something they shouldn't have. room for lots of side stuff along the way.
    Twist 1: A noble or heir to the throne is fleeing. The advisor or a family member is corrupt and using them for their own gain.
    Twist 2: A victim who was about to be ritually sacrificed escaped and is trying to warn everyone of an evil impending plot to take over the world.
    Twist 3: A person who travels between dimensions gets trapped here while on the run or chasing some evil entity.

    3. The modern world and a realm of magic are connected together with a thin veil between them which is slowly losing its power. Characters learn to jump between realms.
    Both modern and traditional fantasy.
    Twist 1: Moving between realms is done through dreams. Characters run the risk of getting stuck in one realm while their body slowly deteriorates in the other.
    Twist 2: The veil between the worlds slowly deteriorates, allowing magical beings into the modern world and modern technology into the magical world.
    Twist 3: Characters can jump to any dimension or time period, not just the two worlds.
    Twist 4: one of the characters is causing the rift and the other attempts to limit their power by making a pact with them against their will.

    Those are my ideas, I am also open to suggestions if you have some ideas knocking around.
  2. The first idea interests me greatly, especially the first twist associated with it :D
  3. second idea with the first twist interests me
  4. It may be ironic, but I find the third idea quite interested and have an interest in doing it with you. I think basically all the twists are interesting, too, which may either make it very heavy with twists...Or hard to choose.